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File 149438373947.jpg - (128.91KB , 600x540 , 1399038602006.jpg )
20484 No. 20484 [Edit]
For those of us lucky enough to have this sort of information, do you ever go out of your way to do things your waifu likes doing?

I started eating rye bread because it's what she prefers, even though I don't particularly like it.
One one hand, not having to conform to another's lifestyle is one of the pros of a 2d relationship, so I can see why some people would think this is a silly thing to do. But I found I kind of enjoy eating it knowing it's something she likes. Maybe just because it's nice to think she is effecting my lifestyle, even in trivial ways.
I still can't handle Salmiakki though.
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>> No. 20485 [Edit]
File 149451621660.png - (173.42KB , 278x428 , 2015-11-08_22-59-52.png )
I try to play eroge and VN but it's hard for me to get into. Also have been trying to watch more anime but also hard for me to do because I have a shit attention span.
>> No. 20486 [Edit]
Unfortunately I'm awful at the things he's good at, so I never get far. I have felt more connected to him when I've tried, though, so I don't think it's silly at all.
>> No. 20491 [Edit]
File 149505836977.jpg - (220.85KB , 1385x1448 , 13247848_1214005761945578_7976646201938338072_o.jpg )
I think everyone here is familiar with Shinji Ikari. I feel a great likeness to him. The scene where he explains his playing the cello summarizes my life. My existence must be validated by others; my interests and opinions are not my own; I absolutely must have someone to depend on, and someone dependent on me, in order to feel alive.

And unfortunately for my sanity and state of well-being, I dislike most everyone IRL, or I like them but cannot get on with them for inexplicable reasons.

It is very well, then, that I have found someone I can get my needs from in the 2D. Without Eerie, I simply have no identity and do absolutely nothing.

I wake up, I imagine I've woken up in Eerie's hammock beside him and I stare into his tired eyes for a time and press my forehead against his. I do cardio for an hour while I listen to the k-pop groups that did OST's for his show. I'll read horror novels or watch horror films-the real cheeseball ones that I assume inspired the perpetual Halloween setting in his show, or ones directly related to werewolves. Alternatively, I'll watch sports of any kind. My favorite is all-American boxing. Then, I'll study Korean, Korean culture, indulge in more k-pop, mindlessly browse random masculine images or gratuitous violence, or practice physical activity a second time--such as nunchaku which he is seen with frequently--before I fall asleep, again imagining his face beside me in his hammock.

That is my life now. I don't do anything for myself. I am nobody without him. I had no interest in any of these things before I met him. I hated horror and I hated music.

I'd say I'm just a little envious of those here that already had personalities of their own and are able to introduce their waifus to their existing interests. But I'm okay like this. I can't imagine it any other way. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of it. The constant consumption of things he likes is almost like a 24/7 job, yes. A very well-liked job. This must be what it feels like for those normies who become fully engrossed in their work and love every second of it.

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