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File 146474797135.jpg - (60.25KB , 704x958 , kuroneko.jpg )
19903 No. 19903 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This. Honestly she has gotten me through so much, brought me through a very big crisis recently. I spend about 35% of my waking hours cuddling her.
>> No. 19980 [Edit]
File 147461432835.png - (492.09KB , 875x624 , 482.png )
Show it.

File 147327609087.png - (58.62KB , 150x292 , github.png )
19971 No. 19971 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you ever write about your waifu? If so, what do you write?
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>> No. 19973 [Edit]
File 147338632969.png - (19.56KB , 993x713 , tumblr_od3n2qv7m21ucz42go3_1280.png )
A few years ago I wrote a bunch of short things about Midousuji. They're mostly terrible in my eyes by now. I'm writing a "normal-length" fanfic right now that will be better than all of them in every conceivable way, but some of my ideas from back then were good enough that I'd be willing to rewrite them instead of pretending they don't exist.
>> No. 19976 [Edit]
I keep a notebook of thoughts I get when I think of her.
>> No. 19977 [Edit]
File 147387852810.jpg - (32.17KB , 400x400 , 2732263i.jpg )
I regularly journal about my waifu, her source content & my relationship with her. It's a bit obsessive
>> No. 20084 [Edit]
I don't write, but I make a lot of music dedicated to her. It helps me sort out my feelings and work through some of the contradictions we experience loving a 2D character. I've been doing it for years and ever since I've started, I feel like my feelings have deepened considerably. I love her now more than ever.

File 145560686937.jpg - (73.70KB , 1280x720 , 1455334972447.jpg )
19601 No. 19601 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you have any special ways of making your waifu's presence feel more "real", for lack of a better term? I recently bought a cosplay outfit of what she normally wears on a Japanese site and hung it up in my closet so it's like her clothes are there with mine. I haven't been able to think of anything else though.

Also sorry for the unrelated image.
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>> No. 19957 [Edit]
I got his jacket a month or so ago, I put it in various places around the house so it's like he's moved it.

Although, it does show up in other places when no one has moved it...
>> No. 19966 [Edit]
File 14727098301.jpg - (25.25KB , 450x450 , Yowamushi-Pedal-KYOFUSHI-Cycling-Jersey-Short-slee.jpg )
Started cycling, in the same vein as this guy. I would like to thank animu for making me fit and active
Maybe someday I'll order a custom jersey...
>> No. 19967 [Edit]
I didn't know you were still here.
>> No. 19968 [Edit]
I think you're mistaking me for someone else, that was my first post on this board. I heard there is/was another Akirafag from #8/mai/.

No. 19930 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I dont want to reveal who I am but I want to say something, I am sorry for trolling and basically
lying to people here.

while was not as bad in this board compared to what I did to other one... things got worse here way faster.

But still wanted to get it out of my chest.

I just wanted to post an odd character as a "waifu" to get reactions from people, and took the lie to far and some people believed me.

I am sorry for that.
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>> No. 19955 [Edit]
If you can't conform to the norms of online 2D society maybe you should just move on
>> No. 19958 [Edit]

Uh? I guess there is still plenty of sites for western shit, just that you dont know them does not mean they dont exist.
>> No. 19959 [Edit]
Isn't conforming to the norms of a society the sort of thing people here try to get away from?
>> No. 19960 [Edit]
Tohno-chan is very clear about what sort of posters and content it wishes to cater to and unconditional contrarianism does not seem to be part of the ideal.

File 146345257973.jpg - (155.90KB , 1280x720 , Georges015.jpg )
19882 No. 19882 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What interests and hobbies do you have in common with your waifu? If you don't have any in common would you try to get into her interests while also letting her explore your own?

Did you fall for her because of shared interests and hobbies?
>> No. 19898 [Edit]
She's too self absorbed in herself, so she hardly give a fuck about my state or my hobbies.

I once intervene in her interest though, cause she's quite smart and I consider myself smart too (smarter than her in fact) and because of that the result is she became very rich in her business because my idea.

I fall for her because of looks mainly.
Secondly because of her persistent and ambitious personality which I once had but got lost in the way and philosophy we shared about God/the world. And thirdly because her voice.
>> No. 19948 [Edit]
File 146951188272.gif - (2.78MB , 480x270 , giphy.gif )
Some interests we have in common are hunting, the paleo diet, competitive sports and martial arts.

I'm not at all interested in baseball, while he seems to be highly emotionally invested. I will try watching some baseball anime since that seems more welcoming than jumping right into watching real games or reading books on it or something. I'm sure it'll be more exaggerated and exciting there anyway. Hopefully it'll get me hooked.

The first thing of my interests I'd introduce him to is Hokuto no Ken. It'd probably make him so excited that he'd kill me by accident imitating the moves... (image related)

He takes paintball pretty seriously in one episode, and that got me pretty excited. I'd like to do some military sim stuff with him. I've never tried IRL because the guys at the airsoft arenas seem like a bunch of retarded normies jacked up on steroids. They'd ruin my immersion.

I suppose all of the things he likes are pretty manly, and his boyish nature is what made me so attracted to him, so yes, I guess I would say that I did fall for him because of his interests.

File 146939727915.png - (315.25KB , 727x492 , kanakohishiro.png )
19941 No. 19941 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do any girls remind you of your waifu?

Hishiro and Kanako are quite similar although I suppose Hishiro's cold exterior is genuine whereas Kanako's is borne from social anxiety.

File 145089132489.jpg - (103.57KB , 500x564 , image.jpg )
19307 No. 19307 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Probably going to get in shit for this but I wrote down things about how I look at having a waifu. To be clear, I have no intention of getting anyone mad.
When i have a waifu I like to imagine her as if she was a spirit instead of an imaginary person. I talk to her as if she were a supernatural being, such as a spirit or like God (but never comparing her to God, as He is the highest of the highest). I realize she is not real. I find a pillow to be nice but not necessary, instead I print out a picture of her. I don't find it necessary to own everything related to her especially if not made by the original company, instead I buy what the official thing of her (example: manga, film, or Visual Novel) and something like a keychain or t from the parent company, showing my support for the company while having some official merch of her. I always ship her with her crushes/boyfriends/others, be it a show, or eroge only if it's canon and I respect her likes and dislikes. I dislike the word waifu as it sounds like wife, I think of her as a girlfriend because it seems cuter, but I use the word waifu anyway as it is the "official" word. I don't buy her things, as I realize she is fake, and treat her as a spirit. Writing notes to her is a good way of expressing your love for her (as with anyone you love), it's heart warming, and relaxing. "Leaving" them for an IRL relationship is okay, once again they are not real, "going back" to them for support or when there is no one else to talk to is okay. Falling in love with your waifu (and in my case almost anyone you like) is instantaneous, feeling you have "found the right one". Waifu is a misunderstood word by the "mainstream" (Tumblr) anime community who think it's a joke. I also dislike this "waifu movement".
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>> No. 19928 [Edit]
no problem bro, fun talk.

just out of curiosity, do you have a waifu?
>> No. 19929 [Edit]

Of course, been with her for three years now, although things are much more complicated than I'd like them to be. What about you?
>> No. 19931 [Edit]
not at the moment. it's something i'm contemplating.
>> No. 19933 [Edit]

I think you have the wrong approach-- I like to think there's a difference between thought and emotion. You can choose to either inhibit or boost some thoughts, which is why people can repress so many things, but you can't really control your emotions by simple thought as it takes much more than that. Perhaps you're hesitating when faced to a specific 2d concept that tickles your fancy? Perhaps you're not sure if those feelings are to be accepted yet? Or perhaps you're simply considering the wish for a waifu? In any case, I wish you the best of luck in finding happiness, be it under the banner of waifuism or another.

File 146304425874.jpg - (97.58KB , 576x806 , c967489d.jpg )
19852 No. 19852 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
You know you got it bad for your waifu when...
3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19885 [Edit]
File 146346709960.jpg - (212.68KB , 542x800 , st_valentine_s_day_by_rinro_r_d4pp2nn.jpg )
...you think about her several times a day, every day, for years.
>> No. 19893 [Edit]
File 146365300774.jpg - (522.87KB , 1254x1645 , ルッチーフ - プリンツオイゲン…の.jpg )
You kiss your sweet lovely wife on the computer screen each time she gets MvP.
>> No. 19902 [Edit]
File 146463659747.jpg - (21.86KB , 452x254 , b2wz2Yh.jpg )
When you rewatch or reread the favorite scenes of your waifus source material almost on a daily basis, just so you can watch her rip and tear through some people again and again.
>> No. 19904 [Edit]
She looks quite happy in that picture

File 146051530128.jpg - (41.20KB , 853x480 , pRNWpLK.jpg )
19778 No. 19778 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What if your waifu/husbando just wanted to be friends? How would you feel, what would you say, what would you do?

Pic unrelated
13 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19890 [Edit]
If it isn't enough to be a dealbreaker, you could strive to improve the rest of yourself to make up for it.
>> No. 19894 [Edit]
What does that have to do with it? Initial attraction can't be negotiated once decided. Unless we're operating under the assumption that interaction with 2D would be entirely different from 3D, and she would suddenly change her mind about you once she saw your dedication and passion (like an archetypal 'never give up' anime scene/montage).
>> No. 19895 [Edit]
>Initial attraction can't be negotiated once decided.

Do you think people never change their views of others, or find themselves attracted to someone over time?
>> No. 19896 [Edit]
>Do you think people never change their views of others, or find themselves attracted to someone over time?
I think there may be a misunderstanding here. I'm under the impression that we're talking about a scenario where your waifu says, after already knowing (and possibly dating) you, "I'm not interested in being your partner, let's just be friends." Biologically speaking, once a female rules out a potential mate, that perception does not change.

If it's a scenario where you just met her and she wants to start off as friends, then yes, it's perfectly plausible that she could end up attracted to you.

File 146291338080.jpg - (28.77KB , 640x480 , 559970780346344652523523.jpg )
19848 No. 19848 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
By some weird twist of fate by adoption or other means your waifu is your daughter. How would you handle such a thing? Instead of being your wife she is your daughter, her personality and all is the same but roles are switched could you raise your waifu with her temperament and all about here is the same but keep in mind raising children and a wife and husband relationship are two different things. From stages of infancy to early adulthood what would you teach her and how do you think you'd be as a father?

Post edited on 10th May 2016, 1:52pm
>> No. 19849 [Edit]
File 146292318772.jpg - (319.27KB , 742x900 , 2e62a4b20bd5def4aae08df3f4d050310e65cedb.jpg )
Rachel is a very proud and refined lady to begin with partly due to her canon father most likely and the fact she is immortal might have given her better prospective over time I imagine raising her would not be a hard thing at all to do but I believe her mean streak she has could present some problems since I have one at times myself with certain aspects of that in both of us and I'll be honest while she knows a lot she can get ahead of herself on rare occasions would probably challenge authority when she seems appropriate though when she has in canon it was within reason. I'd teach her all the essentials of etiquette and proper discipline with some of the more positive aspects of my nature and philosophy but I'd want her to find her own way and not make the mistakes I have.

One thing I have to consider Rachel as a human might be much different compared to a vampire, I don't know really anything before the vampirism bit of her most is unknown to me so mortal Rachel could be much different.
>> No. 19850 [Edit]
File 146292705260.jpg - (266.99KB , 1755x1272 , air-114.jpg )
If it's from infancy it's a bit hard to imagine her growing up with the same personality, especially since much of what made her who she is can be clearly and directly linked to her family members and the role they played in her upbringing. That said, she's been characterized has having a very strong connection with her father, which could be a good thing but alternatively might be hard to live up to. It'd be a bit weird, but I guess I'd try to be a good dad?

File 146267069062.png - (92.68KB , 1272x953 , 1458765479865.png )
19844 No. 19844 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone ever got torn between 2 girls for completly different reasons? This might be a pretty sensitive subject, but I hope we can still discuss it here.

Recently I found myself getting more and more attracted to another girl. This alone shouldn't be anything too unordinary, but in my case Im torn between two traits. In case of my original Waifu I learned to love her because she is just like me, she had a bad childhood, most things in her life went wrong and she ended up being a loner. Unlike me though she was able to cope with it and somehow moved on with her life. There are, of course, other things about her, but these are the maincharacteristics that made me love her. I can both, relate with her and look up to her while being able to comfort her. Its like we are filling a gap for both of each other. The other girl I found is another story. She doesn't really have too much of a characteristic and I like her mainly because of her looks. I really, REALLY dig her style and how she has some kind of a "fuck it" look. I started to create more characteristics over time and even found myself unconsciously fantasizing how she is with me in real life. So basically I have my Waifu who I truly love and the other girl who doesnt really have much personality but hits all the spots for me if it comes to her looks and implied attitude. Im pretty sure I like her for all the wrong reasons, but I really cant stop thinking about her recently. Its really weird and kinda annoying.

Pic unrelated by the way, Lain has nothing to do with my situation, its just a nice picture I want to share since I dont know which picture to take. (I dont want to use one of the two girls for personal reasons)
>> No. 19845 [Edit]
For me the difference is that the adoration for the other person never lasts, no matter how annoying and strong it is at that time. I learned the difference between love for my waifu and the adoration(or however you want to call it) for another girl so I just let it pass (though I still find it very annoying and feel very guilty when it happens to me)

And when I rewatch my waifu's source material after some time, it just hits me why it's her and not any other girl for me.
>> No. 19847 [Edit]
File 146288608889.png - (364.88KB , 600x540 , 88bb0bfb3e3fc05628970d2a84fe5062e3f541ae.png )
Similar situation happened to me but the reason was very much justified the relationship was already broken due to my nature and rather unfortunate actions I took against a few people. I was holding onto it hard but realized several months later it was futile it could not be repaired to it's original state but left on rather good terms and I still keep her merch as well she just had to much of a impact on me. Another one appeared around that time Rachel, similarities but at the same time many differences someone made a comment I must have a thing for aristocratic girls but she proved to be more matching to a lot of aspects of my nature but not all and in return I'm learning more manners and to appease my nature through more constructive yet just as dastardly ways.

As long as your feelings stay true for the original the second one here is probably just one that will pass you by.

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