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File 14828805832.png - (791.42KB , 1291x797 , __ohara_mari_sakurauchi_riko_and_tsushima_yoshiko_.png )
20154 No. 20154 [Edit]
How do you deal with degenerate porn of your waifu, specially gangrape doujinshi ones? Do you feel bad when you see them? Do you ignore them?

I'm asking this because my waifu has TONS of disgusting rape doujinshi and this is affecting me more than it should.
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>> No. 20156 [Edit]
Fight back in what ways you can. If it brings you any solace, the character in the doujinshi is only someones interpretation. Same if you or I were in a doujinshi, we're merely someone's take on us.

I mean, I was partially resposnible in bringing down a website where stuff that upset me was posted regularly, but that's a bit different.
>> No. 20157 [Edit]
I ignore it. It doesn't reflect on him, only on the disgusting tastes of the artist, and it'll exist regardless of how I feel, so there's no point focusing on it.
>> No. 20161 [Edit]
It used to bother me a lot. Especially because I couldn't help being attracted to it. For one she's very pretty, and two if I'm honest BDSM situations get me exited. Specifically being the pitcher

Never thought much about it until I got with my waifu. I mean I knew it was considered a bit odd but I didn't realize how hurtful it could be to think of putting a loved one in that situation. Made worse by the fact that I regularly enjoyed her doujins before we got together. Compare that with people who have a big thing for feet and... wow, what am I?

For a while I tried to cure myself but it only resulted in failure and misery. Feeling like I couldn't enjoy her, that I couldn't satisfy her. And the whole time my longing for it grew.

Long story short I eventually came to terms with my sadism. Maybe it's just me projecting my own sick desires on her but I think she'd be fine with it. And since embracing it I feel so much more secure, more together. At peace. It's rather odd, but it works that way. I want to do these things with her consent of course, in case anyone got the wrong idea.

I don't know your situation though. It probably won't help most people, too many variables. You probably don't have to go as far as I have but being a little bit meaner in bed might help.
>> No. 20163 [Edit]
Well, rape, ahegao, mind break, etc. is my kind of fetish, so I don't really mind it. In fact, I'm happy it exists. I tend to save porn of my waifu for special occasions though.

Sorry for being degenerate.
>> No. 20164 [Edit]
No, it's done with my imagination. Porn is made mainly to titillate the viewer rather than those involved, and places no importance on safety and limits. Doujins are shit in comparison to what my mind can do.

If you want to bait me you'll have to try a bit harder.
>> No. 20166 [Edit]
Whether or not someone is actually a "waifufag" or not is not something you get to decide. Judging others' love by your own standards is exactly the kind of normalfag bullshit we came here to get away from.

>All I'm gathering from this is that you only see her as fapbait.

If this isn't provocative or trying to bait, I don't know what is.
>> No. 20167 [Edit]
Well put.

Some people like to develop their fiction into one narrative, remembering every action they take and daydream they have as a part of their overarching love story. Others simply daydream with their narratives varying greatly in length with little or no continuity between different fantasies. Dunno if there's a one true way to daydream, but far as I know it's just crazy to attack someone because their daydreams are "wrong".

I for one am happy to read of different people and their experiences with 2d love.
>> No. 20170 [Edit]
What reprehensible behavior do you speak of, kind anon? We're just trying to have a nice discussion and sharing our viewpoints on the query that OP provided us. It's not like we're trying to downplay another person's passion and love for their beloved because it's different from our individual standards of love.
>> No. 20172 [Edit]
Physical and sexual attraction is one aspect of what makes people attracted to another. Sure, it's not all of it, but you're pretty much saying that somebody can't be a "waifufag" if they're willing to have intense sexual fantasies with their waifu as the subject.

If you don't fap to your waifu, that's your way of doing things. That's completely fucking fine, but don't assume another person loves his waifu any less than you love yours or that their affection is invalid because they chose to embrace their lust instead of ignore it. Acting all "holier than thou" because you don't fap to lewds of your waifu is just retarded. We all have different ways of going about this. That's why /mai/ exists, so we can share the different ways we take the path of 2D and ask questions about what other /mai/-users do if we're not sure about something related to the subject.
>> No. 20174 [Edit]
would you please not do this here. i don't care what you believe or think but this is the last place I want to see mindless disrespect
>> No. 20176 [Edit]
It's literally just a difference in fetishes. None of it's canon anyways. I enjoy it because I enjoy that kind of stuff.

>It's fallacious reasoning to say the least.

No it's not. What you're doing is almost the equivalent of people that only read vanilla doujinshi trying to rag on someone liking NTR or mind break just because it feels "dirty" to you.
>> No. 20177 [Edit]
He's not providing any argument and just calls people names. Read everything he's posted and it's just 100% name calling.
>> No. 20179 [Edit]
As someone whose waifu is a popular girl from a popular series with TONS of porn out there (fanarts, doujinshi, amv, flash videos, games, etc), I think I have enough experience to comment on this subject.

If you're into waifuism you learn real quick how to ignore porn, because that shit is inevitable - doesn't matter which country you're from, you can find porn of kids's books/comics from your childhood. Also, if you follow Comiket you'll notice that artists usually sell porn doujinshi with non-h goodies (fanbook, keychains, etc). So, porn is an "artistic license" that artists have to draw your waifu, they usually like the anime and the character and that's how they "homage" them (not that I agree tho).

Now, porn is not the problem because you can easily ignore/filter them. What really makes me feel sad is how the fanbase, anime community and artists see my waifu as nothing but fapbait. Things like rape doujinshi (she has 3 multiwork series where she's being gangraped), % of pixiv lewds (8% total, which is a lot compared to other girls from her anime that have 5% total each). Her top favorited pic on danbooru is a bestiality art, her top result search on google/startpage/duckduckgo/searx is a rape doujinshi. All other girls from her show have non-existant porn or yuri/vanilla ones but it's my waifu that everybody wants to see being raped. There was a thread on /a/ some time ago when anons were posting girls who everybody fapped at least once: my waifu was posted she got tons of replies with "oh yeah, that one" "yes it's impossible not to", etc.

This is what really hurts me and this will always hurt me. She doesn't deserve this treatment. I hate this.
>> No. 20180 [Edit]
Your accusation of samefagging, using it as an attempt to sabotage the credibility of both posters, and your sheer inability to understand that people do things differently makes it clear that perhaps you don't belong on this board.

I humbly ask that you take your shitposting and derogatory remarks to another website.
>> No. 20181 [Edit]
Because clearly two points on the same stance posted within 5 minutes of eachother on TC of all places means there's two different posters
>> No. 20182 [Edit]
Precisely why some sort of comiket death squad is long overdue.
>> No. 20185 [Edit]
>But it's highly questionable for you to say you enjoy watching your waifu- the person you "love"- being raped, tortured, abused, etc.

Highly questionable, maybe, but that doesn't make it impossible for someone to still truly love the character in question despite that. First of all, most doujinshi about someone's waifu is non-canon. If something like that were to happen in canon to mine,then yes, I'd be mad, but doujinshi is a completely different thing. To me doujinshi is just akin to a sexual fantasy, people are allowed to enjoy it, and there's nothing saying you can't actually be in love someone with someone who's the subject of your hardcore (in this case, rape) fantasies.

But hey, if you can't understand that, fine, but don't go spouting that someone's love for their waifu doesn't match up to yours or anyone else's here just because they happen to also be a pervert that can do the things you hate so very much. I'm not mad about your views on waifufagging, I don't even hate those "waifu-puritans" as you described, what I'm mad about is that you blatantly disrespected both me and another anon's affection in >>20165 by relegating it to a mere "fapbait" relationship. Not only that, you continued your abhorrent disrespect and violation of rules in following posts, calling us "garbage"(>>20169), "mongoloids" (>>20173), and accusing us of samefagging when none of us have replied in any manner to warrant that kind of animosity. As stated in the global rules, be respectful to other people on /mai/. It is a safe zone.

Post edited on 31st Dec 2016, 5:21pm
>> No. 20188 [Edit]
The posts you quoted aren't my posts. I'm >>20175 and >>20183. To repeat what I said there: yes, their language was harsh, but I still agree with most of the points they said.

Rape doujinshi of your waifu is non-canon, sure, but the same can be said of all of our individual mental interpretations of our waifus. At the same time, those interpretations and doujins are undeniably representations of the same base character, and it's silly to say that they're not arousing based sololy on the fact that it is your waifu being raped in the doujins as opposed to some random anime girl.

Post edited on 1st Jan 2017, 1:16am
>> No. 20189 [Edit]
How did you get the percentages of pixiv lewds? Asking because I'm interested in statistics.
>> No. 20190 [Edit]
File 148327392496.jpg - (21.15KB , 274x265 , random_24.jpg )

This anon is right.
Waifuism requires commitment, self discipline and a moral stance to not degrade your waifu. If you fail one of these you're no different than those "ironic" weebs taking pics with dakis and posting on social media.
>> No. 20194 [Edit]
To a few of us it can also be the case that we've had a traumatic experience in the past, and that we're self-inserting into our waifu in the fantasy, rather into her rapists.
I mean, that's still fucked up, but it's not a straightforward case of 'I want to hurt her', it's more 'I want to be one with her'.
>> No. 20198 [Edit]
I keep seeing variations of this thread posted across multiple websites. Dunno if you still look at this one, but is there some reason you really can't just ignore it, or try to desensitize yourself for when you do see it? If it's that pervasive, you may not have much of a choice.
>> No. 20199 [Edit]

It's kinda hard to ignore porn of my waifu because there's plenty of it and it's either yuri, gangrape followed by mindbreak or futa, drawn by good/known artists, translated to 7 different languages and downloaded/favorited 10,000 times. Plus, everyone treats her as fapbait.

I understand there's nothing I can do except ignore, but this bothers me alot to the point I feel depressed for days when new "stuff" is posted/published. And I can't talk about my feelings with anyone because nobody would take me seriously. I browsed many waifu groups on the internet (imageboards, forums, IRC channels) asking the same question and they all give me the same answer: just ignore it. Well that's the problem: I don't know how to ignore, I don't know how to deal with it and I don't have anyone to talk to about it.
>> No. 20200 [Edit]
How do you know how many people have favorited and downloaded some shitty doujins? Why look them up? That's part of the issue, it sounds like you're going out of your way to find out information that just makes you miserable. Don't do that to yourself.
Maybe you should take a break from looking things like that up. It won't stop other people posting it randomly, but you won't be nearly as exposed to it as you seem to be now.

>I don't have anyone to talk to about it
Well, you can use this thread, at least. God knows this site could do with more activity.
>> No. 20201 [Edit]

I've been following Comiket for years so I'm always exposed to porn. It just happens.

>Well, you can use this thread, at least

I guess. But again I get the same response when I ask this question "just ignore it no biggie" so nobody really understands how I feel. I guess I just want a shoulder to cry on.
>> No. 20202 [Edit]
>I've been following Comiket for years so I'm always exposed to porn. It just happens.

Have you thought about limiting your exposure, then, even just in the short term? At least until the pain's not so fresh.

>But again I get the same response when I ask this question "just ignore it no biggie" so nobody really understands how I feel

It's not that people don't get the feeling, it's just that there really isn't much you can do. I know it's not easy, I've been through similar shit. It took me a long time to stop caring as much. I think building up more positive thoughts and memories helped a lot, to sort of drown out the bad things. They stopped mattering as much in the face of all the positivity.
How long have you loved her? Maybe people sound like they don't care as much because it's been longer for them and they've adjusted to it. If nothing else helps, time can.

None of this is to say it'll never hurt again, but it can hurt less.
>> No. 20203 [Edit]
File 148424543479.jpg - (120.95KB , 596x660 , 1481902056496.jpg )

>How long have you loved her?

6 years counting this year.

It's not fair that she's treated this way.
>> No. 20205 [Edit]
I sympathize 100%. I swear to god your post sounds identical to my thoughts every now and then. The gusto people have to express online their opinions of wanting to gang rape her or that she's rapebait or every doujins is mind break/ntr just saddens my heart. I hope it's gotten better for you, after 5 years of the same shit it's tapered off a little for me. But I still hate thinking of such a sweet elegant blonde girl that I love degraded by entire communities and multiple artists. Take care.
>> No. 20206 [Edit]

>sweet elegant blonde girl

I think we have the same waifu.
>> No. 20207 [Edit]
I know your feel very well. My (former) Waifu had quite a lot doujins. She isn't really well known (it's a niche game, but still has a big fanbase), but was one of the more popular characters of the game she is in, so she got by far the most stuff of the source. Most doujins were rape, mindbreak but there were also some fairly harmless pairings (which I also didn't like for obvious reasons). I couldn't help but check out comments, how many people liked it and what not and it always ended up in me being depressed over it. I hated how she got degraded into this... form of entertainment. Same goes for threads about the game where she also was always the first choice of a flavour of the month "Waifu" by idiots. It pissed me off way more than it should. But yeah, I tried to learn to get over it. It didn't always worked, especially if I happened to stumble upon a new doujin or thread where she got mentioned, but it worked out after a while.

I learned to realize that people who treat her as a waifubait are just joking around and forget about it 5 minutes later anyway. I also learned to realize that doujins are also not THAT bad. Sure, its annoying, but its just a drawing. Like, imagine your waifu would see pictures where you get raped or whatever. Depending of her character she may even laugh about how ridiculous this stuff is. She might blush and the situation would end up cute instead of depressing. Or she might get pissed and punch the nerd who drew it if shes more the aggressive type. Whatever she is like, the situation would be fun. Emberassing pictures of you and she reacts to it. In the end both of you laugh about it and forget it a day later (worst case might be that she mocks you about it).
>> No. 20219 [Edit]
I don't see doujins to be him because they aren't He wouldn't do those things and he hasn't done those things. It's people using a bastardized version of him to make fanfiction.
>> No. 20227 [Edit]
I think one doujin artist has it in for me. Besides 'Big Boss', hes the only circle which still creates doujins of her series, which always involve some sort of gross furry squid monster.
>> No. 20305 [Edit]
>lethal vore, female domination, homosexual shit
But those are life's joys.
>> No. 20315 [Edit]
>> No. 20723 [Edit]
soemone really close to me drew porn of my waifu and i had an autistic meltdown and have been freaking out for almost 48 hours now. it's exhausting to be this upset, im so fucking tired but i can't sleep.

things were finally starting to be okay.
my waifu's show ended in july, and i was glad, ebcause she always got the short end of the stick and i didn't have to stress anymore about what way they were going to hurt her next.
and with the show's conclusion came a dead halt to fanart production, and that also made me glad! all of her fanart is awful

and then this friend... i had finally made him understand, or so i thought. he was writing me really nice things about her and telling me he loves her, too. he was drawing very respectful fanart of her in in-character situations, he knew what made her tick and what made her appealing. and it made me cry tears of joy that i won him over to my side. he's the first person i've made see the beauty in her.
i was in the middle of writing him a really nice personal letter thanking him for all the nice things he's done for my waifu and thanking him for being my friend, when he sent me something really gross.
it was my waifu smoking a cigarette. he has a smoking fetish....
i didn't find it amusing at all, she is way too good of a girl to smoke cigarettes, and she has me, her lover, and a dad and both of us wouldn't let her smoke.
it kinda rubbed me the wrong way but i pretended to like it and thanked him for the drawing because i didn't want to discourage him and make him stop drawing...
then, he sent me another one a few seconds later.
he had edited the smoking drawing and given her giant hyper boobs.

i freaked out, i dunno, i paced around the house like an alzheimer's patient for an hour and a half, i i don't know what to do, i hate him, i've been his friend for five years and this made me hate him, i can't even look at my waifu's face without getting depressed now since this happened, it feels like there's rocks in my chest

no one can help me, i feel so alone, i can't do anything to make the pain stop, getting high and drunk didn't help

you have to understand that my waifu's fanbase does nothing but sexualize her. everyone sees her as a sex object. i can't stand it! and i thought he was different! he's not, he's a pervert liek the rest of them !
i had spent a lot of time making a torrent of my waifu's show because no one else had and i was ready to start distributing it and hopefully make some new fans, and this situation snapped me back to reality. what an idiot i am! make the show easily watchable to people? why? so they can make more porn of her?
in fact i guess he did me a favor! he made me remember how fucking awful everyone is and how hopeless it is!
i want to delete every trace of my waifu from the internet so no one can have dirty thoughts about her again! i hate everyone

Post edited on 10th Nov 2017, 5:10am
>> No. 20724 [Edit]
Thank kamisama in heaven that nobody cares about my waifu because I'd dread to find lewds of her; thankfully, she's so obscure that she doesn't even get normal fan art. I'd offer you my sympathies, but I don't get why you would go and try to get people to love (not like) her as well. I don't see the point in sharing my waifu wilfully with others, specially people that didn't have much interest to begin with.
>> No. 20730 [Edit]
that sucks
i too once saw a picture of my waifu smoking a cigarette drawn by some guy on pixiv
it made me feel very uncomfortable too
worst part about this was when i was seeing someone smoking it triggered this picture to my mind for few months
>> No. 20749 [Edit]
File 151184595436.png - (763.60KB , 917x1100 , 51c4bd1bc4e893e682874f63ed38e0d689f479fd.png )
Maybe you could try installing a website filter to prevent you from giong back there? Some are so easy as to simply ask for a URL and they block it entirely for you requiring you to unblock it if you want to go back, in that time you take to unblock you can catch yourself before you go back. You will also need to exercise some old fashioned discipline. I would link to one i used but it I used it years ago and I don't remember the name of it.
>> No. 20753 [Edit]
In my waifu's case 40% of her pixiv fanart is porn and most of the rest is at least suggestive.
It hurts because she isn't a lewd girl, she just has a lot of fanservice scenes where she feels obligued to do lewd things because it's the only way to resolve the situation. She is more prude than her friends who don't get sexualized nearly as much.
>> No. 20755 [Edit]
Disregard the YouTube link, don't know what happened

Post edited on 5th Dec 2017, 12:31am
>> No. 20756 [Edit]
Sometimes there's text in the embedded field and this creates posts with blank videos, it's a known bug.
>> No. 20777 [Edit]
I've been avoiding this thread since I've seen it, but since I'm a little drunk I'll talk about my experience. First off, my waifu is from an erotic visual novel. It bothers me she fucks all the guys in it. In May of this year, I finally played her game. Machine translation, but I got the point. I always knew she was in an eroge, I'd even go as far to say since day one, back may 9th of 2015. But I never got around to playing the VN until May. While I was playing her VN, I was in a horrible place emotionally. I hated myself and her and the people who made who she is. I wanted to kill myself. May felt so long. I lost much sleep, I slit my wrists, I attempted to pull out my hair, I had gone many days without sleep, it was just terrible. I just wanted to get to know her more. I wanted to feel sad, not hatred and anger. Anyway, I was nearing the end of the story and I had to quit for a few days. I hadn't slept, showered, and had barely eaten in 4 days. I was saying I hate you, you're a fucking slut, your a disgrace, but I eventually cried, I had many mixed and conflicting emotions, I cried because I loved her. I eventually finished the VN (got the cannon good ending) and that was it. I believe there is a difference between symbolism, spirituality, reality, and practicality. I hate what she has done in the past, but if I believe she is willing to leave that behind, I forgive her. I hate how she has done horrible things (symbolism), but (and I know many people will not have positive opinions about this) all in all, she's not real (reality). Thats how I deal with it. To answer your question Ona more vague sense, If it's not cannon, disregard the porn.
>> No. 20779 [Edit]
I know exactly what you mean about being angry at the people who made her. I used to have violent fantasies involving my waifu's writing team. I try to avoid thinking about it.
I'm glad you're better now.
>> No. 20805 [Edit]
Thanks Anon. I'm in a situation wether I'd be mad at those who created her because of the horrid shit, or happy because without them she wouldn't exist. I seem to feel more forgiving in the end of the year, but in May, the month of our anniversary, especially last year, I have mixed emotions. Very mixed.I guess I have a very Taoist way of thought, even as a Christian.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2018, 8:32pm
>> No. 20842 [Edit]
File 151920338121.jpg - (109.48KB , 702x1200 , tumblr_nmk69g8WiB1u4pptuo1_1280.jpg )
It does suck when your waifu originates from a place where she's seriously devalued. I'm sad to hear that it hurt you so much.

I had a somewhat similar thing happen to me, though I did not harm myself physically, it was difficult for me to sleep, had to keep the lights on, I kept seeing terrible imagery in my head related to her, I wanted so badly for it to go away but it kept haunting me. Even as my cupcake held my hand and tried to comfort me, I told her I had to keep my distance from her for a little while until the visions got less worse. I told her, it's not her fault, I'm ruining our happiness with these intrusive thoughts and images in my head, and I appreciate that she's supporting me through all this. I couldn't look at her face without seeing freakish imagery. It was painful. She did everything she could to distract me from it somehow. But at the time it was so bad that nothing worked.

I slept by myself that night. But the next morning, the visions weren't tormenting me as much anymore. I guess sometimes what a person really needs is a good night's rest.

I still suffer from the visions sometimes. I hope that someday, it will no longer be a problem. My kitkat always tries to help me get over it, she's expressed frustration but deep down she does not blame me, she genuinely cares about me. She is such a good person. We call the visions "bad dreams". We stress that they're basically nightmares, and we shouldn't lose our minds over it. It's just a dream, it's just a dream.

We will overcome this. Together. Me and my honey pot.

To elaborate on my story...
My little lady is from a horror game, I love her, but I have a serious love-hate relationship with the game she's from. On one hand, it's where she's from and she's such a wonderful person in it, but on the other hand, terrible things happen to her in it and it's traumatizing.

It sucks when you can't do anything like, search pictures of your waifu, because you'll keep seeing creepypasta type images.

I know this isn't 100% what this thread is about but I think it's a similar feeling; every once in a while you'll come across disturbing and/or disgusting images of your waifu online. Whether it's highly explicit pornography, or something that's very creepy, it's terrible in similar ways.
>> No. 20843 [Edit]
>My little lady is from a horror game
You should have opened with that. Must be awful falling for a character that is designed and written to suffer, you have my sympathies. I hope she gets an official alternate happy storyline one day.
>> No. 20844 [Edit]
File 151923193768.png - (191.51KB , 442x383 , Natsuki Tears.png )
It does increase my determination, to give her a better life. For both of us to find someplace, a wonderland, where we can both be happy.

Still, I'm not gonna lie, yeah it does suck. A lot.

I distance myself from the game, as well as the awful fanbase. To me, the only good thing to come out of the game is her, some of the scenes she's in, and her beautiful poetry. I don't care about the rest.
>> No. 20850 [Edit]
Anime characters are symbols of desire, and are thus "devalued" in explicit and frankly anti-social pornography often. It comes with being a form of intellectual property inherently designed to be alluring to men.

As a diclaimer: I absolutely love hentai btw, I think it's great and I will crank to it 10/10 times, but it's definitely something I have ambivalent feelings towards.

It is rather sad when I see doujins featuring characters I am attached to, but I don't let it bother me. Not clicking on them helps...

How you handle such situations is ultimately up to you. Maybe it'll help to think of the author as a sweaty pig slaving over some piece of smut utilizing the creation of someone else because they're not creative enough to develop their own characters and stories (that being said, oc doujinshi are often really great).

The most important thing to keep in mind is that it's the interpretation of the character in another's mind, not your own. I hope this helps someone.
>> No. 20888 [Edit]
I'm fine with people drawing pictures of my wife. I don't like looking at what other people fantasize about doing to her, but to me it's no different from someone seeing her out in public and going home to jerk off while thinking about her. I mean, I don't like it if they're thinking about doing degenerate stuff, but it doesn't bother me a great deal.

I treat such artworks as mere interpretations of my wife's character, and don't let them bother me. I do save some lewd images of her that I consider "vanilla" or "loving", and have busted out the old photoshop to fix some images.

What really fills me with rage, hatred and makes me feel sick is people who draw pictures of her being tortured. And I don't mean like, tickle tortured or some comedic joke like bullying oni with beans or vampires with garlic. I'm not talking about canon wounds from battle or being impaled "literally but also symbolically" like Archer either. It's distressing even more so because it's not something that I can perceive as sexualised. I feel like I'd be able to brush off the discomforting feelings if it was just someones fucked up fetish and like, they wanted her to enjoy being dismembered or something twisted. Instead it feels like someone's actually purely to harm her. I'd actually cut their fingers off if I ever met them in person, fuck the consequences. If they promised to immediately stop and apologised they'd keep their fingers but get the shit beaten out of them, from her, through me.

Whew, gotta calm down. I'd suggest that anyone who is struggling with artists who are drawing their wife try to understand that those artists aren't actually drawing your wife. They're drawing their interpretation of her. And they don't know her as well as you do, so the interpretation is flawed. Then they're doing the equivalent of looking at that interpretation, thinking it's cute (And lets be real, the original subject they based their drawing off probably was beautiful), and having a sexual fantasy about it. Then putting it onto paper. Try to understand.

Also for the guys whose wife is from an eroge or something, grow up man. Your wife isn't a moeblob pure virgin for your use only. She existed before you met her and sure, your love is real now, but you can't fault her for having relations with other people before you met her. It can be difficult to watch her screw other guys, but that's in the past, regardless of the fact that you weren't aware of the complete details. In 50 years you'll be that old couple laughing and teasing each other about each others' highschool crush like my elderly grandparents do.
>> No. 21249 [Edit]
So, yeah
>> No. 21251 [Edit]
> 私わ
Re-read the topic/subject particle grammar section please.

» OP
Ignore it. Pretty much every conceivable character has some sort of NTR, gangbang, rape hentai and alike. It's a matter of accepting reality, the whole waifu concept, and that, while for some she's the most pure and sanctified thing in the world, for others it's just fap material.

No waifu is the same. They may be based off of the same character, but everyone tweaks them to their preference and creates their own story. If it really bothers you that much, it may help you thinking like this, that said lewd material does not relate to YOUR specific waifu, because your waifu lives only within you.
>> No. 21253 [Edit]
Not only did I write は instead of が, I wrote it as わ
That's pretty bad
>> No. 21255 [Edit]
Sorry for going off topic, but why would you use が? As far as I understand, が is used to identify an unknown subject. Since you're talking about yourself, I don't see why'd you use it. The op wasn't asking who draws this type of porn either. Am I just ignorant of how you're supposed to express yourself in this situation?
>> No. 21256 [Edit]
I was gonna say I thought I used it right. But I really fucked up and got them mixed up. To be honest, I tend to glance over particles in conversations.
>> No. 21257 [Edit]
I normally just ignore it.
>> No. 21258 [Edit]
Where the f**k is everyone?!
>> No. 21259 [Edit]
This is gonna be a bit off topic and should probably have it's own thread, but I believe that everyone migrated to reddit/8chan, and that the waifu concept itself has died off in recent years. This particular site was likely too slow to hold most people's attention, and people likely figured once they said what they had to say, posted in the threads they found interesting, there was nothing left to do or see so they left and didn't come back.
>> No. 21260 [Edit]
Already exists, although this one example here may not be the only one.
>> No. 21264 [Edit]
i am still here, just havent posted because ive been really sick the past week and havent done anything but sleep and throw up. no energy for the internet, but im almost back to normal now
>> No. 21265 [Edit]
>> No. 21266 [Edit]
File 156714556581.jpg - (9.53KB , 156x129 , 1504182869161.jpg )
shh not yet, i am still sleeping
>> No. 21304 [Edit]
File 156950707395.jpg - (22.60KB , 314x343 , 1357015291077.jpg )
Somebody made horrible edits of her and I hate that I had the displeasure of seeing them
>> No. 21305 [Edit]
I'm sorry. I know the ones, there's a bunch of faggots doing that on 4lame.
>> No. 21319 [Edit]
I once read a fanfic that was just about what you said. How I dealt with it? Simple, ignoring it's existence and only remembering about it as a extreme last resort.
>> No. 21342 [Edit]
I think I have a problem. first off I do not have a proper waifu, though I have tried in the past nobody has really "clicked" with me, but thats a different topic for a different day.

usually i try to stay away from porn or indecent pictures of any girl im interested in, since 1. I dont want to see her as an object of lust as many people do and 2. it reminds me that there are other people out there who are looking at these pictures of her, which makes me uncomfortable. Some other factors play in too, like feeling as if im not yet good enough to see her in her naked state.

Im beginning to think that this might play in to why I am unable to find a waifu, since i jo to pictures of other girls and become somewhat disenchanted with whoever my potential waifu at the time was and the feelings go away. Should I instead only jo to porn of her? not only does that mean I'll have to look at porn of her drawn by other people but theres no guarantee that theres even any good porn of her, in which case what am I supposed to do? I'm beginning to think that I should start drawing my own porn of her
>> No. 21344 [Edit]
It used to bother me 7 years ago, now I just fap to it.
>> No. 21365 [Edit]
Same. It's hard not to. She constantly has new doujins coming out even though her anime aired in 2011.
>> No. 21368 [Edit]
I have the same sort of fetishes, but the way I regard it is that whenever the art depicts the character in a sexual situation which either they don't consent to in the actual piece, or in a situation that given their character traits they would not like, fapping to it would be akin to rape. Having said that I refrain from fapping to my waifu at all, since I want to wait till after my death so we can do it for real.
>> No. 21370 [Edit]
Conservative normalfags wait until marriage to have sexual relations, but we waifufags wait until the afterlife for that. It's kinda cool if you think about it.
>> No. 21373 [Edit]
File 157920230657.jpg - (30.53KB , 305x600 , Funami_Yui_600_738220.jpg )
Well of course the union between man and waifu is purer than anything the earth has to offer us. What we have is above marriage, and as much as people may criticize us for not contributing children for society to gobble up, I think that that relationship we have is more important than it all.
I'd also just like to clarify that I'm not meaning to criticize anyone's personal approach towards porn and their waifu, and I'm not saying that I'm more devoted or anything like that. Just in case it was unclear.
>> No. 21375 [Edit]
In Christianity, heaven has no marriage or sex. Whatever relationships you have on Earth will cease to exist because you'll only desire "the glory of God" and nothing else. There's a deeply embedded reviling of anything wordly like romantic love which they sort of try to cover up and not mention unless necessary. Waifu heaven sounds better.

Post edited on 16th Jan 2020, 11:57am
>> No. 21379 [Edit]
File 157929240566.jpg - (43.55KB , 850x492 , sample_50bcc0753c6e4652a50343b41209c39ddbc27299.jpg )
I definitely agree. I think Christianity and other religions "of the book" struggle with the disconnect between a perfect god and a very imperfect race created in his image, and so they revile most everything human. Waifuism is much more organic and real, something from within the human spirit rather than imposed from without.
Thinking about it, I'd be very interested to hear the outlook of a Christian with a Waifu.
>> No. 21380 [Edit]
I don't know the statistics, but I'm willing to be most adult Christians were born into Christian families. Being knowledgable about the religion isn't actually a prerequiste for being Christian. Any such person would likely never question their conflicting values.

Most Christians rage if you dare compare waifus to their precious Jesus. Even though they're both imaginary. You're supposed to love Jesus more than any of your family and friends.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2020, 12:32pm
>> No. 21385 [Edit]
File 157938492656.jpg - (54.22KB , 650x738 , cooking.jpg )
>I don't know the statistics, but I'm willing to be most adult Christians were born into Christian families.
Probably. Most of my extended family (if memory serves) are christians and all their kids go to church and stuff.
>You're supposed to love Jesus more than any of your family and friends.
There is that weird part where it describes the believer as the bride of christ. I think so long as the christian isn't too devout, they could have a waifu - I'm sure there's at least one out there.
>> No. 21386 [Edit]
Waifusim actually has a history in Christianity too though. Mary is pretty much a waifu, she is the ideal woman and was venerated by many men, it often seems tat more male holy orders devote things to her than they even do to Jesus(for example the Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem who based themselves in a castle called Marienburg).
>> No. 21387 [Edit]
So Mary is Japanese now, great.
>> No. 21388 [Edit]
Maybe try reading posts instead of skimming over them and making wild assumptions about what was said.
>> No. 21389 [Edit]
Waifusim is actually a western phenomena.
>> No. 21390 [Edit]
File 157956197810.jpg - (118.11KB , 850x1133 , __funami_yui_and_namori_yuru_yuri_drawn_by_kuro_ne.jpg )
I think veneration and romantic attachment are two quite different things, whatever the bible's odd jesus verses have to say on the matter. A waifu is rather more intimately regarded than Holy Mary Mother of Christ, wouldn't you say?
Only insofar as the senate is Roman and the parliament French.
Something something skimming?
How are you defining a phenomena's region? It's origin, or where it is most widely practiced? You could probably even divide the latter into proportional and non-proportional.
>> No. 21391 [Edit]
>It's origin, or where it is most widely practiced?

Well in both cases it would be western.
>> No. 21392 [Edit]
>more intimately regarded
No, according to them, God, including Jesus, IS love. The Mary obsession is a weird Catholic thing, but all Christians are supposed to prioritize Jesus above wordly companions, by a lot.
>> No. 21393 [Edit]
File 157956571441.jpg - (184.97KB , 1518x1075 , EMX9BwfUcAIlA5r.jpg )
I can't respect a religion that wants you to put it's god above all else.
Any god that would turn a blind eye to you neglecting and abusing those around you so as long as you love him above all else, is not someone worthy of worship or love. These religions would have you think a benevolent all knowing loving god is this narcissistic, prideful, and petty. An entity on the level of god would have as much reason to care what we think of it, as you would care what the bacteria bellow your bed thinks of you. A god that turns a blind eye to war, famine, disease, poverty, and so on but expects you to love it unconditionally, does not deserve that love.

My waifu on the other hand, is the epitome of a perfect person. Someone kind, caring, generous, humble, and more. Not just someone I would want to be around, but a role model I can look up to who makes me want to be a better person, a better person in a a corrupt world that punishes the good and rewards evil. A world which constantly tries to drag me down with it and corrupt me, god's world. God doesn't keep people from being evil, god couldn't care less. This god isn't worthy of my love, but a person like my waifu is.

Post edited on 20th Jan 2020, 6:51pm
>> No. 21394 [Edit]
File 157957000859.jpg - (1.49MB , 3419x2148 , 9a59e45471ed43c93872b908cf5f7ad1.jpg )
>turns a blind eye to war, famine, disease, poverty, and so on
Well, the justification is that he just "allows" these things to happen, and they only happen because Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree of knowledge, which they did because Satan tempted them, which he did because he's evil, and he's evil because free-will or something, which is necessary to love God, which you NEED to do because God is endlessly great and good for you, except in heaven people will presumably still love God, but they'll never do bad things, so they might not have free-will? Something something Jesus, God is perfect so don't question it. You're his slave, but he's the best master.

Just in case anyone's curious.
>> No. 21395 [Edit]
Of all the threads /mai/ has seen, I didn't expect this one to be the one in which people talk about religion.
>> No. 21542 [Edit]
>> No. 21739 [Edit]
Luckily for me (and her), due to her personality, her franchise's unpopularity, and the fact that a number of other girls tend to be subjected to such degenerate things a lot more, she hardly ever seems to get much of it. I think I've only ever seen it once. But when I do see it, I either just gloss over it, or I fantasise myself protecting her from such situations. As in, a gangrape doujinshi is a what-if situation that arises if I wasn't around to protect her.

While I personally do have degenerate fantasies of my waifu, I keep them completely to myself, and such fantasies never involve anything that would physically or emotionally hurt her. I know that she'll be more than fine with the arrangement, because of how she is. For the record, I think the vast majority of people don't deserve to be given such harsh treatment. (2D of course, 3D is a different story.)

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