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File 149006633719.jpg - (78.28KB , 540x960 , snt4ucoqfp7j22bvbqntnxacfvoxayj2_hq.jpg )
20349 No. 20349 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello, I am conducting a survey on waifu love. Feel free to only answer the questions you'd like to, but please do participate! This survey is mostly for my curiosity, although I may post common trends in the results.

Who is your waifu?
When was her last official appearance?
How old were you when you fell for your waifu?
How long have you loved her for?
What was your love/sex life like before her?
How happy/satisfied are you with your life right now?
Do you have any medical/mental conditions?
What do you think about reality, or her fictionality?
What do you think about the possibility of falling out of love?
What do you think about those who have?
What do you think about those who have cheated on their waifu?
What do you think about the idea of being committed to your waifu for the rest of your life?
What do you think about waifu"ism" in general?
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>> No. 20460 [Edit]
I guess it is finished, but the questions are interesting and I liked reading the replies. Here are mine.

>Who is your waifu?
There is not much source material unfortunately. It would be difficult for others to know her by her official account. Her character is explored mainly trough fan art.

>When was her last official appearance?
Recently. Not like 10 years ago. Her better appearance is the unofficial appearance made by fans.

>How old were you when you fell for your waifu?

>How long have you loved her for?
About a year.

>What was your love/sex life like before her?
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>> No. 20464 [Edit]
File 149350314159.jpg - (424.79KB , 810x1080 , __hatsune_miku_the_beast_vocaloid_and_vocaloid__01.jpg )
Who is your waifu?
>Hatsune Miku

When was her last official appearance?
>like everyday?

How old were you when you fell for your waifu?

How long have you loved her for?
>3 years

What was your love/sex life like before her?

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>> No. 20493 [Edit]
File 149521586450.png - (1.37MB , 1920x1080 , wallpaper.png )
>Who is your waifu?
Sena Kashiwazaki, from Haganai
>When was her last official appearance?
Vol. 14 of the manga, which was released first in July of 2016
>How old were you when you fell for your waifu?
19, maybe 18
>How long have you loved her for?
I've had an interest in her for quite some time, but I didn't really consider her "my waifu" until about a year, maybe a year and a half ago
>What was your love/sex life like before her?
>How happy/satisfied are you with your life right now?
I'm unsatisfied with my life, but I'm content with mediocrity
>Do you have any medical/mental conditions?
SAD and Dyspraxia, both officially diagnosed. Got a few other problems, but I don't think any are serious enough to be conditions.
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>> No. 20547 [Edit]
>Who is your waifu?

Sakura Setsumi from Narcissu.

>When was her last official appearance?

The series' 10th anniversary anthology which was just recently completed.

>How old were you when you fell for your waifu?

I had just turned 22.

>How long have you loved her for?

7.5 years. I first met her on October 30, 2009.
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File 147472775717.png - (306.80KB , 500x500 , 1419668295077.png )
19981 No. 19981 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How are you guys dealing with the fact that the concept of waifus is far beyond being mainstream by now? Or more, people know it and simply throw the word without really knowing there are people who take it somewhat serious. I frequent a few other imageboards and also are deep in "gaming culture", so I also frquent Steam and some other places. Heck, even in facebook I see this crap. And everywhere people are joking around, casually throwing the term "waifu" around and calling each and every female character, no matter if there is a personal interest in them or not, a "Waifu". Not only that, but by now its clear as day that devs put a lot of effort in appealing to this trend. Games get more and more "waifubaits" (all female casts, female mascots, female maincharacters) and its starting to be some kind of a trend to jump on the waifu bandwagon.

Due to all this I have a hard time taking the actual waifu "scene" serious despite being part of it myself for years. Do you guys just ignore all this? Do you partake in discussions and trying to make clear that this joke is getting tiring? Personally I try to ignore it, but its getting kinda hard not to lash out.

And as a sidenote, Im starting to distance myself from waifuism and Im not nearly as deep in it as I was a while ago (guess Im starting to get too old for this, I dont know) but I still feel kinda offended because I used to be quite deep in it, still have a waifu and also because I know there are tons of nice people who love their waifu and might get thrown together with people who just think of waifus as a meme.
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>> No. 20524 [Edit]
File 149696250642.jpg - (146.42KB , 1013x636 , dsw.jpg )
Shit like this is what we got, now where the concept of a waifu is a literal meme.
>> No. 20532 [Edit]
File 14973026783.jpg - (161.83KB , 1280x1440 , 16707532_1461889820490503_4965232814913557146_o.jpg )
I might stop using the word waifu altogether and just call him my lover or my muse or something.
I'm not mad about it anymore. As a faggot, I have it worse than others. The liberal use of the word husbando is much worse in my opinion. You'll notice that the ironic otakus refer to characters that are well designed and well written as waifus. They don't have any feelings for them like we do, but they are at least respectful towards the character. I've never seen them use the term to describe their sexual desires. Likely because the normie otakus would never allow themselves to masturbate to cartoons, the thought probably doesn't even occur to them.
Which is all gay fake otakus do. Husbando means "character I masturbate to more than once" to them, and they are very upfront and shameless about it, as gays typically are about their sexuality. The difference between any given waifu thread versus a husbando thread on the shit *chans is immediately obvious: one is pornographic and the other is not.
And as shit as the other *chans are, I have to say that I've seen quite a few waifu threads on /v/ where people really are appearing to stay loyal to a single character in there, versus the husbando faggots that seriously take the time to photoshop twelve characters into an image together and refer to these twelve characters collectively as their husbando. Next week, they'll switch some of the characters out for new ones. Like trading cards.

To summarize: guys that misuse "waifu" are innocent idiots that appreciate characters for who they are on some level, guys that misuse "husbando" are addicted to porn.

This is all to say that I've already been driven to giving up a 2D love related term once because of pieces of shit, and I can do it again without much difficulty. I never call Eerie my husbando on purpose because of those people. People have acted confused by how I refer to Eerie as my waifu instead of my husbando, now you know. Sometimes I take it a step further and call him by female pronouns just for added effect, even though I never, ever think of him as anything other than masculine. I just want to separate myself from husbando faggots as much as possible.

Please don't misinterpret this as me having any problems with the gays he
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 20533 [Edit]
I've definitely seen husbando been more corrupted than waifu, so how about just accepting defeat and using a different term? Some examples:
> Eerie is my spousu.
> Eerie is my consortu.
> Eerie is my groomuu.
Since it seems you're a koreaboo, you can also just use its default word for it:
> Eerie is my nampyeon.
>> No. 20534 [Edit]
Hahaha, nampyeon, I actually like that a lot, I think I might do that. Thanks.
And as far as worship of cultures goes, I actually hate Japan and Korea both, Korea more than Japan. They're robot ant people that eat each other alive, they make American chads seem like angels. I'm doing a lot of things I don't like just for Eerie.

File 139325699561.jpg - (66.25KB , 640x480 , Kagura Movie.jpg )
14570 No. 14570 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Has your waifu got different designs to her, or different outfits?

With Kagura, there's some art of her, which pre-dates the Azumanga Daioh anime, where she has purple hair. It's a little out there, though a few of the other characters were drawn with unnatural hair colours as well, so it sort of fit. Personally I'm glad they went with natural hair colours in the end, as the characters are meant to be at least somewhat believable (I say somewhat because Chiyo-Father), so the natural colours help with that, I feel.

In some official art, and The Very Short Movie, her hair is less round and more spiky and stylised. It looks cool, but I prefer the slightly less crazy, rounder style.

In terms of outfits, I'm a big fan of her cheerleader outfit, even though there's next to no fan art of her wearing it...

What's your opinion on your waifu's different looks?
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>> No. 20384 [Edit]
File 149052483345.jpg - (3.73MB , 3545x2488 , 委托- Batty[2].jpg )
Eerie's a reverse werewolf, meaning he's a wolf all of the time unless he's exposed to a full moon, which turns him human for the duration.
When human, he's basically the antithesis of his wolf-self, haha. I think it's really brilliant; he's like a screaming retarded caveman that crushes rocks with his bare skull for entertainment by day, and a mild mannered French royalty inspired k-pop idol who charms the ladies with his gift of conjuring roses from thin air at night.

I just commissioned this drawing of his human form greeting my self-insert fan character with a rose. It was $100, but I liked the artist and her work enough to tip $20.
>> No. 20508 [Edit]
File 149585828822.png - (5.27MB , 2305x2169 , faces of eerie.png )
Eerie has many since it's so much cheaper to do 3D than 2D animation. I feel very lucky that he's 3D for this reason, and because 3D models are always consistent, unlike anime characters that have the artists change or budget issues mid-series and such. Eerie looks perfect always!

There's Ghostbusters Eerie, Super Sentai Eerie, Dracula Eerie with blood red eyes, wet suit Eerie surfing on a shark...

One costume I have a very big problem with, so much so that I couldn't include it in this collage because I can't even bear to look at it is his Halloween tuxedo. It was worn during his lowest moment, I uh, don't want to talk about it. It's a shame, because it's his most handsome outfit and it had the most work put into it, yet it was used in such a horrible episode that I can't appreciate it.

I used to have a problem with his cross-dressing, but I'm starting to understand that "LGBT" is synonymous with "clown" in most of the East, at least as far as I can tell. The manlier the person wearing women's clothing is, the harder the audience laughs. So, in a way, it's a compliment to Eerie that they dress him up like this for a joke.
>> No. 20519 [Edit]
File 149644466642.jpg - (538.32KB , 841x1200 , ひだまりスケッチ0805_01.jpg )
Hey, that's a picture I made a few years ago.


In any case, that's mostly the anime changing the designs to keep up with Ume-sensei's evolving art style. For example, season 2 designs look quite close to how Ume-sensei's style looked like back in 2008. I think S4 looks odd, but some people like it because it has brown lines like Madoka. I don't think it really matches the style of the manga though.
>> No. 20529 [Edit]
File 149725178516.jpg - (84.79KB , 1022x427 , 20170610.jpg )
>Different outfits
Sure! I insist.
Be at her favourite fine-dining restaurant while listening to:

File 138412451626.jpg - (132.02KB , 545x800 , 4545784041116_01.jpg )
13637 No. 13637 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Do you guys own merchandise of your waifu?

I myself dont. There isnt much of her to begin with, but i always get asked by people who know i have a waifu why i dont own this statue or this poster and stuff. My answer is always: "I dont need it". I know i love her more than anyone of these neckbeards spending hundreds of dollars for some cheap plastic statues, but sometimes i cant help but feeling bad for being too cheap to buy her figure (there is only one of good quality of her anyway, but costs more than hundred dollars).

So how about /mai/?
Picture semi-related, its not my waifu but its still related to the topic. I also choosed a not-lewd figure in case haruhi happens to be someones waifu.

[spoile]Sometimes i wish there wouldnt exist merchandise with her, especially because it pisses me of to see her figure standing around in some fat neckbeards basement or when seeing videos of a "unboxing" and idiots commenting "post pantyshots x-DDD LOL"... But thats just a random sidenote.
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>> No. 20514 [Edit]
I somewhat relate to your post. I doubt I will ever see merchandise that features her alone, much less objects like figures... so all I have is my imagination + her scenes and panels.
>> No. 20517 [Edit]
I can certainly relate to the bit about only having your imagination and panels. My lady love gets very little fan art, and most of it doesn't meet my obscenely high standards for saving. So basically a good 90% at least of my folder is manga crops. I don't mind it too much though, it's consistent at least so I have a very good idea of how she looks in my mind's eye that isn't confused by different art styles.

Post edited on 2nd Jun 2017, 4:28am
>> No. 20523 [Edit]
I do not own any merchandise, though I do have plans to purchase a daki, but that's my limit. The way I see it, figurines, plushes, &c. are not a necessity to love, and, sometimes, rather than being a representation of ones devotion, they could also serve the adverse purpose of steering one's devotion away from personal love into the realm of idolatry. In other words, surrounding one's self with such things may make their waifu more of a plastic figure than a living concept. While she is superior and clearly distinct from all 3DPD, I personally feel most comfortable limiting myself to pictures and a daki.

That's just me, though. When it comes to relationships such as these, varying individual approaches are to be expected.
>> No. 20527 [Edit]
File 149706680630.jpg - (35.96KB , 320x415 , bnpmakotocrop13.jpg )
I have a dollfie dream of her, which I've neglected for a while.. but currently am trying to get more clothes and get back into the photography hobby.

File 146321663377.jpg - (26.53KB , 610x343 , anime-beautiful-black-black-and-white-Favim_com-25.jpg )
19854 No. 19854 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Noob with no waifu here, testing the waters.

I was wondering how on earth do you manage to stay focused on one single girl.
With 3D is way easier, because you make a bond with a material living creature and therefore you get tangibile responsibilities.
If you betray her you get to face real life consequences; so it may happen that you look at other girls, but then you just forget it and go on.
However, with 2D (and "online-3D" too), I'm facing everyday a new girl that I would be potentially able to love and make a waifu from.
For example, I have some 3D girls (generally actresses) that I like but it's kind of impossible for me to just pick one and say «Ok I'll focus on her and she will be the only one».
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>> No. 19892 [Edit]
See, that's the thing; you're focusing on thought. Our lives as human beings are generally led through both thoughts and emotions-- just because you think you can't really focus on one girl doesn't mean the rest of your mind feels the same way.
When you fall in love with someone's concept, they become really special to you.

What you're facing everyday is a possibility. All things in life are possible, some with cosmically small odds, others with higher. Responsibilities have very little to do with forming a loving bond, I think you're thinking of interaction. There's ton of interaction to have with 2d concepts too, simply because they don't exist in our material realm doesn't mean they don't exist at all and that you can only love them from afar.

Yeah, but that's not how love works. You don't fall in love with a concept because it looks nice or feels nice, there's much more to it. You're mistaking potential love with potential infatuation. There are tons of potential mates out there, both 3d and 2d for everyone-- it's not entirely your conscious decision, though, and you can't really choose what you want to feel towards whom.

Last but not least, I feel like you need to reconsider your love priorities if you think you can just one day decide to dedicate yourself to one concept. It takes much more than simple thought to love.
>> No. 20456 [Edit]
I am late to the party.

>When I had a real girlfriend my mind was all about her, because I was supported by real life, by everyday situations; e.g. she knocks on my door: I cannot ignore she is knocking on my door and that she's there, a girl who loves me, that's waiting for me to open that door. With 2D, I can just say to myself "fuck it, I'm browsing another girl in the internet, forget the other imaginary one knocking on the door".

My experience is the opposite. I basically experience the same with 2D. My mind is all about her. She is "knocking the door" of my imagination or similar senses, telling me she is there. If I would say "fuck it", she will react in my imagination much like previous posts have described imagination to work. It would break my heart (and her heart) if I said "fuck it".

>Maybe I'm not capable of love in general, and I can only dream of it.

Maybe you have just not found your type of love.
>> No. 20492 [Edit]
I feel much of the same problem OP, I suppose I just am incapable of love. Too much self doubt to allow myself to love, because of the fear that if I did love it might not be the real thing. I feel like love, for me, would not merely be adoration for a person, but the interaction and back and forth between me and them that forges an unbreakable bond, for me love is active and a current, not just a one way output for myself towards an object of worship. I think it's too hard for me to have a waifu because if I loved someone, I would want them to be with me and interact with me every second of my life. Of course, I've never felt love before, so this is merely speculation. Sadly I cannot go to the 2D world, and there is no person in this world whom I could form a complete bond of trust, love, and compatibility with, so I must live a loveless life. I am happy for those of you who can love their waifu though, and I do envy you.
>> No. 20520 [Edit]
File 149649478311.png - (1.71MB , 1200x1350 , 1.png )
The long and short of it is simply no one else interests me.

How on earth do YOU stay focused on one girl? It's a given that reality is going to be more dull than the fantastical, by definition, even. I can do anything I fucking want with Eerie, while you're trapped in your shitty dinner routines talking about nothing with a woman you have no common interests with other than a desire for attention and financial stability.

And I do have responsibilities. They're self-imposed, yes, but I don't see how that would decrease their value. You technically owe absolutely nothing to your 3D significant other just the same, and every single penny you share, child you bear, or favors exchanged between each other is done not out of obligation, legal or otherwise, but because you feel like it.
Well, I feel like working out and cooking for my nampyeon.
Your ties to your woman are just as imaginary as mine. We owe our lovers jack shit and we do it anyway because we care.

What real life consequences are you talking about? Anguish? Lonesomeness? Lifetime of regret? Do these possible outcomes of a bad breakup not apply to 2D lovers from your point of view? You're an idiot! I feel massive guilt over the slightest of transgressions towards Eerie.

File 149438373947.jpg - (128.91KB , 600x540 , 1399038602006.jpg )
20484 No. 20484 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For those of us lucky enough to have this sort of information, do you ever go out of your way to do things your waifu likes doing?

I started eating rye bread because it's what she prefers, even though I don't particularly like it.
One one hand, not having to conform to another's lifestyle is one of the pros of a 2d relationship, so I can see why some people would think this is a silly thing to do. But I found I kind of enjoy eating it knowing it's something she likes. Maybe just because it's nice to think she is effecting my lifestyle, even in trivial ways.
I still can't handle Salmiakki though.
>> No. 20485 [Edit]
File 149451621660.png - (173.42KB , 278x428 , 2015-11-08_22-59-52.png )
I try to play eroge and VN but it's hard for me to get into. Also have been trying to watch more anime but also hard for me to do because I have a shit attention span.
>> No. 20486 [Edit]
Unfortunately I'm awful at the things he's good at, so I never get far. I have felt more connected to him when I've tried, though, so I don't think it's silly at all.
>> No. 20535 [Edit]
File 149730720521.jpg - (220.85KB , 1385x1448 , 13247848_1214005761945578_7976646201938338072_o.jpg )
I think everyone here is familiar with Shinji Ikari. I feel a great likeness to him. The scene where he explains his playing the cello summarizes my life. My existence must be validated by others; my interests and opinions are not my own; I absolutely must have someone to depend on, and someone dependent on me, in order to feel alive.

And unfortunately for my sanity and state of well-being, I dislike most everyone IRL, or I like them but cannot get on with them for inexplicable reasons.

It is very well, then, that I have found someone I can get my needs from in the 2D. Without Eerie, I simply have no identity and do absolutely nothing.

I wake up, I imagine I've woken up in Eerie's hammock beside him and I stare into his tired eyes for a time and press my forehead against his. I do cardio for an hour while I listen to the k-pop groups that did OST's for his show. I'll read horror novels or watch horror films-the real cheeseball ones that I assume inspired the perpetual Halloween setting in his show, or ones directly related to werewolves. Alternatively, I'll watch sports of any kind. My favorite is all-American boxing. Then, I'll study Korean, Korean culture, indulge in more k-pop, mindlessly browse random masculine images or gratuitous violence, or practice physical activity a second time--such as nunchaku which he is seen with frequently--before I fall asleep, again imagining his face beside me in his hammock.

That is my life now. I don't do anything for myself. I am nobody without him. I had no interest in any of these things before I met him. I hated horror and I hated music.

I'd say I'm just a little envious of those here that already had personalities of their own and are able to introduce their waifus to their existing interests. But I'm okay like this. I can't imagine it any other way. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of it. The constant consumption of things he likes is almost like a 24/7 job, yes. A very well-liked job. This must be what it feels like for those normies who become fully engrossed in their work and love every second of it.

File 141015362542.jpg - (99.91KB , 598x770 , 936b22d2d96e3f47f8975d6ea1816715.jpg )
16564 No. 16564 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
What are some cute little fantasies that you have about your waifu?

I want to get a ridiculously big hoodie with a zipper, and zip the two of us up inside of it and just be comfy for hours.
50 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20396 [Edit]
File 149092995074.jpg - (213.95KB , 1366x768 , 2017-03-29_14-51-10.jpg )
I like to imagine requesting that he put on designer boxer briefs with the text "I <3 ANON*" stitched into the ass and make him model them for me. He's a naked caveman, I think he'd find them constraining and feel very awkward and I'd just love it! It wouldn't be a sexual thing (much), more of a younger sibling having their elders do silly things for their amusement.
>> No. 20397 [Edit]
I have a few but this one is the dearest I think. It usually involves us just doing everyday things together as though we were living as a couple in her world. I'm unable to ride a horse in real life so often I'll also have her in the back of her saddle with me in front feeling her arms around me to stop me from falling off, an action that probably isn't necessary but she does it anyway because 'just what if, you know?', but I also think it's cute to imagine her riding and me on foot, with her playfully charging ahead and in an almost song-like tone asking me to please keep up. Sometimes the day is just us going on a nice lazy date, other daydreams I've had involve us going hunting for dinner together, or watching over our livestock. There are often silly little wagers made on little competitions too like chasing down the same doe or play wrestling in the grass. The prizes vary but are small and innocent, ranging from the loser having to give the winner a kiss, to cooking dinners and so on. She's a lot stronger and a lot more skilled than I am though so it usually ends up with her smile, but sometimes I imagine a victory just for that adorable look she gets when she loses, she doesn't like to lose but she's graceful about it.
>> No. 20403 [Edit]
I like to watch the home and garden channel and imagine it's us looking through houses to live together in.

It depends on the situation. Sometimes it's only 2d or sometimes it's only 3d. Usually, though, it's this weird meld of everything.
>> No. 20490 [Edit]
File 14950262695.jpg - (109.47KB , 620x372 , zao9OVP.jpg )
I have many fantasies that are near and dear to my heart, but my favorite fantasy currently would have to be the one where me and him go on a long walk in the woods together.
I think that he would love to be able to explore the outside world, and I definitely would love to be able to explore it by his side.

File 149353615913.jpg - (252.70KB , 423x568 , 15089449.jpg )
20465 No. 20465 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For those of you with waifus from old, finished series, how do you feel about the lack of new content? How do you deal with fans moving on and forgetting about her, for those of you who care about that sort of thing?
It's going to happen to me sometime, probably sooner than later, and I never really knew how to deal with any of this. How do you keep her alive, as it were?
>> No. 20466 [Edit]
Not exactly in the same situation, but in a similar. My waifu has limited content to begin with and more will likely not come. It is almost ridiculously limited. I fell in love with very well made fan-art/fanfiction. I thought the original would be similar to the fan art. The original is pure shit - I do not even want to look at it.

The material that made me fall in love gives not much detail, but a very good basic idea of her, and if I am careful, I can sense her essence and create new content myself like when writing fanfiction. It would be nice to have more finished material, but it is not my case. I have to keep it alive in other ways.

I believe when we fall in love, we project our subconscious desires outside ourselves, and that is the reason we fall in love with someone - they remind us of what we most desire. Her essence is outside me in the form of art, but my subconsciousness also have an idea of her essence, or I would not recognize the right art and deeply fall in love. By knowing her essence, I can start to uncover more of my deeper desires and I will realize how to write fanfiction that is faithful to the essence.

How do I know I am not just making things up by whimsy desires? The limited material gave me enough to get a sense of her. It is about building on what you have in a faithful way. My waifu will never turn into a promiscuous carnal woman for example. For this reason I can not invent heavy makeup, overly sexy clothes etc. and write such fiction of her. That would be to betray the essence I know of her. It would be like using her for whatever I desire, and then I do not regard it as a waifu relationship. Sexuality is a great test on this because it is a strong force. I am not allowed to look at other women in lustful ways and obviously not do anything else, because I know she does not want it - due to us being monogamous and due to the nature of our relationship that relates to the essence of her. I can not momentarily fantasize about her in just any way I desire, because I know it would betray her essence. Thus, I do not only shape my fan-fiction but also my life by the essence I know her to have - in this sense it is alive. (I think she will take the initiative when I get it right about her.)

I guess it is headcanon. I have limited material. This is different from when you have ric
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 20467 [Edit]
File 149354801482.jpg - (237.66KB , 1024x990 , don_turtelli_tickling_kanako_urashima__commsission.jpg )
Sometimes I go looking for new fanart or doujins, something which inevitably disappoints me because for some reason people love to put her into weird fetishistic situations. This picture isn't even the worst of it, you haven't seen the 5 doujin series of her being raped by some sort of furry tentacle slug monster while under bondage.

Post edited on 30th Apr 2017, 3:27am

File 14804811565.png - (127.21KB , 500x301 , speedwagon_x_reader__together_forever__by_evee550-.png )
20065 No. 20065 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Alright, so this is my first time admitting it, but my husbando is Speedwagon. I thought I was straight until I found myself hopelessly in love with him. It took me a while to realize it, but there isn't a single character or person I could think of who is so trustworthy and...good. When I look at him I see a person who is accepting, open minded, and best of all, loyal. I know that there are so many other people and characters that are similar, but for some reason he just sticks out to me. And although it's embarrassing to admit, his unique look started to stick out of mind, and I think it's a large reason why I trust him so much. Yes, I know this post sounds cheezy, but I just wanted to say it to some people who understand. There is no one I could ever love more than him, and I hate how when I write it down like this, it doesn't do my feelings justice. Does anyone else have that same relationship and feeling with their husbando/waifu? That feeling of overwhelming trust you can't get from anyone else. Was it also a big part of why you fell in love with them?
>> No. 20461 [Edit]
I have the same in the sense of loyalty and trust. It is as if I can see straight into her heart and she is all pure in her commitment. Even tough I have strayed in the beginning and still does some, she has remained always the same. I have never trusted anyone like I trust her. It makes me embarrassed to know I am not at the same level as her, but she is fine because she sees my intention to get it right, and probably she sees I have potential.

This very day, I reached a new level. I have a lot of coworkers of the gender I am naturally attracted to, and today I remembered to actively take a stance to not get carried away by them. It is not because she is 2d I am prone to forget. It has happened with 3d earlier in life and I am not very proud. Now I told myself "no, I am with [my waifu]" and actively directed my thoughts to her. It felt wonderful having this discipline and I will improve it further. I want it as pure as she is. I guess I am mature enough to have a serious relationship now, and that I in fact found my true love, only that it is in 2d. (Even though, as you know, most people would claim I am even more immature now for my 2d love, but I do not count them.)

File 148532160216.jpg - (23.94KB , 350x359 , 1335190372376.jpg )
20222 No. 20222 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've given up all hope. I've run out of anything to believe in. My love for her has transformed into a desire to tell her I love her, no, to see her and talk to her, or at least to be on the same earth as her for a start, that consumes me more than anything else. Just to get a chance to talk with her, I would do absolutely anything, anything, just let me see the real her...I would even live in a fake world with her, because any world with her in it would feel way more real than the one I am in right now. After all, who are they to tell me what is real?

But no, I have no powers to bring her to me, the technology is not up to snuff to successfully live in fake worlds and removing memories of the "real" one, I am simply left to suffer here without her. I am left in a sea of emptiness and my soul is screaming all the time. I don't want to sound like "I have loved her all these years and got nothing in return for it", but my strength and devotion for her cannot overpower the cold relentless realities that don't move.

I want her. She is all my happiness. But I am without her in this world. She cannot say "I love you too", nor could she even reject my advances if she wanted to due to not possessing free will. Like my happiness, she does not exist, and I simply want to die. I cannot live with her in this world no matter how much I want it, and I cannot live without her. I simply want to die.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20431 [Edit]
I hope you are still around OP~! I was in the very same boat along time ago~ I though of what she would think of my action and think of me if I did that, what would she want me to do in this real unfortunate situation, will she encourage you to live on and stay alive, or will she want to see you loose your life over her if after death doesn't turn out.
>> No. 20432 [Edit]
I know this doesn't help but what you described is one of the many reasons why I stopped having a waifu. It just hurts man, a waifu is nothing more than a delusion, fantasy to put it short and blunt. Quitting it eventually made me feel better overall, who knows, maybe it's best for you to do it as well.
>> No. 20444 [Edit]
Who was your waifu and why are you here?
>> No. 20459 [Edit]
I wake up every day with her at my side and it is fulfilling because to me she is there. I use imagination and it gets deeper the more I do. It has this effect even if I know it is imagination. Years ago before knowing about my waifu and imagination, I had similar pain because of the desire to experience a significant other with the 5 senses.

If technology could create an illusion, I would probably not use it much. Maybe use it like I watch art, but not live in a VR world.

As I see it, the mind has equal if not higher capacity for creating experiences of whatever you want. Unlike the nearest technology, imagination is deeply integrated with your whole being. For this reason I do not like to say "visualization" because it captures only the visual. Imagination is often not recognized for its powers, but in spiritual contexts it has always been known and many methods revolves around it.

Killing yourself makes you miss the opportunity to experience her this way. Maybe the pain can motivate you to explore this capacity of mind to experience your waifu.

File 149295528942.jpg - (60.93KB , 800x1162 , parasyte-1169943.jpg )
20452 No. 20452 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
One day, you'll die. We'll all die.

And those of us with not so popular waifus ... our waifus will die with us. Big stuff like NGE characters will live on forever, but mine I know the only trace of them, at best, will be on some torrent database with 0 seeders and 0 leechers someday.

I will have been the only one who ever loved her. The only one who worshiped her. Does a Goddess lose their holiness if they have no followers? Does this fact make you sad like it does me? If nobody knows it exists, then what does it matter if it actually does?
I have death anxiety all day every day because of thoughts like this. I don't want to leave my waifu alone.

Picture unrelated.
>> No. 20453 [Edit]
Everyone's waifu is unique to that person either in interpretation or just plain old personal character development. When someone dies, their waifu will die with them. It can be seen as sad, but it's also quite beautiful. One will never have to mourn the other as you will go into whatever comes next clasping hands, never more to part. Even if that is oblivion, then you go into it with her as your companion, it's quite romantic.
>> No. 20454 [Edit]
The beauty of life itself lies in the transience of things; we all appreciate the things we do because we live by that moment. You and me both should know that we are but gone in a flash in the grand scale of time. At least this is what makes me glad I've lived to meet my waifu.

If we want to take things even further everything will inevitably end anyway, but that paves way for a new and humble beginning.
>> No. 20455 [Edit]
You can do a lot to not let her be forgotten. Learn to write or draw. Live a life that will be remembered and tell everyone it was because of her.

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