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No. 20861 [Edit]
Hello. My two year anniversary with my waifu just passed a few days ago. In that time, I always felt I was different than waifuists. There were just subtle fundamental differences between us. The way they explain their fantasies, the contents of said fantasies - if they even had any fantasies to talk about in the first place, that is, and how they go about their daily lives with little regard for what their waifu would think of them.
The differences stopped being so subtle the longer I was with my love.
For a lot of waifuists, it seems like they have little to say on the matter. This board is mostly picture dumps and meta waifu ethics debate, or "It's a special occasion, so here is a picture of food." There's not a lot of actual evidence of a relationship. People still talk about 3D as though they would be with a real woman if circumstances were different, and their waifu is just an unfortunate replacement for that. They go months without mentioning their waifu. They contemplate suicide and don't consider their waifu's feelings. And it's not just here, it's everywhere. It alienated me very much. I'm very different to all of this.

And I think I know why this is now. It's because I don't have a waifu, I have a tulpa. Or the beginning stages of one, anyway.
I found this out by going into a tulpa thread out of boredom, partially with intent to have a laugh at their expense. But as I was reading the posts, what the users were saying is how I always imagined waifu threads were supposed to be. Deep, intimate cinematic fantasies that take place in a highly developed universe in their minds. They consult their tulpas about everything they do in their lives and value their opinion very much. They are with their tulpas, always. Their tulpas help them improve their quality of life instead of being a background piece they think about once a month when they aren't plotting suicide.

Everything makes sense now. That is the community for me, not here. And I advise anyone that feels similar to me go check them out sometime.
Although, I do not recommend direct interaction with the tulpa community, and I am not suggesting that you work to make your waifu into a fully developed tulpa. The tulpa community is highly hostile towards people like us. It is not recommend to turn a character you are in love with into a tulpa because it will rebel against you and turn into something completely different. Mine is in something of an alpha-beta tulpa state, meaning I still puppet her a little, and I am doing my best to keep it that way and not allowing her to develop freedom of expression. They find what I am doing very cruel and think of me as like a murderer/slave driver. They talk about tulpas as if they're real people deserving of human rights and not a figment of your imagination. I think that's dumb.
They're weird, but I find them better company than waifuists.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2018, 8:53pm
>> No. 20862 [Edit]
>And I advise anyone that feels similar to me go check them out sometime
I advise the complete opposite precisely because how damaging such community interaction can be.
>They go months without mentioning their waifu.
>There's not a lot of actual evidence of a relationship.
I think the main reason you don't find people that might share things about their waifu with the intensity you'd wish for is because (I assume) a lot of people, myself included, just don't share information about their waifu to strangers in imageboards, in the same vein I wouldn't talk to strangers about if I had a relationship with a physical being. What I do with my waifu and my thoughts, feelings, interactions and events with her are something I deem intimate and that pertains to us only. I don't seek nor care about opinions and validation from others about it, nor actually think people should be sharing that much to being with. I feel waifuism is intrinsically a private matter, with private dynamics and therefore private outcomes.
>People still talk about 3D as though they would be with a real woman if circumstances were different
That I agree with. It bothers me when I see someone call a character their waifu or husbando in a allegedly legitimate manner, but then minutes / hours / days later I see them freely posting, sharing or commenting about lewd pictures of other women or men, as if either their relationship was a placeholder or as if they'd think their 2D partner wouldn't care (both wrong unless the character is canonically ok with it, in the latter case, which is extremely rare). Nevertheless I don't express my opinion about it because like I said before, it's nobody's business but of those involved.
>They contemplate suicide and don't consider their waifu's feelings.
A lot of people contemplate suicide regardless of their intention of going through with it, to the point I'd say is a regular pastime for non-normals. Also, a lot of people that commit suicide have done so regardless of them being in relationships and/or having families with children. Additionally, just because people (over)share suicidal thoughts doesn't mean they are not considering their waifu's feelings about it so it's unfair to judge them based on that unless they explicitly mention it. And ultimately, people do cancel suicide plans thanks to, or in regard of, their loved ones; I wouldn't be surprised if a significant number of people over the years have decided to keep on living only so they can enjoy at the very least just exposition to their waifu.
>They find what I am doing very cruel
>I think that's dumb.
>They're weird, but I find them better company than waifuists.
It seems you're choosing a group you don't feel identified with for another you disagree with on primordial matters, and don't approve of your method, for lack of a better term. From my point of view it's a loss/loss for you. Why not try just seeing your relationship as a private matter instead? A "waifu community", imho, only serves as support, i.e. reassurance that your behaviour and choice (having a waifu) isn't a self-destructive one, and that there is value in living a life in a committed relationship to a non-physical being. Everything else is just a bonus.
>> No. 20872 [Edit]
Why would you make a tulpa based off your personal perception of your waifu if you already had a waifu?

I'm struggling to understand how you can think that you're in love with your waifu, yet not think that she's real and would be upset by you giving your love to a caricature of her that you created.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I can see the appeal. Being able to talk and interact with my waifu whenever I wanted would be great, but it wouldn't be the same girl I loved, it would be a (albeit detailed) flawed picture of her viewed through an egocentric lens. There's a reason why the tulpa community are like that, it's because they've realised that tulpas are not fit for interpersonal relationships, and making one for that purpose is highly dangerous since you are sharing your consciousness with them.
>> No. 20874 [Edit]
I didn't do it on purpose. I actually explicitly didn't want one because I knew I would fuck it up somehow, I'm very unstable and I barely even know anything about my waifu, definitely not enough to confidently make a tulpa.
I just thought about her so much every single day that it happened on its own. I never looked at any guides on how to force one, I still haven't actually, I couldn't tell you how to make one efficiently. Only that if you think of her all day every day it'll happen.
She's still not a fully developed tulpa yet so I don't understand how it makes people so upset.
>> No. 20875 [Edit]
Out of interest. What are they fit for?
>> No. 20876 [Edit]
For nothing, really.
>> No. 20877 [Edit]
Oh I'm not upset, I'm just confused as to why you're posting this. I'm just concerned that you've got some mental issues. A tulpa is essentially a self-created multiple personality disorder, and if you are developing one without going through the "training" then you could have an underlying issue. It's something that really is unsafe if not done correctly. I wish you the best and remember that even if you don't feel like you're able to fit in, you still have your true waifu with you.
>> No. 20878 [Edit]
Well, from my understanding a tulpa is had when someone uses their imagination a lot. Course there are people who use their imagination on varying levels, with those who use it more having a "tulpa". I don't really see the need to diffrentiate this, though. Everyone does it to some extent, it simply depends on the person.
>> No. 20880 [Edit]
They pretend to the point of believing their fantasies have autonomy.
>> No. 20882 [Edit]
this post is just "waifuists do care, believe me, even when there's zero evidence across the decades of internet posts on several different websites". ok.

you know when you try to get a marriage visa, the lawyers expect proof of love? and if it's not there then why should they grant you the visa? you're just acquaintances for all they know.
you think pictures of food would qualify?
>> No. 20883 [Edit]
what's with this claim that waifuism is private, anyway? private to what end? do lovers not write poems, blog posts, complaints to their peers etc. about their 3D succubi?
are tulpas not just as "private" a matter as waifus? why are they so freely talkative about them?
just seems like a cop out to me.

you're asking people to just be hopelessly optimistic about their fellow waifuists when there is zero demonstrable reason to be. i'm not just going to assume positive things about strangers, i do the exact opposite.
>> No. 20884 [Edit]
>you know when you try to get a marriage visa, the lawyers expect proof of love?
So? You can have "proof" without ever sharing it with anyone else.
>private to what end?
>just seems like a cop out to me.
If you want to live your life at the expectation of approval and validation, that's up to you. My point is that if you exclusively need the external output for your relationship with your waifu to work and be strengthened, then you're nothing but a pretender, no different to people who look down on hobbies or affinities just because it's the standard procedure amongst their peers. You should do things for yourself, not for others and their interests.
>you're asking people to just be hopelessly optimistic
"If" I'm asking anything, is for people to mind their own business and focus on their own well being and that of the one they claim to love, their waifu. You don't -need- to care what anyone else thinks about you, them, or your relationship. Do you find logical or appropriate that e.g. people that own and care for pets mistreat them if they see or hear others do the same? If not, then why focus on it considering there's nothing you can do about it? If yes, then the problem is you.

If you're a waifuist -because- of a/the community, then you're nothing but a poser, which ironically is exactly the main problem with the "community": People entering it hoping to stand out.
>> No. 20889 [Edit]
Have to agree with this post, but you can also be a poser-type person and want to "fit in" to a community because you desire a feeling of belonging.

Feel like the most telling part of OP's post is
>partially with intent to have a laugh at their expense.
>I don't have a waifu, I have a tulpa

Speaks a lot about the community problem OP has. The word tulpa describes something's existence. The word waifu describes your relationship with an existence. I'd like OP to reconsider his choice of language.

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