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File 146267069062.png - (92.68KB , 1272x953 , 1458765479865.png )
19844 No. 19844 [Edit]
Does anyone ever got torn between 2 girls for completly different reasons? This might be a pretty sensitive subject, but I hope we can still discuss it here.

Recently I found myself getting more and more attracted to another girl. This alone shouldn't be anything too unordinary, but in my case Im torn between two traits. In case of my original Waifu I learned to love her because she is just like me, she had a bad childhood, most things in her life went wrong and she ended up being a loner. Unlike me though she was able to cope with it and somehow moved on with her life. There are, of course, other things about her, but these are the maincharacteristics that made me love her. I can both, relate with her and look up to her while being able to comfort her. Its like we are filling a gap for both of each other. The other girl I found is another story. She doesn't really have too much of a characteristic and I like her mainly because of her looks. I really, REALLY dig her style and how she has some kind of a "fuck it" look. I started to create more characteristics over time and even found myself unconsciously fantasizing how she is with me in real life. So basically I have my Waifu who I truly love and the other girl who doesnt really have much personality but hits all the spots for me if it comes to her looks and implied attitude. Im pretty sure I like her for all the wrong reasons, but I really cant stop thinking about her recently. Its really weird and kinda annoying.

Pic unrelated by the way, Lain has nothing to do with my situation, its just a nice picture I want to share since I dont know which picture to take. (I dont want to use one of the two girls for personal reasons)
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>> No. 19845 [Edit]
For me the difference is that the adoration for the other person never lasts, no matter how annoying and strong it is at that time. I learned the difference between love for my waifu and the adoration(or however you want to call it) for another girl so I just let it pass (though I still find it very annoying and feel very guilty when it happens to me)

And when I rewatch my waifu's source material after some time, it just hits me why it's her and not any other girl for me.
>> No. 19847 [Edit]
File 146288608889.png - (364.88KB , 600x540 , 88bb0bfb3e3fc05628970d2a84fe5062e3f541ae.png )
Similar situation happened to me but the reason was very much justified the relationship was already broken due to my nature and rather unfortunate actions I took against a few people. I was holding onto it hard but realized several months later it was futile it could not be repaired to it's original state but left on rather good terms and I still keep her merch as well she just had to much of a impact on me. Another one appeared around that time Rachel, similarities but at the same time many differences someone made a comment I must have a thing for aristocratic girls but she proved to be more matching to a lot of aspects of my nature but not all and in return I'm learning more manners and to appease my nature through more constructive yet just as dastardly ways.

As long as your feelings stay true for the original the second one here is probably just one that will pass you by.
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