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File 160402763836.jpg - (106.42KB , 1080x1312 , b6712a77499b508e1323eea902c7f3b302ce77de88ef6023d0.jpg )
21543 No. 21543 [Edit]
Thoughts on this?

Don't you think this is akin to "cultural appropriation" as this kind of people themselves call it? The LGBT community defines it as the attraction to fictional characters, but they include non Anime/Manga characters, they include stuff like Live Action and whatnot.

Do you think being Considered part of the LGBT is bad?

Do you consider Waifuism the same as "fictophilia" or are they different concepts?
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>> No. 21544 [Edit]
It's more bullshit psychobabble, and of the fringe internet variety too. That wiki is just a nice face to the insane ramblings of tumblr users. There's probably been women on there who decided to invent a condition to describe their lust for doctor who and sherlock holmes. Nothing to be offended or threatened by.
>> No. 21545 [Edit]
I don't really like the idea of being associated with LMNOQP. I think they're a bunch of attention starved snow flakes desperate to stand out, feel special, and be different at any cost in an over populated world where life is cheap and meaningless and no one is special and no one cares about you, your family, your job, or anything because none of it matters.
I suppose I like the idea of it being officially recognized at least, in some form or another. Seems like a step in the direction of people taking it seriously. But do I care if people take it seriously? Not really. If anything the extra attention could make for a lot more problems than it can solve. Before you know it being fictosexual could get associated with being pedo due to some of the lolicon stuff out there, which then leads to laws and persecution like we're seeing in Australia.
>> No. 21546 [Edit]
File 160404476496.png - (1.50MB , 1362x808 , 1565581723746.png )
It used to be that this sort of thing was considered a paraphilia, I don't know if it was psychologically recognized but this sort of thing used to be called Toonophilia. Nobody really cared except for using it to be armchair psychologists for people who felt sexually attracted to characters.
I also don't think that we are considered part of the LGBT, considering how awful asexuals are treated and other fringe sexualities are rarely talked about, I honestly doubt anyone associates us with them or that we're even on the most zealous of LGBT activists minds.
>> No. 21547 [Edit]
File 160405466130.jpg - (396.52KB , 1280x1779 , 001.jpg )
iFunny, in this day and age?
>> No. 21548 [Edit]
Actually disgusting, I don't want Waifuism to be related with the lazy and cheap Calarts bullshit the west produces.

They seem to still hate all pedos, they claim you can fall in love with bizarre non human imaginary alien entities but if a character is canonically below 18 they claim is not valid, so they aren't as stupid as you think.
>> No. 21549 [Edit]
It's a very archaic term that seemed to relate to men who used to prefer tijuana bibles to regular 3D jerk mags, not exactly calarts stuff.
>> No. 21550 [Edit]
I think anyone with half a brain knows the difference between (car)toons and anime, I wouldn't worry about it.
>> No. 21551 [Edit]
The Japanese don't, but they know the difference between 'Japanese anime' and 'Foreign anime'.
>> No. 21552 [Edit]
File 160413975858.jpg - (196.57KB , 800x1131 , a51297c923e7430fa2f35195b0f4b07f871ce03930e96850f6.jpg )
This is going to get into splitting hairs territory.
>> No. 21553 [Edit]
Not really, they are very aware of what cartoons are, they are just extremely polite when asked about it.
>> No. 21554 [Edit]
Some people at studio trigger appear to like cartoons. I wish they would be open about their real opinions.
>> No. 21555 [Edit]
File 160435506543.png - (1.10MB , 1004x758 , funny rabbit.png )
'Cartoon' as a loanword is used to refer to American animation, particularly the Looney Tunes variety.
>> No. 21556 [Edit]
Somewhat >>21555, but 'anime' is what's used to refer to animation in general from what I've seen.
If you were to ask someone to describe what Spongebob is, they'd call it an anime. If you were to translate 'cartoon' into Japanese, you would probably use the word 'anime'. The board designed for cartoons on 5channel is literally called "Foreign anime/manga" (https://medaka.5ch.net/cartoon/).
I was going to write a bit more on how vague the term 'anime' can get in English but this is already off-topic for the thread.

Don't ever let yourself be wrapped up in the 'pride parade' shit going on. It's dumb shit that's propagated by the hipsters of today showing off how 'cool' they are by having "weird" sexualities without actually having any deeper connection to them. Ever since the gay pride shit took off people have been thinking that certain things that make their dicks hard are suddenly more 'deep' and 'emotional' than just being shit you get off too. I have an odd fetish myself that the community of which has apparently wants/wanted to have its own pride movement, in spite of having even less to be proud about than flagrant half-naked homosexuals.
This is likely just some dumbass term to describe how some dumbass teenagers tend to think certain live action TV characters are 'sooo hawt!' when they're growing up, and think for some reason that automatically makes them special. You don't need some sort of stupid movement to have everyone 'accept' your love for something, and although I don't have a waifu, I'd assume from /mai/ people who do are fine whether or not people accept them for it. The only reason you'd get into pride bullshit is if you were desperate for acceptance from normalfags, and were willing to align yourself with bunches of people who pretend they're like you but have next to nothing in common.
I suppose it's preaching to the choir to say to Tohno-chan to not accept normalfags like this and let them change everything around, but it's worth saying for this 'pride' and flag bullshit. The only thing that'd come of this is turning your love into a political symbol.
>> No. 21557 [Edit]
Well, they turned their fetishes and paraphilias in to a political stance.
>> No. 21558 [Edit]
File 160443185447.png - (38.75KB , 746x1190 , Shimasankaku [2020].png )
Meh. They could have consulted us for a better symbol, though.
>> No. 21559 [Edit]
I thought that was the shimapan symbol.
>> No. 21560 [Edit]
Well that's what it's based on.
>> No. 21561 [Edit]
File 160447357381.png - (881.50KB , 1280x720 , JOJS2040.png )
blue shima > green shima
>> No. 21562 [Edit]
No, no, and no.
>> No. 21564 [Edit]
I think the word "waifu" should not be used by people like us anymore, retards have taken it and redefine it, have you heard about blacked waifus? wtf would you want your waifu to get "blacked"? tik-tok whores, Soytoons, celebrities etc. all of this are waifus nowadays, its over, waifu culture is fucking dead.
>> No. 21565 [Edit]
There's always calling them "otome" like japs do.
>> No. 21566 [Edit]
File 160498264970.jpg - (503.49KB , 850x545 , sample_19ddee97aaf567d0ff690fb6b3bef048.jpg )
That's like telling Asians to stop using the swastika. All of that shouldn't be relevant here. Should we stop watching anime too?
>> No. 21567 [Edit]
I agree with >>21566, but I share your frustration. There has been a major degradation in what waifu means among normal people, carrying with it disrespect for waifus as we know them... "waifu" merely meaning "attractive anime character" now is really grating, "this show has so many great waifus!" reminds me normals will never respect them as something legitimate.
>> No. 21568 [Edit]
There was a point when I even started to suspect it was all a joke from the start and I was the only one taking it seriously. Same with wizardry and 3DPD. It's like everyone who seemed to be into it suddenly just said "I was merely pretending lol" and started looking weird at you. Maybe it was just people in their early 20's that became ashamed at some point and quickly turned into normalcy, it's sad because I've seen the most absolute weirdos (weirder and more creative than myself) fall into this attitude of "I was just being ironic from the beginning" in a desperate attempt for social acceptation. Now I can fake normalcy in some contexts for mere survival, but I like to think I would never lie to myself like that.
>> No. 21569 [Edit]
It never seemed to me to be serious, but I'm also not aware of the early online anime sub-culture.
>> No. 21570 [Edit]
File 160521119954.jpg - (184.59KB , 920x800 , 13d6c61b4a3b8e90955f073e33c94b87.jpg )
>I've seen the most absolute weirdos (weirder and more creative than myself)
People who try to seem "weird" are usually faking it I think. There might be a few good litmus tests to see who'll stay the same forever like how many friends they have or had in real life, especially during and after highschool, what their stance on loli is, do they care about what happens after they die, and whether of not they've been in some of kind of a relationship before. If they fail all of the litmus tests, I think it's safe to say they'll eventually become full-blown normalfags.
>> No. 21571 [Edit]
"Wizardry" was always a joke.
>> No. 21572 [Edit]
Not for wizchan
>> No. 21573 [Edit]
Wizchan has essentially become indistinguishable from places like 4chan at this point. It perhaps doesn't seem that way on the surface – since the thread topics themselves are decent – but if you read through the replies you get the distinct sense that its demographic essentially overlap that of the former. Moreover, it's ironic that they call themselves "wizards" considering more than half of the posts there end up mentioning 3D in some form. Visiting their "hidden" /b/ board should also convince you about the type of demographic that lurks there.
>> No. 21574 [Edit]
File 160528136714.jpg - (69.22KB , 490x424 , 1602433672644.jpg )
There's a kind of weird you can't really fake, the kind that borders with creepy and absolutely insane.

I mean the idea of remaining a virgin and showing some particular self-depreciating pride, if there's such a thing, while ashaming those who aren't. Not really like wizchan, I hate that place.
>> No. 21575 [Edit]
File 160528444724.jpg - (432.54KB , 850x1511 , sample_7792b5656a604ab3b3a11b75852fea15.jpg )
>the kind that borders with creepy and absolutely insane.
Flamboyant "creepiness" is the easiest to fake I think. I knew plenty of kids like that in middle school.

>I mean the idea of remaining a virgin
People talk about having sex like it's the same as going outside, or exercising, or eating a steak, and that's bizarre to me. Even if there was always a joking vibe to it, I do think whether someone socialized their way into physical intimacy or not indicates a fundamental difference in them. People always knew that and their options were to feel bad because of society's ubiquitous judgment, or take some kind of pride in that fundamental difference.

Feeling bad because people who are judged everywhere else react negatively to casual mentions of those few times you had sex is ridiculous and entitled.
>> No. 21582 [Edit]
>do they care about what happens after they die
I'm not sure if the normalfag-leaning answer to this is supposed to be yes or no.
>> No. 21740 [Edit]
In a way, I don't completely disagree. If we restricted waifuism to anime/manga only, then examples that predate anime/manga, like Pygmalion which is often quoted here, would no longer count. And it would likewise be silly to equate fictophilia to being part of LGBT, because many of us don't fall under any of the letters. I myself don't.

The problem is something else entirely: it's that those who use the terms fictophilia or toonophilia, generally use such terms to those who are attracted to fictional characters in general, rather than a specific fictional character like what waifuism is about. That means to them, someone who takes "waifu" to mean "cute anime girl" is lumped together with us, just like that. Waifuism is more akin to being in love with one person, and one person only, independent of anything else.
>> No. 21749 [Edit]
except being attracted to Anime makes sense, being attracted to Calarts mean's you have an inflammation in the brain.

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