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File 147502192491.jpg - (124.25KB , 1396x1164 , 1472378675605.jpg )
20004 No. 20004 [Edit]
Has anyone here been in a situation where he met someone who he could love more than his waifu? If so, how did you cope with the situation, and if that person went down the path of having to change his waifu, how would you view him?

I'm currently in a situation where my current waifu, who I have been with for more than 5 years, might not be the one that occupies the largest spot in my heart anymore. I stayed up nights feeling conflicted about this issue at first, so I decided to let time tell whether or not my adoration of the newer girl would pass. However, I'd be lying if the prospect of possibly having to change my waifu didn't bother me. So I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Picture unrelated.
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>> No. 20005 [Edit]
So you don't feel as much of a moe feeling for one character and you feel a new level of moe for a different character?

That's pretty reasonable.

It's not like her feelings will be hurt. There won't be a messy divorce where you have to spend loads of money on a lawyer to win custody of your children.

There's no reason to feel guilty or anything.
>> No. 20006 [Edit]
Slightly different situation but I feel I relate a bit. I didn't get feelings for my current love until a while after 'leaving' my first waifu of 4 years, it took me a few months of shame and denial to accept that I loved somebody new. I felt intense shame for falling in love again and worried I'd be judged, but in the end you can't change what you feel I guess. I say give it time to think about, but do what you have to do.

If you spent over 5 years with somebody and care so much then you obviously aren't just switching from girl to girl, but somebody who just changes their mind over and over I would judge more negatively.
>> No. 20009 [Edit]
I know my moe sweet spots and can tell my waifu doesn't hit every one of them. There are other girls who hit some she doesn't and don't hit all she does, and I think I could be as happy as I am now with any of them. What keeps me from worrying? I'm too lazy to seriously consider other girls when I already have her.
>> No. 20011 [Edit]
File 147521990284.png - (318.49KB , 605x491 , FuckyouBitch.png )
I would call you an idiot, for letting her down.
Have you considered the feelings of the person you love? You probably hit her moe spots, and you would leave her? For something better?
Its fine. Why do you have to change it?
Stick with the love you chose until the day you die.
Its not like shes being bad to you or anything, you just got some fresh air and want something new. Trust me, you will be thankful to me because you stuck up for her through worst. And she will be thankful to you.
I know we may be talking about waifus, and it may not be real, but its as real a problem to me as the air I breath, and I want to help.
>> No. 20024 [Edit]
Your feelings come across as genuine, but maybe you should read that post again or something. It says I'm not even considering other girls.
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