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File 151831727219.png - (18.37KB , 500x300 , trainer_card___template.png )
20822 No. 20822 [Edit]
It was suggested this would work better on /mai/, so here it is. Pick out what you think your waifu's pokemon team would look like!
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>> No. 20825 [Edit]
Neat idea. If anyone wants me to make one of these trainer cards for them, just leave me a picture of your waifu or husbando, and the list with the six pokemon in their row order.
>> No. 20830 [Edit]
File 151832790053.jpg - (94.34KB , 500x300 , Georgie's_Team.jpg )
I gave this a shot using pictures from https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/national choosing what I think my waifu would like, regardless of my preferences. I think she would pick well-behaved, non-threatening, cute yet unassuming Pokemon that are small and docile enough to live in a housing environment but that are still able to enjoy helping with chores and trips to stores and markets. I'm sure she would take excellent care of all of them so they would love being by her side.

#401 - Kricketot - Chosen because it looks like the tiniest little butler.
>1′0″ (0.30m), 4.9 lbs (2.2 kg) - Its legs are short. Whenever it stumbles, its stiff antennae clack with a xylophone-like sound.
#707 - Klefki - A tranquil buddy, good for your key-keeping needs.
>0′8″ (0.20m), 6.6 lbs (3.0 kg) - Never lets go of a key that it likes, so people give it the keys to vaults and safes as a way to prevent crime.
#113 - Chansey - Adorable, egg-yielding, and tall enough to help with chores.
>3′7″ (1.09m), 76.3 lbs (34.6 kg) - Lays nutritionally excellent eggs on an everyday basis. The eggs are delicious, easily and eagerly consumed by even those who have lost their appetite.
#549 - Lilligant - She's very cute, smells great, and enjoys helping with the garden.
>3′7″ (1.09m), 35.9 lbs (16.3 kg) - Well liked by other Pokémon because of its beauty. The flower on its head needs constant care, or it will soon wither and rot.
#743 - Ribombee - Very useful for its ability to detect when it's going to rain.
>0′8″ (0.20m), 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg) - Rolls up pollen into puffs, of many different varieties, some used as food. Can predict the weather from moisture levels and wind direction.
#166 - Ledian - It's mostly nocturnal, but likes carrying groceries and guarding the property.
>4′7″ (1.40m), 78.5 lbs (35.6 kg) - Flies through the night sky, sprinkling sparkly dust. According to some, if it sticks to you, good things will happen to you.
>> No. 20834 [Edit]
File 151864794068.png - (156.85KB , 500x300 , yuugi trainer card.png )
Yuugi would like Pokemon that are violent, straightforward, and extremely strong.
Tyranitar, Machamp and Hariyama love testing their super strength in battle. Tyranitar can test the opponent's endurance with Sand Stream, and Machamp and Hariyama can use Guts to reach ridiculous power levels. Garchomp and Gyarados are more violent than eager to play, real "might makes right" style Pokemon. Garchomp also has a star-adorned "horn" like Yuugi. Metagross is just a really strong dumbbell.
>> No. 20846 [Edit]
File 151923428196.png - (59.12KB , 498x297 , Pokemon Team Natsuki.png )
This is fun. I'll bite.

#1 Nidoking.
To me, this would be her signature pokemon. Nidoking compliments her so well, when it comes to personality, color scheme and so on. Nidoking combines toughness with cuteness (I mean, despite how cool it looks, it's still a purple rabbit) just like her. She likes cute things, but that doesn't mean her mons should all be cutesy looking. There's more to her than cuteness, and she wants people to know that.

#2 Dragonite.
A gentle giant. I'm sure she'd love this pokemon.

#3 Feraligatr

#4 Espeon

#5 Zangoose

#6 Raichu
>> No. 20920 [Edit]
File 152317995636.jpg - (126.38KB , 500x300 , first time suika pokemon.jpg )
Recently did a playthrough of yellow with my wife, she liked Nidoking a lot because of his purple colour, horns and the fact that he evolves from a fragment of a moon (and he's OP as fuck). It was actually crazy the accuracy we had with Horn Drill. She's a natural, I guess. She picked out some starters to match her 'jewelery' that she wears, a tanky blastoise for her blue cube, a charizard for her red pyramid, and of course, a pikachu matchd her sphere. She liked the stubbornness and personality of pikachu, and how it was small yet full of power. We trained a butterfree after she saw one and said it reminded her of Reimu, and teasingly put a bored ivysaur in the daycare, which she found very amusing. She liked cubone's club, but he wasn't quite strong enough with it to use as a ground type compared to Nidoking. Snorlax was the guy just chilling in the party that knew strength, she said that it was me because I'm always sleepy. He never levelled past 30, but was with us for the whole journey.

Next I plan to play emerald with her, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun!
>> No. 20985 [Edit]
File 153467128166.jpg - (111.92KB , 500x301 , 151831727219.jpg )
Despite the fact I haven't been interested in Pokemon for years, I made one of these. I think it's rather fitting in a motif sense, but as to what she'd actually pick I'm at a loss for, since what I know she's interested in, in terms of 'moe' characters, isn't really present in Pokemon.
>> No. 20988 [Edit]
File 15351881888.jpg - (130.62KB , 500x300 , waifu pokemon.jpg )
I'm not that well versed in pokemon, but these are the ones I can most likely see her with. I'm inclined to think she'd probably go with a mix of cute and quirky Pokemon, with a couple water types being a likely pick for her due to living near the ocean.
>> No. 20991 [Edit]
File 153522619996.png - (79.18KB , 818x164 , 2.png )
Already made one, last year I think.
>> No. 20994 [Edit]
You didn't specify who the team is for though.
>> No. 21007 [Edit]
File 153629221488.png - (298.31KB , 777x465 , Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10_49_28 PM.png )
FINALLY got this done!
>> No. 21056 [Edit]
File 154547180536.png - (13.19KB , 245x171 , index.png )

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