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Recent News Post: chrome and spam bot errors by Tohno - 23rd May 2018
File 152587445826.gif - (464.39KB , 320x180 , Kagari 54.gif )
20945 No. 20945 [Edit]
How many favourites does your special someone have on MAL?
172 here.
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>> No. 20947 [Edit]
I have never thought about checking out the number of favourites; I was both very disappointed and very relieved.
>Member Favorites: 2
There can be only one.
>> No. 20949 [Edit]
File 152595821867.png - (182.68KB , 639x312 , Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8_02_31 AM.png )
My Waifu has zero favorites because the game she's from is so unknown that it's pretty much nonexistent to the otaku community. Can't figure out if it's a good thing or a bad thing.
>> No. 20950 [Edit]
I'd say it's a good thing. While I'm slightly disappointed only one (1) other person sees her cuteness, I'd prefer I was the only one. That way our bound would be truly and inexorably unique.
>zero favorites
Shouldn't she have one? Yours?
>> No. 20952 [Edit]
She doesn't even have a profile on MAL.
>> No. 20953 [Edit]
File 152596823127.jpg - (491.07KB , 633x645 , 5c6c3117f04f1aa5ed14ff77174e124291fc007f.jpg )
She got 600 favourites. MAL is a bad indicator for her popularity because she doesn't appear in any anime and MAL is an anime side.
More than most but still not as much as some others.
I'm ok with her popularity.
Having a more or less popular waifu has both advantages and disadvantages.
I'm happy with being a popular waifu. I don't need to be the only one that likes her.

It's a good and a bad thing.
You have more "power" over your waifu because you are definitely her biggest fan but you won't find much content of her and there aren't many people you can talk with about her.
>> No. 20954 [Edit]
>you won't find much content of her
Yeah, that's ever so slightly bothersome. I've been making low quality things here and there, but as long as I can see her in motion in the anime, that's enough for me.
>there aren't many people you can talk with about her
I don't see how this is a problem.

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