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File 147961744811.jpg - (184.92KB , 850x850 , SDFdk5q.jpg )
20052 No. 20052 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on it? Do you feel as if it keeps out unwanted normals or do you think it is something that can cause conflict among others for minor variations in how they go about loving their husbando?
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>> No. 20053 [Edit]
Whatever rule-set you pick, you lock someone good out and let someone bad in. Rules are only useful when you have to make idiots behave in your absence. That isn't the case here.
>> No. 20054 [Edit]
Not a fan. But most of the ones I have issues with exist pretty much to institutionalize the prejudices of the community, so in a way it's good that they are there, that way the mods can just outright delete and ban infringing content rather than wait for it to become a shitstorm and then hand out bans like candy to all involved.
>> No. 20058 [Edit]

An example: Banning western cartoon characters was due to a shitstorm, if the rule had existed before, none of that would have happened
>> No. 20059 [Edit]
There shouldn't be any rules if it's genuine.

What shitstorm was this? Just curious.
>> No. 20061 [Edit]

>What shitstorm was this?

>> No. 20062 [Edit]
File 148014013639.jpg - (817.95KB , 800x1066 , 1925c89591e572d73f279a6329bbf10b.jpg )
Do we need many rules?

Can't come up with more than like 3 maybe.
Unless you define what love is and what not.
>> No. 20063 [Edit]
Only rule should be no 3DPD.
>> No. 20066 [Edit]

Wich ones would those 3 rules be?
>> No. 20067 [Edit]
File 148059265162.jpg - (300.10KB , 977x800 , 86ab0eec5b3389c5aafc226c317318d0.jpg )

1. It has to be love.
2. You can only have one.
3. Be nice to others even when you don't like their waifu or they have the same waifu as you.

And I think you should only use the term waifu when she is from Japanese media.
>> No. 20068 [Edit]
I can see the benefit for preserving this community.

Preserving some wider waifu "community" won't work though. It just makes us look insufferable and draws unwanted attention.

Let the normies think it's a silly maymay, we'll hide out in the few places where people know better.
>> No. 20070 [Edit]
I think they should be like:

>Only one waifu each time
>No 3D (Celebrities, movie characters, etc)
>No western animation/animal characters
>No alterations of the official cannon

I think 3DCGI videogame characters from non Japanese origin are ok, since they are also idealistic characters one can develop serious feelings for, they should be allowed.

I also believe one can change waifus, sometimes you can end up mixing a crush with love or simply the love does away.
>> No. 20072 [Edit]
As long as you're not using it like a meme buzzword (waifu game, 3DPD, no affection, using waifu on every fucking girl you see), it should be ok.
>> No. 20083 [Edit]
The shitty meme shit aside, the only real rule I follow is to treat my beloved with respect as you would any "real" person. If what you're doing wouldn't fly in a "real" relationship (having someone on the side, pining for another), why would you expect it to fly in a 2D relationship? Beyond this, all characters are unique as well, so it's really dependent on the particular relationship you're in.

If you're serious about it then you should respect and honor her as you would any other beloved person in your life. She/he is special! I'm only human so I sometimes find myself looking at people as I go about my day and I admit that my thoughts aren't always so pure I've found myself crushing on people I've come to know in the past, but with my beloved's help I get over it and I refocus on what really matters to me. I sort it out with her like you would in any healthy relationship. I'm not perfect, but my love is real. I want to become the person she deserves. I think these are the ideals we should strive for regardless of 2D or 3D. The last thing I want is for this to be a kind of "crutch" and to rationalize shitty behavior and to take advantage of the person I love in order to fulfill cheap emotional/sexual satisfactions in the short-term, while hurting her in the long-run. I've seen people dump their "waifus" as soon as some 3D bitch gives them a little attention or when a new flavor-of-the-month moe chara gets popular. Give me a break.
>> No. 20123 [Edit]
tohno-chan is just the talmud about anime.
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