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No. 18085 [Edit]
What do you think of Tumblr RP blogs of your waifu? Do you like to interact with them or pretend that it's actually your waifu answering? Or do you not bother with them at all?

Ian has a few RPers (personal favorites are idomaths, drianxmalcolm, the ianmalcolm and blameitonthechaos) and I really enjoy interacting with them, if nothing else they're a good source of headcanons.
>> No. 18086 [Edit]
>> No. 18087 [Edit]
>> No. 18089 [Edit]
I think someone posted some japanese symbols in this thread and then for some reason deleted them but I think they said something like kirai and I think that means like gross or disgusting or something similar, damn I'm so good at japanese!
>> No. 18090 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure it was kimoi, but yeah, gross/disgusting.
>> No. 18091 [Edit]
>Tumblr RP blogs
If any of these exist of my Husbando I hope I never see them.
>> No. 18092 [Edit]
>If any of these exist of my Husbando I hope I never see them.


One of my previous husbandos (whom I loved with all my heart; I can assure you my love for him was real) had an RPer that would treat anybody as his master. I thought it was cute and I wanted to say something but I couldn't bring myself to ask them anything because shyness paralyzed me. (Instead, I just wrote "YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!" and their response was "?????!!". It was so embarrasing, lol. Of course, I wanted them to respond and pretend it was actually him talking to me but, as you can see, I screwed up.)

But now it's different. If I ever see an RP blog of my husbando, I may become depressed. I don't like to see others interpreting his character different than I do. I'm afraid of all the shipping that could happen in that kind of blog. I become easily jealous when it comes to him and often with devastating results.

However... I think it's cool that you >>18085
like RP blogs of your husbando. It must be fun. I see you don't have any jealousy problem, and that's good for you two.
>> No. 18093 [Edit]
As for RP blogs, I agree with >>18092 : I don't like other people interpreting my husbando differently than I do which is easy since he has such little canon attached to him.

On the other hand what do you all think of real life roleplayers?

I guess this is kind of related to people cosplaying as your waifu, which I personally would not be into, but I do have a close friend who roleplays my husbando for me (she does not dress like him though). She has heard me harp about him for over two years and has his character down to a T. She's the same size as him and also bi-lingual like him so the whole thing can feel real sometimes. I know it is not him and I feel like some people would run the risk of confusing feelings for the 3D, but I like to think of her roleplaying as a vessel for him to interact with me in the same dimension, which helps me be able to talk to him and experience things together in the same realm like having dinner or taking a walk at a park.
>> No. 18094 [Edit]
I have a Twitter bot of my waifu on follow, but it hasn't updated in a long time, about 1-2 years.

I have 2 close friends who will sometimes RP as my waifu, and as a fair exchange, I will RP as theirs. Most people will probably see it as really faggoty but it's a way to have some "outside" interaction with her. I guess I can suspend my disbelief really hard or something.
>> No. 18095 [Edit]
I don't like the idea of relying on someone else's perceptions just to pseudo-interact with him. The more distance you put between yourself and the original canon by accepting multiple disparate interpretations, the more warped and inconsistent your own understanding of the character can become. I want to rely on the actual character instead of someone else's potentially altered vision of him.
I can't consider anyone a vessel through which to interact with him, because they aren't him and I can't see them as anything else but strangers playing pretend. Not to mention there's no one who looks remotely like him, because facial proportions don't work like that in real life. That'd take me out of it even disregarding everything else I said.

Maybe I'm just biased since the type of people who'd roleplay as him are also the type who want to see him tortured and gangraped and other repulsive shit.
>> No. 18096 [Edit]
Thank you, that's very sweet! :3
>> No. 18098 [Edit]

If I ever have the opportunity and I can't resist the urge to hug my husbando, I'd ask/pay someone to dress up as him and let me hug them while whispering his name. That's the farthest I'd go.
>> No. 18099 [Edit]
Oops, I forgot to write "you're welcome ". Sorry if I sounded rude.
>> No. 18103 [Edit]
I honestly do not interact with RP blogs due to people getting her character wrong and/or that I know it's not actually her im talking to, just a teen or young adult with a laptop on their lap.
>> No. 18104 [Edit]
>laptop on their lap
Don't worry they'll get cancer on their balls quite soon
>> No. 18107 [Edit]
>twitter bot
I have two. One is just of his actual dialogue and another is new phrases. The latter is all right though, a little exaggerated but it's nice to have him pop up (and they both followed me back) I don't think there's a big collection of lines since it gets repeated a lot.

The idea of somebody pretending to him creeps me out. I avoid tumblr as a rule anyway. Other people have mentioned it already but I wouldn't trust some preteen girl to get his character anywhere near right.
>> No. 18677 [Edit]
I don't like them, I've only seen 1, but I dislike the idea, and the person had her personality all wrong...
>> No. 18789 [Edit]
You know, there's a reason people like us have 2D waifus, it's to escape people and their evil; RP reminds me of all the wrongs with humanity, with the '~' and incitations to 'lewd' stuff, ugh.
>> No. 18791 [Edit]
>it's to escape people and their evil
While I do hate real people, it's not like I chose to love a 2D girl. It just happened.
>> No. 18793 [Edit]
I don't really like the idea of them
I would much rather have my own head canon about my waifu, rather than have someone create one. I am also biased because I am working on a tulpa, and with a tulpa, RP blogs will be completely useless to me, since I can talk to my waifu without a blog
>> No. 20100 [Edit]
What do you guys think about "fictionkin" of your waifus/husbandos?
>> No. 20103 [Edit]
They're just passionate fans. I doubt that, deep down, they really believe they are that character. A few outliers might be genuinely delusional, though.
Mostly just teens being teens.
>> No. 20114 [Edit]
How does one word capture it all so perfectly?
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