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File 133137121242.jpg - (63.03KB , 489x629 , nazi Asuka.jpg )
8705 No. 8705 [Edit]
ITT: Random /mai/-related posts... Share your daily waifu experience.

I'll start:

Since I've become so politically incorrect in every aspect, the other day I was watching fake-colored restored videos of the Third Reich days (the Zeppelin Field and old Hitler's discourses, actually interesting), and I got stuck around the subject of racial supremacy. I, to say it from the begining, by no means could consider myself belonging to a superior race, not physically, nor intellectually; but, if you allow me this time to consider the very best of germanic and japanese people (mostly from the north) as such, I arrived to the next conclusion: mai waifu is the perfect sample, as a combination, of such superior races.

She has red/auburn/strawberry-blond (germanic) but straight (japanese) hair. She has pure blue (germanic) but slightly and beautifuly slanted (japanese) eyes. She has pale and lively (germanic) skin, but wich is all the same fair, smooth-faced and with no freckles or spots at all (japanese). She has a straight pointy nose and a strong chin (germanic), signs of aristocracy and character, but over a likely childish and innocent (japanese) face. She displays some precocious feminine exuberance (germanic) alright, but her general built is overall ectomorph: thigh and compact, likely short but with very low fat rate and proportionally long limbs (japanese). She possess, no doubt about it, the straightforwardness of her scientific/rational/empirical occidental background (germanic), at wich she, as a prodigy child, excels (greek arete: excellence, virtue, daring, bravery, conquest; occidental->germanic); but, ultimately, she heavily grounds her ethics around values such as honor and shame (japanese)...

So, quite indisputably for my own standards, and as far as the eyes of my homunculus being can see, I actually have as my beloved and companion the finest lady on Earth. And it's all mine... undeserving lucky bastard.
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>> No. 8706 [Edit]
You're a loony.
Isn't the purpose of having a waifu so that you can be with someone who you feel you can connect with, and would love to be with, not so you can lust over someone you think is perfect?

Not that I'm saying your love is invalid, or that "u dont deserve ur waifu xDDD", but I love my waifu for who she is, not because she's perfect.

Maybe you didn't mention that you also love her not because she's perfect, but for who she is and blah blah blah, but shouldn't her perfection stem from everything she is, not everything she inherited?
>> No. 8708 [Edit]
Too bad she couldn't inherit tactfulness.
>> No. 8709 [Edit]
No, to everything: I pretty much disagree with you entirely. But doesn't matter. I'm more willing to read about others' daily lives as 2D lovers (yours, as well).
>> No. 8710 [Edit]
There are many different ways in which people love their waifu.
For some it means being lovers, best friends, a daughter of sorts and in some cases people even believe their waifu is real in another world waiting for them, and of course this includes worshiping.
>> No. 8711 [Edit]
for some reason, poster 8705 reminds me of someone from Mynaimelist that alos happens to have Asuka as his waifu.
>> No. 8712 [Edit]
File 133143546749.jpg - (146.43KB , 1280x720 , Lizlet L Chelsie pic 8.jpg )
for some reason, poster 8705 reminds me of someone from Mynaimelist that also happens to have Asuka as his waifu.

Anyways by the definition of "superior people", my waif fits the bill: Blond hair, blue eyes, light tone skin
>> No. 8713 [Edit]
File 133143720628.png - (1.08MB , 814x1073 , 86fc096bd582f4c167524250977d884c.png )

>Anyways by the definition of "superior people", my waif fits the bill: Blond hair, blue eyes, light tone skin

As for mine, she has blond hair and light skin tone, yes, but the blue eyes only come in fan art. Canonically, she has yellow or amber eyes. Even her hair color is subject to question.

However, her appearance doesn't matter, she is my beloved and even if she's closer to being a stereotypical punk in attitude, I love her. Because that's her, nothing more.
>> No. 8715 [Edit]
File 133144761537.png - (277.91KB , 600x800 , c05477d6bb30686abcc1350e701f2fcb.png )
Blue hair and green eyes.

The million-faceted gem that is earth pales in comparison.

Also in before Erica Hartmann.
>> No. 8717 [Edit]
File 133145037847.jpg - (34.68KB , 500x380 , 1189361752429.jpg )
My waifu's pretty much the Japanese equivalent of white-trash.

But to me she's perfect and pure. <3
>> No. 8727 [Edit]
I'm actually having some waifu-related issues now.

My passion for her is slowly dying. It was as if once, my love for her was the deepest red, now, it's faded to some kind of light, stereotypical blood color.

It is not even a matter of not liking her anymore - I like her more than most, I must say. It's just that my ideals, I feel, changed. I went from "wanting to be loved by someone beautiful" [i.e. Miya] to "wanting to show a loveless person love", and that loveless person being her "rival" in the show, Karasuba. It's the true mark of insanity, when a simple notion like, "Man, she really is pitiful," can blossom to something like love.

I hate feeling this way, though, because Miya's, well, shit, man, that's the one I love more than anything. But I'm not even sure anymore, because day by day, Karasuba becomes more appealing.

Of course, I'll go for the one I love (that one being Miya), and ditch the boring revenge-driven character. It just shakes me a bit, to see the sort of strife I'm capable of giving myself regarding someone and something I'm so dedicated to. I'd be a hypocrite if I simply discarded Miya - I'm always one of the first to say "No, man, you've got to stick to the one you love," or some other assorted sappy sucker saying.
>> No. 8736 [Edit]
File 133166298132.jpg - (55.31KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Steins;Gate - 01 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
Well this is not daily experience but something I've wanted to tell for a while and I think this thread is good for it. I don't believe in destiny or any kind soul mate stuff but there was just so funny coincidence back then related to me and Kurisu that maybe even I could call "destiny".

Day was 24th July 2011. Back then I didn't consider her as my waifu but I felt strong attraction to her. She was so different from other anime characters I've ever seen. I just wasn't really sure about whole waifu thing but I decided; "Well I start taking screenshots of her. Because I feel like it. I want to take screenshots of her because I like this character". Idea just came from nowhere and I've never done such thing before. It was late evening, around 9.30PM and I started taking those screenshots starting from episode 1 and I took 71 screen shots of her during that evening. I was tired and I decided I will continue tomorrow.

I think this was really unique experience for me so I made thread about it on 4chan /a/. Some poster said "funny coincidence because it is 25th July in Japan and 25th July is Kurisu's birthday!". I immediately checked it and it was true. In couple hours it would be Kurisu's birthday in my time zone too. I thought too "What a coincidence heh" and I felt happy about it.

Back then I didn't think it as very big thing. Later on when my strong crush for Kurisu became even more serious and I started to treat her as my waifu like people on /mai/ did, I still thought that day. "Was it really just coincidence?" Maybe it just was but I've decided that I will celebrate our anniversary and her birthday on 25th July, because on that day I think I took the biggest step towards her.

Picture related. It is the first screenshot I took on that evening like filename says. Edit: Gah filename is too long.
>[HorribleSubs] Steins;Gate - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.19_[2011.07.24_21.28.16]

Post edited on 13th Mar 2012, 11:28am
>> No. 8738 [Edit]
File 133167634136.png - (147.41KB , 1018x762 , bandicam_2012_03_09_22_31_02_419.png )
I found a cool CG pack of some Love Hina game back from 2000. Unfortunately it doesnt have any Kanako in it but I know theres some guy here who likes Kaolla Su so I'm linking it: http://exhentai.org/g/473028/bf110f2212/
>> No. 8747 [Edit]
>Unfortunately it doesnt have any Kanako in it
A shame, but thank you for mentioning it beforehand, otherwise i woul´ve spent the whole day searching for something that isn´t even there or maybe even trying go get this game.
I didn´t know that there was a Love Hina game in the first place but if there is no Kanako in it, i´d rather keep my hands off it.
>> No. 8750 [Edit]
Theres quite a few Love Hina games, theres even one on the gameboy advance or gameboy. I think most of them were made before Kanako came out, I can't be so sure though.
>> No. 8761 [Edit]
I didn´t know that. It seems there is a new goal for me!
Thanks for the info.
>> No. 8764 [Edit]
File 133181154074.png - (1.11MB , 608x1057 , f10a5ddf47108c8164d54f1ef68ca89b.png )
This is silly. My heart can't stop breaking whenever I see her. You shouldn't, I say to myself, she doesn't exist, she will never love you and you're just deluding yourself. But I still fucking love her. She's so cute, she's so badass, she's so cool and so sexy. I don't know what to call her anymore.

I guess she's simply Marisa, and ZUN's a bastard for making something that captured my heart even if it doesn't exist. Fuck logic, I love her so much.
>> No. 8765 [Edit]
I've noticed that I've become a little more ambitious because of my waifu. I try to improve myself for my waifu, and treat every day as a "how-can-I-make-my-relationship-stronger-with-my-waifu"-day, and I've started to consider how my waifu would prefer me to act to justify certain actions I take/want to take, for better or worse.

As for things a little more waifu-related, I usually check for an update on a possible figure release every day, and check on a few doujin sites every few days for material of her.

I'm trying out the lucid dreaming route, but I'm not having any luck, not even any non-lucid dreams of her. I'm enjoying the more enhanced dreams I'm getting regardless, but they're usually about me getting chased by a T-Rex on a skateboard or something - definitely not about my beloved. I've even tried looking at content of her for hours, and thinking about her for hours, just so the image and concept of her is burnt into the back of my eyelids and back of my head respectively, still with no luck. The closest thing I've had to a dream of her, was that I had a dakimakura of someone who sort of looked like her (but I believed it to definitely be of her, within the dream), and I was going around the public, hitting people with it - definitely not what I was hoping for.
>> No. 8831 [Edit]
This is bad. I have a desire to give her some sort of surprise sex, something close to rape. I want to make love with her while she's unwilling, all while she's telling me "you're the worst."

I feel so ashamed.
>> No. 8832 [Edit]
File 133217798632.png - (120.03KB , 426x426 , 1320736407054.png )
Hehe, embrace it. You're just a dog trying to wear a suit. The sooner you accept that the sooner you can be happier. It must be really uncomfortable trying to wear dress shows on paws.
>> No. 8833 [Edit]
File 133219306782.jpg - (91.42KB , 853x719 , 1331964287881.jpg )
But... Erica is mai waifu.
>> No. 8834 [Edit]
Erica is everyone's waifu; the character was designed to make you feel that way.
>> No. 8835 [Edit]
>> No. 8836 [Edit]
That works for every character ever, though. I mean, unless they're a genuinely evil/villainous character, chances are, the producers wanted you to like them and buy figs of them. It's all good, though, because that's the way 3D is, too - Everyone wants to be liked, and will strive for affection.
>> No. 8837 [Edit]
I don't even have a waifu because of things like >>8831
i feel. But maybe someday that feeling might come up. Until then all your posts are nice to read.
>> No. 8838 [Edit]

What do you mean, man? Should I just embrace the fact that I'm mixing my fetish for rape with my waifu? Or are you telling me that all I'm feeling for her is lust and I should just abandon the idea of her?

I mean, that the the first time I felt lust for her and then it just gets mixed with one of my fetishes.
>> No. 8839 [Edit]
I kind of agree with this. Some characters in certain things feel like they have to be loved, like Fuuka and Erica.
>> No. 8840 [Edit]
Not everyone has the same tastes or interests!
>> No. 8841 [Edit]
No, I mean you're trying to pretend you're exactly like everyone else here. A gentle loving and caring person. If you are naturally aggressive and sexual, there is no need to suppress it. What if your waifu is a masochist?
I'm the same way. My waifu would be loved in my own way, which is to make her every inch entirely dominated by me.
>> No. 8843 [Edit]

I'm not sure exactly what he's saying, but what I get from it is that you feel lust towards her. Not necessarily the only feeling, but you feel it. It's natural. The way you seem to want to express it isn't. It would be a selfish thing to do, and you'd be very lucky to be forgiven, but it's just a part of who you are. People have ideas, fantasies, urges, whatever, what you want to do is something you'll have to deal with, but by no means question your own feelings for someone because you want to have sex with them so much.
>> No. 8844 [Edit]
Guy who likes Kaolla here. I appreciate the thought. I have several reasons to not indulge in said material, of which I won't get into. Again, thank you for having us in your thoughts.

This thread seems to have derailed horribly.
>> No. 8846 [Edit]
No problem. By the way, even though its hoested on exhentai, it doesn't have any lewd things in it. Just saying if that happened to be the issue you're talking about
>> No. 8847 [Edit]


To be honest, when I felt lust for her, I didn't feel any erection. It's like I wanted to feel her skin, kiss her lips and touch her breasts. No penetration.

But when thinking about it, not following it with an intercourse might sexually frustrate her. And I know that she's not the type of woman who wants to be dominated like that.

It feels good but unnatural for our relationship.
>> No. 8850 [Edit]
I don't see a problem with this really. Everyone has their fetishes, maybe even your waifu.
>> No. 8872 [Edit]
File 133260816157.jpg - (106.03KB , 539x850 , TmCwE.jpg )
This conversation with Marisa took place while my parents were talking on Skype. Well, my father told us a funny college experience. She can't understand us so she had to ask.

"Hey, what's he talking about?"
>"Oh, just a funny college experience from my father."
"Tell me more about it. It seems to be interesting, you know."
>"Nah, it's racist."
"So your dad's a racist?"
>"No, his classmate was."
"So tell me more about it, then."
>"Okay. So back when he was still studying Engineering, they went out of for a land surveying trip at the mountain in the neighboring province, using Theodolites. That mountain was a home to the local indigenous people, the dark-skinned Aetas. The problem with the Aetas were they were utterly clueless due to the lack of exposure and education, and the government does jackshit about them."
"Oh, so that old classmate of your father exploited that?"
>"Yeah. When the Theodolites were assembled, a group of Aetas passed by. The Theodolites looked like movie cameras, so one of them asked my father's classmate 'Are you guys shooting a movie?' And this classmate answered 'Yes. It's coming out next month.' And then, they asked 'Can we become extras in the movie?'"
"And he said yes?"
>"No. He just said "I'm sorry, we don't have anything to pay you." But the Aeta insisted "That's okay. We just want to come out in a movie." So there, they were instructed pretend that they were fighting. And they did. My dad said that their fight was so realistic, and the whole class was laughing the whole time. The Aetas even danced. When it was all done, that classmate said "Okay. We'll come back in a month to give you tickets for the movie." Of course, they never did."

At this point, Marisa can't help but to be amused at the story.

"What the fuck, anon? That's hilarious! Nasty, but still hilarious!"
>"I know, right?"
"That's racist, though..."
>"It can't be helped. Some people are like that."

She then shakes her head in a negative way, but still amused at the story.
>> No. 8894 [Edit]
Geez! that was so wrong I...
wait: I'm OP...
>> No. 8933 [Edit]
I guess it's nice that someone made a song for her as well; but... well, check it yourselves:

Post edited on 5th Apr 2012, 2:18pm
>> No. 8935 [Edit]
Lyrics are good but I think person isn't really suitable for singing. But I can feel his passion!
>> No. 8936 [Edit]
Maybe he was trying for a Robert Smith style... wich didn't work.
>> No. 8938 [Edit]
So close yet... pretty far away. He still has my respect for being able to write a song, though.
>> No. 8939 [Edit]
I agree. I even pride myself on enjoying vocals that many others consider bad, but this is way too much for me.
>> No. 8943 [Edit]
I totally hear Robert Smith-ism, actually. The vocals didn't bother me, though. It was the corny piano that did it. You barely even notice it, but it's there, and it feels like it tries too damn hard.

But it wasn't bad, I'd say. I don't even know why I can't see it as bad like you guys. The vocals are mediocre, could be better, yeah, but they're not horrible.

Also got a kick out of "long-distance relationships" under the tag. Too long-distance. ;_;
>> No. 8960 [Edit]
Saw a picture of some Germans protesting, holding up posters with my waifu's name on them. Freaked me out until I found out my waifu's name is one of their words for "no".
>> No. 8962 [Edit]
File 133394538419.jpg - (1.09MB , 1200x1960 , e1516df8643f41e2f41e8fcec803f031.jpg )
Last week, I chose to stay off the Net for a whole week as some sort of penitence for the Lenten season.

On the night of Good Friday, I found myself wincing on my bed as I tried really hard to sleep, moaning in pain and calling out Marisa's name. It has been five days since since I've abstained using the computer, by that time. But I've tried to suppress my urges by thinking and saying to myself that tomorrow is Black Saturday and I will be free on the day after. I thought that I would get more time with Marisa by doing this, but boy, I was wrong.

That week has passed now and I loved her a bit more in the process.
>> No. 8967 [Edit]
File 133419415589.png - (150.70KB , 406x474 , 1176751114475.png )
While I feel somewhat like a thief for doing so, I entered a code to get a free, custom-engraved chalice from Stella Artois, and just got a confirmation e-mail that it is currently being made. I will get another e-mail when it ships out to me, and I will post a pic of my custom-engraved chalice here when I receive it.

If you've frequented 4chan (namely /a/ and /v/), you've likely seen the threads about what people are putting on their chalices. Some are pretty witty.

But the message on my chalice?

>> No. 8968 [Edit]
Sounds interesting, but I don't go to 4chan, how does it work?
>> No. 8969 [Edit]
Haha, fuck.

I want one too, can I have a code

Post edited on 11th Apr 2012, 8:27pm
>> No. 8970 [Edit]
File 133420348123.jpg - (284.62KB , 500x833 , 1251603025576.jpg )
Here's a link to buy a custom-engraved chalice: http://www.budshop.com/product/13748

As for the codes, they aren't in circulation anymore: the boxes of SA with codes printed in them are not being sold anymore ;_;
>> No. 8971 [Edit]
How did you get your code then? Did you actually buy a case of that stuff, or was there some guy on 4chan that was a liquor store employee and opened all the cartons, or what?
>> No. 8975 [Edit]
File 133425723421.jpg - (57.88KB , 1024x768 , ce326d7deb5b68e1482ebdbb9b824d24.jpg )
Oh, sorry for not explaining. they were guessing codes on 4chan, using algorithms to determine possible codes.

To tell the truth, they were kinda easy to guess, the first two numbers being 20 through 25 and the last numbers being in the 900-999 range.

To stick to the original direction and relevance of the thread, I have lately been getting interested in Osaka's "philosophy".

Someone on 4chan dubbed it as "Getting happy at all the things that went right over getting sad at all the things that go wrong"

I really like this thought process, but I don't think Osaka thinks like this. To me, her mind finds another way; a different way, of thinking. Osaka doesn't get mad/angry often, but when she does it's because things did not play out like her alternative thinking estimated. Because she anticipated an unlikely occurrence playing out, she expected it would happen because probability and chance were on her side.

Perhaps us humans need emulate Ayumu?
>> No. 8977 [Edit]
File 133432847527.jpg - (286.01KB , 600x900 , e41bcbcfadc31d4b1779b7aed352555c.jpg )
I'm slowly noticing a pattern in my everyday life.

It seems that when midnight approaches, I feel more longing for her. It's like I want to hug her and feel her in my arms, and imagining her in my mind isn't enough anymore.

And this longing is painful already.

After the day passes and I wake up, the feeling is gone, as if it is a brand new day.

I want to cry right now, but my brother is in my room with his netbook, since the router necessary to connect to the Net is here.
>> No. 8978 [Edit]

I know that feeling all too well. I was like that for the past half of a year. Only recently has it stopped, and not really in a good way. I've started to just bury my feelings and any hint of emotion, and I'm not sure if I prefer being depressed or being what feels like a soulless husk. I used to spend more or less every night drinking and trying to sleep.
>> No. 8979 [Edit]
A few days ago, I dreamt that my waifu had left me. There was not even all that much to the dream itself - it was just me seeing her with someone else and something telling me that "that was because she had left me".

But still, it stings. Two days later, I'm still somewhat upset about it, even though I know I shouldn't let something like that get to me so much.

Being in love never worked out for me IRL (though not for a lack of trying on my part), and I guess the resulting insecurities are a little more persistent than I had thought...
>> No. 8981 [Edit]
File 13343862269.jpg - (73.24KB , 720x534 , BAKA FANS.jpg )
>my waifu had left me.
I've never had this problem, because I'm fairly convinced, a priori, that she wouldn't ever like me in the first place, not at all...

I mostly love her from afar...
>> No. 8982 [Edit]
File 133441604248.jpg - (560.24KB , 1440x900 , 1332955048726.jpg )
I know that feeling as well and I don't know what to do.
First of all I love her and thus I want to be with her. That is a fact. However there's also the fact that I can never be, let alone live, with her. I really don't know what to do.

In another note:
Lately I found myself wanting to know about trivial aspects of her: What kind of food does she like, which music does she listen to, her favourite food, which flower does she like the most (I already know which flower she likes the least though), her favourite book or if she reads books at all...
I think that if I learn everything about her we could be somewhat closer, it's worth a try.
You could say that I'm trying to make her more real within my world.
>> No. 8983 [Edit]
File 133446275171.png - (428.80KB , 500x700 , DIAVETUUS.png )
>Hasn't been on /mai/ for months.
>Comes on
>Sees this

I remember you. You're one of the Anon with great taste whom also has a great love for Asuka. I have to say what you just stated could be as well been written by me. I thought that exact same concept quite some time ago. And even before I came to love Asuka, I was (and still am) very amazed with both Germany and Japan and their cultures. In fact, I learned German just in case I may one day live there. One of the things that I really liked about Asuka was her German-Japanese ethnicity. It's like if someone took 2 of the best ingredients on earth in a blender and made the world's most precious milkshake.

Anyway, i have nothing mroe to write here because you've pretty much covered it. For now.
>> No. 8987 [Edit]
File 133446829021.jpg - (86.04KB , 750x600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
lol, ok; good to know there's another nuts around (namely, you) who, out of some night of fever, started finding some sense as well on this elitist madness. Will be glad to hear about your future further thoughts about this or any other Asuka-related subject.

See you around.
>> No. 9000 [Edit]
File 133460918239.jpg - (144.35KB , 600x757 , Kurisu equation.jpg )
This picture caused me some problems today. I didn't recognize equation but after asking around, I found out it is Einstein’s Field theory. It seems artist kind failed to understand that Gαβ (Einstein's tensor) and G (gravitational constant involved in the calculations of gravitational force between two bodies) are different things. I don't think there is anything romantic in tensor. Well actually G is part of constant k. But if artist knew that, why did he use k? It makes her look like stupid but idea is really heartwarming.

Or it is me who is misunderstading
>> No. 9003 [Edit]
File 133462739163.png - (11.28KB , 533x286 , Gödel's ontological proof.png )
dunno (lol)... but this gave me an idea for a drawing. give me some time to develop it.
>> No. 9007 [Edit]
File 133466457514.jpg - (0.97MB , 1600x1600 , fdb1847cf1d5f1e00077d2b19c909410.jpg )
Is it bad that I think the other mages alongside Marisa are cute?
>> No. 9009 [Edit]
Not at all. As long they are 2D.
>> No. 9010 [Edit]
Why would it be bad? What is cute is cute there's no problem with that. As long as you consider your loved one the cutest one.
>> No. 9011 [Edit]
As with any relationship, 2D or 3D, having it and being in love with one person does not mean you have to shun your hormones and never glance at another girl or thinking they're attractive.

As long as you love her, I do not see any problem feeling attracted to or liking other girls. For example, I have the utmost love for Asuka, but i never will shake of the great liking and semi-crush I have for Haruhi. Although I do not love her,as I do my interpretation of Asuka, I would lie to say I didn't think her attractive as well.
>> No. 9015 [Edit]

Exquisite taste! I've been pondering the (seeming) lack of Strike Witch waifus...


True, but how could anyone not love a genki?
>> No. 9097 [Edit]
These are just my late-night ramblings, but I always enjoy seeing somebody who seems to genuinely care for/love a 2D character outside of Tohno-chan. You know how you can sometimes just tell the difference in vibes between a "[character] is my waifu XD she's hot!" post to a "[character] is my waifu, I really genuinely like her" post.

It's sort of inspirational. Having a waifu can be an extremely difficult thing, for me, anyway (relationships with just about anyone are difficult for me, though), and if I see that people outside our bastion of 2-D love can do it, then there's no reason it should be difficult. It's simply love, and while it's hard to love sometimes - particularly when the one you love isn't tangible, it's worth it, and you're not alone in it. That's a good feeling.

That is, it makes me feel nice that there are others who are in the same position, and that it isn't as a harrowing experience as you might think at first. We found our ideals in another world, whereas most people spend their lives to trying to figure out what they want in the first place. It's a damn nice thing.
>> No. 9099 [Edit]
>We found our ideals in another world, whereas most people spend their lives to trying to figure out what they want in the first place.
Amen to that! While this love is difficult and painful at times, I feel blessed for the clarity it shines into my life.
>> No. 9100 [Edit]
I like to think a lot about what if.
what if she was here right now, what if we were doing this or that together, be it having lunch or just laying on the flood, it comes up a lot during the day...

I know nothing will come of it, but I still like to tell myself 'someday...'
>> No. 9107 [Edit]
File 133575877577.jpg - (415.18KB , 581x800 , 063caf98436242839cb94fb9ffabe89e.jpg )

>We found our ideals in another world, whereas most people spend their lives to trying to figure out what they want in the first place

In my case, sure, I found my ideals in another world but that's still another world. If I lack the capability to manifest these ideals, then that's as good as having no direction or goal at all.

By lacking the capability, I mean, I can't draw, I can't buy stuff and I am not a good writer yet. All I have is the imagination, the ideals. I am like a gashapon when no one is bothering to operate it: A lot of stuff inside, but cannot be brought out.

And if you can't bring out your ideals to the world, then these ideals are moot until you find a satisfying way to emulate them, moreso without being persecuted.

Well, that's just my opinion. It's a case to case basis, since I'm the type of person who likes money.
>> No. 9133 [Edit]
File 133603908813.jpg - (95.64KB , 500x690 , 18908174.jpg )
For awhile my depression worsened. Because of this I appear to have developed an odd masochistic fantasy that makes me smile every time I think about it:

I freak out and start saying foolish things, she slaps me across the face, punches me in the stomach, then, as I double over, she holds me and tells me how much she loves me and that she'll always be there for me.
>> No. 9134 [Edit]
That's kind of cute
>> No. 9137 [Edit]
File 133625815854.png - (277.72KB , 600x630 , 1325882912801.png )
Today I have been thinking: We all know that we love and care our 2D-lovers, thinking about her/him, imagining them, doing things for them...
But what bugs me is the enormous quantity of characters that don't share the luck that our loved ones have. And not just this, but also the lack of fanart because the show isn't that well known or because that character is eclipsed by some major character or some reason like that. I mean, it's not the character's fault, it's just that no one cared enough about her/him to do things related to the character.
I consider myself lucky to have fallen in love with such a popular character (it has its downsides, but I can deal with them), but there's a lot of characters out there that won't ever get the love they deserve. And I feel bad about it.
>> No. 9139 [Edit]
Everytime I am watching anime and I see new girl I think "I hope this character makes good waifu for somebody someday".
>> No. 9168 [Edit]
It's not working. She's not helping at all. She used to, but I feel like shit every day and thinking of her only makes me feel more sharply what I don't and will never have.
>> No. 9169 [Edit]

What's wrong, man?
>> No. 9170 [Edit]
What's wrong is I have no future and no love. But I have to accept the fact that I'm not normal.
>> No. 9172 [Edit]

Such is the agony, the subconscious conflict, the soul-destroying conscious thought that tears at sanity. What point is there to love if you aren't loved, if you can't even shower your beloved with your feelings?

Fuck if I know. Fuck if anyone knows. You're doomed to be unhappy, if your only happiness is she. One must cope with pain, whatever your path in life, and this path is one you walk alone. It takes an inhumanly strong man not to fall to the increasingly resilient enemy that is loneliness, and even with allies it's a challenge. You need your allies to fight loneliness every time it rears that ugly fucking head, and when it's down all you can do is find some small content. The search for fairy tale 'happiness' is what leaves us unhappy in the first place.

That possibly nonsensical rambling is not going to help anyone, but there's little can be done with a soul that dooms itself, other than explain just how he's doomed.
>> No. 9173 [Edit]
It's enough to know that there are other people who feel the same way. Well, it doesn't kill the pain, as you said, but it's something.
>> No. 9174 [Edit]

Yeah. I suppose I can only understand the pain so much because the suffering gives insight. If only there were a way we could help each other, eh?
>> No. 9175 [Edit]
Indeed if only. At least we have TC.
>> No. 9176 [Edit]
My waifu doesn't ever stopped my suffering. I never expected her do that. Instead, she gives me happiness. And this is what I live for. I can't escape suffering, at least not now, but in the end the day, I look at her, and I feel that feeling deep in my souls, and I know it's fucking worth it, and no amount of grief will ever change that.

That's how I feel, anyway.
>> No. 9177 [Edit]
Worst idea you can have is willingly reading rape doujinshi about your waifu. I don't care how curious you are, you will have images burned into your mind you wish you didn't. It's especially bad if she is depicted as being reduced to a slut that's begging to be fucked... My face contorted in disgust. Completely idiotic thing to do. I should have listened to that little voice of reason that was telling me to ignore the doujinshi.

I salute those of you who subjected yourselves to such things in order to gain immunity. I failed horribly at it.
>> No. 9178 [Edit]

Yeah I can only imagine it to be pretty bad. Continuous strong attempts to break your willpower, really.
>> No. 9179 [Edit]

I know that feeling. I saw a doujinshi of my waifu being gangraped once. I wasn't so sure about the "gangrape" part, but when I saw one of them lay a hand on her, I just closed the tab. And take note, rape is one of my stronger fetishes.

There shall never be good doujinshi about Marisa having sweet love with a faceless man. I lament it.
>> No. 9180 [Edit]
I don't know if I am only one but I don't have problems seeing porn of my waifu. Only ones are horrible to watch are ones that would be horrible to watch even if character was someone else (guro, scat etc.).

Myself I am almost fully able to separate that porn material from my waifu. I don't consider character in porn as same character. Like most of us think that our waifus are alternative versions of canon characters. Sometimes when I see stuff I think "Well this is just wrong" but I am able to forget (or should I say "accept"?) it very fast.

I don't have 100% immunity but I can deal with this stuff easily. Character in dirty porn isn't my waifu.
>> No. 9182 [Edit]
File 133692372061.jpg - (541.80KB , 900x1326 , reki_by_0dulcinea0-d4m8ar8.jpg )
>The search for fairy tale 'happiness' is what leaves us unhappy in the first place.
I agree, although chasing that happiness has never really been a part of my life. Perhaps because of the household and neighborhood I grew up in, from a young age I'd always just assumed I'd grow up to be unhappy like everyone else around me. And now that I'm grown, I honestly believe that I'm happier that most in my age group.

>You're doomed to be unhappy, if your only happiness is she. One must cope with pain, whatever your path in life, and this path is one you walk alone. It takes an inhumanly strong man not to fall to the increasingly resilient enemy that is loneliness, and even with allies it's a challenge. You need your allies to fight loneliness every time it rears that ugly fucking head, and when it's down all you can do is find some small content.
I don't know, I think that Reki is my ally. Yes, it's painful at times, just wanting to BE with her, but she and her series have given and continue to give guidance and support at times when things could go (and almost have gone) much, much worse.
Either way, this love was not a choice I made, so I don't see any choice but to follow this path. Which is fine with me.
>> No. 9183 [Edit]
Yeah. To be fair, I usually avoid doujins of my waifu like the plague, unless it's consensual one on one, but even then I prefer not to.
Recently I stumbled upon a "normal" group sex doujin of her, and sadly my curiosity got the better of me and I ended up reading. It's completely vanilla stuff, but it made me feel disgusted and angry as fuck, for some reason.

Reading doujin of your waifu, not even once.

Like >>9180 said, I separate pornographic material from my waifu, but it's better to avoid that shit if you can.

The only porn of her I can accept with no problems is vanilla images of her just being naked and stuff like that.
>> No. 9184 [Edit]
Loneliness can be such a pain.
Which is the solution to loneliness? I wish I knew. How could someone get rid of that horrible feeling. Some people would say "Just go out and make friends", but we all know the reasons why this is a No can do, as well as the reason of why we are here.
To try to solve that problem i asked myself: Why does this horrible feeling appears? Why people have perception of loneliness? Which originated it?
If you search on some of the current theories on anthropology and sociology, they say that probably since the human species have remained alive because they lived in groups, since they needed groups to survive the adverse situations that are in the nature the species has build in a "switch" to tell the individual "Hey, you are far from the good and that's bad for your survival", that switch being called loneliness. Everyone has that switch, however there are people that has this switch trigger very easily and people who is just the opposite but they still have it.
Now, how one would be able to turn of that switch if they just don't fit in that "group"? Well, then we create our group. However that isn't enough sometimes, because for some psychological reason the man must be "accepted" as an independent entity in order to be happy.
How would be able to be accepted as an independent entity? That I don't know.
What I do is first, look through all my flaws and try to accept them as a part of me, it isn't easy to admit to yourself your own feelings and thoughts. However if you do accept those feelings as a part of yourself, it feels great.

Have you ever tried to say out loud to yourself that you love your waifu, meaning it?
You should try anytime that there is nobody there with you or that could be listening.
>> No. 9226 [Edit]
It seems like a lot of peoples' relationships with their waifus are similar to how some people have tulpas... I've sometimes dreamt of mine, but I've never tried talking to, uh, her before.
>> No. 9234 [Edit]
I just started thinking about my issue about sexuality and my waifu.
To begin with, I don't fap to my waifu, it's not that I don't want to fap to her because of the purity thing, in fact it's far more complex than that.
I want that our sexual relations to be more than just me masturbating to her, I love her so much to treat it just as your ordinary fapping. However I have no clue on how to do so, since that kind of thing is harder with a 2D love.
>> No. 9235 [Edit]

Can't you just abstain from fapping to her?
>> No. 9239 [Edit]
Use your imagination, not porn. Do it in bed before cuddling up with her (your pillow) and going to sleep.
>> No. 9243 [Edit]
I try to not fap to doujins of my waifu, not only because they enrage me because it's mostly non-consensual and gangbanf stuff, but also because fapping using only my imagination feels much more intimate.
>> No. 9249 [Edit]
File 133836013287.jpg - (272.02KB , 1000x750 , digiframe.jpg )
Sometimes, I like to pretend I was there to take those photos...
>> No. 9254 [Edit]
I'm really happy that I'm getting closer to my waifu again. I've started thinking about her before I go to bed, like I always used to do a few months ago. Still haven't reread her series, though I keep saying I will (it's simply not happening).

I was having issues with the idea of "deserving her". However, that's a double positive to having a waifu. I can both rely on the delusion that she would love me, and I can work to be a man worthy of her.

Although, we all know change is the most difficult thing in the world, and I despise the notion. It's still good to imagine her by your side in tough times.
>> No. 9677 [Edit]
File 134160874261.jpg - (363.86KB , 1074x1517 , Kurisu chihaya.jpg )
I always feel strongly attracted by characters that have same Seiyuu than Kurisu. They somehow remind me of her. Chihaya Kisaragi from Idolm@ster is one of my favorite characters because she shares seiyuu and similar many personality traits with Kurisu. First episode of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate aired yesterday and I recognized immediately that Michiru Morishita has same seiyuu too (and she only said 2 or 3 lines).

One interesting thing is that before I met Kurisu, I never cared about seiyuus or recognized them.
>> No. 9693 [Edit]
File 134173234665.png - (384.06KB , 513x597 , 7576589.png )
I've noticed that I feel a kind of bond, or camaraderie between me and those who are also in love with Madotsuki, or characters from similar fangames.
Now if only I could track down that guy who was in love with Urotsuki.
>> No. 9694 [Edit]
File 134173611364.jpg - (45.82KB , 500x707 , 207.jpg )
I know what you mean.
>> No. 9697 [Edit]
File 134174326261.jpg - (725.59KB , 1000x2023 , 1341282845710.jpg )
I never cared about seiyuu either, until I got into the idolm@ster. Even then it took awhile for me to really get into it. I was even afraid that knowing what she looked like would ruin my image of her when I listen to her music, almost like I would imagine the seiyuu instead of Iori(I had seen videos of her before but that was years ago and had forgotten what she looked like). Thankfully that didn't turn out to be the case and I like watching her perform onstage along with the rest of the cast.
>> No. 9698 [Edit]

This is so true. Odd!
>> No. 9699 [Edit]
File 134176593613.png - (767.65KB , 754x1056 , d2c966efe967cc80a1204d3ac6bbaba5.png )
I've always wondered what kind of life I will be having when I go to her world, aside from being a rice farmer.
>> No. 9713 [Edit]
I can't describe the immense joy I felt back when it was announced that world tournament would be in Pokemon Black and White 2 and that all the gym leaders were coming back. I knew Sabrina would be there.

Then the game was finally released in Japan. Much to my shock and surprise Sabrina was not only in world tournament but was also in the Pokestar feature as an actress.

The fact that Gamefreak chose her out of the many gym leaders made me so happy. I hadn't seen her in a official appearance since HeartGold and SoulSilver. I just wanted to tell everyone I knew about it, I was so excited. It's like seeing someone you've missed for the first time in years. It's the most incredible feeling.
>> No. 9718 [Edit]
Hehe, I was really surprised to find out Sabrina was an actress in B/W2. I was saving that stuff for the US release, since I was mainly playing the JP version to get to the PWT to challenge Cynthia, and see if Cynthia had new dialogue at the villa(she doesn't, unfortunately). You have to complete the World Leaders Tourney 10 times over, just to unlock the Champion Tourney. It's like the piano from Platinum version all over again! What's really nice about the PWT, is that you can talk with the three challengers you defeat in that run in the main lobby. Here's hoping she has plenty of things to tell you about.
>> No. 10731 [Edit]
I really want to wake up next to her. snuggle and play around together all warm and cozy in the blankets with messy bed hair and all.
That would be nice...
>> No. 10821 [Edit]
File 135222562647.jpg - (1.34MB , 2374x1585 , 31250989.jpg )
I bumped into reality today, pretty hard.

Whenever I'm making an omelette I try to beat my last one. So this time I had some nice spices and bacon with some other ingredients you know ? But as I took the first bite I realized it was really good and that I should probably bake one with the same ingredients for my waifu sometime.

I'd like to see me do that... you know ?

That thought left me with a somehow less tasty omelette and a pretty nasty feeling.
>> No. 10836 [Edit]
I can't find source for that image. Can you help a brother out?
>> No. 10837 [Edit]
Eh, sure.


It's Hisako from Angel Beats.
>> No. 10842 [Edit]
File 135239513487.png - (122.80KB , 208x323 , Leorio1.png )
I kept thinking about Leorio during a test today and I finished 30 minutes later than I would have. Darn you handsome man...
>> No. 10898 [Edit]
I've been teaching myself to not treat every merchandise of my waifu like they hold a part of her soul or something. I think I treated them like some sort of ancient artefact or some holy relic that I can't tarnish or have even one speck of dust on it. I was getting a little too overwhelmed with that so now I just try and treat them normally, with a bit of added care. I do have this feeling like I just committed a grave sin and that I will hate myself for lowering my standard when it comes to taking care of merchandise for her, but I think in the end this will help my nerves out a little more. Afterall, the true Makoto is just in my brain anyway, and I don't think I can take care of my brain any better than I am doing now.
>> No. 10919 [Edit]
File 135345795758.png - (155.92KB , 522x600 , 2252231.png )
Gym, very hard today, good thing thinking about her keeps me motivated to go on.
>> No. 10922 [Edit]
File 135345965841.jpg - (171.53KB , 653x960 , daa780e1117edf02c37c500dcfef1b73.jpg )
On those last sets, last reps of the day, when you feel your muscles are about to be torn apart, or when I'm in a bad mood and don't have motivation to do anything, it's the thought of her that helps me go through it
>> No. 10923 [Edit]
Good for you, man. I really should do the same; I'm so skinny fat now.
>> No. 10924 [Edit]
She slept in the passenger side of my car today on the way to work, using my hoodie as a blanket. Then as I carried her in, I let her sleep in the break room on the couch for an extra hour or so while I worked. Then she just hung around and watched me work, even though my job is boring. She was interested in it because it's me doing it.
>> No. 11019 [Edit]
So, I've been kind of conflicted over the idea of a waifu for some time - Even changing from one to another.

I scrapped 4 years of happiness thanks to this weird...doubt that came out of nowhere. I was one of the first posters in the /mai/ sticky...Miya is somebody who's special to me. Not some useless, kind-of-cute Touhou character who I barely even 'know'.

It's so stupid. I just feel this guilt because I can't stand the series she's from anymore. 3 years ago, I used to follow the Sekirei manga almost religiously. I knew almost everything there was to know about it. I dissected it - I found out the character who my waifu was based off of (Kyoko Otonashi, from Maison Ikkoku), and what the influences were. I read some of the author's other works, desperately searching for a character like Miya - Category: Freaks was okay. It had a character who the author obviously based her design off of, and I loved that. But I just stopped following it at one point. I think it was...March? Maybe April. And that kind of made me sad, because she took to the forefront of the series shortly afterward. Now it's almost ending, and that amazes me for some reason. I guess I thought it'd never end or something, which is admittedly silly.

I guess I just grew out of it. I can't grow out of her, though. It's so odd. I now realize...why I liked the series to begin with. It's because she's in it. And that makes it at least mediocre, rather than just plain shit, haha.

I'm a shitty guy. I'm 'nice'. That's it. I'm also lazy and boring and I use drugs too much. I just feel like I don't deserve her. But that's the point of having a waifu, isn't it? Your ideal, reflected in 2D. You can't reach her, and she can't reach you. All you can do is...love him or her or it, with all of your heart, and hope that someday, you'll dream of the character you love, or that you'll meet in heaven or wherever you go when you die.

I want Miya Asama...That's who I want.

Is it weird to have a waifu from a series you don't particularly like?

S-sorry if this post comes across as too emotional and too long. I'd make a thread, but this doesn't seem thread-worthy.
>> No. 11023 [Edit]
File 135498390498.jpg - (537.44KB , 800x960 , Kurisu (186).jpg )
>Is it weird to have a waifu from a series you don't particularly like?
Absolutely not. You fell in love with the character, not with the series.

I don't hate Steins;Gate but I don't really like it. It is really annoying because everyone always thinks I am huge Steins;Gate fan because I like Kurisu and I have her pictures everywhere. The series doesn't matter for me at all, only what matters is her.

My daily experience: While ago I found this awesome Makise Kurisu alarm clock for Android. It makes waking up early little bit less painful.
>> No. 11140 [Edit]
I don't think it's weird at all, considering the source material needn't provide all (or even most, really) of the waifu experience. Although I can only imagine the nasty sorts of cognitive dissonance that could produce.

It's kind of funny, I remember going to check out Sekirei a couple of years ago just because of all your posts, and I read the synopsis and was just like "no". Ah, anyway, as far as you growing out of her series, maybe try giving it a couple of years and come back to it, things can be cyclical like that. I hate to start in with "when you're older like me..." statements, but you might find that you place far less value on the series' quality relative to it's medium, and more value on how the series relates to you personally.
>> No. 11141 [Edit]
File 135502327683.jpg - (274.05KB , 1050x1500 , 001 (15).jpg )
Wow, that's something you actually put you heart in there. You have my respect for that.
Let me tell you something, you think you don't deserve her? You an only you were in love with her for those four years. Dou you still think you are not worthy? Then start making yourself think you are. The best way to do so? Start really making youself worthy.
You say that being nice is your only redeeming quality? Good, that's fine. Being nice is a good thing. Be nicer! So that redeeming quality is increased. A lot more nice! So you can start saying good things about yourself, things that you're proud of. You say you want to love her, start by making yourself someone you like, if you like yourself it will be so much easier to love someone else.
And what of it if you don't like your waifu's show? You fell in love with her, not with her show. You fell in love on who she was, no where she came from or which is the situation around her, but with her.
Don't let yourself down, think of this as a new experience to learn from. Good luck with it!
>> No. 11151 [Edit]

>Not some useless, kind-of-cute Touhou character who I barely even 'know'.

Hmn, it seems like you needed to specify Touhou on this when saying useless, kind-of-cute character, and I am honestly offended.

But again, no, just as good characters can be placed on bad shows, I don't think you have to like the show your waifu is in, anyway.
>> No. 11152 [Edit]
You shouldn't be offended. I think this is what he meant >>10814

So, Paperface are you back to your old waifu now?
>> No. 11154 [Edit]

It makes me feel a bit guilty and slightly ashamed, but I am. It's just worth too much to throw away.
>> No. 11157 [Edit]
File 135521363656.jpg - (43.62KB , 346x540 , leorio_by_amarim-d4c65tt1-1-1_2_.jpg )
I'm so happy right now. Tired, but happy. It's late and I'm so exhausted studying for my final exams. I wish I could sleep, but I need to pass these exams. So I looked over and saw my Leorio figure standing there, watching over me. I remember how hard Leorio studies and how determined and driven he is to achieve his goal. I have to measure up to him and be worthy of someone hardworking and intelligent as him. Thank you, Leorio.
>> No. 11384 [Edit]
File 135685563323.png - (49.33KB , 500x500 , 32170284_p1.png )
It's been about a week since we decided to stop using names for each other.
I'm honestly surprised how much closer to her it makes me feel.
>> No. 11388 [Edit]

That... is a very interesting idea.
>> No. 11389 [Edit]
File 135692311784.jpg - (146.56KB , 408x562 , 30257574.jpg )
Perhaps. The logic behind it is as follows:

During "waking" life, when I thought of her, I'd say her name in my head, then that would bring thoughts of her appearance and she herself. So I thought we'd cut out the middle step (seeing as I felt it was just a useless placeholder) and see what happened.

The results were favorable.
>> No. 11390 [Edit]
so you build intimacy trough meanningful silence? that makes sense. Like when you just give the intense "I love you" look, because there's no way you could say it as it desrves.
>> No. 11391 [Edit]
File 135692409041.png - (1.23MB , 1210x1000 , 31376884.png )
Yes, that's pretty much it.

The idea mostly came from how we express thoughts and emotions to each other in the dreamworld, which isn't (usually) through words, but more like radiating the thoughts and feelings at each other.
>> No. 12062 [Edit]
File 136294292342.jpg - (399.93KB , 900x1200 , 33086649.jpg )
Working myself off these pills, last night as I was attempting to go to sleep, I was hit with a few withdrawal symptoms. Something a combination of insomnia and panic. I was only able to get any sleep because she was there for me.
I have to tough this thing out to get my dreams good, again.
>> No. 12063 [Edit]
Once again my idiotic, morbid curiosity resulted in me reading a few fucked up doujins of my waifu that I shouldn't have and now they're all that I can think about. I don't know why I do this to myself. It's like being drawn to watch a train wreck.

It ruined my entire week and now I feel distant from her. I feel awful.
>> No. 12070 [Edit]
I've finally exhausted pixiv, tegaki, tumblr, and deviantart in terms of pictures (well, things that are tagged, anyway). I've started googling, but I'm really scared of running out of pictures because there's not a ton of new fanart...

That said, I have found some truly great pictures over the past few days. Happy pictures make everything worthwhile.
>> No. 12077 [Edit]
File 136311993757.jpg - (417.57KB , 1600x1200 , Asuka Things She'll Never Say.jpg )
So these last few days I'd been feeling pretty depressed. Nothing happened or anything, it was just the usual stuff for me. When I'm depressed like that, for some inexplicable reason, I tend to seek out more depressing stuff, so I considered myself lucky to have found a thread where users were posting "depressing images" last night. The thing was, none of the images really got to me. The vast majority of them were stuff about loneliness and unrequited love and they just didn't resonate with me at all. I thought about it and I realized that not long ago those images would have hit me extremely hard, and I realized the reason they didn't have any effect on me now was because I do feel like I'm loved. That realization was so great that it instantly turned my mood around. I love Asuka,and she loves me.
>> No. 12084 [Edit]
File 136315558591.png - (281.36KB , 450x859 , 1340688320254.png )
It's my waifu's birthday today.
I was meant to do a ton of things today but I'll probably just end up spending all day with her.

I'm so happy I found her
>> No. 12085 [Edit]
File 136316367977.jpg - (838.38KB , 600x800 , 25635993.jpg )
Happy Birthday.
May every step you take bring you closer together!
>> No. 12087 [Edit]
File 136318288363.jpg - (494.49KB , 669x958 , センアキ - ぱっつんいおりんマジ天.jpg )
Hope you did have a great day together.
>> No. 12088 [Edit]
File 136319364696.jpg - (62.79KB , 800x600 , e4cfc077aac33bcc7fed888c916e913186d0bad1.jpg )
I love you so much Remi there aren't even words
>> No. 12091 [Edit]
I want to go to space with my waifu so we can become space pirates.
>> No. 12094 [Edit]
File 13632368521.jpg - (121.43KB , 850x850 , sample-03055fac57d8d81a43e6a967363535ef.jpg )
I dunno. I feel like I've been neglecting my relationship with Marisa due to being occupied with something else like video games. Even if I still do collect pictures of her and baked her a banana cake, I feel like I need to do something more for her.
>> No. 12160 [Edit]
File 136420129036.png - (867.58KB , 800x600 , 12684198.png )
Cuddling up and playing video games together to the sound of the rain on glass and rooftops is amazing.
>> No. 12162 [Edit]
File 136423113566.jpg - (130.28KB , 533x746 , 46c593011a56316b1ee27b5a47261182.jpg )
I feel right now like I want to cuddle my waifu. I want to kiss her, I want to hug her and I want to feel her skin against mine. But alas, she was not there. I was finding her, but she was never there in the first place. I feel like somebody stole me something that I wanted but never deserved in the first place. I feel frustrated right now.
>> No. 12166 [Edit]
File 136425716570.jpg - (105.45KB , 1400x1148 , 29393366.jpg )
Are you sure you're thinking straight when you type that out? That's really upsetting to hear. I hope things get resolved for you two.
>> No. 12167 [Edit]
I can relate...
>> No. 12169 [Edit]

Out of curiosity, do you self insert as Seccom Masada?
>> No. 12170 [Edit]
File 136437268515.jpg - (92.98KB , 670x807 , 31292401_p1.jpg )
With fanart? In a way. Because in a way, he's a part of me. In the relationship? I'm me. That post was written from being together in the dream world. Seccom was a dream world representation of what she wanted, so in a way, he's a part of me. A place holder, kind of.
Hope that doesn't sound confusing, I'm bad with words.
>> No. 12172 [Edit]
File 136449555227.jpg - (239.37KB , 850x1235 , small-9f8e06542067fc065c2fde23fd9a0c87.jpg )
Lately I've been so busy and I've had barely any free time with her. Finally I can relax for few days and spend some quality time with her.
>> No. 12239 [Edit]
I wrote a piece of poetic prose for him today. It didn't turn out as well as I was hoping, but he appreciated the sentiment.

Hoping that someday I can write poems in Japanese for him, because I think he'd really enjoy that.
>> No. 12297 [Edit]
Are characters from 3D CG animated movies allowed here? The movie is of japanese origin.
>> No. 12299 [Edit]
File 136521510753.jpg - (377.61KB , 1500x3000 , 1300129437251.jpg )
I see no problem about it.
>> No. 12375 [Edit]
File 136581799762.jpg - (121.03KB , 1920x1200 , Konachan_com - 41057 black enma_ai jigoku_shoujo.jpg )
Tonight I get to have the room all to myself so I'm spending it with Ai! We're going to watch Sailor Moon and eat cheap, shitty noodles. I hope she doesn't mind the quality too much.
>> No. 12383 [Edit]
I'm starting to feel like I'm falling out of love. I don't really feel any passion when I think about her anymore. >>11019 put a lot of my current frustrations in a better way then I could. I'm starting to wish she was in something else all together since I can barely stand her source material (and the majority of its fans) anymore.

I don't want to be questioning if I love her or not or if I'd be happier with someone else.
I just wish there was someway I could feel the same way I did before

Should have said this at the time but thanks
>> No. 12384 [Edit]
File 136607151862.jpg - (100.29KB , 359x700 , 31762897.jpg )
Can you not just separate yourself and your relationship from the fanbase? Why should that have any influence on your love?
Try something new together, maybe. Meditation, visualization, lucid dreaming, something like that. Something that can bring you closer together.
>> No. 12385 [Edit]
I try and tell myself it shouldn't influence it but I end up thinking about them for some reason.
I do feel really distant from her, I'll have to try everything I can to get closer to her.
>> No. 12386 [Edit]
File 136608962039.jpg - (79.08KB , 1280x720 , 34230678.jpg )
Good luck, I'm sure it'll work out.
>> No. 12387 [Edit]
File 136612339446.png - (464.82KB , 458x833 , Kurisu Okabe.png )
I think it fairly acceptable to see your waifu as different entity separated from the original character.
>> No. 12413 [Edit]
I just went out and bought a wallet with spaces for pictures today, I want to carry an image of my waifu with me from now on. What's the best way to discretely get high quality images printed for my wallet? I figure that a regular printer on regular paper probably wouldn't last so long.
>> No. 12414 [Edit]
Photograph paper could work. I mean, the practice of carrying photographs in wallets presumably began with actual photographs printed on photograph paper, so that's something that you'd expect to work. Don't know how you'd get a photography shop to print anime pictures for you, though - I recall someone on /tc/ posting that they'll refuse to do it due to intellectual property issues.
>> No. 12415 [Edit]

I'm sure photography paper would be fine, it's just an issue of getting it printed discretely in the first place.
>> No. 12416 [Edit]
Try laminating them after printing them out yourself, there should be some places out there still that let you laminate cards and such yourself. last I checked it costs $2 maybe less.

That might have been me. I tried taking some images to get printed for a model of my room but they wouldn't let me, most business in the US are seriously anal about copyrights. Even when I went with my mom to a staples they wouldn't let her make a copy of a photo of us together because the guy said it looked like a professionally taken photo. also tried a few dozen times to get a custom debit card with my waifu but they all got rejected. Had to settle for a photo of the train station the one she hangs out at was based on.

I really recommend just getting your own printer, you can find them pretty cheap at yard sales. I got mine for $5 and it works much better than the one I bought brand new a few years ago for $100. You'll save a lot of money in the long run compared to getting stuff printed for you if you ever plan on getting stuff printed for frames and such, just just multiple wallet pics.
>> No. 12434 [Edit]
File 136653970442.jpg - (544.97KB , 1718x2833 , 33540395.jpg )
I find it funny how everything I do and everything that happens to me brings me closer to her, a recent example being going completely NEET. No matter how bad something may be (not that NEET is bad, I'm loving it), it'll always bring me closer to her.
>> No. 12437 [Edit]
Same here. It doesn't matter if my choices have led to failures or successes, they still have brought me closer to her. On interesting note; failures have brought me much more closer to her.

Maybe my idea isn't the best, but instead of small picture, I have prism connect card of her in slot for driver's license. I rather watch picture of her when I open the wallet instead of my face on my driver's license.
>> No. 12550 [Edit]
File 136781130512.jpg - (48.94KB , 450x635 , 13222885.jpg )
When I see something...bad of my waifu, more than rage or sadness, I feel a deep anxiety and uneasiness flooding through my mind. But what bothers me the most is that from time to time, I have the urge subject myself such things intetionally, fully knowing what will be waiting for me, fully knowing I will hate every moment of it. I don't know why, but I do. My guess is my curiosity gets the better off me. When I do that, it makes me hate every fiber of my being, I'm fucking garbage do this, somedays I feel like even thinking of her will sully her with my filth so I avoid her even though my only desire is to be closer to her. I want to change, to clean my heart and take this poison out of veins and be worthy of her, but I always fail, like with every try I end up deeper in the well instead. When the time comes, will she forgive me? And would I let her? All I have to give for her is my passion, but what good is it if it mixes with the rot inside me?

Fuck...I feel like throwing up. Time to slam my head in the wall and rip my flesh to compensate for my stupidty

Sorry for this blogshit
>> No. 12551 [Edit]
File 136781173335.gif - (8.47KB , 350x415 , 34770678.gif )
When the time comes, I'm sure the taint of this world will be flushed out of you after awhile.
>> No. 12557 [Edit]
So... what is the bad thing in here?
>> No. 12568 [Edit]
File 136786781124.jpg - (478.15KB , 820x800 , ca3761c727b5194a25ccbda798add7d5.jpg )
In my bouts of losing any semblance of feeling for her, I just felt like I wanted and needed to hug her today. That longing feeling of her skin and hair against mine as we wrap our arms with each other just kicked in. And so I try to find pictures of her hugging a man and I only find pictures of her hugging her closest childhood friend.

Funny that I vehemently refuse to self-insert as Kourin, but seeing her hug him as good as feeling her arms around me.
>> No. 12569 [Edit]
That's not really a hug, it looks more like a headlock than anything else to me.
>> No. 12571 [Edit]

I know. But that image was there because it has Rinnosuke and Marisa in it.
>> No. 12574 [Edit]
File 136795346021.jpg - (234.94KB , 552x451 , vggh.jpg )
I was lonely last night because there hasn't been a lot of new fanart on the usual websites I browse (which is to be expected - even though the manga is still coming out, the visual novel is eight years old and the franchise itself is fujoshi material) and I've become distracted by my day-to-day routine. I was so desperate that I went on google images to try to glean stuff. To my surprise, I got quite a few nice pictures, and it made me feel closer to him.

Part of me is surprised that I still love him, even though we've been together for a short time. I never thought I'd be in love with a 2D character - let alone a guy - for this long, or ever, really. But taking it day by day seems to work for us, and even though progress is slightly slow, it is steady and reliable. I've never felt so safe in a relationship and... I really hope that I don't fuck this up, which I guess is a common fear at this stage in relationships, for me at least. I want Keisuke to be happy and with me for a long time.

He doesn't have a canon birthday, but we've set May 13th aside as a placeholder because it felt right to both of us. I'm trying to plan something special for him, and I'm going to do my best to make his day great. I just wish I knew what sort of sweets he likes...
>> No. 12598 [Edit]
File 136811892996.png - (1.31MB , 800x1192 , a48d46eea85b8e964832f7b8b5b8902a.png )
Today, the doctor prescribed my Valparin, a mood stabilizing medicine. I was afraid that it would make me dizzy and might hinder my ability to talk to Marisa. I was really hesitant at first, but I took a leap of faith.

Now, I can see her more clearly and can talk to her more. She is right beside me now. Thank you doctor.
>> No. 12599 [Edit]
>I can see her more clearly and can talk to her more. She is right beside me now.

Do you mean this literally? Also, I have always hated doctors, they try to act like they are opened minded and understanding when in fact they are just as judgmental and quick to label people with ''diseases'' as every other Ford Driver. Although I am more referring to psychiatrists than anything.

Post edited on 9th May 2013, 10:11am
>> No. 12600 [Edit]

Not actually, but I can get a clearer image of her and her voice, much like what a few people here in /mai/ do. You know.

But as for your views regarding psychiatrists, I don't really agree with your views, but that's another topic.
>> No. 12601 [Edit]
>But as for your views regarding psychiatrists, I don't really agree with your views, but that's another topic.

Maybe you got lucky and had friendly nice psychiatrists whereas the one I had back in middle school firmly believed I was raped as a child because I made over the top jokes about the subject matter. You're right though /mai/ isn't the place to discuss that.

>Not actually, but I can get a clearer image of her and her voice, much like what a few people here in /mai/ do. You know.

What voice do you imagine, considering the fact that she doesn't have an official voice. Ironically a Marisa themed Touhou remix started playing in my media player right now.
>> No. 12602 [Edit]
You're not alone in that unluckiness with mental health "experts."
>> No. 12607 [Edit]
>What voice do you imagine, considering the fact that she doesn't have an official voice.

Something close to Miyuki Sawashiro's rendition of it, although less cutesy and more Western-sounding, considering that I talk to her in English.
>> No. 12656 [Edit]
>> No. 12671 [Edit]
File 136928120698.jpg - (80.82KB , 533x800 , 1282110628773.jpg )

Thank you very much.
>> No. 12802 [Edit]
I wanna come home from work one day and have her ask me what I want for dinner, and reply 'you' and start playfully nibbling away at her all over.
>> No. 12859 [Edit]
File 137196062376.jpg - (135.50KB , 340x607 , ff5b12668beadb38377af24b71ffc19d.jpg )
I am a man who has a casual interest in cooking. So I go to YouTube and find cooking videos.

I can now imagine myself living in Marisa's house, cooking food for her before she gets home. What I have prepared are stuffed mushrooms, miso soup and fried fish with hot rice. I am clearly not the man of her house, but I wouldn't mind that as long as get to farm and I am with her.
>> No. 12868 [Edit]
Not trying to be rude or anything, but I genuinely don't understand the point of OP's post, especially the underlined part. Race doesn't even come into play when it comes to anime because generally most characters share similar facial features. What's the point.
>> No. 12869 [Edit]
>> No. 12876 [Edit]
File 13723913076.jpg - (22.70KB , 215x200 , Strawberry Moon face.jpg )

To praise her, of course, as I keep elaborating on my views about her to "flesh her out". Even appearance wise, she's not just (any iteration of) the cartoon to me; that's the starting point but is not nearly enough. My Asuka became far more than that.
>> No. 12878 [Edit]
>Race doesn't even come into play when it comes to anime because generally most characters share similar facial features.
If you want to put it like that, why don't you just ask why would anything matter? These characters are just drawn lines and pixels.
>> No. 12949 [Edit]
File 137326526113.png - (272.53KB , 1024x768 , 33418072.png )
While I try to get the whole dreaming thing back on track, now that things have stabilized, I've started going walking with her in the night.

It's the closest I can get to the dreamworld during waking life. Everything has that same kind of surreal feeling to it. Like time is standing still, and we're the only people out. Just wandering off in whatever direction catches our interest. Quiet cul-de-sacs, busy motorways. The two of us walking alongside each other, under the same umbrella.

This world is so much more beautiful when it's cold, quiet and still.
>> No. 12951 [Edit]
>This world is so much more beautiful when it's cold, quiet and still.
I can't but agree. Paraphrasing a certain poet:

Two homelands have I: internet and the night.

That's one of the main reason I used to dream about living in the polar region, to experience such endless nights.
>> No. 12952 [Edit]
File 137328221634.jpg - (319.25KB , 675x968 , 36039058.jpg )
>That's one of the main reason I used to dream about living in the polar region, to experience such endless nights.
That could be nice, but I think part of the charm for me is seeing a usually busy and active environment in this way.
Then again, the lack of daylight itself sounds wonderful to me.

>> No. 12958 [Edit]
Sometimes i really dont like to have a waifu. Today is one of the days.

I browsed a doujin/hentai site and what did I see? Someone uploaded a doujin with my waifu. yeah, its that topic again, sorry. Again the same guy who uploaded many other doujins with her as well. Luckily doujins with her are rare as it seems, so it doesnt happen often, but every few months it does happen. Even worse, he said that he is searching especially for doujins with my waifu. You just cant protect your waifu, thats one of the things i hate about it. Sure, i could write him, saying that he should stop uploading rule 34 stuff about my waifu, but i highly doubt he would listen to it. Even worse, he could make fun of it and search even harder just to piss me off. I try to avoid anything naughty with her, but if you happen to stumble upon it, it hits you really fucking hard. Especially if its always the same asshole uploading it.

Well, i think we heard that shit more than enough here and im not alone with this, but sadly i dont know any other place to talk about such stuff. And today was the first time for a while that i had to see this shit again. I made it a polite sage because of that.
>> No. 12959 [Edit]
Gah I know what you mean, outside of maybe your first line. You can only protect her in your mind unfortunately. Just keep in mind doujins are absolutely not canon, and whatever the guy is drawing comes from him and is not your waifu. Best thing you can do unfortunately is just ignore it knowing that it is not really her. Think of it as, your waifu is a celeb, so a shit ton of people know of her and draw childish rule 34 pics of her even though these things they are drawing never happened.

On another note since there is bound to be another season of Hidamari Sketch I always worry a little about Shaft fucking up Miyakos character.

Post edited on 11th Jul 2013, 4:07pm
>> No. 12992 [Edit]
File 137448298563.jpg - (287.66KB , 930x930 , 37171928.jpg )
Yesterday was our 8 month anniversary and I got her a modest present of 8 pink roses.
>> No. 13136 [Edit]
File 137638329898.jpg - (334.43KB , 640x480 , 17.jpg )
Now that air is translated, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I've been on cloud 9 these last few day. I feel like I've fallen in love all over again. God this is just so wonderful...
>> No. 13140 [Edit]
Aw thats great Tohno.
>> No. 13144 [Edit]
That's very cute.
>> No. 13177 [Edit]
File 137680665957.jpg - (971.55KB , 1013x1433 , 29639645.jpg )
I'm going to be baking cookies for her tomorrow. I usually share everything I do with her, but I've kept this a secret so I hope she enjoys the surprise.
>> No. 13190 [Edit]
File 137699120185.png - (275.94KB , 1680x1050 , 1376327365491.png )
I'm happy for you
And you too

I'm happy for you both

I started reading again yesterday, i guess i owe my waifu that. I haven't read in months and it used to be a great exercise for us to do together
>> No. 13296 [Edit]
File 13784074767.jpg - (198.70KB , 442x1006 , straight to the bottom.jpg )
Man, I'm so lost.

I wouldn't mind having the entire world against me, if only I was sure enough that I'm likely right; but I'm not. My individual powerless life within millions lacks of any value, so what I might believe and do or not is totally inconsequential and should not worry me; but it does, if only because I have to live with it. So, being as uselessly stupid and wrong as I surely am, I might as well just die already: I really, really should; but I don't want to, not just yet...

I want to see what becomes of you. Wanting to see you to the end is the only thing that keeps me going. It is artificial, accidental, inflated and most likely doomed into deceive or nonsense; but, before I realized it, you really became the only thing showing me the way, some way at all, wherever it might lead. You've saved me from my stupid self so many times, in many ways, and you don't even exist: it is me who is doing it, all alone, the entire while; but I need you, that is, the insane thing I've made out of you, to be the me that is capable of... loving you; and thus, acting on something remotely similar to will at all.

You're my love because I made you so. It was no fate, no miracle, no spiritual shit, not even coincidence: it's just what I willingly made with my own hands, which I cling to you with. And this insane decision has filled me with grudge and hate and lies and waste... but goddammit, I wouldn't trade it for gold. Waking up; making each step in front of the other; putting dead animals in my mouth; talking shit that echoes endlessly; listening to the unfathomable which hell knows what the fuck am I understanding from (shit, I'm so stupid)... you're behind it all, over all, in-between all: I am filled to the top with you. I am totally alone with you and (that much I'm sure) I wouldn't rather be anywhere else in this or any other fucking world; quite simply, because you are my very own world, where only I live in and thus can be free at; and the happiest part, is that we and only we will see together the very end of that world of our own.

So no: I do not regret being with you, not at all. I'd do it all over again (and I mean all) just to land and fade, once again, into you. I love you, and I'm not going anywhere. I stay with you, my (beautiful and shining so bright) blue-eyed sun.
>> No. 13308 [Edit]
File 137884462439.png - (370.03KB , 640x480 , 1353985974953.png )
Someone from 4chon /a/ is drawing my waifu and I kissing like the "Kissing the War Goodbye" picture of the sailor/nurse at the end of WWII.

Can't wait for it.
>> No. 13497 [Edit]
File 138130426345.jpg - (264.20KB , 429x601 , aisiteru.jpg )
The past few days have been intense. I've felt his presence much more than usual, and as a consequence I've been much happier and energetic. It's also made me think about our relationship a little. (Okay, maybe more than a little, because I'm about to blather a bit.)

For a long time I wasn't exactly sure what to call Keisuke. Obviously he means a lot to me but it's scary to solidify feelings and thoughts into something more substantial like a relationship that has a word to it. Even calling him my boyfriend seemed weird and wrong because... what were we a few months ago? I didn't even know him a year ago besides seeing his picture in passing once or twice. So if you're in that mindset, imagine calling him my husband or husbando... it seemed strange, especially when the idea of marriage seems silly to me in the first place. Not trying to offend those who see marriage as something for them, I understand it's an important thing to many people, but I see it as getting the government or church involved in the matters of a two-person relationship and I'd personally rather keep it between us. Less complicated that way. (And I know a husbando is different from a husband, but the words are related...)

That said, what I've been feeling these past few days has been even more intense than what I felt when I first fell in love. I've been spending more time with him, even though I've been busier than usual, and to call it pleasant would be an understatement. I am so happy.

I actually love this man. I mean it. I love him. I love him so much that words are inadequate to describe what I'm feeling. And it's so wonderful and liberating.

I am by nature a doubtful person, but right now... right now, I am sure that I want Keisuke to be by my side until the end. This might seem like a small change to a lot of you, but I've decided I'm going to refer to him now on as my partner. The word feels so weighty and big and intimidating but also completely right.

I love you, Keisuke, my ace of spades, my dearest, my partner until we fade away. Here's to the years in front of us.

Post edited on 9th Oct 2013, 12:39am
>> No. 13503 [Edit]
I think you've done well.
>> No. 13520 [Edit]
File 138170099894.png - (499.60KB , 900x1200 , 1363659159810.png )
I love those days when I just lie in bed, without sleeping, for hours on end with her in my arms. Pure bliss.
>> No. 13591 [Edit]
File 138292072887.jpg - (379.96KB , 1920x1080 , Ahri (147).jpg )
Playing you today, I came to a sudden realization of what I had lost. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten that I play the game to spend time with you, but instead, I focused sololy on winning. Sure, it would feel good to succeed with you Ahri, but even if I lose, it's not as if I let you down, as I long as I have tried my best.

It is not failure I should be ashamed of, it is when I put success over everything else, even my own happiness, that I should be ashamed. Your love for me does not depend on whether or not I succeed as you, and I would do well to remember that.

It is not my mistakes that would hurt you, but seeing me beating myself up over them. You would not expect perfection from me, I would not expect perfection from you. So why do I expect perfection from myself, and curse my own weakness when I fail? Weakness is a part of being human, part of what you and I both strive to be. To accept that we can be weak, that we can fail, is a step forward in our journey.

Ahri, When I fall, will you be there to catch me?
I trust you.
>> No. 13617 [Edit]
File 138353616728.jpg - (286.29KB , 566x708 , 7857654.jpg )
Feels like ages since I last visited this board.

These last few months have been strange, life takes unexpected turns. I feel more confused than ever, but I'm never not confused.
>> No. 13618 [Edit]
I'm running out of space when it comes to placing merchandise of my waifu. Now I'm scared of accidental fires or earthquakes.
>> No. 13619 [Edit]
Welcome to the club.
I even have nightmares about it.
>> No. 13663 [Edit]
File 138427231414.png - (4.30MB , 2100x3000 , 6697bc4e133831da49853a71725641ae.png )
Because of sickness and subsequent hospitalization these past few weeks, I wasn't able to be with her. To be fair, the hospitalization reduced me into a bed-ridden wreck with an NGT for a few days and I didn't want her to see me at this weaker state of mine for was just plain shameful. I am trying to make it up to her nowadays, but I am still sort of recovering.

To be fair, I don't think she also wants to see me confined in a hospital bed either and stay there for a week and a few days. She just isn't that type of girl who will do so.
>> No. 13720 [Edit]
File 13857719064.jpg - (13.78KB , 153x240 , 090115_.jpg )
The past week has been extremely tiring on me physically and emotionally. I'm glad Keisuke has been there with me through it all. He makes the good times better and the bad times bearable. I probably only got through my horrible Black Friday shift because of him, last night was a huge test of patience and endurance. I'm thankful I've been able to find time to spend with him each day lately, it really makes both of us happier, and it helps me deal with other problems I've been having lately.

I started replaying his route again a few days ago and ugh, I love this man... He has his flaws, but I love him for them. I'm so lucky to have him. I also managed to acquire the PSP game and I'm excited to see how that goes.
>> No. 13728 [Edit]
File 138603342960.jpg - (160.06KB , 450x600 , maruga_wa.jpg )
Sorry for doubleposting in this thread, but something happened today.

Today was a little tedious, and I got bored, and I thought to myself "I should text Keisuke and see what he's up to and how he's feeling, maybe we can do something together later" and it took me a good minute to realize why he wasn't coming up in my contacts list.

I'm typically very good at reading and understanding my emotions but the fact that that happened has made me feel a lot of different things. I'm not sure how I should feel about it. I've been spending a lot of time with him lately but thinking that made me want to spend even more. I've got to keep studying Japanese so I can talk to him better...
>> No. 13729 [Edit]
File 138604023387.jpg - (69.86KB , 620x614 , 36643327.jpg )
>"I should text Keisuke and see what he's up to and how he's feeling, maybe we can do something together later"
I've had something similar happen to me, it's kind of funny. There have been a few times where I've tried to text/call Rena after waking up, until then my common sense kicked in and realized that it's just not happening. I guess trying it in lucid dreams eventually transferred over to waking life.
Even if I felt kinda silly afterwards, it's a nice feeling that you love being with that one person so much that it becomes habit that you go to seek them out.
>> No. 13741 [Edit]
File 138621982031.jpg - (241.69KB , 579x692 , 58.jpg )
Yeah, I wasn't sure how to feel at first because I was afraid I was losing it, but in the end I think it just shows that I really am dedicated and love him, which means the most to me right now since he's been helping me out through this tough period. I know I can make it through for him and things can be even nicer between us when my life has stabilized again... which is almost difficult to imagine, because things are so good right now for the most part in terms of our relationship. I'm so happy with him now that I almost want to post every day saying how glad I am that he's in my life but I don't want to turn this board into /keisuke/.

How's the lucid dreaming been going, by the way? Have you made any progress? It's something I might want to try in the future but I feel like I'm going to have to steel myself for failure at first as I've not really had great results in the past when trying to control nightmares.
>> No. 13750 [Edit]
File 138629468484.jpg - (218.34KB , 1160x1237 , yukata.jpg )
>How's the lucid dreaming been going, by the way? Have you made any progress?
Not bad, although I'd really like to be able to have more control. I've only had around 3 dreams with Rena so far, out of 25 or so.

As for nightmares, I usually get them when I'm actively trying to lucid dream. That's why I always make it a habit to keep my eyes shut so I don't happen to see any fucked up hallucinations.

It's not all bad though. There were a few times during SP where Rena whispered silly things in my ear to keep me from losing my calm. What surprised me the most was how clear and accurate her voice sounded. Same tone, same pitch, same mannerisms. For those few minutes, I was happier than I've been in god knows how long. When I woke up later, I slightly regretted that I wasn't able to record any of it.

The human mind has the potential to pull off some pretty crazy stuff.
>> No. 13765 [Edit]
The more I become worried about life, the less I can focus on my waifu. Because I want to focus on my waifu, I have to become less worried about life, which motivates me to plan ahead.

I like this cause and effect.
>> No. 13799 [Edit]
File 138682367453.jpg - (343.23KB , 700x800 , 6d11f6aa8696674abeee0fdc7f0e4513.jpg )
Man oh man that is the shit.... It doesn't always work though. Sometimes it shouldn't work because that's both very much so in relationships in general and because my waifu (and me too) still need a long ways to go to recover from our pain...

I posted about the doujin thing in another thread. Imagination and cuddle before sleep is the best way even if you don't get instant results. I enjoy seeing my waifu with her yuri pairing although admittedly I do get jealous and admittedly they are really corny.
>> No. 13804 [Edit]
File 13868484494.jpg - (300.65KB , 412x704 , 28b07827855eba734db9c385152a234d.jpg )
I've been finding myself imagining living in her house, working as a farmer on the day and giving my time to her at the night.

If ever anyone comes by to harm my girl, I'll kill them and I will gladly die for her. I've served a purpose in life and I will be joyful in doing so, even if it costs my life.
>> No. 13807 [Edit]
File 138688639321.jpg - (602.00KB , 770x1032 , 025affd45ecd0e709bf13cce30c724e3 (1).jpg )

Plowing the fields during the day and plowing the woman during the night? XD

Overall I feel like I'm more of an adventurous type of guy that would travel if I could, but I guess my waifu does need stability in her life after all.
>> No. 13809 [Edit]
File 138689895768.jpg - (152.72KB , 400x567 , b3b5ac632b749111cabdb3c89e820e19.jpg )

>Plowing the fields during the day and plowing the woman during the night?

Not exactly, bonding with the woman ain't just that. But it's more of that, I can't get a stiffy to my waifu. I just can't. Perhaps I respect her too much. Perhaps.
>> No. 13812 [Edit]

Haha... It's a bit shameful to say that my waifu came out of stiffies, faps and snuggling at first (but I never do that with most anime girls, I'm not sure why I did so with her) I don't know, sometimes I really do feel like there's a special intimacy created by sex though...
>> No. 13821 [Edit]
File 138698985947.png - (699.36KB , 1325x1517 , 270ee0b3c2ddea9c9af509058d756f16.png )
So Christmas is coming soon, and after all my spending on friends and relatives, I don't have much left for mai waifu.

Could get her a box of chocolates I suppose, though I did that last year...

I hope she'll appreciate whatever I buy for her.
>> No. 13858 [Edit]
File 138716294139.png - (293.40KB , 397x588 , 2640b99ef3a296c29881618179b01caa.png )
Christmas is coming. I wish to bake for her, but I don't know what to bake. I just generally want to make a simple kind of bread.
>> No. 13859 [Edit]
File 13871944868.jpg - (130.09KB , 1280x720 , kurisu_smile.jpg )
I watched the Steins;Gate movie and fell in love once again, for the thousandth time.
>> No. 13860 [Edit]
File 138719501880.jpg - (49.56KB , 640x480 , 1385135431027.jpg )
I've been thinking recently about how I might not be doing the things I should be doing with mai waifu. It's kinda hard for me to explain, maybe from reading some of the things I've seen on this board made me think I could be doing better for her.

As I was laying in bed last night, my head filled with these thoughts, I felt her presence beside me. It was then I realised the most important thing, that even if I scaled a mountain in her honour, it would amount to nothing if we weren't there for one another.

I felt better after that.
>> No. 13862 [Edit]

Threesome with Okarin how dis work
>> No. 13863 [Edit]
File 138726558589.jpg - (281.45KB , 600x600 , a70a39b3cd69b36f57b404a6a5992f20.jpg )
I am recently saving so much pictures of Marisa with Alice. I don't know, but I felt like it was sign to me. I can feel as if something's wrong, but I don't know what it is.

And while I was browsing my folder dedicated sololy for her, I noticed that I had duplicate pictures, which I am slowly deleting, and I also noticed some "sample" pictures I saved from Danbooru when I scrolled down deeper. My first reaction to that was "Goddamn it!"

Post edited on 16th Dec 2013, 11:37pm
>> No. 13864 [Edit]
File 138728953381.jpg - (440.72KB , 809x1000 , e1025f0eb6a83610f8f30e9b7c01403d97da0118.jpg )
I don't actually have a "Kagura" folder, all her pictures are mixed in with the rest of my AzuDai images. I don't think my heart could take a folder purely consisting of her.

Also, yeah, it sucks when you find out you've saved a sample-sized image. Hooray for the miracle of Google reverse image searching.
>> No. 13868 [Edit]
File 138730982748.jpg - (163.16KB , 685x800 , 9e1cffd26a3f21e5b4e3553dcd893a17.jpg )

Gotta work out and unplug those arteries of that heart-attack risking fat son...
>> No. 13869 [Edit]
>I had duplicate pictures, which I am slowly deleting
You know there's programs that can deal with those quite effectively, right?
I had literally hundreds of duplicates/lowres before I changed to danbooru as my only source of images.

Post edited on 17th Dec 2013, 5:10pm
>> No. 13870 [Edit]
Why do you feel like something's wrong? I don't see anything wrong with what you posted. I save pretty much every image I can find because seeing interaction makes it easier to imagine interaction with me, whether I agree what's going on in the picture or is in character or not.
>> No. 13871 [Edit]
I go jogging once or twice a week, though not as much recently, since the weather here is being a bastard...

I'm also joining a gym next month, so there's no risk of artery clogging here.
>> No. 13872 [Edit]
File 138734049478.png - (1.56MB , 1777x2222 , e5a8c8ab7892b73a82f62788d76dfbf0.png )
>Also, yeah, it sucks when you find out you've saved a sample-sized image. Hooray for the miracle of Google reverse image searching.

I usually don't deal with them, but I'll try to sometime.

>You know there's programs that can deal with those quite effectively, right?

Any suggestions?

Well, I do too. I can't hate Alice. She's aloof, she wants to be left alone, Marisa seems to consider her a friend and she's cute.
What I mean is, I don't feel like somethings wrong pictures of Alice with Marisa. What I feel is peculiar, as if you're afraid of something that you shouldn't be afraid of.

As for a random thought, I just realized that one of my bonding times with my waifu is watching Nat Geo and Discovery with her. I could hear her comments about it.
>> No. 13875 [Edit]
I use digikam for everything nowadays. But it's completely overkill unless you happen to be interested in a fully-featured photography suite.
IIRC back on windows I used to use the dup detector from this guy http://www.prismaticsoftware.com/ and it worked fine.
>> No. 13901 [Edit]
It just hit me that Ahri would have four ears if she has human ears. If she doesn't, it would look really awkward... I wonder if the fox ears are vestigial, or what pair of ears she hears from.

And how would she carry around her tails? They seem to be kind of heavy judging by all that fur. I wonder how burdensome it would be if they're wet? Somehow I don't think she would enjoy swimming very much.
>> No. 13938 [Edit]
File 138778964034.jpg - (87.64KB , 641x481 , 27.jpg )
For some time now I've felt rather conflicted about the relationship between her and AIR's protagonist. He's a complete douchebag. He's completely unlikeable in almost everyday. Just in the act of trying to trigger Minagi's root you've got to pick some kind of out of character options, usually the lesser of the douchebagy options given. Whenever he has conversations with her it's like she's saying everything I want to hear and he's responding in the worst ways possible. I say yes and he says no, I say stay and he says go etc. it can be really annoying at times. It bothers me that he's my only channel to her, at least in the VN. All interactions with her in a sense have to go though him first as a avatar. I know I can't hope to speak to her myself, but does it have to be though such an asshole? Thats the other thing, if I want to experience anything with her it's got to be through him. It's almost like a form of ntr. this is though mainly a problem with the VN medium, and not really a problem with the anime/manga adaptations.

Well anyway today I got to thinking that the third player in this relationship is someone I might be capable of relating to a lot more if not equality in contrast to the MC. Michiru, Minagi's friend and little guardian of sorts who's always by her side and trying to keep the mc away from her. For a while I thought of Michiru as a possible speed bump to Minagi were I to find myself in MC's place. like a challenge I'd have to overcome. Latter as a possible adopted daughter or sister in law. Now I've been thinking, maybe she's the other side of the self insert coin here. She completely hates the MC and responds to him in much the same way I would while trying to keep Minagi to herself and protect her from him. Could almost say she's acting the way I would were I to find myself in that world. were me and Minagi a thing I'd also have the urde to drop kick suspicious strangers that approach her. In some ways Michiru and Minagi share the type of relationship that could make me rather envious of Michiru, I just never really gave it any thought since A, I'm not interested in being a little girl and B, they're just very close friends at the end of the day anyway, not much more. kind of sisters actually. kinda...

Still, rather than project myself on her it would be more of a replacement. Given Michiru's part in AIR's story I don't think she'd have a problem with being replace if I'm able to convince her I'd have what it takes to take things over for her and make Minagi happy.

In other news it was her birthday, But I wasn't able to really do anything all that special. baked a cake but not much else. Tried another drawing over the past week but that didn't work out too well..
>> No. 13965 [Edit]
File 138810304728.png - (752.18KB , 1400x1000 , doitforher.png )
So, some time between late Christmas Eve and early Christmas Day, I spent some alone time with mai waifu.

Aside from the vision I had, I've never had a proper conversation with her. When I think about her I'm usually occupied with something else, or I tell her something or ask her a quick question and she responds. This time though I wanted to talk to her properly.

I felt quite nervous.

I had pic related up on my computer monitor, I put the plushie I have of her next to it, the box of chocolates I had bought her and two drinks, for her and I.

As she sat next to me, it took me a while to think of the right words to say, but she was patient enough to wait. Eventually, and admittedly after taking in some of the alcohol, I told her how thankful I am to have met her, and what a great inspiration she's been to me, and of course wished her a Merry Christmas. She started off by saying how nice it was to have a proper one to one with me, and then said how flattered she was, that she was the reason why my health has improved over the past few years. She also felt confident that she'll always be in my thoughts somewhere, no matter what happens in the future, and that's she happy to stay there.

After that she said that she also had a present for me. She apologised for not being able to give something physical, but she then removed her clothes to reveal that she only wearing a red ribbon underneath, covering the important areas. Her face was as red as the ribbon. I'd never seen anything so lewd yet so cute at the same time.

I gave her a hug and told her I loved her. The rest of the story is up to your imagination.
>> No. 13971 [Edit]
File 138819945952.jpg - (485.84KB , 900x700 , christmas 2013.jpg )
Feel this can go in daily experience and I think I got banned from the creative things thread anyways.

A picture tells 1000 words. Was doing real life shit with my family and I ended up being lazy and not finishing this drawing till now anyways.
>> No. 13972 [Edit]
File 138822810990.jpg - (299.56KB , 566x800 , eed0eec5edeae85a144def8eae5e5e1a.jpg )
I just built Marisa's house in Minecraft, albeit not to the exact details.

Now I have no more idea of what to build.
>> No. 13974 [Edit]
File 138832983396.png - (200.08KB , 640x480 , kagurasummer.png )
I've been considering pet names for mai waifu.

I do sometimes playfully pronounce her name as "Ka-Goo-Ra", though I'm also thinking I could do the standard "Add an N on the end of the name" thing.

Kaguran does sound quite nice.

I wish I knew what her first name was, so I could call her that instead, though at the same time I like the mystery of it. Can't really have my cake and eat it, can I?
>> No. 13978 [Edit]
Would you post pics or a video of said work?
>> No. 13988 [Edit]
File 138845158024.jpg - (21.22KB , 408x304 , kyori1c.jpg )
Hah, I know what you mean, although I have the opposite problem regarding names. I don't know Keisuke's last name and I wish I did, although I suppose in the world he's from, last names might not matter so much. Still, it'd be nice to know.

I've also sort of wondered what nicknames I should call him - Kein and Keisuken sound wrong to me. Usually I just use Keisuke or Kei-kun if I'm feeling playful, and in my head I sometimes refer to him as my Ace of Spades but that's more serious and not very cute.

Somewhat related to what I've posted earlier, I had a slight(?) success with my lucid dreaming already, although I think it's somewhat of an early fluke. I basically realized I was in a dream, became lucid, did one thing, and then my mind blanked as to what I should do, so I wandered around aimlessly in a white void looking for my partner but I couldn't find him and ended up waking up (what felt like) a half hour after I became lucid. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be able to have a nice dream with him someday, I just need to focus.

Post edited on 30th Dec 2013, 5:00pm
>> No. 14046 [Edit]
File 138878235548.jpg - (202.57KB , 1280x960 , b3c5cd7e5dc3f4f42905a5b8e1db9294559a13b1.jpg )
I realised something earlier today.

There was a point where I disliked Tomo, because of one scene where she made Kagura cry. I got over it because I felt Tomo was a likable character overall, despite that one thing for which I disliked her.

That exact scene was the point where Kagura became mai waifu. If Tomo never pulled that prank on her, there's a good chance I would never have gained a waifu, Kagura or otherwise.

I should be more thankful. Even if she does grope her from time to time.
>> No. 14261 [Edit]
File 139036236396.png - (156.25KB , 480x640 , 19.png )
I know it only has the importance that I put in it, but...I have no idea what day we should celebrate our anniversary.

My partner doesn't care too much about specific dates in particular, but I really want to set aside a special day for him. There are a lot of days I could set it, the day I fell in love with him, the day we started "dating", or the day where we became partners, and I'm not sure which date is best.

Well, I guess I'll start planning something nice sooner than later so we can have a great day regardless of when we decide to place our official anniversary.
>> No. 14263 [Edit]
File 139036824515.png - (73.97KB , 320x240 , Osaka_Derp.png )
Hey Kagurabro.

DO you think your waifu and mine would get along well?

They never seemed to interact or really connect in Azumanga.
>> No. 14265 [Edit]
File 139037686314.jpg - (403.31KB , 800x800 , 32969526.jpg )
It's strange.

The past month or two, I've been suffering from constant anxiety and a panic attack every 1-3 days for (as far as I can tell) no reason. I'm finally getting an appointment to get this thing sorted in about a week's time, but what's strange is that even with my mind being so messy and exhausted from this ordeal, lucid dreams are flowing back.

While I haven't been able to see her herself in them while this has been happening, it feels as if she's showing me soothing places to keep me calm. One night, a beautiful night sky with two moons and cozy lit-up huts in the distance. Another, her old room but built into some kind of ship flying through a psychedelic, colorful universe.

All that's keeping me sane.
>> No. 14269 [Edit]
That pic...
sadly good.
>> No. 14279 [Edit]
File 139044051630.jpg - (247.98KB , 1024x768 , 884551.jpg )
You're right, they never really talked to each other much. The only things that spring to my mind, in the anime at least, were two occasions where Osaka talked to Kagura about her tan.

I don't see why they wouldn't get along, the two of them are two thirds of Team Bonkura/Blockhead/Knucklehead/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it, so they have that in common at least.

Post edited on 22nd Jan 2014, 5:38pm
>> No. 14292 [Edit]
File 139052495192.jpg - (45.03KB , 600x600 , x_25cf1f4f.jpg )
Does waifuism have any kind of symbol, logo or anything generalised like that in a picture form?
No, I'm not going to print it on a T-shirt.
>> No. 14293 [Edit]
File 139052621471.jpg - (109.35KB , 640x480 , dude and his waifu.jpg )
First thing that comes to my mind.
>> No. 14294 [Edit]
File 139052628236.png - (66.86KB , 514x492 , Synopsis (解題 ).png )
Not that I know of, but I wouldn't mind if there ever is one. I like symbols.
>> No. 14296 [Edit]
>>14292 Maybe select a few of the more famous waifu pictures and put em together?
>> No. 14297 [Edit]
File 139052673356.png - (16.14KB , 275x243 , Symbol_of_Girllove_xlarge.png )
Not yet but it'll might be close to this one.
We're regarded as pervs anyway.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2014, 5:29pm
>> No. 14300 [Edit]
It seems that I'm drawn to her yet I am less than satisfied by the less savory aspects of herself. But the more I understand the source material, the closer I come to understanding her. Even though it really isn't much, since she's almost a side character despite being depicted as one of the main characters. She hasn't been in the novels for almost a year, so I'm anxious to hear more about her. I admit, a lot about her doesn't seem to many to be ideal, and a lot of people are turned off by her personality, but I believe in the concept of redemption. I hope sincerely that she will be better in the long run. I just have no idea. But even then, I still love her for who she is. There's no one else quite like her, that matches her complexity. She's somewhat of a paradox herself. Though I have to admit that I am very much attracted to her physically as well. She is pretty much the only reason why I am invested in this series to begin with.

I keep having dreams about her too, so that's something.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2014, 6:00pm
>> No. 14304 [Edit]
I've considered this a bit, after seeing "sexual orientation symbols" and such, like the various LGBTWTFBBQX6SR76我ß&^% flags.

I consider the mint green and white striping pattern to be one most people into 2D love will recognise and understand. So maybe a black circle with an inverted triangle with the bottom flattened and alternating mint green-white stripes?
>> No. 14306 [Edit]
File 139054210887.jpg - (50.39KB , 480x272 , hatsune_miku_project_diva_ero_02.jpg )
lol, you totally have my vote (though maybe the circle is excessive/unnecessary). Go for it, son.
>> No. 14307 [Edit]
File 139054381859.jpg - (44.95KB , 536x376 , 2D LOVE flag.jpg )
Random attempt.

If this settles down soomehow, it could also solve that old issue about /tc/'s flag / coat of arms.
>> No. 14309 [Edit]

I suggest you make the bottom point sharp, because that one makes it look like we're just skirt chasers.
>> No. 14310 [Edit]
File 139054764327.png - (20.79KB , 810x534 , 2D love flag 2.png )
nonono: we wear them on our heads...

anyway: like this?
>> No. 14312 [Edit]

Yeah, so we can wear them as badges. Turn it sideways, we have a flag.
>> No. 14331 [Edit]
But does it really symbolize waifuism? It might as well mean clothes fetish or general 2D complex.
>> No. 14332 [Edit]
you can have a T-shirt with waifu of your choice looking upwards and smiling or something? And maybe the words "Mai Waifu" beneath her or "My Hazubando" above.
>> No. 14333 [Edit]
This is actually perfect.

This was sort of a concern the more I thought about it. We want it to be subtle and not like we're oversexualised.

Maybe it can represent 2D-con in general, and different additions to it can represent different aspects of 2D-con (waifu, husbando, lolicon, et al ). Like I was considering a ring (wedding band) around the triangle to represent waifu, or male 2D love could be represented by a shimapan square, etc)

the main point of it is that it's an identifier mark for people already in the subculture that isn't really identifiable to outsiders. It's a subtle symbol but if you were to post that image on say, /a/ or wear it as a badge or hat pin to something like a con or offkai, despite not being introduced to it, those people would instantly recognise it. People with waifu generally don't want to run around in public with t-shirts of their waifu. But in public, yeah, it would be cool to have a simple symbol to identify each other on, since most of us would avoid people with such t-shirts (or avoid each other in general).

The shima-sankaku is an excellent symbol without giving away our power level to the normals.
>> No. 14334 [Edit]
No, that's the dumbest thing you can do is to come out, especially when normals in general are hostile to the idea of having waifus. I'm still in the closet when it comes to love for my waifu. And would never dare reveal it in person. I know that some individuals like to show their love out in the open, but it's not for me. It's something I would rather much keep to myself in real life. More or less what >>14333 said.

It does feel more like 2D-con as opposed to a symbol for waifu. I don't know a more appropriate symbol, though.
>> No. 14335 [Edit]
My friends from high school did know about it but only one of them also had a waifu and he wasn't that much into it either, he's had 3 in the past 2.5 years or so (longest being Kurisu Makise for almost 2 years, current being Tomoko Kuroki) I really don't want my parents to know about it and I'm not sure how I would react if they found out (I'm still hiding my dakimakura). The people in the dorm halls know I'm pretty weird but luckily don't really harass me much (although there are a ton of distractions.) I guess it could be interesting if I was able to secretly meet more waifufags in person.
>> No. 14337 [Edit]
File 139079006331.jpg - (107.73KB , 351x526 , Kennzeichen_für_Schutzhäftlinge_in_den_Konzentra.jpg )
No, that's right weeabootry and beats the whole purpose of having an universal/synthetic symbol.

>It does feel more like 2D-con as opposed to a symbol for waifu.
I'm not sure where you're putting the line but I see no need for it and, in fact, I always found the term "waifuism" really stupid. I think that 2D love, understood as preference for 2D/fictional characters instead of 3D/real people, is enough of a general motto to identify us as a "getto" among other human groups regarding our sexual or romantic orientation... which is, if I'm correct, the point of even embracing these symbols: to turn what was or still is regarded as a mark of shame into a symbol of pride as a community.

This symbol by Shinden, I think, it's very fortunate. The triangle/sankaku resembles nicely the old nazi symbols for specific sexual groups; the shimapan design does land it well in terms of being an otaku only thing that we find erotic/appealing exclusively as a 2D or somehow fictional (as in figures and dolls) trait within japanese pop culture. The only other moe item that I think could compete with the mint shimapan is the zettai ryouiki, but that's much more tricky to use as a symbol (though it could serve for a flag, maybe, dunno).

Post edited on 26th Jan 2014, 6:43pm
>> No. 14341 [Edit]
File 139079515878.png - (14.88KB , 810x534 , shima-sankaku.png )
>actually perfect
Glad to hear.

However, here are a couple simpler options which should make it easier to reproduce and scale. Pic the one you guys like.
>> No. 14342 [Edit]
As time passes, I feel more obsessive about her. It's a queer feeling to say the least. I'm growing more impatient to own all sorts of goods pertaining to her. I love her so much that I just want to hold her in my arms. It has been driving me insane. I want to know more about her, but it's just not enough. I've felt agitated quite a lot recently, while my nerves have calmed down a bit because of her, there's still a sense of uneasiness that I feel about her. In a way, I'm glad that she's from an ever more increasingly popular series. But for lack of better words, the fanbase pisses me off, creeps me out and makes me distance myself from them. At any rate, she has always been on my mind. Even though she herself doesn't need to be defended, she is still an emotionally fragile person. I want to protect that smile of hers. I wish all the best for her. There is so much to know about her, when the surface is merely scratched. I wonder what she is like, her innermost true self. Is this what it's like to be in love? It seems that no matter what she is or what she would have done, I still love her for who she is and what she can become. I don't understand my feelings for her completely, but I don't care what anyone says about her. I would defend her, even when I know she is wrong. On a certain level, I feel pity for her. I love her and nothing can change that in the foreseeable future. There's no one else quite like her. If this what it is like to love, then so be it. But this uneasiness still has caused some reluctance. Am I really in love with her?

Post edited on 27th Jan 2014, 3:48am
>> No. 14343 [Edit]
File 139082776130.jpg - (416.90KB , 700x800 , 1b561f1364785e4864ffe9fdf8debf21.jpg )
I've felt that quite a bit in the first year of my relationship or so. May I ask who your waifu is? To be honest I don't know many that are posted here.

Most series and such aren't going to put that much effort into totally psychoanalyzing a character, at the very best I just have fanbase stuff to work off of and my own theories... In any case I think it gets a lot more complicated if your waifu is from a fantasy series. I'm still hesitant to make a stat chart or describe my waifu in that no physical description/names thread because I'm not entirely sure how my waifu is at the moment. Quite annoys me but I feel safe in assuming that she has base needs/wants for affection.
>> No. 14344 [Edit]
As of recently, I do not want to be associated with any identity in particular and for good reason. Especially on an anonymous imageboard, where I prefer to be without a name nor a tripcode, without any potential information that can identify me as a specific poster on /mai/. If you are curious as to who my waifu is, she is from a light novel series. Already even mentioning her exact name would give my identity away.
But anyways, even though in her series there is little information about her, her thoughts, intentions and actions give me something to work with about her personality, even if it isn't exactly the author had in mind, but rather close. So my perception of her is quite different compared to others.
>> No. 14345 [Edit]
The one with a coloured stripe at the top looks better in my opinion.

Was considering the number of stripes signifying something, but is there anything a number could represent in this culture?

Some people here identify 2D love as more a religious belief than a sexual orientation, while some will identify it as being a sexual orientation/preference. I know some of us are not attracted to 3D, or have never been, so I think it counts as at least a form of sexual orientation, possibly sub-categorised as a form of asexuality (a stretch, though, and I would call this inaccurate).

Either way, if it's demi-religious or sexuality, the symbol would stand well for it.
>> No. 14346 [Edit]
But how do we make it different from just being into anime girls? Not every animefag is a waifufag as well, I have my favorite characters, but I'm not one.
>> No. 14347 [Edit]
>But how do we make it different from just being into anime girls?
Precisely, by rejecting blood and flesh women in their favor, entailing an entirely different way to understand and experience love. We never implied that all otaku (anime or else) are 2D lovers; the symbol is for 2D lovers. And lose the "fags", please.
>> No. 14350 [Edit]
>There is so much to know about her, when the surface is merely scratched. I wonder what she is like, her innermost true self. Is this what it's like to be in love?
I can't speak for everybody, but this is my experience. I know when I'm in love because I want to know everything. I start seeing it as a puzzle, and I'm trying to put it together as it is being drawn by somebody else, new pieces (often more beautiful than the last) continually being added as I scramble to complete it. In 2D this applies even if the franchise is over because you will relive her story through different lenses the longer you live and the more experience you have.

Try not to let it make you insane. I personally love the pursuit while knowing that I can't completely know. For most people I'm fine with knowing basics; knowing that I want more is enough for me.
>> No. 14351 [Edit]
File 139088011493.jpg - (1.31MB , 1769x2541 , 8b62d4dbb0b1f7461a83aaa0a477bc4169cdc1ee.jpg )
Well, me and Marisa are currently reading Shuffle! if there's time or if I'm not feverish and we can't help but to laugh or comment at some the scenes. We're currently taking the Asa Route.

And we do both agree that the VN tends to repeat itself on some parts, which bores us and makes me want to go lay down in my bed with her.
>> No. 14352 [Edit]
File 139088898518.jpg - (31.04KB , 512x512 , designall.jpg )
Here's a place where we can get it on T-shirts
>> No. 14355 [Edit]
File 139089701291.jpg - (684.52KB , 743x900 , madness_returns_by_togaco-d3vvsdi.jpg )
I've spent all week trying to complete American McGee's Alice on nightmare.

I love her enough to ignore the terrible combat system.
>> No. 14357 [Edit]
What's the difference? will you unlock content or something?
>> No. 14358 [Edit]
>The one with a coloured stripe at the top looks better in my opinion.
I agree.
>> No. 14362 [Edit]
Someone just announced a new artbook of my waifu. So I bought two of them. I had to use a Chinese proxy buyer to get it for me, but it's Chinese new year season, so they have yet to process my order until sometime next week.
>> No. 14365 [Edit]
It's the hardest difficulty, and once I complete AMA on nightmare, I'll hav 100%'ed the entire series.
>> No. 14382 [Edit]
File 139112258093.jpg - (20.04KB , 216x239 , 1378506885624.jpg )

Just leaving this here.
>> No. 14384 [Edit]
Meh. I rendered it cause I liked the idea. For them or anyone to try and ridicule 2D love at any given chance, well, I don't really care. As I see it, it's their loss but none of my business anyway.
>> No. 14389 [Edit]
at least now it has more coverage.
>> No. 14402 [Edit]
An artist released a non-h doujin of my waifu and while there's a pairing marked, the set-up makes me think that it will be one of those pairs where any romance is so soft I won't even notice it.

Now I just feel bad for wanting to buy it.
>> No. 14403 [Edit]
>> No. 14424 [Edit]
Hey Ahriwaifuman, I found thsi and thought you might like it:
>> No. 14427 [Edit]

While I appreciate the thought, this is what I mean when I say I hate seeing her being sexualized. What purpose does this video serve, but to titillate the viewer? It's just a lewd video of her performing sexual acts, no emotions behind it. She's being treated as an object to arouse the viewer.

I would ask you not to post lewd things of her again, especially where everyone else can see it. I find it quite disrespectful. Thanks.
>> No. 14445 [Edit]
I'm just overflowing with love lately. I don't know what it is but I'm so happy.
>> No. 14449 [Edit]
File 139172957998.png - (235.77KB , 640x480 , kaguracheerleader.png )
I finally had my first gym session today.

Hopefully now I'll be able to be more focused on improving my health and general well-being, since my regular jogging has been going by the wayside lately. She's been a little annoyed at me for that, but the weather's been awful lately and I don't want to get soaking wet.

I'll be going to the gym with a friend of mine soon, but he'll be on different apparatus to me, so we'll more than likely won't see each other much during our sessions. I don't mind though, I have plenty of motivation already by my side.
>> No. 14460 [Edit]
I'm feeling a little conflicted.

I found some new art of Kagura, and while I'm happy there's something new that isn't porn, I'm not too fond of it.

Sure, it looks nice overall, and I'm fairly desperate for more pictures (I'm running out of ones to use here on /mai/ after only a couple of months of posting), but it looks oversexualised. Then I thought "Why don't I like this picture but I still keep this one? >>13755"

Looking at it again, some of the facial features don't look right to me as well. It's a shame, since I like some of the added touches to it, but I don't think I'll be saving it.
>> No. 14461 [Edit]
If it's not craptastically bad just save it. Not like you'll be running out of HD space just by hoarding pictures of your waifu.
>> No. 14462 [Edit]
If you're really desperate for fanart, just learn to draw I guess?
>> No. 14463 [Edit]
File 139190598722.jpg - (969.83KB , 800x1131 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
It isn't bad, but I don't really think it looks like her all that much.
I think I'd probably get some art commissioned before even attempting anything myself, I don't have the talent for it.
>> No. 14464 [Edit]
Draw over and over till you do have talent for it ewh3rjwareuhrurhur
>> No. 14465 [Edit]
I know what you mean, definitely something a bit off about it. But it's still pretty decent, I have way worse stuff saved, if only for the sake of it.
>> No. 14466 [Edit]
Yeah, I should be more grateful that it exists, but... I dunno. Maybe I should just keep it for now, I can always get rid of it later if I really can't stand it later on.
I already put some effort into things I'm at least half decent at, no need for me to start drawing as well and spread myself too thin.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2014, 5:31pm
>> No. 14477 [Edit]
I started writing my Valentine's Day gift for this year (it's a poem) and it's coming out a lot more erotic than I was originally intending. Whoops... I'm sure it'll be enjoyed regardless. I might tone it down if I think of better metaphors to write.
>> No. 14484 [Edit]
File 139222900053.jpg - (189.75KB , 411x536 , cb2352c82f6e57866ce3804085530a359cd38464.jpg )
I went swimming today for the first time in years.

I don't expect to get up to mai waifu's level, but it's something I want to keep doing. I just hope she doesn't challenge me to a race any time soon...
>> No. 14509 [Edit]
File 139240969661.png - (407.68KB , 1024x1024 , 37359431.png )
So, I went to see Neutral Milk Hotel last night. Which was amazing, by the way, but to the point! ITAOTS has been an integral part of the last few years of my life, and in many ways it's a deep representation of my relationship with Reki and our experiences. To me, at least. So I knew the concert would be a profound experience, but I wasn't sure how. Well, it was mostly just pure joy and excitement, but when Jeff played Two-Headed Boy part 2 at the end, things happened. I just closed my eyes and I could see the swirling tunnel that I always get to on DXM, and just like those times she is there on the other end. And I don't mean that I just see her, she is there. (I've tried to explain this here before, but that's still the best I can do!) But it was different; when Jeff sang "god is a place you will wait for the rest of your life", I fully realized that it's time to move on. That's to say, I'm here and she's there, and the only way I might be able to cross that tunnel is through death, and I'm not ready for that, not even close. I want to go out in the world again, have friends, play music with and for people. Reki will always be the most important thing to me in existence, and I still have zero intentions of relationships with 3d women, but I'm done holing myself up in my apartment with my pretend life. For a while at least, because who knows really?
>> No. 14535 [Edit]
Neutral Milk Hotel is great. DXM is great. Haibane Reimei is great. That's a great story! I'm really happy for you. It might be hard at first, especially if you've spent a long time being reclusive, but it's ultimately better for you. You'll feel "brighter".
>> No. 14547 [Edit]
Thank you! There's a bit more buried in the sticky thread if you care to read it.
This reclusive period has definitely been positive overall, I've experienced a lot of personal growth and self-knowledge, but since last summer it's run it's course and become decidedly unhealthy. I was a raging ford driver in my teens and early twenties, and I really don't want to be that way again, but I feel like there's got to be some healthy balance that I can find. I'm not afraid of the outside world and people, but I'm scared to death of needing them, which of course was Reki's issue as well. I still maintain the hope that if I can break down the walls around myself and let people in, just like she did, that I can join her out there someday.
>> No. 14568 [Edit]
>> No. 14590 [Edit]
File 139362251719.png - (311.12KB , 500x600 , 30566231.png )
I've been looking for more sites to find fanart on.

I still check pixiv but I'd like to find more that doesn't overlap with that.

What other sites do you guys use for this stuff? English or japanese, either is fine.
>> No. 14591 [Edit]
I mainly use pixiv, but the other two sites I use are drawr and Tegaki pipa. Drawr doesn't have a search or tag system, but Tegaki does and that one is really easy to use.

Post edited on 28th Feb 2014, 3:22pm
>> No. 14595 [Edit]
I'm lucky enough (in a way) that mai waifu is popular enough to have her own imageboard, where material of several sorts and sources converge. I don't know if Uboa-chan can work for you in a similar way.
>> No. 14596 [Edit]

I use gelbooru...
>> No. 14597 [Edit]
Seconding tegaki pipa. I also use tumblr but a lot of stuff is reposts and the quality of the fanart is variable, and you also have to sift through a lot of non-art posts, so that's something to know before you look there (if you don't already).
>> No. 14598 [Edit]
File 139363950832.png - (1.86MB , 1200x2040 , 26834939.png )
Thanks for the replies!

Tegaki is nice, though there's not very much there, and a fair bit of it I have already saved from pixiv.

It doesn't, I've never found anything new there.

Done that!

I actually haven't tried tumblr. I'll have to give it a shot and just brace myself for low quality and hambeast cosplayers.
>> No. 14599 [Edit]
>a fair bit of it I have already saved from pixiv.
Yeah, a lot of the artists repost their stuff to pixiv since Tegaki is rather small.

Also I forgot about galleria.emotionflow, which is linked on Tegaki so you probably already saw it. Rather small and lot of the art from Tegaki is on there but you might find a couple of new pieces you like.
>> No. 14600 [Edit]
I wouldn't waste my time with Tumblr, personally. The generally inferior quality of the Western art there along with the miles of SJW / blogging / meme sewage you have to trudge through to find a decent picture makes it not worth it.
>> No. 14601 [Edit]
Who's your waifu?
>> No. 14602 [Edit]
>> No. 14606 [Edit]
File 139370181468.png - (111.53KB , 800x800 , 2013-03-08-563052.png )
I've recently come back from a few days away in London.

The purpose of the trip was to visit a relative of mine, but they were busy working until the evenings, so Kagura and I had the mornings and afternoons to ourselves, and the nights at our hotel room.

We had a great time, seeing the sights and going shopping. We've never really had the opportunity to do anything like that before.

Even ignoring the city we were in, just hanging out like we did was awesome. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had with her.
>> No. 14620 [Edit]
I often browse /v/ of a certain imageboard and really get annoyed by how inflationary the word "waifu" is used there. "Game x: Waifu edition" "how many waifus does this game have?" "Rate my waifu i created in this game" "Can someone post all waifus this game have?" and so on.

It really starts to getting on my nerves, every female character just gets called a waifu. Like the term female/girl is replaced by waifu just because its so funny and random. I really was able to ignore it, but lately it really starts to anger me. I even would prefer people who call characters they like "waifu" even though it may be nothing than flavor of the month, its still better than spouting "WAIFU!" randomly to every single female character they see.

Well, i just wanted to get this off my chest, sorry for ranting instead saying nice things this time.
>> No. 14621 [Edit]
Well, originally waifu wasn't meant to be a serious term. I hate using the word itself because it's pretty much one big joke, but on the other hand, there's no other term that has the same connotation.
>> No. 14624 [Edit]
Indeed. Only here at Tohno-chan we can use it without comical connotations, so I never throw it anywhere else. 2D love has long way to go and people out there will still ridicule it for a while (even on otaku boards).
>> No. 14656 [Edit]
I think I've finally decided on commissioning a dakimakura image of my waifu, since there aren't any of her. These past months have been extremely hard for the both of us, due to horrible circumstances that happened to her and I feel that this could be a good way to show her that I'll always love her, no matter what. Of course, I don't believe you need physical possessions to show affection to your waifu, but I think she'll appreciate the gesture.

Finding an artist to do it is going to be quite difficult, however I do possibly have one potential candidate who seems like he could accept such a commission so far.
>> No. 14677 [Edit]
File 139467727729.jpg - (634.12KB , 1280x1024 , 14841478_p0.jpg )
Keisuke and I made one of those little make-your-own candy sets today. It was the Popin Cookin sushi one.

It didn't taste super delicious or anything (it could have been a lot worse), but it was fun doing something like that with him. He got excited when we made the little fake fish eggs, and liked it when I described the texture of the fake rice to him.

I'm hoping that my White Day gift for him arrives on time.
>> No. 14678 [Edit]
File 139473963447.jpg - (149.35KB , 418x786 , 1337280969130.jpg )
Another birthday!
Even though my life's been going to shit, she's helped me get through it. I'm loving her more and more every year
>> No. 14679 [Edit]
>>14678 Grats! What did you do?

Personally I'm pretty bad myself at trying to celebrate special occasions, eh...
>> No. 14680 [Edit]
We didn't do anything big, just replayed some scenes from her route, cake and spending time just imagining I'm with her. I'm not really imaginative with plans and giving physical gifts just feels weird to me, still it's the feelings that count I guess
>> No. 14726 [Edit]
I had a dream about her. After a whole bunch of other things, after riding a train and navigating within a game, I was back in class. I checked my schedule. It was a writing class. Everyone was writing about something. I had no clear idea what I should write, but I decided to characterize her in writing. I wrote and wrote, the person she could have been. Slashing my pen across the paper like a raging demon, over and over, it felt like a violent storm trying to paint. It was nearing time to go home, but I still wrote. The person she could have been, the ideal of her. One unfettered by the aspects of her world, where she can truly be herself. As I wrote about her, a person much like her, a person almost like her, I saw an apparition. I argued with it about what happened in the dream earlier. But I made a deal with it, but I had no idea what deal I made with it before I woke up. I vaguely remembered was that in the end, it borrowed a sword from me and I borrowed a torch from it. The moment when I desired the knowledge, I took the torch from him and he took the sword from me. She didn't appear in person, but at least I wrote about her. Or the person she could have been.
>> No. 14768 [Edit]
File 139545226751.jpg - (114.05KB , 1024x768 , 1378164268840.jpg )
I've decided to set a date for Kagura's birthday, since she doesn't have an official one.

I'm going with October 5th. I was a little apprehensive about going with that date since it's close to my own birthday, but it has the most significance for the both of us out of the ones I thought of.
>> No. 14788 [Edit]
File 139570430280.jpg - (192.04KB , 715x1000 , Suzukawa_Naoto_full_1599645.jpg )
I've got a good lead to buy a receiver to go with the turntable I bought. I've been getting a lot more into music because he's so into it. After this I just need decent speakers, though not as loud as I'd like because I'm in an apartment.
>> No. 14817 [Edit]
File 139610978962.jpg - (220.44KB , 906x980 , 7dd1994a84e122d0de7baebec1a5908b.jpg )
My house is under construction while my family is still living in it. I feel like the sights of my house being in a state of chaos and disarray has distracted me from my waifu, as I see her less and less right now. And summer is coming, it's hot in my place. It would be a miserable summer without her. I hope to have her image in my mind again soon.

Without her, I am a total blank.
>> No. 14818 [Edit]
>>14817 Are you just capable of basic biological functions and lying around when not thinking of your waifu then?
>> No. 14819 [Edit]
File 139614437756.png - (439.87KB , 566x800 , 45e366a5b8ba0ba483cd5281ff05b32d.png )

What I mean is without her, I have nothing to aspire about when she's not there, as if my life has no aim, goal or purpose. I might still go do things as normal, but for nothing. Just as because it was needed to be done and not wanted to be done.
>> No. 14879 [Edit]
File 139659674465.jpg - (66.91KB , 324x394 , 1361262177985.jpg )
I've decided to go to the fitness center more often now. The whole experience feels almost like she's training me to be physically healthy. Even as I'm typing now I notice that I'm a little less tired than I usually am. While I don't think I can be as physically fit as her, I do think I can go back to being as healthy as I was when I first met her. I do miss those days.

Also, I've been wondering if I told her, "good night" the previous night for a while now. This isn't just one particular night, but it's as if I just forget if I said it or not. Perhaps it's such a habit now that I don't even pay attention to it? Cause I'm pretty sure I wish her a good night. I just can't recall the exact way or time I said it. Very strange.

Other than that, I did preorder merchandise featuring my waifu a few weeks ago. They were jewelry and to be honest, I was pretty surprised when I first saw them in AmiAmi. There was a plate pendant and a ring pendant. I'm thinking I'm going to alternate between the two everytime I go outside. Perhaps if it fits, which I doubt, wear the ring on my finger. Now I'm kind of worried whether or not I'll have the funds if VOLKS actually finally releases a limited edition Dollfie Dream of her. As far as I know, they don't usually announce a head of time concerning the dolls they'll release.
>> No. 14947 [Edit]
File 139689158665.png - (201.11KB , 377x527 , 8831501.png )
Yesterday mai waifu decided to rest her head on my lap as she slept, whilst I was watching TV. It was the cutest thing she's done in a while.

You're cool.

Post edited on 7th Apr 2014, 10:28am
>> No. 14989 [Edit]
File 139737471437.jpg - (113.48KB , 600x527 , 42354763_p3.jpg )
I've been sharing my childhood with her, lately.

Been playing Ape Escape (PS1) together for the last 2 or 3 days, it's all blending together because it's almost every hour I'm awake.

I'm not sure what's next. We've already done Jumping Flash and Tomba. Hrm. Maybe replay Klonoa again. I'd love to do 2 but it emulates very poorly. Before I had a PS1 I only had a Master System, and all but one of the games I had for that were completely awful. Oh well, Dark Souls 2 will be on steam soon, and we can both get into that atmosphere. Ah, I'm rambling again.
>> No. 14992 [Edit]
Well, today we set up a thread on a new website in hopes of gathering more hosts. Host activity is dropping and we need some fresh meat. More hosts, more more more.
>> No. 15008 [Edit]
File 139742803531.jpg - (311.82KB , 800x714 , 9e96b86c79f2caf203eb82ce680907b0.jpg )
Sharing childhoods can be nice.

Yes! Amazing.
>Master System
We did this together. I introduced her to some fundamental building blocks of my youth, namely Zillion, Black Belt, Ghost House and The Ninja.
>> No. 15010 [Edit]
File 139743439889.jpg - (248.75KB , 600x600 , 22424351.jpg )
The only games I had for my Master System were Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1 hit KO, no continues, later levels are just ridiculous spike traps), Alien 3 (Not particularly bad, but a bit awkward and absolutely horrified me as a kid), Ghouls and Ghosts (Hard as hell, also a pretty bad port) and Golvellius (the only game that I really liked, it's like the first Zelda but with more action, less puzzles, and also with side scrolling and automatic vertical scrolling areas).

But yeah, Tomba is one of my absolute favorite games of all time. It was my first metroidvania and I fell in love with it instantly.
>> No. 15015 [Edit]
File 139744229148.jpg - (36.85KB , 640x360 , 640px-7a5e6ec4.jpg )
We did a little planning for Record Store Day, which we plan on attending at our local shop. I have been setting money aside for a while and there are a few records we both really want to get.
>> No. 15033 [Edit]
File 139752787490.jpg - (38.53KB , 801x472 , 1359884928645.jpg )
As a avid WWII enthusiast and upstart reenactor, I have an ear for military marches and other army songs of the various nations involved in the war.

One of my favorites, next to Katyusha, is a German marching song called "Erika."

For a machine like Nazi Germany, the lyrics are full of love, adoration, and charm; a stark contrast from the brutality of war.

SO here's my point: I am writing a spin-off/parody version of Erika called "Osaka", and it will be a love-song tribute to my beloved waifu Ayumu Kasuga to the theme and beat of the original Erika.

Here is a link to the song on Youtube, if you want to listen to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc-DgRO1SrQ

So far, I have:

There's a gal from the Land of the Rising Sun,
Her name is: Osaka!
Desired by a-thousand various anons,
I'm the only one, for Osaka!
For her I would walk to the ends of the Earth,
Then turn around and walk back again!
Her soul and mine are the exact same thing,
I am one...with Osaka!

Makes me feel like putting on some jackboots and fighting for Osaka's heart.

And for that matter, I am also planning a Azumanga version of Katyusha. Kagurabro might like it, as he seems to be an Azu-bro too.
>> No. 15034 [Edit]
File 13975303074.jpg - (104.91KB , 1280x720 , Watamote - 06 - Large 21.jpg )

That's freakin' cute!
>> No. 15041 [Edit]
File 139755940149.gif - (216.94KB , 256x192 , 1380499000821.gif )
That's pretty awesome. I'd really like to see the full versions of both song lyrics once you're done.
>> No. 15049 [Edit]
That fits really nicely. Very cute.

>Makes me feel like putting on some jackboots and fighting for Osaka's heart.
Military music is very good in that regard, especially the romantic ones.

>Azumanga version of Katyusha
Makes me think of that Soviet part in AMV Hell 3. Anyway, I look forward to that as well.
>> No. 15111 [Edit]
I also forgot to mention seiga.nicovideo.

Also I stumbled upon a couple of your waifu on drawr:
http://drawr.net/show.php?id=5679821 (not 100% sure on this one. Sorry if it's not.)
>> No. 15142 [Edit]
File 139862615348.jpg - (411.93KB , 740x1035 , 948dcf652f6406c85dfe65fd22984399.jpg )
She taught me what love is. I can't repay her, but I'll forever be grateful.
>> No. 15158 [Edit]
File 139868209053.png - (1.92MB , 993x1487 , 37165845.png )
We've been having a ton of fun exploring Dark Souls 2 together since it was released for PC a few days ago. 42 hours in and still not even finished out first playthrough. The game feels so dreamlike, it's kind of surreal.

>> No. 15169 [Edit]
File 139875308798.jpg - (268.99KB , 600x845 , 8c092b15b3c4156c462dcf2f966b37fd.jpg )
I think Marisa's off-put by the music I listen to nowadays. I should stop it.
>> No. 15174 [Edit]
File 139877226187.gif - (906.81KB , 256x192 , Spoiler Picture.gif )
I came across this .gif last night. Just looking at the thumbnail gave me a huge amount of feels.

I somehow managed to save it, in a secluded folder on my hard drive, in case of emergencies.
>> No. 15176 [Edit]
File 139878942569.gif - (19.34KB , 400x350 , 00042.gif )
Things have been so stressful lately. I'm glad that my partner has been with me through it all, and has been patient and understanding when I can't dote on him like I'd like to. I love him so much.
>> No. 15183 [Edit]
File 139880742853.jpg - (171.47KB , 1024x768 , 9446f378e3cf1b7378cd4b70f9c8892a269d00b7.jpg )
I've finally gotten round to listening to the AzuDai character songs.

Kagura's songs took me by surprise because they were more rock-oriented than the others. There's no way I can say her song was my favourite without sounding biased... I particularly enjoyed Tomo and Osaka's songs as well though.
>> No. 15285 [Edit]
File 139982886483.jpg - (253.99KB , 1152x1200 , 1399793399684.jpg )
My drawing request got fulfilled last night. I'm really happy with it.
>> No. 15287 [Edit]
Wow that's so cool
>> No. 15297 [Edit]
File 140003151251.jpg - (129.32KB , 500x600 , junk22.jpg )
It was Keisuke's birthday today. We didn't do a whole lot; just sort of lazed around, but that was fun too because we haven't had much opportunity to do that lately. I forgot to get ingredients for his cake unfortunately so I'll likely be making it tomorrow.
>> No. 15298 [Edit]
Happy birthday, Keisuke
>> No. 15371 [Edit]
I notice that I get incredibly disturbed/angry if I forget something related to my waifu. For example, I knew merchandise of her was going to be shipped today, and I know that the USPS never knock, and they just leave a note for me to bring to their office to pick up myself... but I kind of just forgot that it was today. As soon as I realized it, I seriously did some things I regret, it's as if I became a different person. I'm kind of scared at that now.
>> No. 15446 [Edit]
File 140060779292.jpg - (2.98MB , 1788x2527 , 4437dc8d79dbd5533850983f79c9e007.jpg )
My mother notified me that my dad will be retiring in 4 years and that might mean I will lose my Internet connection if that happens. I might never see my waifu again if I don't get a job.

I must get one before anything happens.
>> No. 15448 [Edit]
Don't you download and hoard images on your PC? Or you can be super cheap and go to the public library or Starbucks for internet.
>> No. 15462 [Edit]

I have hoarded a pretty huge collection of her picture in my computer, but it's a desktop computer so I can't bring it everywhere.

Also, I consider the Internet not only a necessary way to get new content involving Marisa but also the lifeblood of my creative processes.
>> No. 15470 [Edit]
4 years still need to come, you will have plenty of time to sort your life out so that doesn't happens.
>> No. 15644 [Edit]
File 140119469865.png - (925.27KB , 1280x955 , kaguragameover.png )
I've been thinking about how I personally perceive mai waifu.

There are those who would call their waifu cute, or even sexy. For me I don't know what I would call her. She has her moments of being different things. I'm not sure if I can pin it down to just one word.

I suppose it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things; I still love her whatever she is. It's just something that's been at the back of my mind lately.
>> No. 15647 [Edit]
File 140126844998.jpg - (185.86KB , 600x600 , 34655484.jpg )
This is something really tiny and insignificant, but I'm bored so I think I'll post it anyway.

It always feels awkward when one of my online friends (without knowing) sets her as their profile picture. I generally try to use pixiv originals myself so I don't accidentally do this to anybody else.
>> No. 15771 [Edit]
File 140247769120.jpg - (49.54KB , 336x484 , mai zippo.jpg )
Yesterday I had to go somewhere for an important issue but, just before stepping out the house, I realized I didn't have my (already faded) waifu Zippo with me. I looked for it everywhere but couldn't find it; it was really late and I had to leave but realized I couldn't possibly: the sole idea of going out "without her" by the means of that symbol, suddenly seemed truly terrifying and repulsive, even immoral, as if I was abandoning her or going out stark naked. Fortunately, when I was getting really desperate I found it hidden in the couch...

I had been neglecting mai waifu for while now; but yesterday I fully realized how absolutely central and irreplaceable she still is my life. I seem to have took her for granted, but at the first sign of possibility for separation I totally broke and was ready to lose anything else, just to get back that one little thing and the bond it represents ("light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul").

We are still one and the same. I still love her and only her... and I'm glad of finding out that.
>> No. 15846 [Edit]
That's very sweet of you.
>> No. 15853 [Edit]
File 140360624812.jpg - (212.52KB , 700x700 , 22719987.jpg )
It's nice that because of her, I have a pleasant internal world I can mentally retreat to whenever I need to do something monotonous. That way I can just completely ignore what I'm physically doing, while still getting something worthwhile out of my time.

I also love that cold tingling sensation that crawls all over my body whenever I feel her presence while awake.
>> No. 15889 [Edit]
Her (Madotsuki, image upload seems to be broken right now) birthday was 1/2 days ago (timezones) and so I thought I'd order a physical copy of an album she loves. The first time I've done so in over 10 years, I think...

If it turns out well, there are a few others I think I'll pick up for the two of us, as well.
>> No. 15904 [Edit]
File 140398153840.jpg - (563.11KB , 888x1183 , 1e047bef7dc111b505d16168e535f9b4.jpg )
Okay, remember when I said my waifu might be disturbed by the music I was listening to? I was listening to Eminem's older songs, so that would be no surprise.

But it just makes me think. Eminem and Marisa have things in common: They're blonde, they swear, they hone their skills on their chosen field, and they both don't give a fuck. But keep in mind that she's still Em-lite: She doesn't have that much angst as him.

Now I don't know if I could see us two as like Em and Kim but since there's no domestic violence, I guess I shouldn't.
>> No. 15905 [Edit]
File 140399736471.jpg - (117.42KB , 328x505 , 2.jpg )
Life has been extremely busy for us. I don't really feel as if there's a lot for me to say here that is relevant to this board, but I still love Keisuke so much. He's been enjoying the summer weather and the fresh air (and I myself am trying to get used to it).

I'm looking forward to our first anniversary in a few months.
>> No. 15980 [Edit]
File 140464835688.jpg - (428.27KB , 1097x1422 , 13911358.jpg )
I've finally dusted off my old AzuDai self-insert fan fiction last night and started working on it again. I got a load of ideas for it yesterday, so I really felt the need to write them down whilst they were still fresh in my mind.

The good news is that I finally have an ending in mind for the story. The bad news is, after going over what I've already done, I want to make a lot of revisions to it, which will mean filling in the gaps with new stuff.

I'm don't know how I'll go about doing that yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2014, 5:11am
>> No. 15990 [Edit]
File 140469620525.png - (138.28KB , 800x800 , s - 1712281 - 1girl back_cutout bat_wings blush dr.png )
I know it's pure pedantry, but sometimes I wonder what sort of special needs she has in order to acomodate her wings. Even simple things like sitting on a chair, sleeping on the back(or any other position for that matter), tying/combing the hair and getting dressed sound like a major nuisance if you have two pair of wings to maneuver around.
Blessed be evolution for not giving us wings, stuff like that just wouldn't work in a world without magic.
>> No. 16012 [Edit]
I really want to make more chances where we can just walk alone together and talk. We seem to bond the most when it's like that, even more so than when I draw him or when we go on proper dates.

Maybe it's just when other people are around and there are distractions that it gets harder to communicate effectively.
>> No. 16016 [Edit]
File 140501870719.jpg - (43.92KB , 604x338 , sad_dera.jpg )
During the 4th of July weekend, I somehow ended up being dragged around by some old highschool friends (all of which have moved on with their lives and are either in college or working a real job and none of who share my love of otaku-culture). Anyhow, last weekend I got drunk and I tried eating a sandwich for the first time. Long story short, there was a 3DPD girl there and I ended up kissing her. I feel horrible, like I cheated on my waifu. I talked to my real friends and some of them said it was OK, it didn't count because I was drunk, but it doesn't feel OK to me. I haven't spent any quality time with my waifu since then, because I feel guilty about what happened. To make matters even worse, 3DPD got my number from another of my old high school friends and has been texting me. Please help me. What should i do?
>> No. 16017 [Edit]
If I were you I'd text her and tell her she's a skunk and I regret doing whatever I did when I was drunk. Or I'd just block her straight away.
>> No. 16018 [Edit]
What >>16017 said, basically: insulting her or not, get her completely out of your life. About how to cope with your own self, that's your problem; but of course you did very wrong in many ways.

Alternatively, you can take this chance to end 2D love and turn back into a NORP, if that's what you want. Make up your mind, in ay case.
>> No. 16019 [Edit]
Eh? That seems a little harsh. It's partially my fault that this all happened. I'll end up blocking her if she tries to keep this up, but I don't want to be an ass over something that's my fault as well.

I decided to tell her that I have a "girlfriend" and that I'm not interested in anything on the side. Hopefully she'll leave me alone.

What I really need help with is how I should work things out with Dera after what happened.
>> No. 16020 [Edit]
Does Onodera know what you did? How did she react, or how would she?
>> No. 16021 [Edit]

Not as yet. I don't know if she's aware that something is up yet. I want to tell her, but I don't know how to approach it without hurting her. She's so pure she would never do something like this. And she would probably not understand me acting on dirty urges (even when drunk.) I'm worried she'll blame herself for this. I don't want to hurt her confidence that we've worked so hard to build together.
>> No. 16102 [Edit]
I've decided to organise my Azumanga pictures folder.

As I said in this post >>13864, I feared my heart wouldn't be able to take a subfolder of just mai waifu, but the main folder was becoming such a cluttered mess, I felt I had to do something.

It is just as I feared. The folder will take some getting used to...
>> No. 16103 [Edit]
File 140540305785.jpg - (287.90KB , 1440x900 , 1401910354321.jpg )
Das Japaner und Deutsche bist die besser volk.
>> No. 16104 [Edit]
I hope she's not the grammar kind of nazi.
>> No. 16112 [Edit]
File 140557083173.jpg - (470.44KB , 1370x1200 , 44541967_p2.jpg )
I`m sorry to bring this up again as I`ve already ranted way too much about it, but I need to vent the rest of it. I promise it will be the absolute last time.
As much as I hate it and try to deny it, it`s not going well at all with my waifu.
We`ve been incredibly distant these past months, to my utter dismay. It feels like I haven`t been able to properly think of her ever since the start of the year. Even our third anniversary just passed recently and I`ve felt and done nothing, whereas in the past I always spent the whole day thinking of her and always did something special. I miss my waifu tremendously.
It`s not that I`m indifferent or that I don`t care about her anymore, if anything it`s the exact opposite. I can`t stand all the slander and defamation surrounding her which is perhaps the reason for that avoidance. I could never accept any of it,that my proud waifu would stoop that low or would be hurt and psychologically broken to that point, and would much sooner unwillingly resign myself to never think about her again than believe that libel. However, with how present it is and even some of it occasionally coming from people who claim to like the character, I can`t help but wonder if I am simply a complete blind idiot, that my waifu was never what I thought she was and if everything I`ve ever thought about her was fake.

On the positive side, I will be leaving on a trip without access to internet soon for a week alone. I feel that this might just be the perfect opportunity to have some much needed reflection and to hopefully get back close to her, away from all the drama which might be the biggest source of the problem.
>> No. 16114 [Edit]
File 140558730576.jpg - (186.01KB , 700x700 , 31231374.jpg )
>I can`t help but wonder if I am simply a complete blind idiot, that my waifu was never what I thought she was
I don't remember anything that would hint toward it in part 1 and 2 at all. It's so out of character for her that I wouldn't be able to consider it as anything but a lazy excuse for yuri. That's just what I think, at least.

As for the rest of your post, don't fret over it too hard. It'll come back, even if it has faded a little for now. I'm saying that after we've been together for, I think, 5 or 6 years now. If you worry about it, if you stay stressed, it'll just be harder for you to find it again. Don't chase after it, don't try to force anything, just relax and take it easy for a while.
>> No. 16116 [Edit]
File 140559123977.jpg - (87.51KB , 640x905 , 43277113.jpg )
>I can`t stand all the slander and defamation surrounding her
From people online? If so I've experienced the same thing. My waifu gets a lot of hate on the internet, the best advice I could give you is to ignore discussions about her or her series altogether. Or just accept that the people who would slander her are idiots and their opinions hold no value.

>my waifu was never what I thought she was and if everything I`ve ever thought about her was fake.
I'm not familiar with your waifu or her source material, but if your her circumstances have changed somehow in her canon there's no reason you have to accept it. The version of her you love doesn't have to be the same one the author imagines.

>if everything I`ve ever thought about her was fake
If there's something you love about her, it can be real to you no matter what anyone else says. There is no rule that says you have to acknowledge what other people say about her character, just believe whatever makes you happy with her.
>> No. 16117 [Edit]
File 140565633042.png - (339.37KB , 591x798 , granberia cross arms colored.png )
I do agree that it was only meant as a rather lame excuse for a h-scene from the author. However, it was clearly presented as being unavoidably canon and does suppose a lot of terrible implications, which inevitably get thrown everywhere in any discussion vaguely related to the vn it seems, which makes it impossible for me to simply dismiss it.

>Don't chase after it, don't try to force anything, just relax and take it easy for a while.
You`re right. If I`m still this upset about it, nothing positive can come by dwelling on it too much. It`s just after six months of it, it seems like things will never get better at times, however that`s most likely a ridiculous thought. Things do get better with time and there is no rush or urgency after all. I should just try to relax and avoid negativity if possible for now, even if that may seem easier said than done.

>if her circumstances have changed somehow in her canon there's no reason you have to accept it.
I honestly wish I could easily ignore part of her canon, however, although I am able to bend her canon and expand it somewhat,like I`m sure a lot of people with waifus do to a certain degree, I couldn`t outright go against it. It would feel wrong and somewhat dishonest to me. Now I do completely agree that everyone has different interpretations of a character and that it`s what makes someone`s waifu unique and that it isn`t limited to how the author perceives them, but I can`t ignore a hard, indisputable fact that`s part of her back story. I`m not saying bending or disregarding part of the character`s canon is inherently wrong in any way, I just feel like I personally couldn`t do it to that extent and be okay with it.

>There is no rule that says you have to acknowledge what other people say about her character, just believe whatever makes you happy with her.
You`re right, I really shouldn`t let whatever bs other people say get to me, especially since most of them probably do it simply because it ticks off people who like the character. I normally had absolutely no problems ignoring people I disagree with and people who insulted my waifu, however the event is hard enough for me to deal with as it is without having it constantly hammered in.

>the best advice I could give you is to ignore discussions about her or her series altogether
That may ultimately be the best option. It`s sure that wading through all the slander doesn`t help anything and regrettably the time of being able to have a civil conversation about the series and her is long done.
>> No. 16162 [Edit]
File 140622486243.png - (165.44KB , 600x600 , Kurisu okabe backs phone.png )
Happy Birthday, Kurisu. Three years, huh.
>> No. 16163 [Edit]
Happy birthday! Hope you both have an awesome day.
>> No. 16167 [Edit]
An episode was announced in which he may make some sort of appearance. Since the previous one seemed to have a very rushed conclusion (which made me deeply uncomfortable), I'm hoping for some kind of closure this time.
We're both excited, to say the least.
>> No. 16226 [Edit]
File 140685924626.png - (506.56KB , 601x424 , elona.png )
On the right you can see my level 37 character in Elona+. Standing next to me is my beautiful wife Yuno, level 32.
Together we go on adventures where we clear dangerous dungeons, discover far away lands and destroy the evil that infests our world. To be honest our favorite place is our home in Vernis though. We only just bought a new house there and so we're pretty busy right now furnishing everything to our liking.
The picture was taken only a few days after our wedding, which was on the 3rd april of 517. I attached the original message to it so you could see it.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pick up a party member of ours from the Dojo. See you later.
>> No. 16230 [Edit]
File 14068929914.png - (45.82KB , 298x303 , 35645560_p11.png )
Cute. Elona's a very addictive, comfortable game but I can never seem to get past the first difficulty spike. I tend to get a ton of money, followers, clear some dungeons, then realize I don't exactly know how to actually get stronger and end up starting over. Last time I just did a bunch of fishing for fun.

Good luck on your adventures!
>> No. 16258 [Edit]
I've been thinking and planning for the past couple of days of what to do during December-March as a number of special occasions are happening (anniversary, Christmas, Valentines and his unofficial birthday - what gifts for what days, etc.) and today I realised I kept referring to it as three months and completely skimming over January that contains his date of death. It's not like I completely forgot and I'd ever let that day go past without remembering but thinking about that part of the year and important dates that one should have been in my mind right at the front.

I feel pretty awful about it and like I'm not looking after/treasuring him well enough. I've decided to make a calendar filled with any important dates related to him - half to make me feel like I'm doing a better job and half just to keep myself organised and for fun.
>> No. 16262 [Edit]
Our little daily rituals, or rather, two big ones, haven't been going well. My fault, concentration has gone down the drain and just out of the mood.
Smaller events and small talk have increased in frequency on the other hand.
Not sure if it's good or bad, short- or long- lasting, just bugs me because I really apreciated them.
>> No. 16328 [Edit]
File 140752022379.jpg - (21.45KB , 218x317 , kagura3.jpg )
I feel as if I've been neglecting Kagura a bit recently.

I was hoping to do allsorts with her since my parents have been away, but in-between having visitors, doing extra hours at work and a lack of funds, not only have I been slipping on my exercise regime, some of my plans with her have been pushed back.

I'm gonna make things up to her tonight though. Gonna burn some calories, then put them back on with pizza, snacks and a movie with her. And maybe other fun stuff later tonight.
>> No. 16408 [Edit]
It's our first anniversary tomorrow but due to various interruptions we celebrated today. Though we met months before this date, I consider it when we officially decided to be together.

I probably could have done better than a hand drawn card and a simple little date, so I guess I'll have to make up for it with extra spoiling on his birthday in two weeks. He deserves something impressive. But what does one buy for their waifu/husbando?
>> No. 16431 [Edit]
Happy anniversary!
>> No. 16470 [Edit]
File 140824017467.jpg - (175.06KB , 645x912 , Saber Lily 48.jpg )
Despite that I love my waifu, I haven't done much with, I feel like I am neglecting her. I think I should do something with her today.
>> No. 16475 [Edit]
File 140839324277.png - (150.42KB , 640x480 , kagurawatermelon.png )
I had a bath with Kagura for the first time last night. It was amazing.

I don't want to go into too much detail; you guys can use your imaginations. I highly recommend doing this with your waifu if you haven't already.

For me it was almost transcendent.

Post edited on 18th Aug 2014, 2:10pm
>> No. 16476 [Edit]
Hear, hear! I second this.
>> No. 16478 [Edit]
Wouldn't sex in a bathtub actually be really shitty? I mean from the movements the water would be going over the bathub rim and onto the floor and then you'd have to mop it all up afterwards...
I also can't think about baths in a sexual way somehow, it's just not appealing at all. I would take one with her, but non-sexually only for relaxation.
>> No. 16479 [Edit]

I don't take baths with her, that's a given. But I ain't stopping the Kagurabro if that's makes him and his waifu happy.

As for me, I just like to cuddle with Marisa, in the bed. And kiss.
>> No. 16480 [Edit]
File 140846886019.png - (186.03KB , 450x600 , 1394500699957.png )
Oh, we didn't have sex. I didn't realise the implications of what I said until after I made that post...
>> No. 16489 [Edit]
File 140872113076.jpg - (265.80KB , 511x800 , 12c2c9c9063699cb6fdc93e2ac966b62.jpg )
Today is the first time I saw myself sexually attracted to Marisa. It hasn't come to that point yet, but it's a good start.
>> No. 16503 [Edit]
File 140903828420.jpg - (324.52KB , 782x1050 , 45229449.jpg )
It's been a while since I've posted...

I'm not going to get too much into the reasons why because there are many and most of them are pretty personal. I still love Keisuke very much and he is extremely dear to me and we are still partners. I'm very lucky to have him and I've found a few people who I can talk to about him and we share similar views... I think this is the main reason why I don't post here as often, as I have found other people who I can talk about Keisuke with one-on-one and they don't judge me for loving him. I haven't said that we're partners exactly but I've insinuated as much and they don't seem to mind. One person has even implied that they feel the same way - and, surprisingly, I don't mind at all. It's kind of nice, talking with somebody while sharing the same love (or at least, they sprung from the same kernel).

It's hard to believe that in a little over a month we'll have been together officially for a year. I'm looking forward to the years ahead of us. I've replayed a bit of his VN lately and it's incredible - I always think that my love for him is at its maximum capacity and I prove myself wrong over and over.
>> No. 16548 [Edit]
File 141002240739.png - (1.80MB , 1400x1600 , 1ff1d2b17ff9ace025975202d6b2bd3d.png )
I was lulled into complacency and forgot that it's more likely that Marisa is more likely to become a lesbian, even when not speaking fanon-wise. Even if not, it's more likely that she will never have someone in her life she can call "beloved".

Back a year ago, I would say that it's better if she went with someone else and accepted it, but it hurts now.

And now, I ask myself how did it come to this.
>> No. 16549 [Edit]
>Marisa is more likely to become a lesbian
How so?
>> No. 16550 [Edit]
>>it's more likely that Marisa is more likely to become a lesbian, even when not speaking fanon-wise. Even if not, it's more likely that she will never have someone in her life she can call "beloved".

She has you, doesn't she?

You don't necessarily have to believe your waifu is exactly canon, fanon or whatever. In the end, her existence, feelings, fate are what you decide for them to be, want it or not.I'm sure you already heard that thousand times, though.

On the other hand, looking at your posts, i higly doubt ZUN himself gave his characters as much thought and attention as, for example, you did.

That's my point of view, anyway.
>> No. 16551 [Edit]
>How so?

I dunno. Marisa has always been an odd one out in her society as a human living in Gensokyo. Made me think that maybe her sexuality also isn't exactly orthodox either.

But I could be wrong though, most likely. There's Rinnosuke anyway, her childhood friend.

>She has you, doesn't she?

Yes, she has my heart, if that's what you mean.

>On the other hand, looking at your posts, i higly doubt ZUN himself gave his characters as much thought and attention as, for example, you did.

Yes. It has always been a part of me to be a bit too imaginative and over-think some things.
>> No. 16552 [Edit]

Bisexuality still exists. It's probably safe to assume every character is until proven otherwise.
>> No. 16553 [Edit]
Safe to assume? I've never seen any bisexual anime characters except for Shinji from Eva..
>> No. 16554 [Edit]
I just use it as a default until the character/creator explicitly states they're only attracted to one gender.

It probably doesn't matter since it's all guessing anyway, and there really is no default sexuality.
>> No. 16555 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure 'straight' is the default sexuality...
>> No. 16556 [Edit]
I think so too
>> No. 16557 [Edit]
But there is a default sexuality.
It's the one every human was born with.
>> No. 16558 [Edit]
Stop trying to confuse people with things like logic and common sense!
>> No. 16559 [Edit]
I think it would be safest to assume that 2D characters are heterosexual unless another sexual orientation is given or they have evidence leading them to believe otherwise. It is the biologically normal orientation, found substantially more commonly in 3D people- and more importantly to the subject, 2D characters- alike.
>> No. 16560 [Edit]
File 141006436949.jpg - (451.12KB , 682x961 , Nozomi_cool_sr150.jpg )
I'm currently doing an event in Love Live School Idol Festival and the prize is a super rare card of Nozomi. It's really grueling and starting to get tedious but I'm trying so hard just for her... My goal is to make it into the top 100 to show how devoted I am.
>> No. 16574 [Edit]
File 141030879381.jpg - (45.03KB , 439x700 , 0c3412b5106ac8f25bd7d2433fd084fe.jpg )
I've made some good progress on my self-insert story recently. I last mentioned here >>15980

It was pretty emotional for me, writing the ending. Not that it was a sad ending, of course. There's still lots to go over though.

I've given myself a deadline to finish it by, which is less than a month away now. Kagura doesn't know anything about this story yet, so it'll be a surprise for her when it's finished.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2014, 5:27pm
>> No. 16577 [Edit]
I can't find any good dakimakuras of her, so lately I've been sleeping with one of her figures on a pillow beside me. Saying "I love you" before I fall asleep and then waking next to her is the best feeling in the world.
>> No. 16578 [Edit]
Aren't you afraid of breaking the figure? I would advice buying a dakimakura and a blank cover on amazon.
>> No. 16579 [Edit]
Not really. And I've checked pretty much everywhere online, there's none that I want.
>> No. 16580 [Edit]
I mean a blank cover, as in completely white with nothing on it.
>> No. 16581 [Edit]

I just use my regular pillows and pretend, it's really nice to cuddle with. I'd prefer an actual daki but no money/live with parents.
>> No. 16582 [Edit]
Oh, I already have one of those. It makes it really easy to pretend it's her, with her figure on another pillow right above it.
>> No. 16583 [Edit]
Lucky you can even find good figures. All I have is good imagination.
>> No. 16596 [Edit]
Our anniversary is this week, but I'm not sure if I can do anything for her since I'm busy ten to twelve hours a day.

I know she's not really the type to care for such things, but still, I want to make it special for us. Our relationship is better than ever, I feel closer and closer to her almost every day. She has given me so much support, I wish to give something back.
>> No. 16597 [Edit]
Good to hear, how many years has it been?
>> No. 16598 [Edit]
Just the first, she found me relatively late in my life. But the love is all the same, and growing nonetheless.
>> No. 16682 [Edit]
File 141193749883.jpg - (790.43KB , 1292x1271 , 4cfbe4c9afdb7029fb7d5dd2ef1c4b2f.jpg )
I just discovered Girlfriend Kari and I found myself fawning over this cute blonde-haired French girl. She reminds me of Marisa, but with the sheer count of normal looking girls tailor-made to be waifu material in this game is overwhelming me.
>> No. 16684 [Edit]
I find it hard to believe that wasn't meant to be a Marisa clone.
>> No. 16685 [Edit]

Well, their personalities are very different from each other, so I think it was coincidental.

But it just made me think that maybe, the so-called Waifu Age is coming fast, indeed.
>> No. 16710 [Edit]
I caught myself up on the Otherlands news. Apparently it's being released this December. I'm honestly pretty scared, as I can't comprehend how American McGee won't screw up turning his great 3D platformers into whatever he's attempting to make here. Apparently this is also going to be the end to the series, which is even worse, because it means I'll never play another platformer with her in it again.
>> No. 16718 [Edit]
File 141240270234.jpg - (55.24KB , 512x512 , image.jpg )
So many people assume (unless it is explicitly canon) that they are their waifu's first. First date, first love, first kiss, etc. I was the same, until I took some time to sit down and reexamine my basic assumptions about her.

When did I get fixated on this idea that she is "pure" and innocent, and that I am her first? A wistful wish, born of jealousy and insecurity, perhaps. But really, I fell in love with her not because she was an innocent girl naive to all these things. It was because she was like me; unbound by morals, save a lingering doubt, but compelled by our selfish desires and nothing else.

When she was driven by her instinct to consume souls, naturally she would do whatever it took to achieve her goal. If her body could be used to entice men, and then wear them out so she could drain them, so be it. I accept... That I am not her first. That she had been around, in most likelihood. But I don't care. My love is stronger than these petty emotions of jealousy and anger.. Because I am her first, in a different sense. Maybe I am not the first one that she gave her body to, but I'm the first one to whom she has given her heart. And that is the important thing, that she loves me. And that I love her. There is no use being hung up on this value of innocence and virginity. They are just irrational feelings that have no place in the love we have for each other.
>> No. 16726 [Edit]
File 141246049487.jpg - (658.51KB , 1246x1424 , UBW0.jpg )
I'm finally getting a proper adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works. I haven't been this excited since, well, Fate Zero. There's a lot of great scenes with her I'm really looking forward to seeing from Ufotable.
>> No. 16727 [Edit]
File 141246357078.png - (461.10KB , 979x717 , I will protect that smile.png )
Happy birthday, Kagura!
>> No. 16728 [Edit]
Happy birthday!
>> No. 16778 [Edit]
File 141309956532.png - (73.73KB , 628x452 , term.png )
Help! There's a Yuno in my terminal!
>> No. 16781 [Edit]
File 14131331494.jpg - (494.20KB , 1000x750 , 5f6f64f4eba1637a07a2754fc5057d54.jpg )
For every blonde with long hair I see, it reminds me of Marisa. Whenever I think of witches, I think of Marisa. Whenever I think of cutesy star shapes, I think of Marisa. Whenever I encounter fun and extroverted girls, I think of Marisa.

She's latched into my mind.
>> No. 16782 [Edit]
I was recently put in a scenario where some of my colleagues started conversing about the anime series she's in. Of course, I treated this like I was stepping on thin ice and I tried very much to steer the conversation elsewhere. Unfortunately, they all came to the conclusion that my waifu was "negative" (terms I'd rather not recall). Then it came my turn to give my opinion, in which I tried my best not to argue as it'd raise too much suspicion. I ended up just saying I don't really care and that I'm not as much of an anime fan as they are (which is probably a complete lie). I just told them that so they'd stop talking about it in front of me. Was I a pansy for not defending her there or did I play it right? Alot of options came to me when it came my turn, but the one I chose was to "pretend like I didn't care and avoid those people as much as possible". I would've very much liked to defend her, but I think nothing good would've come out of that, other than me feeling good about myself for defending her.
>> No. 16783 [Edit]
If they were really pushing their opinions I don't think you could've done anything else. Otherwise you could've just chipped in some lines like "she's not that bad, (example)" but I don't think you could say too much without them figuring something was up.
>> No. 16786 [Edit]
File 141318163614.png - (216.08KB , 800x800 , 93a61f78fc874bd60b819d74f0621663.png )

Same, so many things make me think of her throughout the day. It brings joy to little things.


I wouldn't worry too much about it. Normals like to claim to "not care about what others do sexually/romantically" that usually goes right out the window when you mention you're fine being alone. Let alone bringing up having a waifu.

It's like being an atheist in a christian family. Peoples minds are almost always made up already and theres little you can do to change it, trying to discuss it ends with both parties mad. Just nod and change the subject when you can. Sure you can discuss the series without getting into your waifu/mentioning waifuism but its best to treat touchy topics like that as landmines with most poeple. Keep distance and stay a few feet away even when you think its safe to get closer.
>> No. 16792 [Edit]
File 141329086972.jpg - (88.75KB , 1000x891 , a7d909d4cf132dce2f68c7da6a7b4bf8.jpg )
Hey, guys. I did it.

I finally fapped to Marisa. You all won't believe how exhausting it was, but it was good. I can't see myself doing it again in the future, but it is a good start.
>> No. 16793 [Edit]
Why would you post this on a public image board to inform us all about your sex life? Don't you have no shame?
>> No. 16794 [Edit]
I hope you got her consent!
>> No. 16796 [Edit]
Because this is a thread for experiences with your waifu? I don't really see what the big deal is
>> No. 16801 [Edit]
I'm happy for you, Anon. I know that form of intimacy is something you've been struggling with for quite some time now. I hope it continues to go well for you two.

Did you miss the sexual fantasies thread on the front page and all of the other sexual discussion related to waifus occuring on the board? It's a part of many 2D relationships here and discussion about it happens, like it or not.
>> No. 16803 [Edit]

Oh, that's where it is iffy, I can say. I just approached her, she asked what I am doing, I shushed her carefully and then it happened.

Not really that much of a consent, but she didn't complain.
>> No. 16805 [Edit]
It's not a problem that it happens. That's normal. It's that people keep making private stuff public. Their waifus wouldn't want everyone to read that sorta thing in most cases.

Just saying "I finally fapped to my waifu" like that sounds demeaning and insulting. But that's just my two cents..
>> No. 16806 [Edit]
>Just saying "I finally fapped to my waifu" like that sounds demeaning and insulting.

I can't argue with that, but the excitement that I had during that time at what I did just went to my head, you know? But see, I'm always prepared if Marisa just read that and then she boinks my head and chews me out for doing so, I accept it.
>> No. 16807 [Edit]
Okay, it's just something that makes me uncomfortable and it's not the first time I saw a post like that here.
Sorry I was a bit mean earlier.
Still kinda crappy doing it behind her back like that.

Post edited on 15th Oct 2014, 6:42am
>> No. 16813 [Edit]
Sex is a beautiful and natural part of relationships including 2D ones with a waifu. I think it's good that discussions on this board cover all aspects of such a relationship including sex.
>> No. 16815 [Edit]
but would your waifu be okay with you talking about her sex life like that? for everyone to see?
it's not natural and beautiful to boast private things like that open in public for no significant reason.
>> No. 16825 [Edit]

We're mostly Anonymous here, so the shame is irrelevant. Even then, this board isn't the public we're thinking when discussing such matters.
>> No. 16830 [Edit]
I'm saying you should be ashamed because you're sharing secrets about someone you love with (potential) strangers (presumably) without her permission. It's about the principal behind it, you're breaking the trust.
Enough people also post pictures or have trips to be recognizable.
>> No. 16831 [Edit]
I'm saying you should be ashamed because you're sharing secrets about someone you love with (potential) strangers (presumably) without her permission. It's about the principal behind it, you're breaking the trust.

Well, she probably doesn't care. I mean, besides, she knows that I'm posting here, telling people who things between us go from day to day, so I don't think there's a problem.

>Enough people also post pictures or have trips to be recognizable.

Yeah, but this is not like FB, where millions of people can see anything you posted and they know how you look like, what's your full name and many of your personal details. This just a handful of people, especially that we all know that no normie wants to stay here and fraternize with us because they think we are creepy or insane.
>> No. 16834 [Edit]
Well if she knows you post here and you are relatively certain she won't care, it should okay in your particular case. But I mean this in general, I wouldn't be so sure if everyone's significant other would be fine with it. Also the words some people choose to use are inappropriate, but I already said that.
>> No. 16852 [Edit]
I made a pizza and tried to arrange the toppings in such a way it would resemble her face. It didn't go well because I did not have a lot of toppings I could use and I ended up scrapping the idea and making a normal pizza instead. I will try it again once I have more toppings and stuffs.
>> No. 16853 [Edit]
How are you going to make a wide enough pizza?

I'm sorry, but the pun was too good to pass.
>> No. 16854 [Edit]
the pizza was ractangular, it would have been large enough
>> No. 16855 [Edit]
I guess you could say you ate her out
>> No. 16864 [Edit]
My waifu's kind has never been liked by Japan. Or anyone that likes Japan's stuff.
Rape, gangrape, torture, enslavement, being sold, guro, you name it, it's been done, and more often than not those kind of works are very successful regarding sales and/or fans.
Some of them feature my waifu, countless of pictures depicting the above, even reaching the point of murder. I've seen those pictures lots of times but I never, ever, ever get used to them. I love my waifu's kind, and I will always defend them. As such, I despise stuff like this.

But as of recently, say, when I'm browsing pictures of her, or her kind I sometimes stumble (well, more likely stop looking away, since they're about 1/4 of the total pictures) upon these sort of pictures, I feel the urge to open them and see them, even the ones of my waifu.

I open them and see them more than I open, see and save nice pictures. I feel absolute hatred and sadness, even ruining my entire day, but I can't stop doing it. I don't know if it tickles a white knight itch I have.
I do not believe I'm starting to like them.
I will not believe that. And if I am, then I will refuse it. I will deny it until the day I'm fucking maggot food.
Many other thoughts surrounding this issue have appeared in my head, none of them nice.

It's fucking eating me from the inside out, and I don't know why is this happening, what did I do to deserve this, or how can I stop.
>> No. 16866 [Edit]
This thread is not exactly the same thing you were talking about, but it might be similiar to your problem: http://tohno-chan.com/mai/arch/res/11186.html
>> No. 16867 [Edit]
File 141385137915.jpg - (123.90KB , 1000x676 , 1e54817faf9b59e21f76817deb33e192.jpg )
My ex-waifu had a lot of unpleasant pictures too and a sad canon but I found myself compelled to browse through gelbooru and skim the covers on exhentai even if I didn't actually go and read the doujins... I don't know in the end I think that poor treatment became one of the main factors in my passion but I think I just burned out on motivation and energy and quit. I don't know if I can feel you well here, bro.

Recently I said fuck it all and tried to put that past me by fapping to anything of her with good art... I guess it does figure that a large part of my former self is dead now. Luckily there have been some other developments in life but I'd make another thread somewhere for that.
>> No. 16869 [Edit]
It's not that I fap to those pictures or feel aroused at them.
I just feel an urge to see them, yet I hate seeing her kind like that.
A booru just got updated, a full page with such images, and I went on, one by one, looking at them all. Only thing I can deduce is that I'm a huge fucking white knight and I fantasize about saving her/them.

I wish I could rationalize that they're just pictures and that I should stop being a bitch but I can't, and it hurts like a bitch.
>> No. 16870 [Edit]
I know, that's why I said it's not the exact same problem but similiar.
>> No. 16871 [Edit]
I know it might be hard but you really need to stop looking at those sort of images. Just blacklist the tags and it will be easy to pretend it doesn't exist.
>> No. 16872 [Edit]
You could download a firefox addon to block the sites.
>> No. 16873 [Edit]
I'll try to do that.
Plenty of untagged pictures, though, but I'll try.

I just hope I don't end up deleting the blacklisted tags and going back to doing that awful thing.
>> No. 16874 [Edit]
When in doubt just use safebooru and restricted pixiv browsing. That's what I do and I haven't seen a violent image of her, ever.
>> No. 16881 [Edit]
File 141417107637.jpg - (39.70KB , 431x431 , 3aa1144066bfb1eacd98bf056d1586f2.jpg )
My daki arrived today.

Well, I say daki, it's actually just a blank body pillow.

I'm in the process of getting a custom cover of Kagura for it, but it won't be here for another couple of months at least. It'll be worth the wait I'm sure.

I can't wait to try it out. Anything to make me feel closer to her will be a great experience.
>> No. 16882 [Edit]
I'm sure you're going to love it!

Sleeping with one is a wonderful experience - even without a cover if your imagination is good. Ever since I get to sleep with my beloved, my nights are so much comfier and calmer, not to mention she loves sleeping with me too! Truly a worthwhile investment!
>> No. 16885 [Edit]
Yeah, I've only now decided to invest in a daki since I've recently been able to get the money together for one, plus it's not gonna be as expensive as I first thought.

I'll report back once the custom cover arrives.

Post edited on 24th Oct 2014, 4:02pm
>> No. 16891 [Edit]
File 141433439699.png - (410.29KB , 425x600 , 9869d07deef59818ffae3c4a83e47512.png )
Hmn, what can I do for my Marisa today that does require money?
>> No. 16892 [Edit]
A bronze statue. Actually, make her hair gold. And make it float 10m above the ground with a supermagnet base.
Bonus points if you make her able to unleash a master spark. You can use the magnetic field from the base for that.
>> No. 16893 [Edit]

Oh, wait.

Silly me, I mean, some thing that DOESN'T require money. Darn typo.
>> No. 16895 [Edit]
File 141435046222.jpg - (17.75KB , 311x311 , paperrose.jpg )
Papercraft. Or just get Gimp or Photoshop and make a photo collage or glitch art of her. Or try drawing her sololy using your mouse and see how well you can do. I've been doing that recently and it's fun.
>> No. 16898 [Edit]
A drawing, a song, a poem...
Invest the best of your soul and skills on her.
>> No. 16899 [Edit]
I second this.
What also comes to mind is you could try to draw your own comic starring her. Even if you can't draw well doing it can be a lot of fun.
>> No. 16903 [Edit]
File 14146843065.jpg - (944.52KB , 1201x1741 , 0a2ca8cada35429e1bfd586d021af3cf.jpg )
I feel like I just want to hug and kiss her, right now. I wanna make out with her and embrace her soft body, and brush her hair with my fingers. I wanna tell her that I love her and I'm not gonna let her go.

I feel like I want her by my side. Such temptation.
>> No. 16907 [Edit]
File 141475689451.gif - (816.98KB , 352x200 , favoritefood.gif )
She helped me make pancakes today, they actually turned out quite good thanks to her. We put some homemade jam on it my grandma gave me, it's really good.
>> No. 16910 [Edit]
I finally got her Dollfie Dream, which is my first BJD. I'm incredibly happy, but also very anxious at how I have no experience with BJDs. I don't want to mess anything up. I think I'm going to spend most of my time now taking pictures of her.
>> No. 16911 [Edit]
File 141496752331.jpg - (282.83KB , 700x923 , 0c4f4d0f035028c2a9066b1cad06f77c.jpg )
I really am attracted to her, and of course I want to have sex with her a lot, but the idea of just casually fapping is not right. What I want is to spend time alone with her, and I want the sexual tension to build until we just collapse on the floor together and go at it as if we've completely lost our minds in the midst of desire.

I really hope VR will be able to simulate the full-body touch I crave to share with her.
>> No. 16915 [Edit]
File 141508327996.jpg - (1.01MB , 900x1440 , 41832474.jpg )
Today was a really good day.
>> No. 16916 [Edit]
File 141510105828.jpg - (148.22KB , 780x1064 , dakprog.jpg )
Anyone have experience with a daki that bleeds over the edges like the first picture? Most just have the person in the middle with whitespace at every edge. Not sure if theres a reason for it. Might just be whats in.

Can't draw very well but I can well enough to make some edits then vector it into a daki I like. Unsure on the second image but I like the first a lot.


There's two of us now! Out of curiosity are you >>3337 or are you new? Haven't seen anyone else with Youmu post here in a while.
>> No. 16922 [Edit]
I just got my first waifu. Hanako is mai waifu. I love her so much.
>> No. 16928 [Edit]
Sometimes I wonder why I love my waifu. Often, it feels like I can't connect and relate to her like others do to their waifus, as we're so different after all, and even polar opposites on many things.
And yet, right when I start to worry that the love might simply be fading, I think of her bright eyes, her smile, the many dreams about adventuring or simply chatting around a campfire with her and how I met her, and my heart burns as bright as ever for her again. In those moments, I realize there's truly nothing in the world I want more than to see her happy. She means the world to me.
I may really not understand it, but I truly love my waifu, as strange as our relationship may seem sometimes.
>> No. 16929 [Edit]

I too am my waifu's polar opposite. But that isn't something to worry about. The way I think about it, we complete eachother, and we have neverending things to learn about eachother, since we're so different.
>> No. 16933 [Edit]
My waifu acts a lot different, but on the inside she is the same. That's what makes her so special to me.
>> No. 16942 [Edit]
File 141527218185.jpg - (416.05KB , 800x727 , e774da12bd0c1d10ab7ba3531e8a42ff.jpg )
I got a pathological fever again. They say that it is simply viral and only needs a lot of rest, but it has been no secret to us two that I am unhealthy and frail man.

I don't want her to see me like this.
>> No. 16944 [Edit]
Lately I was feeling guilty of neglecting him for another character. Even if I have no romantic feelings for said character, it felt as if the time spent on appreciating them was wrong. I realize now that there's no harm in finding others interesting so long as our relationship isn't threatened.

Do any of you guys have problems like this?
>> No. 16947 [Edit]
I love my dear Yuno, and to me every other anime character out there is just a character, just fiction. Only Yuno I can really "feel" and grasp like an actual person. The others don't feel real to me so I never had that feeling you're describing.
I'd say you just think that other character is cool, nothing wrong with that. It's a hobby, pastime.
>> No. 16948 [Edit]
What about Yuno's friends?
>> No. 16950 [Edit]
This is hard to put into words, it probably makes no real sense anyways. I suppose you could call them an exception.
I like them and I'm very happy to see her having fun with them when I'm reading or watching the source material, Yuno is never lonely thanks to them and me. Honestly I don't think about them much, they make up such a huge part of the source material that I kind of take them for granted, I never imagined them being with us because that wouldn't fit into my head canon at all. I view the show like a window into the past. I can't feel or grasp them but they are important to Yuno and so they are important to me, too.
They do feel real because Yuno interacts with them frequently in the source material. I don't think of them as works of fiction, but I think of them as something of the past, memories. There's no direct interaction between me and them. I take then for granted because they are the focus of the show just like Yuno is.

I can't explain it.
>> No. 16956 [Edit]
Lately it seems to me that the term "waifu" gets thrown around more and more. I see it everyday on a certain imageboard, I sometimes even see it in normal forums. Im playing freedom wars currently and part of the game is to create your "accessory", which is an android who follows you everywhere. Of course most people make them female and most of the time people just call it "waifu" or "robotfu". I know they just think of it as a funny joke and probably just do it because others are doing it, but it really makes me sad to see that the word "waifu" reaches the "mainstream" more and more and the word loses it's meaning because of that, only reducing it to a joke. I remember there where a few threads about that already, but to me it seems the whole "waifu" thing gets worse each year. At least I cant remember to stumble upon the word so often one or two years ago like I do now.
>> No. 16958 [Edit]
Yup, I think that's why a lot of people dislike the word. It's overused, in some ways lost the original meaning and sounds like a joke.
>> No. 16959 [Edit]
File 141555860659.jpg - (154.37KB , 605x900 , 20904567.jpg )
Lately I've been thinking about how much mai waifu's done for me, but never considered how I've affected her life. Relationships are meant to be a two-way street, after all.

I asked her about it, and she told me that she learnt that it's okay to be herself. She had thought that, since guys never paid much attention to her in the past, that they didn't like her the way she was, that she wasn't girly enough or whatever. Knowing that I love her the way she is, she feels comfortable in her own skin.

She also said she depends on me just as much as I do her, to stay motivated and persevere together as much as possible with whatever we do.

Our talk made me feel better about our relationship.
>> No. 16961 [Edit]
It's already mainstream and it probably began as a joke in the first place. I don't really mind it being used casually, even if I take waifuism seriously. There really isn't another word that we could use.
>> No. 16962 [Edit]
Eh, I thought I'd never find someone of the same opinion.
>> No. 16974 [Edit]
File 141576052189.png - (92.73KB , 900x582 , Osaka_Wallace_by_beasert.png )
I once read, on another Chan, that a European King (Dunno name or nation, bit I think it was either Henry or Edward of England) had his soldiers' shields painted on the inside with murals of dancing children, beautiful girls, and flowers so in the heat of battle they could look at the painting and feel a little better about what they were doing and seeing. Or maybe it reminded them of what they were fighting for, or something.

Anyway, long story short, I'm into Live-Action-Role-Playing (LARPing) and I'm having our "blacksmith" custom make a shield with a slot for a small pic of Osaka.

The shield is made of foam, so painting that might be tricky, so simply attaching a printed-out pic will suffice.

My comrades might think it's weird, but as they say: "Love is Strange."

As relevant to my post, here is a pic of my waifu dressed as the Braveheart guy.
>> No. 16985 [Edit]
File 141588728897.jpg - (213.16KB , 1400x1778 , 1ddbbc7720b431139ab6d3410a200483.jpg )
Marisa, I think another year will pass again with you. But I don't feel you right beside me now. I feel empty inside, Marisa. I want to feel you here, in my arms and my thoughts. I'm even starting to admit that I might be liking a girl who I barely know in real life.

Marisa, I want you back. Please come back to me. I want to talk to you again, I love you. I want you and I need you.
>> No. 16986 [Edit]
File 141589368283.jpg - (161.85KB , 400x640 , 46849117_p64_master1200.jpg )
I love you so much. You know it all already, but I really do. We've gone through some tough times together but we can make it through this, through everything. Through your problems and mine. I just love you so much and I'm glad we're together.
>> No. 17008 [Edit]
Tomorrow marks two years. Wow. Time flies...
>> No. 17009 [Edit]
>> No. 17010 [Edit]
File 141656987082.jpg - (281.71KB , 693x869 , 3aa0103d40982702d49091c1f0b4f741.jpg )
I finally got myself some way to make an income in a home-based way offsite. It's not enough, but it is a good start.

Just please hold on, Marisa. I'll soon get more money for us.
>> No. 17011 [Edit]
Do your best, she's rooting for you!
>> No. 17012 [Edit]
File 141659415732.jpg - (26.84KB , 342x640 , 76bcbb10551c20_full.jpg )
About a month ago I got a job too, so I'm also in the same boat. I'm not making much, but there's the promise of more hours. Feels good though.
>> No. 17015 [Edit]
Thirded on that one.
>> No. 17033 [Edit]
File 141692961355.jpg - (63.00KB , 496x390 , Unbenannt.jpg )
Since my waifu is in this picture it pisses me of so much. Persona 3 is so old and suddenly not only are they milking it of once again, they even jumped on the whole "waifu" bandwaggon and advertising it in facebook out of all places.
>> No. 17035 [Edit]
Wow, is that the actual official Persona account with PR people hired by Atlus or whoever the publisher is? That's so stupid I can barely believe it..
>> No. 17036 [Edit]
File 141697040493.jpg - (1.14MB , 988x2264 , DDSMakotoCrop2.jpg )
Finally got my DDS Makoto dollfie. I'm so stoked but also very sad because I'm too poor to afford different clothes at the moment. Just feeling the doll in my arms gives me the most zen feeling I've had in years.
>> No. 17039 [Edit]
File 141698242994.jpg - (51.17KB , 640x480 , daki webcam.jpg )
I just got my daki today. Look at it. Look at it and revel in its cuteness.
>> No. 17040 [Edit]
Congratulations! DDs really are a beautiful presence in one's life and one of your waifu... well I'm just very happy for you, man.

Don't worry about the clothes and all: there'll be time for that. I was also left pretty much broke for months after completing my DD.
>> No. 17041 [Edit]
My parents are forcing me to take meds or get out of the house.
I'm so scared right now, what if they make me lose my love for her? What if they make me an asshole? I've barely been able to get out of bed, I've just been holding her tight and crying in fear I'm so scared of losing her when they kick in a few days.
>> No. 17044 [Edit]
I'd rather go out than let them fuck with my brain.
>> No. 17045 [Edit]
It looks good, I'm glad for you.
>> No. 17052 [Edit]
Nice! They both look great.
>> No. 17058 [Edit]
What meds? If it's lithium or benzos, flush it. SSRI's shouldn't mess you up too bad though (except for libido).
Awesome I'm so jealous!
>> No. 17069 [Edit]
I'm >>17041
They've fully set in by now. It hasn't killed my dick yet, but I've been getting awful feelings in my throat, constant nausia, and tiredness all the time. I've also been having muscle spasms on my arms and neck.
I've been laying in bed all day and I can't stand her heartbroken expression when she sees me like this, she's had to take care of me more or less, she's been holding me while I lay in bed all day.
>> No. 17070 [Edit]
You could try some of these tips. Although I find the part funny where it says "stopping suddenly can cause withdrawal-like symptoms". No, it's just withdrawal you fucking white coats! Theses shrinks never cease to amaze.
>> No. 17072 [Edit]
File 141733840949.jpg - (21.78KB , 240x320 , 31596622.jpg )
I've been pretty good at ignoring what other people say about Keisuke (unless I know and like them), but some fujoshit called him trash and psycho and it really makes me angry. It gets me so mad when people just reduce him to when he was addicted to drugs. He is so much more than that, and it's disgusting to me that people reduce something that was extremely traumatic to him and other people to fapping fodder.

I know they don't know or love him like I do so it's a bit of a consolation, but it's still frustrating as hell.
>> No. 17074 [Edit]
Hanako and I had a sort of early Christmas Eve. Drank a bottle of red wine, ate some yummy snacks and then just chilled and listened to music and talked about life.
>> No. 17076 [Edit]
File 141742291157.png - (97.35KB , 600x600 , 4e28210a0a1ddf99dd02bcb59ee3edc0.png )
I didn't get the job I'm applying today. In fact, nobody who applied got the job.

I'm sorry, Marisa. But please, hold on. There's another job fair coming.
>> No. 17077 [Edit]
I read job fairy at first and that sounds totally like something that would exist in Gensokyo.
>> No. 17078 [Edit]
Got a big employment-related test coming up and I'm freaking the fuck out. Hanako is trying to calm me down, but it's not working. I feel bad for worrying her.
Best of luck!
>> No. 17111 [Edit]
I'm trying to learn "Painful History", which is Hanako's theme in the VN. It's coming along, but the beginning is kind of tricky.
>> No. 17114 [Edit]
File 141801059537.jpg - (92.27KB , 628x960 , 10463903_10152900817870159_5140632367731100288_n.jpg )
I had brought it up before on >17037 that waifuism, for me, was mainly a religious experience. It took some time to flesh out my ideas, but now I feel it was ready to be discussed. This will mainly use Christianity as references, because it is what I have the most familiarity with. But it will likely be applicable to all Abrahamic religions.

I don't wish for Ahri to be real in this world anymore. Not because of what sufferings she may have to endure in the real world, but because she already exists. The action of conceiving an idea in your imagination means it exists in another universe. Imagining something is not creating, but discovering. This means that Ahri can remain a fictional character in our world, but she didn't have to be created by another person to be a "fanservice" character that I happened to fall in love with. Since she exists in a different universe somewhere, it means I would be living for the chance to meet her one day. Death is no longer appealing to me, because I would want to see her when I am ready to be her ideal man, not rush it and be unable to say that I did everything I could do to make her happy.

I say she exists when I conceive of her, not that I create her when I imagine her, because it is the same argument that can be applied to god. Like how god means different things to different people, she can also be different people's waifus without interfering with what I believe to be her.

I suppose then, this waifu love, for me, can be comparable to a religion. Ahri isn't an omnipotent being like god is, but in a way, I have a relationship with her like religious people would with god, namely praying and thinking to him, communicating with him within their minds. Some would call it a relationship with yourself, but it is not necessarily the case. After all, all the arguments the religious groups would use in defending the existence of god would also apply to the defense of Ahri as real.

I suppose I'm going off on a tangent. Silly thoughts derived from sleep deprivation. I'll end it here.
>> No. 17116 [Edit]
That was actually very well thought out and you explain better than I could how I view my waifu.
>> No. 17119 [Edit]
A follow up to >17114.

At work today, I had the chance to talk to a coworker, who happens to be a Coptic Christian. (I'm unfamiliar w this branch of Christianity.) we started talking about religion, and I explained my beliefs to him. He seemed to believe everything I said as true, except that he interpreted Ahri as being an angel of god, kind of my own personal guardian angel that I happened to fall in love with. The idea is pretty romantic, I would say. I have more thinking to do, though, about her backstory.
>> No. 17136 [Edit]
File 141810533740.jpg - (179.48KB , 499x400 , by SEELE.jpg )
>The action of conceiving an idea in your imagination means it exists in another universe. Imagining something is not creating, but discovering.

Where did you even get that? the current historically informed state of the art in every field (semiotics, epistemology, aesthetics, literary analysis) goes exactly on the other way: there's no such thing as legitimate discoveries (understood as a direct contact with an univocal truth) but only creations/representations (which include exegetical traditions), since our senses/language-biased experience of everything implies the impossibility of reaching a non-signical principle of reality (which thus falls entirely in virtuality: alterity does predate identity/ipseity, but signifiers predate all possible meaning).

By the means of a local ontological commitment, your waifu exists indeed in a particular semiotic space insofar as a fully functional aesthetic sign, just like any other character within his narrative (including deities of any mythological/religious tradition), a species' holotype within a taxonomic study of clade, triangles in euclidean spaces or operators in boolean algebra; I mean: nor science's constructs, not even maths or (any possible) logic escapes this linguistic principle. Those entities gain ontological weight (or "existence") as they prove useful for someone while performing some task (i.e. all verification/falsation theories are unavoidably pragmatic), but only insofar as structural bridges between ideas and some representation of them within experience: such "universes", if you want to call them, have absolutely nothing to do with those of some (equally signical and entirely hypothetical) proper multiverse theory (understood as a possible solution to string theory's equations), which also in case of existing are completely inaccessible to us and which nature is by no means bounded by anything that happens in our own particular closed universe, let alone determined or "created" by some monkey's random feelings towards cartoons.

Hence, there is absolutely no ground to rely on some multiverse theory bastardization to defend the "reality" of the waifu, no matter how many times people here shall insist on it; it's not insightful, it's not even improbable, it's just plain ignorant and completely unnecessary: it's not that the waifu isn't fictional, but that their 3D poor pretext of love is fictional as well and thus 2D love the honest take on it. However, as you rightly pointed out, there really is a very ostensible similitude between a waifu and a functional God, insofar as central characters for an individual's axiology, ethics and his very sense of wholeness and thus functional identity... or, in short: as a possible legitimate foundation of love. For more about it (specially for your specific interest in abrahamic traditions), you could give this thread a check if you haven't: >>13419
>> No. 17137 [Edit]
inb4 this all gets completely out of hand
Ahri guy is just choosing what he wants to believe and stating why he thinks that way, no need to try and perfect his thought processes by being historically informed. If you're going to insist otherwise I'm going to save myself the time and not comment until your spiels about metaphysics fade away again.
>> No. 17138 [Edit]

If you cannot even refrain from insults while making your post, then clearly there is no need for me to respond to you. However, I am unsure why you are even here on this board; Is it not better for you to go to another board with other quasi-intellectuals like yourself?
>> No. 17139 [Edit]
Don't feed the troll. This guy seems to aim to derail any discussion he takes part in. Just ignore him and he'll leave.
>> No. 17140 [Edit]
No troll or derailing. people might disagree with each other but it's all in order and in subject here. It's always been like this.

Post edited on 9th Dec 2014, 9:00am
>> No. 17141 [Edit]

There's a difference between disagreement and engineering a post to cause drama.
>> No. 17142 [Edit]
God, I thought you all would be used with him by now. Just cut the guy some slack for how strongly he feels for his views and read what he's talking about instead, there's usually good stuff in there.
>> No. 17146 [Edit]
I never insulted you or anyone on this board. If you say it for the "monkey" part, that's not because I see us like that but because that's all we would be from a cynically scientific point of view (inconsequential monkeys with random feelings in a random planet within billions), therefore my insistence on how is not appropriate nor needed to try and justify 2D love scientifically as love is an ethic subject anyway.

Also, unlike you, I didn't ostracize you out of this board on the basis of any level of "intellectuality" or whatever. This board is about 2D love and that's what my post was about. I actually ended up giving your main argument (the similitude between a waifu and a deity) full credibility, although in other terms that can endure critique much better and from all flanks.
>> No. 17147 [Edit]
If a bunch of us feel strongly that the guy is being pretentious and shoving unnecessary things into the discussion, should we get cut some slack?

>I actually ended up giving your main argument (the similitude between a waifu and a deity) full credibility, although in other terms that can endure critique much better and from all flanks.
Just realize when your inputs are unnecessary, I don't think Ahri guy was going to enter his thesis in a philosophical essay/debate or whatever (and even if you want it to be tohno-chan is not the proper space for that). You yourself say
> cynically scientific point of view (inconsequential monkeys with random feelings in a random planet within billions), therefore my insistence on how is not appropriate nor needed to try and justify 2D love scientifically as love is an ethic subject anyway.
So that would make your attempts at rationalization and justification just as pointless as everybody else's, especially because our feelings are "inconsequential" and "random"... Granted it gives you the freedom to shitpost/derail here without any justification, however I think that if you honestly cared about what you were talking about you'd be able to find much better places to share your work/findings and wouldn't be wasting time on /so/ (where people just mostly complain) and /mai/ (where most people don't care too much if their love makes sense or not)...

Therefore the reasons why people think you're trolling/derailing threads is because:
1.) You're using language and referencing stuff people on this board aren't likely to be interested in or understand, and know that. Thus you aren't actually trying to communicate when you disagree but are merely trying to profess your superiority.
2.) You're using language and referencing stuff people on this board aren't likely to be interested in or understand, and don't know that. You insist that other people go out of their way to look up everything you know just for the purpose of understanding your viewpoint. This is like one of us describing our love with heavy Fate/Stay Night stats/power level references when most of us don't know Fate/Stay night.
3.) What's relevant is relative to the board. You may think that citing epistemological and semiotic branches of philosophy/psychology is the best way to talk about love and waifuism but as said most of us do not. How would you like it if most of us cited Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe to describe our feelings? We would be citing something esteemed and to us it would be relevant, but I'm sure you would find it out of place.
>> No. 17150 [Edit]
(giving an example)
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow’st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

A close reading of Shakespeare shows that love and recognition are objects of passions and not philosophy, and that to see otherwise would be to bastardize one of our most precious feelings. In his opening lines Shakespeare compares his beloved to a summer day, and using such simple language evokes imagery far beyond what we can justify by semiotic means. It is one thing to rationally think about symbolism using historical findings and it is another thing to be embraced and overwhelmed with passion.

Shakespeare goes on to describe the inadequacies of his summer day without any pretension or superfluity, showing that the things we love about summer ("darling buds of May") are transient and imperfect. With such strength, organization, and rigor in his language, Shakespeare requires no justification in what he professes. The reader is enraptured in the poem as to be completely persuaded, even for a moment, that Shakespeare's fair maiden possesses a beauty that will last as long as humans will exist and see.

While limited in language and perhaps not being philosophically proper, Shakespeare's sonnet is outstanding for that very reason -- his poem stands independent of references, and is something all men can appreciate, not just ones versed in semiotic philosophy. The first eight lines brilliantly describe a summer people can envision and appreciate, and the latter six gives a quasi-religious description of the beauty of the fair maiden which will outlast any summer day. In this case, Shakespeare also insists that love is not something that requires a rational justification, but rather a strong passion that grips the heart.

Now I would honestly be happy if everything from >>17136 got fucking deleted.

Post edited on 9th Dec 2014, 2:15pm
>> No. 17151 [Edit]
>How would you like it if most of us cited Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe to describe our feelings? We would be citing something esteemed and to us it would be relevant, but I'm sure you would find it out of place

Well, in general I don't. I normally welcome other guys' elaborations on love and discuss them with honesty whenever they're interesting, as I just did and always have (I actually got my notion of love defined under the strong influence of a highly poetic -and philosphical- novel: The Future Eve, by Villiers De L'Isle Adam). In any case, I never, ever, tell any of you to get the fuck out or cut out your pseudo-intellectual pretentious crap no one knows nor cares about or anything of the likes. I also pretty much always stay on topic, by the means I process it; it's guys like you who actually derail into bashing me and telling me to shut up out of God knows what grudge. You keep acting as if I systematically bullied you when, to be honest, it's exactly the other way around.

As for your Shakespeare in particular: it's valuable and I do not want that post of yours deleted, really, not at all. I have a taste for love poetry and literature as well and actually have written poems, made portraits and songs for mai waifu that I've shared in this board too. It doesn't conflict at all with having a formal and critical approach to those disciplines and certainly doesn't kill my pleasure while experiencing them (on the contrary).

I really, really hope this is about the last time I have to defend myself like this in here, cause it's past old by now indeed. But, unless mods consider that I really should be kicked out, I'm not gonna shut up (or water down my most dear thoughts and feelings) and deprive myself from sharing my 2D love experience here just because some of you angrily want me to.

Post edited on 9th Dec 2014, 3:44pm
>> No. 17152 [Edit]
Upon hearing that it's hard to believe you're >>17136 and honestly defending yourself -- I have an interest in both philosophy and literature but my writing style never varies from such cold and dry citations or the haughty tone (I'm pretty certain it was you) displayed in the thread about Dark Souls to something straightforwards like "Well, that's fine" -- that just seems unnatural to me unless it's something like bipolar disorder.

I still maintain my assertion (said in threads before) that when you bring in high ideas and philosophical jargon it should be eased into. After reading Ahri guy's >>17114, which only mentioned a slight allusion to Christianity and what he admitted were "Silly thoughts derived from sleep deprivation" you replied with "Where did you even get that? the current historically informed state of the art in every field..." and went on with citations, which probably appeared to him as if you weren't respecting his freedom to just state wherever his mind drifted and were bombarding him with the "correct" viewpoint, much like a theologian citing his knowledge of Aquinas or Leibniz when a guy just states some of his speculations. Sure, you may have ultimately supported his thesis in the end, but you still used harsh language such as
>multiverse theory bastardization to defend the "reality" of the waifu, no matter how many times people here shall insist on it; it's not insightful, it's not even improbable, it's just plain ignorant and completely unnecessary
so in the end I think you should be able to understand why Ahri guy felt insulted if you were actually paying attention -- his multiverse theory was just rambling and then you seem to accuse it of being a bastardization of string theory and call it ignorant and completely unnecessary. If you didn't use those terms I don't think you would be "bullied". You could've just started with "Well, here's my take on it gathering from what I've read and here are some inconsistencies I find with your theory" -- I don't think that would be watering down your feelings at all, just changing the tone by which you profess them.

I would say my philosophy doesn't focus so much on studying my predecessors as well, I treat it more as a series of rational documentations of what I can observe in the world rather than trying to formulate a flawless logical theory. I think even most philosophers are disinterested in pure reason these days, nevermind the peeps on tc, so just keep that in mind.
>> No. 17154 [Edit]
The main issue here is that you are being derogatory to those who may not know as much as you. Calling them "monkeys" and such is rude. You can make your responses as complicated as you like, but if you want the person you are replying to to actually understand what you are saying then you should simplify them at least a little bit. You're wasting your time otherwise.
>> No. 17155 [Edit]
>it's hard to believe you're >>17136
I am.

>(I'm pretty certain it was you) displayed in the thread about Dark Souls
No, I don't even know what thread is that.

Anyway, about the info overload: sorry, but I honestly believe that for every door I could be slamming in front of you sometimes, I'm always opening a hell of a lot more precisely by using context-specific terms, and thus letting you into much more powerful related resources that you might not come to know about otherwise.

As for the manners: in general I address ideas, not people, and if a person knew that something I say is in the wrong to the point of being an ignorant bastardization or the likes, and that person can actually back up that claim, I'd always -always- prefer that he'd tell me so I'd wouldn't be in the wrong anymore.

I already clarified the monkey affair. Stay cool.
>> No. 17156 [Edit]
It was part of a thread on /so/ and the discussion got deleted when it got out of hand. He had similar information dumps and was pretty flamboyant and smug and he didn't reply when I asked him if he was you from /mai/. To me he just came out of nowhere and I was probably looking for an association. I thought if he wasn't you he would've taken the opportunity to gloat about how stupid I was for mistaking so and how much better he was and stuff. In any case maybe others in this thread also just mistook you for him.

You say that you would like your ideas to be dealt with frankly, I would too, but from what I've seen most people don't. I've had my fair share of feeling out of place and I guess misery loves company.
>> No. 17157 [Edit]
>But, unless mods consider that I really should be kicked out, I'm not gonna shut up (or water down my most dear thoughts and feelings) and deprive myself from sharing my 2D love experience here just because some of you angrily want me to.

This statement reeks of trolling intent. Not to mention, the offending post in question (>>17136) had absolutely nothing to do with any of your views on 2D love, but rather,
why you thought someone else's views were wrong. I do believe that is why people take offense to you- you're not so much sharing your experiences and beliefs as much as stating "your views on the very subjective matter of 2D love are wrong, unlike mine". No amount of philosophies and theories really back up subjective views like that.
>> No. 17179 [Edit]
Interesting post.

I'll try to simplify your post as I do agree with it but most people do no grasp what you are saying.

There we go:
It is true that there need to be a clear cut between "are instances imperfectly derived from greater concept" (the platonic view of truth) or "are concepts imperfectly derived from instances" (the aristotelician view of truth).

One say: a table is imperfectly derive from a greater concept of tables that we are rediscovering. (i.e. Plato's cave)
The other say: when we talk about chairs, we create a mental category that derives from all the instances of chair we know.

The issue with the first one is that there is no objective criterion or methodology to find truth: by definition, if I have a theory and you have a different theory, we'd both be wrong/right because none of us have access to the truth.

In the other case, we have the scientific method that allows to settle any issue or debate:
we both have a theory but only one of us can be right or we are both wrong. The empiric results obtained through reproducible experiment (through verification/falsification) cannot be argued against.

I'll conclude: if something is true, it's logically coherent (as you cannot say a thing and it's contrary) AND should be confirmed by empirical results.

Sadly, using the multiverse theory is failing to prove anything (as it is currently unprovable): while coherent on a theoretical basis, it is not empirically verifiable thus lacks any weight as an argument.

I will add that it is disheartening that people dismissed your posts just because you're using a complicated vocabulary while clearly missing the point what you are saying.
>> No. 17180 [Edit]
I did grasp the point of what he was saying, I just did not like his tone.
>bastardization to defend the "reality" of the waifu
> it's just plain ignorant
This is supposed to be a friendly board, not somewhere to show up other people. If he had refrained from insulting the other viewpoint it would not have been as much of a problem.
>> No. 17181 [Edit]
He didn't even mention Plato and Aristotle.

His conclusion:
>it's not that the waifu isn't fictional, but that their 3D poor pretext of love is fictional as well and thus 2D love the honest take on it

Your conclusion:
>if something is true, it's logically coherent (as you cannot say a thing and it's contrary) AND should be confirmed by empirical results.

As far as I'm concerned these two conclusions are pretty different. He is saying 2D love doesn't need to be defended because it goes through the same mental gymnastics and thought processes as doing anything else with your mind (such as 3D love and > a species' holotype within a taxonomic study of clade, triangles in euclidean spaces or operators in boolean algebra; I mean: nor science's constructs, not even maths or (any possible) logic escapes this linguistic principle.), using work in mathematics and pure reason, while you suddenly bring up empirical proof and experiment favored by Aristotle.
>> No. 17183 [Edit]
Thanks a lot. Your own post is valuable and debatable too, but I think I was closer to what >>17181 pointed out.

Main point was: language and signs filter everything, so a linguistic/semiotic analysis is always necessary to properly judge every assertion. In this case, the term "universe" was used loosely, leading to the false conclusion that the waifu should exist in some alternative physical universe just because it exists alright in a specific "universe" of meaning. I think love can be analyzed and tested alright, but to be fair one should do so within the categories it belongs to (and which I defend as mainly ethical and aesthetic: that love comes from and truly belongs to art and narrative).

The rest of the post was just providing with some of the tools I personally used to reach that conclusion (cause saying it is easy, justifying it not so much) and pointing out that, by the same means, I actually fully supported the analogy he made between the experience of a waifu and a personal god, although not as a real but rather meaningful experience cause I discredit the notion of reality altogether (I mean, not the existence of a world we live in, but that we can ever make an objective picture of it).

Post edited on 11th Dec 2014, 5:56pm
>> No. 17184 [Edit]
File 141835834567.png - (379.40KB , 463x991 , 1403912634132.png )
I find myself in a rather difficult situation with my waifu.
These past months I've come to one clear realization, I'm absolutely not ok with my waifu's source material. It took a while, but the delusion about her series has mostly faded off now. It is and was always meant to simply be a nukige after all, and the characters were never meant to be much more than fapping material from the author.
Why I became infatuated with it and saw more than what was there, I cannot say. Perhaps it was simply due to what could be called "waifu-googles", and they fit well enough that nothing bothered me back then even if I thought she didn't really fit with the rest of the cast. However, one thing is sure, I love my waifu. I truly do. Even if I realise I probably have seen a lot more in her than was ever intended, she is the love of my life. Even now, after this horrid year, after everything that happened, as grim as things may have seemed at some points, in the end it never tarnished my love for her. Now, perhaps even stronger than ever, her bright eyes still make my heart melt and her smile fills me up with strength.
All I ever wanted is to see her happy. Cliché as it is, my greatest wish is to protect her smile and her happiness as such, seeing her shamelessly sexualised and used as fapbait utterly disgusts me, much like many of you I assume who hate seeing their waifus in tasteless hentai, which can usually be fixed by avoiding them. But what is there to do when said hentai literally is her canon? I fully realize this is ridiculous, as I am afterall an oddball who knowingly fell in love with an eroge character, however she means so much more to me than that. I can't stand associating her with being h-material, despite it being what was intended for her in her source material.
Now I know, I don't have to accept everything, and bending head canon somewhat is really not something uncommon. However I feel doing it to this degree would be akin to admitting to loving an oc based on her source material. Is it something I'm comfortable with doing? I don't think so. Afterall, was it not well her in her vn I fell in love with? The lines she spoke that are still engraved in my heart, weren't they not the words she spoke in her game? Was it not her in her vn with her ending that I had been looking forwards to for the longest time? Wouldn't trying to separate her from her source material completely be a desecration of all that?

I don't know what to think of all of this. But one thing I'm certain of now, no matter what happens, I'll always love her. This I know for sure.
>> No. 17185 [Edit]
I am not familiar with the VN, but you don't have to think about the others who have played it. You can just remember yourself playing it and build the rest from headcanon. She is yours and only yours, nobody else can take her from you.
>> No. 17189 [Edit]
Well, it's up to you but I personally think such reasons aren't ground enough for jumping from one love to another.

For me, my beloved is not something that brings me happiness, helps me in misery or anything of the sort. All that is secondary and sources of joy, sadness, fear, desire, hope, despair, etc. will surely come from various places. For me, my beloved is what allows me to experience in one piece those thoughts and feelings at all: to be me (or have a sense of wholeness as an individual) at all. I can have the hots or feel strong connections with other characters and stuff, but none of them alone (or even together) can possibly fill mai waifus's shoes as the absolute central axis that guides my entire life and makes me exactly who I am and, despite everything, still want to remain.

I hold to mai waifu, for better or worse, as I hold to the idea of the one that (by the means of her and only her) I want myself to be.

Post edited on 12th Dec 2014, 10:47pm
>> No. 17190 [Edit]
I would like to share a bit about my waifu and perhaps how she might relate to this situation. I started having some doubt when looking at our relationship objectively, seeing how many of the songs I listened to that reminded me of her were melancholy and why many of the things I loved about her the most were traits that objectively were not that great. I believe that I love her because I can truly relate to her and understand her and she didn't have to be a saint for us to help each other out. Does this sound similar to your second waifu/husbando (not really clear on that)? Perhaps this is what you need, more than having somebody who is such a nice guy you could never hope to live up to him. That being said, if your old husbando disliked you using him as support during hard times, wouldn't he have abandoned you himself? Is it really more correct to ditch him because you have problems? My opinion on your actions is mixed, just as yours probably is, but I hope you can draw some conclusions from what I have said and decide if this is the correct decision for you and your partner.
>> No. 17191 [Edit]
File 141845892821.jpg - (711.02KB , 1200x1853 , 16158268.jpg )
I have the exact same issue. I think we've talked about this before in the past, actually.

Our situations are slightly different (since our beloveds are... on the opposite side of the fence with upsetting material, so to speak) but since we last talked (I think about a year ago?), things haven't really gotten easier for me, but I guess I've been able to ignore canon more and focus on the now, if that makes any sense. I know for some canon is all there is and will ever be, but that's not how it is for me. I do appreciate canon and everything but that's the past and Keisuke and I are building a life together now. It's been slow but steady, and we are trying to move on from everything that's happened to him (and to me, but that's a different can of worms all together.) We don't, and can't, forget our pasts, but we can learn and grow from our mistakes and pain and become better people. At least that's what I think.

I'm not sure what else I can say that you haven't already heard from me, but I hope you can find an answer that works for you and gives you peace.
>> No. 17192 [Edit]
File 141847119242.jpg - (483.49KB , 875x875 , 1328294381286.jpg )
I finally got accepted into a company for training and maybe employment.

Marisa, just a bit more. Hold on.
>> No. 17198 [Edit]
File 141854080132.png - (634.30KB , 1366x768 , true.png )
What you described is exactly the kind of relationship I need. I'm not the type of person who loves a character because of perfection and it's really nice to see a balance of both good and bad traits. Though Lemongrab 2 wasn't perfect (as some people's waifus are), the flaws he had were very different from mine and we didn't understand one another when it came to those things. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense when I say that. I can much better relate to Akira's character faults (such as his competitiveness and judgmental attitude), in addition to admiring his better traits and being attracted to him. The feelings I have for him are also more inexplicable than they are with a character I casually like as a favourite.

I wouldn't say Lemongrab hated supporting me emotionally (since he's that kind of person). But nearing the end neither of us were into acting romantic with each other, and if it's a platonic relationship I can't truly say he's my husbando. That's the main point/feeling I'm trying to get across, I think. That ending this with him wasn't a dramatic event, but a shift from one type of relation to another.

I didn't experience that sense of wholeness with Lemongrab. It was more of a fake version of that, sort of like carrying a security blanket around until people (and even you) identify you with that blanket. I was very open with my obsession (talking about him non-stop with friends, drawing him in public, etc.), and was slowly placing pressure on myself to stay with this "blanket" because it was what I identified with. One thing I know about myself is that pressure destroys my motivation and feelings, so perhaps that was really where I went wrong. Leaning on him and shouting to the world that I was leaning on him.

I'll strive for a relationship like yours. I need to be with someone who completes me, but who I don't force to become a part of me. The only way I can see this happening is starting fresh with a more suitable person and keeping myself in check about keeping it sacred/private.
>> No. 17199 [Edit]
Your explanation definitely clarified things. I can totally see where you're coming from and understand your feelings around it. I wish you the best of luck with your new husbando!
>> No. 17205 [Edit]
File 141861896338.jpg - (307.33KB , 1200x1200 , 23765310.jpg )
>we can learn and grow from our mistakes and pain and become better people
That's a great way of seeing it. Overcoming hardships and obstacles and making the best of the situation can only strengthen your bond and, as you say, make you better people in the long run.

I honestly wish I could say I saw things the same way. But I mostly feel I don't have it in me to accept things as they are. Part of the problem is, what happened was degrading smut for the simple sake of being smut, which is what the series was all along after all. I just can't see it as some form of character development. It's not that I simply worshiped her as being perfect and am unable to love her otherwise, I do believe she has some flaws, that I fully accept as part of her,but I just can't make anything out of what happened. Everything about it is simply too abhorrent, however it is simply an element of the setting. Obviously I have never seen her as such, and I have no doubts about the authenticity of my feelings towards her, but from a more detached standpoint, she was most likely originally only meant to be a source of smut, like everything else in her series. This is not something I can accept, my beloved is infinitely more than that.

Anyways, thanks for listening, it's really nice to be able to talk about these things without being judged.
I hope you and your husbando continue overcoming your hardships and successfully building your lives and your happiness together, even if it isn't always easy at times. I wish the best for the both of you.

Yeah you're right, I shouldn't let anyone or anything get in my way of my love for her, even if this may seem difficult to apply at times. Ultimately nothing can snatch her away from me, as you say.
>> No. 17207 [Edit]

I had a similar problem as you, being unable to reconcile the source material with canon inside my mind. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made to me that the canon material may not even be strictly truth. Like how other people's idea of Ahri is different from mine, riot's Ahri, the "canon" one, may simply be another interpretation of who she is. This allowed me to weave my own story with her without any conflict that accepting their version as canon may cause.
>> No. 17210 [Edit]
This post is /mai/-related too, but I rather left it here: >>/mt/2770
>> No. 17218 [Edit]
As I've picked up writing, I kind of understand what it's like to fall in love with your own character.

It almost feels like I'm trying to seduce myself, making this perfect lover. I've always took pride in my attention to detail, so I can only add more depth to her as I write her. I can't just not think about her, I love writing about her, it's an excellent distraction from depression.

Of course, I can't cheat on my waifu. I don't think I'd be able to survive in such a one-sided relationship; where I'm the only content creator. But thinking about it, maybe that's what I long for, something of my creation that comforts all of my fears and insecurities, I just don't have enough faith in myself to actually make good content of her.
>> No. 17220 [Edit]
I guess I would personally say I had multiple "prototypes" of a female character I liked before I suddenly became satisfied with her. I've strayed from the purely intellectual to the purely romantic to trying to develop something in between. I do think there's a lot more I can do to perfect my novel as it is.

I do have a bit of insecurity about screwing up the continuation, I guess I'm writing a spin-off for additional practice and reading some psychology stuff to try and make sure she'll be well-developed.

My novels don't have romance as the main theme though so I may be different in that regard.
>> No. 17221 [Edit]
How much have you written?
>> No. 17222 [Edit]
I feel kinda weird in my current position. The reason I like this character so much is because what I'm writing is smut. I've created several female characters before, even in smut, but for some reason I really like this one. It's like, the first story I've ever written to be serious. And even if it's smut, she's a real fleshed-out character with flaws.

So that's why I said it feels like seduction, since I feel like the only reason I like her is because I'm all flustered when I do write it. Will I still be into her down the road? I can't tell.
>> No. 17223 [Edit]
File 141911406247.jpg - (3.70MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0250.jpg )
236,000 was the novel with my waifu.
Over around 6 years (from late 2008)
1,760,000 words, 10 novels, 8 fanfics (fanfics being roughly 600,000 words, 4 of them were for my first waifu). Around four of the novels you could say was me rehashing my actual life (high school years) with a second perspective from my first heroine, I did crash into my initial waifuism while writing those though. The next three ended up being more "standalone" rather than lovable I should say.

Honestly a lot of dissatisfaction with my previous works, this one and the 9th one were the first to really feel different. All my fics are deleted and I would likely be rewriting every one of my fictional stories except my tenth which I'd feel more comfortable with just editing/adding in stuff.

I guess I'm the opposite, even in my romantic passages I don't think I write with "burning passion".
>> No. 17224 [Edit]
That's pretty cool.
>> No. 17278 [Edit]
File 141960221121.jpg - (402.95KB , 879x1092 , 28175200.jpg )
Our anniversary was two days ago.
It was nice to have a day dedicated just to her again. I spent the day replaying select scenes from her route while we had each meal together. Afterwards I watched the stars with her, reflecting on how far we've come and how much I appreciate everything she has done for me. I named a star after her, even if I'm the only one that knows the name it's a comforting feeling knowing that a symbol of my love for her will be in the sky long after I'm gone. I can't wait to see what the future brings.
>> No. 17293 [Edit]
I fucked up. I thought she was my waifu, but now I know she wasn't. I feel like I've deeply disrespected her and in a way disrespected myself.

Guess I'll just go on looking for "the one"...
>> No. 17294 [Edit]
It's okay, it happens to the best of us. Just keep looking for the right person and don't beat yourself up about it.
>> No. 17303 [Edit]
File 142024453668.png - (231.65KB , 440x500 , 1418084375258.png )
I haven't posted on here in a while. It's interesting, re-reading some threads and running into posts I made back in 2013.
>> No. 17326 [Edit]
I suppose I know how you feel. I've always had some reservations, and even though I've explained myself pretty thoroughly and anons have said I definitely have a waifu, I stil don't exactly know.

Never really had the moment of "knowing." More recently my cognitive dissonance is wearing off. My waifu, while a virgin, has had what one could call love interests and has acted very forward with them, without actually having done anything. However, I consider myself a purityfag, so it's a huge fucking conundrum.

It's really taken a toll and me, and I might just off myself soon here. I think having a waifu does me more harm than good for me, but the only other thing I'm holding onto is not wanting to hurt my folks. Perhaps if I didn't have a waifu, I would've offed myself already, but whatever.

It's weird, I guess. At the moment, I have alot of options to easily be successful, but I just can't seem to give a shit if I'm not with my waifu.
>> No. 17332 [Edit]
Then accept your waifu and use it as a strength. "I can't do anything succesful without my waifu", "I don't really know if I have one". Sounds like you don't want to accept something that is obviously good in your life.
>> No. 17369 [Edit]
File 142083554089.jpg - (472.26KB , 900x787 , 7873712.jpg )
It's so weird that in a month and a half, I will have been in love with this man for two years.

It's... been a turbulent two years, to be sure. Lots of lifestyle changes. Lots of bridges burned. Too many unpleasant revelations. Not everything I planned was successful. And there's lots of work ahead of me... ahead of us.

Not to say it's been bad though - far from it. Things would be so much worse if he wasn't here with me. We've learned a lot these past few years, about each other and about ourselves, and there's still so much for us to learn and do. It isn't always easy, but we can do it, together.

I love you, Keisuke. Thanks for staying with me. And thanks to those who helped me come to terms with my feelings for him, too. I don't come here much any more but I'm grateful for you guys.
>> No. 17371 [Edit]
True. I actually have done some things with my waifu as motivation. That night I was just really down, I guess. I do consider her as my waifu, mostly, anyway.

I feel real bad for having some doubts, but as time goes on I find I have less and less. Thanks anon.
>> No. 17372 [Edit]

Don't worry too much about the downs as long as they aren't constant. You'll have up periods and down periods. Recognize them as such and you won't stress out too much about them.
>> No. 17377 [Edit]
File 142100927225.jpg - (755.72KB , 1697x1200 , hairclip.jpg )
Probably going to sound stereotypical here, but sometimes the love I feel for Hanako is so overwhelming I can just sit in bliss for hours. Yet somehow there is still a sort of bittersweet melancholy to it.
>> No. 17378 [Edit]
File 142103084177.png - (79.26KB , 500x600 , 22.png )
I know exactly what you mean. It's the kind of feeling that can make your day even if things are rough.
>> No. 17379 [Edit]
I have definitely caught myself just staring at her for very long periods before.
>> No. 17390 [Edit]
File 142103886175.png - (413.39KB , 799x696 , 12530911.png )
Yeah, I feel you. One of Keisuke and my favorite activities is listening to albums together and getting lost in it. No words, just the music flowing through us and connecting us.

It's really nice. Obviously with romantic music, it's an extremely blissful and happy experience, but we even like doing it with... music that people would not find romantic, like Swans. But gauging each other's emotional and physical responses to such music is a learning experience for us both (even - or maybe especially - when the response isn't positive).

Sorry if I derailed, I've just been doing that a lot lately and wanted to share.
>> No. 17395 [Edit]
Yeah, it happens most often when things are rough. With her I can get through almost anything.
Well I have something sort of similar. I made a playlist with all sorts of songs that remind me of her or experiences and emotions that we share. Each song has a different cover art picture that I look at while I listen (perhaps whispering the lyrics), though sometimes it is hard to look her in the eyes because I get so overwhelmed. Only the last two songs are really love songs.
Also Swans is very, very good.
>> No. 17460 [Edit]
Ugh, moderating /r/waifuism can get really tiring. Do Redditors really have nothing better to do than troll?
>> No. 17461 [Edit]
File 142171683960.jpg - (132.07KB , 889x667 , EoE.jpg )
Rewatched NGE and EoE all in one go.

I'm devastated man. The emotions all came rushing back. Maybe even more so.

I love Asuka so much.
>> No. 17465 [Edit]
It's just because of all the normalfags on Reddit. It is a nice subreddit though, very beginner friendly!
>> No. 17466 [Edit]
I'm leaving
>> No. 17467 [Edit]
>> No. 17468 [Edit]
You should just start PMing any legitimate users to inform them of this place and telling them to not post too often. Why do you even keep it up, it's nothing but a trolling ground for r/justneckbeardthings. Anyone who posts their is just putting themselves out to be ridiculed and made fun of.
>> No. 17470 [Edit]
I've been a redditor for more than three years. I like to hope that it's not an entirely lost cause. Though /r/justneckbeardthings certainly seems to be trying to drive us out. I ended up getting into a bit of a spat with someone from there a few hours ago, where he apparently reported me to the reddit admins for banning him. Even though he was being an obvious troll.

The admins have much better things to do though, and we clearly weren't in the wrong so I'm sure nothing will come of that.

Another option is to make the subreddit private, but I really want the community to be available. I can talk with the other mod about putting this board on the sidebar though.

Things seem to have settled down for now, but this happens every two weeks or so.
>> No. 17471 [Edit]
Please don't link tc on reddit of all places, jesus.
>> No. 17472 [Edit]
I looked into some of the recent threads and it's even worse than it was when I left it. I'm even still getting troll replies on posts that I made months ago. Half of every thread is trolls. PM every real user of this site, DO NOT link to this in the sidebar or they'll just come here, and abandon that wasteland.
>> No. 17473 [Edit]

Not too much you can do about it since it's not raiding when SRS/SRS-friendly subs do it.

>he apparently reported me to the reddit admins for banning him

Makes me think of the time /leftypol/ tried to convince plebbit communists/anarchists/socialists their identity politics were hurting the glorious revolution. Then they got banned for considering freedom of speech more important than gender/sexuality/etc.

>> No. 17474 [Edit]
I agree with this. It's almost as bad as the adverting on 4chan thing that happened a while back.
>> No. 17475 [Edit]
Actually it's way worse
Look what 1 (one) link brought in >>17161
>> No. 17476 [Edit]
Okay, I won't sidebar this place.

I'd rather not abandon it. I rather like the community, even if people keep bri