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File 15103737293.jpg - (16.04KB , 236x288 , a284b987202d9e30028fd20f3c6e1e21--the-sky-the-ojay.jpg )
20731 No. 20731 [Edit]
Have you ever seen a character that you hope somebody has as their waifu or husbando?
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>> No. 20733 [Edit]
This. I've seen plenty of characters I automatically assumed were the waifu of at least a few dozen people, but never wanted them to be one.
>> No. 20735 [Edit]
Not OP, but maybe if it's a nice character one might think they deserve the attention and possible long life that would come with being someone's waifu? Someone once told me that my waifu would essentially die if I were to loose interest in them, as no one else out there is really a fan of theirs.
>> No. 20736 [Edit]
File 151037908416.png - (20.93KB , 400x450 , _rodea_the_sky_soldier__by_amaichan-d8qo5lz.png )
>>30829 Is spot on. What I mean is basically wishing well for a character and hoping somebody sees and appreciates the good in them.
>> No. 20737 [Edit]
Hope? No.
Hey at least yours get physical products and fanart.
>wishing well... and hoping somebody sees and appreciates the good in them.
But that's drastically different from having a waifu or husbando. I can appreciate a character without getting infatuated with them. Maybe you are confused as to what these terms imply?
>> No. 20738 [Edit]
File 151047821778.png - (142.20KB , 500x600 , 8f1b6eb8afaa862c238413b283ac9887aa293e73.png )
>But that's drastically different from having a waifu or husbando. I can appreciate a character without getting infatuated with them. Maybe you are confused as to what these terms imply?
No, I meant exactly what I typed. I mean that I hope somebody has that character as a husbando/waifu because said character seems like they deserve to have somebody love them and hold them dear to their heart. Perhaps my wording was off.
>> No. 20739 [Edit]
>said character seems like they deserve
This could make for another thread, but... Wouldn't a character deserve an optimal outcome that is concordant with the world they live in, one where we don't fit in? This is a fragile topic, but at least regarding my case I'm think that my waifu deserves more than what I can provide in a three-dimensional world, specially since I don't have (and would probably never perfect) the skills to provide such gratification, like animating or drawing her in her fictional world, being happy in what she considers bliss, in at least a decent approximation for the original work she is from. I will try though, but I already know this is all in my head.
>Perhaps my wording was off.
I see. I understood it wrong then. I assumed you meant appreciation for a character also meant wishing for them to be engaged in an appreciative relationship. As in, I can like a character, that doesn't mean I went them to be betrothed cross-reality.
>> No. 20806 [Edit]
Not really.
But sort of related to your thread,
I used to be friends with this guy who was very obsessed with a character. He wasn't really knowledgeable about the whole waifu thing and wasn't very interested in learning when I'd bring up the philosophy. But I thought of him as an independent self-taught waifuist.
He was a walking encyclopedia of this character, whom had tons of content spanning across almost 50 years, it was a ton of information and he knew it all, he knew every single fucking episode title and everything. It was impressive. And it was all he was interested in talking about, this character, all day, it was all he did. He had a job for no reason other than he wanted to be able to buy drawings of her often.
And I grew quite fond of the character myself. It's only natural after spending so much time with her, all the clips of her show he sent me. I even own some merch of her now.

One day, due to my terrible personality that makes me become more hostile towards people the longer I converse with them, we mutually split apart and he blocked me.
I'd still check up on him semi-regularly, and noticed soon after that he had stopped commissioning drawings of her nearly entirely. I didn't think much of it, maybe he had lost his job or his parents had started making him pay rent or something.
One of his last commissions before they stopped completely was cuckold porn. I made a new account to block dodge and told him exactly how deplorable I thought he was.
Then he started updating his pages with what he was spending his money on instead. An Xbox One, bunch of normalfaggot games I don't even know the names of. PUBG was one. He used to be a cool guy...
A couple months later, I find out he has a fucking girlfriend.

He's abandoned his waifu entirely now naturally. Their relationship was like a fart in the wind to him.

And being that I have a personal connection to this character now too, it tears me up inside. I feel so sorry for her. She has nobody now.
I'd like to punch him in the face but he's not even worth it. Maybe they put him on autism pills or something. I don't know what happened to him but he's just a monkey now, and animals aren't worth punishing since they have no awareness.

I would gladly give her my hand if I wasn't already with a waifu of my own. The poor gal.
>> No. 20813 [Edit]
Do something for her.
Maybe you can pray or just expect the best for her.
If I knew the character's name, I could do it.
The guy is a total jerk.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2018, 5:04pm
>> No. 20814 [Edit]

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