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File 166409995215.jpg - (24.79KB , 206x280 , 21332122321.jpg )
21776 No. 21776 [Edit]
how can someone be certain than a waifu is a virgin? despite the creater never denying or confirming?

PS sorry for bad english i am serbian ESL
>> No. 21777 [Edit]
You asked this in a certain other place's waifu thread. Virginity is not super important after a certain point in life. Loyalty is what matters. A history is in the past, the present is a gift.
>> No. 21778 [Edit]
OP; with the way Japanese and especially otaku culture work, it's a given unless otherwise established.

It might not mater to you, but it can to other people, like OP for example. It also depends a lot on the culture. Some (I'm guessing yours) don't care about it but you shouldn't really speak for others.
There's something to be said about sharing a special one of a kind relationship with your partner that no one else has. I hardly think it's wrong to want a relationship that actually means something. Western culture pushes this mentality of borrowing people to have fun with them for a while then pass them along to do the same with various other partners. Please bare in mind this ins not for everyone.

I'm not exactly sure how anyway much "Loyalty" you can expect from someone who has already sworn their Loyalty to a dozen other people, or why you think the past doesn't mater. History sticks with people, it makes people who they are for better or worse.
Their capacity for love and attachment diminish with each new partner. Humans can't be reset like machines to feel the same way about their tenth partner that they did with their first. It's the same principle behind wanting to see a movie or play a game again for the first time. It's never the same the second or third time around.
It also tells you what to expect from them. If someone has had a bunch of failed relationships, wouldn't common sense dictate there must be a reason why? So while you might not care about it, please understand plenty of other people do, and they have their reasons to.
>> No. 21779 [Edit]
>Humans can't be reset like machines to feel the same way about their tenth partner that they did with their first.
We're not talking about humans, we're talking about fictional characters. We're also not talking about ten previous partners.

Post edited on 25th Sep 2022, 11:17am
>> No. 21780 [Edit]
When you become a wizard it becomes less important, because hardly anyone around you is a virgin anymore. How does having a past relationship make the current one mean any less? With that mindset happiness would be hard to come by.

I've had crushes on girls in the past and even a gf and said I loved them too, and I'm not the only one that's felt anything for anyone else before waifu. While it applies to some that's certainly not a majority thing.
>> No. 21781 [Edit]
Real happiness doesn't come easy.
>> No. 21782 [Edit]
Real happiness doesn't exist. Everything good is fiction.
>> No. 21783 [Edit]
As far as I'm concerned, if it isn't stated otherwise, a character is a virgin.
Besides, if you love a fictional character enough to consider her your waifu, it shouldn't matter. You might think of a situation of your waifu being real and how different she might be, but if she's different enough for your feelings to be different, that imagined "real" version of your waifu isn't your waifu. Just an imitation.

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