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File 158162959686.jpg - (1.11MB , 1500x1125 , 2 14 20.jpg )
21434 No. 21434 [Edit]
How do you celebrate Valentine's day with your waifu?
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>> No. 21435 [Edit]
I buy a lot of chocolate bath salts and sit in the tub with it for hours.
>> No. 21438 [Edit]
I'll be going to a nice restaurant, then watching a movie with some chocolate covered coffee beans. I haven't decided on which movie yet. I'd like a German film ideally.
>> No. 21439 [Edit]
File 158171973148.jpg - (135.80KB , 1080x810 , 2019-03-27_23-26-03_UTC_2.jpg )
I wanted to do one of those little shrine pictures like pic related but ended up getting sidetracked with other stuff instead...there's always tomorrow, right? At least I had a plush of her to watch me at the desk today. Was pretty comfortable.
>> No. 21440 [Edit]
Is Koume your special one too?
>> No. 21441 [Edit]
How did everyones valentines day go? I went out and bought some chocolate for us this year and watched her anime, im finishing off the chocolate and watching more now. its nothing special but i dont exactly have much, just a lot of pictures of her. i really just enjoy spending time with her, so thats all i wanted this year
>> No. 21442 [Edit]
It went well! The movie I picked ended up being a terrible choice thematically speaking (Ali: Angst essen Seele auf), but it was a good film nonetheless, so there's that at least. I'm satisfied with how it went, but I'd definitely like to bake something next year.
>> No. 21443 [Edit]
File 158247526942.jpg - (1.56MB , 4160x3120 , IMG_20200214_182924.jpg )
We haven't celebrated anything but our anniversaries since 2015. But my recent failures as a husbando have taught me to be closer to her and show my love more often, so I decided to resume our Valentine's day tradition. We did the same things we'd do before - a meal together, a loving conversation, a series of photos to remember the occasion by (and one to post in the collage thread). The only two new additions were the candle light, which shown me how little I know about proper photo lighting, and the wine, which I specifically chose to overindulge in afterwards, hoping that the drunken one track mind would allow me to do something I am utterly unable to do sober: focus all my thoughts on Nozomi for prolonged periods of time. I did not succeed. But we still had a pleasant evening together.
>> No. 21595 [Edit]
bumping for 2021
>> No. 21597 [Edit]
File 161335262814.jpg - (101.35KB , 400x453 , katsura14.jpg )
I hope the rest of you enjoyed spending quality time with your waifu today, I love her so much.
>> No. 21604 [Edit]
did you make that fumo
>> No. 21605 [Edit]
Nah a buddy did.
>> No. 21654 [Edit]
File 162358665524.jpg - (2.10MB , 2160x2160 , 20201226_121942.jpg )
be sad
>> No. 21712 [Edit]
File 164478313515.jpg - (140.97KB , 492x700 , yuka_mischief.jpg )
I'm not the most enthusiastic about celebrations.
Make us a more elaborate breakfast and spend some time chatting with her. Later might buy some sweets. Nothing much.
It's still the 2nd month of the year and I'm keeping up on all of my promises to her, so that'll be the topic I'm looking forward to the most. Also, circumstances make it so getting a job becomes a highly recommended course of action to financially secure our future and so I want, rather, need to hear her comforting words.
>> No. 21833 [Edit]
File 16764350953.jpg - (66.88KB , 712x527 , 1676349147837235.jpg )
I continue the tradition of drawing her and assembling a shrine, as I've done for 12 years now.

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