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File 158162959686.jpg - (1.11MB , 1500x1125 , 2 14 20.jpg )
21434 No. 21434 [Edit]
How do you celebrate Valentine's day with your waifu?
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>> No. 21435 [Edit]
I buy a lot of chocolate bath salts and sit in the tub with it for hours.
>> No. 21438 [Edit]
I'll be going to a nice restaurant, then watching a movie with some chocolate covered coffee beans. I haven't decided on which movie yet. I'd like a German film ideally.
>> No. 21439 [Edit]
File 158171973148.jpg - (135.80KB , 1080x810 , 2019-03-27_23-26-03_UTC_2.jpg )
I wanted to do one of those little shrine pictures like pic related but ended up getting sidetracked with other stuff instead...there's always tomorrow, right? At least I had a plush of her to watch me at the desk today. Was pretty comfortable.
>> No. 21440 [Edit]
Is Koume your special one too?
>> No. 21441 [Edit]
How did everyones valentines day go? I went out and bought some chocolate for us this year and watched her anime, im finishing off the chocolate and watching more now. its nothing special but i dont exactly have much, just a lot of pictures of her. i really just enjoy spending time with her, so thats all i wanted this year

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