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File 144973451824.gif - (605.47KB , 1024x700 , 1418933525522.gif )
19252 No. 19252 [Edit]
I've been wondering a few things about waifu voices, and how you imagine them.

If she has more than one canon voice actor, do you pick one to consider her "true voice," or are they both/all her?
Do you ever imagine her speaking in your native language if she doesn't speak it? Is it difficult to imagine hearing her voice in another language?
If she doesn't have an official voice, do you choose an existing actor as her voice, or do you just imagine a unique voice yourself?
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>> No. 19253 [Edit]

That is one of the few advantages of a western waifu, since she speaks my native language and I love her voice in the dub, even more tan her original voice, I have no problem "talking" to her.
>> No. 19254 [Edit]
I imagine a unique voice for her that's close in pitch to the Japanese voice actress I heard.
>> No. 19258 [Edit]
Technically he has two voice actors, but I think of the anime version as his "true" voice, since I heard it first. The other voice was just a few lines in a game, anyway, so there wouldn't be much to go on.

I usually try to imagine him speaking English to me, but it can be difficult getting his pronunciation to sound right with his voice. I guess it just takes practice.
>> No. 19261 [Edit]
What dub would that be?
>> No. 19263 [Edit]
I was watching the English dub of the anime she featured in when I fell for her, so I got quite accustomed to that for a long while. I've only watched her series subbed since then, so her speaking voice kinda alternates between the two in my mind.
>> No. 19265 [Edit]

Latin American one, Colombian to be specific.
>> No. 19266 [Edit]
he only has one seiyuu who's amazing and really popular. I speak to him in English but I don't often force him to speak to me so I don't really imagine him talking too much. I am learning Japanese to talk to him in his native language though.

I also listen to alot of stuff by his seiyuu and pretend its him. Sometimes I pitch it up just a bit to fit his tone more.
>> No. 19267 [Edit]
I have a shitty imagination so I don't really imagine her talking that much but even though she speaks Japanese I think her voice is very cute and fits her perfectly. Honestly, on the rare occasions I'm able to, I imagine her speaking how she usually does, only I can translate it on the fly to English.
>> No. 19273 [Edit]
He's an English character from a Japanese series and I used to have no problem hearing him before he got an official voice, which ended up being quite different from how I imagined. There hasn't been much of it released yet so I can't translate it into English yet - I can't wait to hear more and get a more accurate version (second to hearing him talk more).

>If she doesn't have an official voice, do you choose an existing actor as her voice, or do you just imagine a unique voice yourself?
I didn't attempt to create a voice for him, it just came out how it felt right - had to be discarded when the official one came out though.
>> No. 19275 [Edit]

>western waifu

Spot the manchild.
>> No. 19534 [Edit]
How do you feel about hearing other characters with your waifu's voice actor? Do you tend to like those characters more than you would have otherwise? Or does it bother you, or weird you out, hearing her voice out of someone else's mouth?
Or do you not really care either way?
>> No. 19537 [Edit]
I imagine unique voices, but it's not like I try to imagine it, it just comes to mind naturally.
>> No. 19557 [Edit]
A little of both. I like seeking out his VA's other roles, few as there are, but it does throw me off hearing someone else speaking with that voice. It's a unique voice, which makes it all the weirder.
Still fun, though, and it helps me hear his voice in my head more easily.
>> No. 19562 [Edit]
It's impossible for me to not hear Yukari Tamura's voice everytime i think about Mai.
She did a pretty good job too, so even if i hear Nanoha i won't think about Mai. Of course it's the same Seiyuu but isn't the same for me.
Mai has a pretty serious tone to her voice too, like a "cool-senpai" kuudere type but she's also so sweet when fragile.
A really unique character, love or hate her i suppose.
>> No. 19564 [Edit]
I imagine her English voice with a not so thick German accent but I did have one dream once where she did speak for just a little while could not make out what she was saying but she sounded like Colleen Clinkenbeard.
>> No. 19571 [Edit]
File 145502292296.png - (850.35KB , 1000x1323 , ももいろね@お仕事募集中 - オイゲン.png )
I kinda wished she was speaking in German most of the time, or at the very least, English with a slight German accent. Hearing a German girl magically speaking in Japanese feels weird for some reason although it can't be blamed since the game is in Japanese. Not that I mind it either, considering her voice is really soft and smoothing for the most part.

That said, I want to pick up learning German just for her. Maybe I could incorporate and imagine actual female German accents in my mind whenever she speaks to me.

I have been watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and although she shares the same voice actor, Chiyo's voice feels slightly different to her. Chiyo doesn't remind me of her and in fact that she has a distinctive personality from her doesn't help either. In other words, I would feel completely indifferent if her voice actor voiced a different character, it doesn't feel like it's actually her in any way. That does show the voice actor being quite talented, in fact she voiced other girls in the same game she is in and they also sound quite different.
>> No. 21752 [Edit]
yeah i kinda disagree
>> No. 21755 [Edit]
are you the OP from the daily waifu experience thread?
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