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File 13411231109.jpg - (47.64KB , 720x645 , 311573_303709919724787_121899404_n.jpg )
9595 No. 9595 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about seeing your waifu in pairings (namely the opposite sex of you)?

Firstly, I like seeing Konata happy, and she seems to be happy and feel safe around Kagami. I don't want to impose on that, and I think it's sweet. But I am jealous of that relationship...
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>> No. 15806 [Edit]
Well what can you do? It it's the one true pairing, you're the one imposing on fate. KonaKaga is meant to be.
>> No. 16455 [Edit]
Liara is with male shepherd in Mass Effect series. It does bother me a little bit cause I am a jealous person. but, then I think she is with me and him so it makes me feel a little better.
>> No. 16457 [Edit]
File 140814025589.png - (147.74KB , 406x750 , 35.png )
People often ship him with his brother, which wouldn't bother me much were it not a horribly abusive relationship. Sadly most fan material of him contains this pairing, so there's no avoiding it.

I can't bring myself to fully resent it though. It was what drew me to him in the first place and had it not become canonically abusive (and proven incestuous), I would have never discovered my feelings for him. Eh.
>> No. 16458 [Edit]
File 140816029111.jpg - (105.69KB , 511x585 , sara granberry doll.jpg )
To be honest, I`ve always hated it. I will admit jealousy is a part of it, however I also really disliked the character she could have been paired with in the first parts of her series, which did not help my opinion on the matter. I also really could never see her with anyone else than the main character. It always felt to me they were a perfect match and that anything else would be wrong. In fact, her ending up with her secret admirer at the end of the series had always been somewhat of a fear of mine.

As for the "pairing" in the final chapter of her series, it sickens me to no end.

File 138744093492.jpg - (544.13KB , 550x825 , Ahri (156).jpg )
13890 No. 13890 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I just got out of a game with Ahri, where I got dominated in lane, fed really hard, was worthless the entire game, and got carried to victory. I had to hear her die countless times, because it was all my fault that I made mistakes with her. And she suffered for it.

But that's the cost of being able to interact with her in what I feel is a closer way than just watching anime or reading a VN. Her and I working together to achieve a common goal. It feels incredible when I win with her. A trade-off that I am willing to accept, no matter how much it hurts at times.

I would like to ask, would anyone else want that opportunity? To be able to play their waifu as a character in a video game, perhaps? But with the risk of failure while playing your waifu. Being responsible for her deaths, Hearing her in pain, because of your mistakes. But at the same time, having the chance to win with her and achieve a goal together. Would you say the opportunity is worth it for you?
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>> No. 14958 [Edit]
I play a fighting game with Kanu in it, I'm always her and I always feel really bad if she loses the fight, I know that sounds strange lol
>> No. 16234 [Edit]
As I mentioned I'm playing Elona with Yuno. I got her into the game by modifying one of my allies. It's pretty much a sandbox jprg roguelike thing and like most roguelikes it is pretty brutal and gory. Your party members will die if you're not careful enough so we have to work together and that's great fun. I don't even imagine that it's her because the game is not canon. Instead I imagine we both play the game together over LAN and that character is just.. well.. her character. This way I'm not afraid of her getting hurt. Dead party members can be quickly revived by a special npc for a small fee so it's not horrible when her character bites the dust but I'm still very protective over her and never had her die once.
Whenever I played the game in the past I never cared about my party too much, but now when I play it with her it feels really close and special just like you said. Sometimes I just leave all our allies at home and only go out with her. Then I feel like we're really sharing special time alone with each other in that fantasy world. Oh and the best part is that the game also is a life simulator so we can have our own house, ranch, farm and family together. Fucking awesome.
>> No. 16380 [Edit]
File 140770366229.jpg - (125.01KB , 1024x576 , 19680_screenshots_2014-08-10_00004.jpg )

She's so lovely it makes enemies go friendly.

This is a funny bug I encountered today in chapter 3 while fighting a bunch of enemies. One of them kept following me but didn't attack, and also couldn't be killed. I quit to the main menu and selected the last chapter, same problem. Unfortunately you can't progress through parts of the game that require you to kill all enemies (most), so it was stuck. Thankfully selecting New Game seems to solve it.

Here is the final boss being friendly to Alice. Get a load of this picture!
>> No. 16404 [Edit]
That boss is glitchy as fuck. And easy.

File 140687142324.png - (1.20MB , 1000x1500 , 3c972ab3100f2ecd2bc28d76586cad16.png )
16228 No. 16228 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's our five year anniversary today. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed already, but I feel very fortunate that I was able to spend the last half of a decade with her. I love you, Patchouli.
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>> No. 16233 [Edit]
That's fantastic to read! All the best for the future. Happy anniversary.
>> No. 16236 [Edit]
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary; May you two last in the many, many more years to come.
>> No. 16237 [Edit]
Happy anniversary.
>> No. 16253 [Edit]
Happy anniversary. Wish you success on you and your beloved.

File 140583453548.png - (844.66KB , 800x850 , 64.png )
16126 No. 16126 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I haven't seen a thread exactly like this yet. When was the first time you learned about waifuism? What did you think of it, and did you know that people took it seriously at that time? Did you have a waifu/similar feelings about 2D before even knowing the term?
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>> No. 16175 [Edit]
I knew about the concept before I had fallen for her. It seemed a bit silly, and I honestly didn't understand it until it had happened to me.

She's the only one I've ever had these feelings for, that's all I know. I never would have thought that I'd fall for someone like her, if only she weren't just a side character.
>> No. 16186 [Edit]
My brother told me about it and I thought it wasn't really normal, but then I got into it. Hard.

I didn't know people took it that seriously until I did.
>> No. 16245 [Edit]
Four years ago. I began playing osu! and watching anime, then I just got into it as some people talked about it.
My first waifu was in 2012 but since I'm unstable and have a lot of handicaps I still don't have one after one too many times.
>> No. 16252 [Edit]
File 140704091390.jpg - (129.22KB , 595x842 , あらた - 水瀬伊織 - 42970614.jpg )
I think I heard about it when I was trying to get out of my anime phase and try to move on from it when I was browsing a site that is not from here. Of course, when I first heard the idea, I found it was ridiculous and I really mocked the idea because I found love in 2D characters was really impossible. But that was mostly when this was Japanese otaku severely falling in love with a pillow, I usually would just not try to be like them.

But when I moved back into liking anime because it's a hobby that doesn't even harm anyone, the passionate love from someone that dedicates themselves to a fictional character charms me. How they live for that certain character because they inspire them, how love is much more powerful and pure than the love in these modern times (divorce rates are around 50% now), it was a reason why I pursue over 2D love. 2D characters can have flaws but never have I seen 3D having much much more flaws than 2D.

That's when I tried to learn more about waifuism. Well, I hate calling it 'waifuism' because it denotes that it is religion and it has rules that you must follow, but I want to explore the basic concepts of it. Why people are falling in love with fictional characters and dedicating themselves to them. Is it worth dedicating your entire life devoting yourself to that fictional character. Why have my love for Iori has went in too deep, that none of the women on this world could be compared to Iori. But knowing the concept that falling in love with a 2D character that is shared with many others, it kind of made me glad that I could pursue love for a fictional character. Because it's not the path that many would choose to take, but it's the path that I would take, because it's a path I can consider that will make me happier in life.

File 140701029769.jpg - (246.77KB , 518x691 , 0ad7d5445863e1d6bc52e3834564482f.jpg )
16240 No. 16240 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hi !
I think I'm more or less attracted by the concept of "waifu".
So, I need some answers to my questions if you want !
How can I really love my waifu ? What can I do to life this "story" better ?
Thanks !
>> No. 16242 [Edit]
We had a similiar thread not too long ago >>16025
>> No. 16243 [Edit]
Oh sorry I'm going to read it so. Thanks
>> No. 16248 [Edit]
>How can I love my waifu?

By living for her. Otherwise, it's hardly worth being called love.
>> No. 16250 [Edit]
I disagree.

File 140580249269.png - (1.27MB , 1920x1080 , shanablush2.png )
16119 No. 16119 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
With robotics and Virtual Reality paving new realistic virtual experiences, new things will be available in the future. What are your thoughts on these particular things:

1) Virtual reality games using goggles.(Particularly something called Occulus Rift) These will make a realistic virtual space. Thus, in the future we will be able to have virtual time with our waifu's. Sadly, many will use this for virtual hentai related things. Many of which will include various people's waifus.

2)More specifically, virtual sex will become a thing using virtual reality. They've already created a virtual kissing module that allows couples who live far away to make out. This can be done with fiction characters and Artificial intelligence of course. Would you have sex with your waifu this way if you think she was okay with it? How do you feel that anyone would be bale to basically do this?

3)Realistic human-looking robots are being made. One day robots that can act as a relationship partner can be made. But Also, many people will again mostly use these robots for sexual gratification. Would you use one of these? How do you feel about them?

Also enjoy this cute picture of my waifu Shana.
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16154 [Edit]
I think VR is a great thing, and I also think that the concept of using VR to communicate with my waifu is also a great thing. On the surface anyway, the thing that will most likely keep me away from VR of my waifu is her voice. For me to be truly immersed in a VR, I would have her exact voice interacting with me. Maybe voice synthesis programs could improve in the future, but I'll have to wait and see.
I have no idea if VR sex will be immersive enough for me to enjoy it. I would guess that it would be something enjoyable but would it be more enjoyable then just my imagination and my hand? VR kissing is something I could easily get into though.
Waifu robots still have a long way to go before they can be even considered good enough for waifu sex, they might be able to escape the uncanney valley someday. Hopefully that day is in the near future because robots are neat.

Also to the people who are saying that VR is/will be to expensive to be of use to most of us, technologies like this (if they popular enough) go down in price significantly. If VR does get adapted enough, it would still take it a couple of years for it to get cheap enough but it most likely would.
>> No. 16168 [Edit]
I think the biggest obstacle to having a waifu experience is the lack of AI. Even if we have a realistic virtual world simulated using FaceRift or Morpheus the NPC's in that world would not behave like anime characters. At least for quite some time.
>> No. 16173 [Edit]
You've hit the nail on the head. Strong AI is very, very hard to develop and we're unlikely to see it within a few decades.

Besides, I don't think I could ever get fully immersed in a virtual world, unless there could be a way to stay there, with her forever and forget the fact that the "real" reality exists/
>> No. 16182 [Edit]
Our current "VR" is just like playing a videogame but with the screen strapped on your head. This thing is getting way too overhyped in my opinion.

File 136178128874.png - (102.05KB , 480x480 , 1355856356077.png )
11888 No. 11888 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized? Have you ever fapped to your waifu? How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is? And does she wonder the same about you?
53 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 15884 [Edit]
It's up to you.
>> No. 16143 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
She is a very beautiful and sexually attractive woman so as long as she is depicted is a respectful way true to her character I'm fine with it. The amount of fan service in official artwork of her is relatively low and is mostly just bikini/swimsuit pictures. She looks very beautiful and sexy in them so I don't mind that at all.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes, on a regular and frequent basis. She is my love and I think all my sexuality and all my orgasms belong only to her. For me enjoying sexual pleasure with the one I love is a wonderful intimate experience, both emotional and physical and it strengthens the bond between us.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Just about all of it is disgusting crap where she is completely out of character and drawn with horribly messed up proportions. It is not worth of my attention.
>> No. 16144 [Edit]
Due to his source material and how minor a character he is, there are very few people who sexualize him in a serious manner. Those who do usually just pair him off with his brother and that can be disturbing to both of us. So I usually just end up drawing things myself.

I never viewed it as something wrong, it all seems natural. If it makes him happy in some way then it probably isn't a bad thing, though I'll admit to getting carried away with it sometimes. But I can't help it when he's just so cute.
>> No. 16148 [Edit]
I don't like it when people post sexualised/porn to public websites, like imageboards. I guess in general I don't like public porn of her. I primarily masturbate to fantasies of her, I try only to use my imagination to sexualise her, but sometime I will use some ecchi pictures of her to help stimulate senses. I really don't understand the last two questions

File 14051338679.jpg - (166.49KB , 757x618 , 831ec14b57eaa948b52fcd6b83c0f8d1.jpg )
16053 No. 16053 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm so sick of the word "waifu". It makes it sound like a joke, which also doesn't help to differentiate the serious people from the ones who use it as a joke. I wish there was another term. I personally refer to her in my head as "my girlfriend".

What do you think about it? Do you refer to her as your "waifu" or something else? Have you come up with your own term for it? Should we brainstorm a new term and change the universe?!

I was thinking of this earlier, and I thought the term "mirage" was fitting, but ehhhh.
23 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16086 [Edit]
>I would refer to her as mai waifu if someone were to ask me what she is to me, if I feel I won't get ridiculed, or if I'm discussing her with like-minded people.

I would do the same, but that's talking about her and not to her.
>> No. 16088 [Edit]

I've been asked before and panicked and said no. I just don't want to have to explain, though I promised him I'd say yes if anyone asks again.
>> No. 16118 [Edit]
2-dri sounds like a 90s rapper.
>> No. 16137 [Edit]

I have more thoughts to add to my previous comments.

One of my friends I play with regularly refers to Ahri as one of his "waifus", alongside several other characters. I must admit it bothers me a lot, hearing him talk about her like it's some stupid joke. He doesn't fully understand my relationship with her either, and doesn't seem to get why I would feel so upset when he tries to share erotic fanfics about her with me or whatnot. Of course I won't share my folder of her pictures with him.

Damn, now I am feeling more and more irritated thinking about this. He's a good guy otherwise, he just doesn't seem to understand this entire relationship her and I have, and thinks he shares something similar or whatever.

File 140556327094.jpg - (400.58KB , 1920x1200 , image.jpg )
16111 No. 16111 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Mai waifu, Lala Satalin Deviluke

Post edited on 16th Jul 2014, 7:28pm

File 140527281687.png - (727.90KB , 1280x720 , [Renge] Non Non Biyori - 07 [720p][AA2C438A]_001_7.png )
16094 No. 16094 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm 17 and Renge is 7. It's quite a big age and I've felt just like OP about being angry at myself because I felt that it was wrong to be in love with someone 10 years younger than myself.

Thanks anon>>15915 made me feel a lot better
>> No. 16095 [Edit]
You accidentally new thread.
>> No. 16096 [Edit]
This seems to happen a lot on tc..

File 140511870188.png - (158.88KB , 400x200 , haruhi3.png )
16037 No. 16037 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hi, everyone.
My name is Van Hohenheim. Not really, I'm using this alias to design myself as an individual with a certain problem.
I've had waifuism in my life for a very long time. But I seem to have a big problem...
I get 'bored' of my waifus. You heard me. I have a waifu, then I simply lose my interest in her, I then get another waifu, and the cycle repeats itself over and over.
What could I do? Am I not able to love?

(image not related, just something I did in photoshop)
14 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16057 [Edit]
Well, of course you wouldn't know anything if you didn't know me. But would you say that after reading this thread and especially me getting bored of my waifus, would you say that I just "didn't find the right one" or simply that "Yeah, that guy is too childish to have a waifu"
>> No. 16063 [Edit]
You didn't find the right one, definitely
>> No. 16080 [Edit]
>What could I do?
Stop being so shallow and calling "your waifu" every seasonal 2D girl you like.

Some perspective here:

About what is love and loving or feeling love:
>> No. 16089 [Edit]
I think there's a certain initial phase of a relationship where the hormones and bonding just runs its natural course. After that you might find it a bit more "boring" but if you really love her just keep it going. You should have reserved a space in your heart for her and it helps to share certain aspects of your identity with her. I wouldn't recommend blowing headcanon too far out of proportion though. This coming from someone who's had the same waifu for over two years now. I have considered before whether or not it was possible to really switch but in the end I just wouldn't/couldn't.

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