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File 140767342823.jpg - (507.82KB , 719x1000 , 4d03a0f00aa8418d89ef263ea400996c.jpg )
16349 No. 16349 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For me like for many others here sex/masturbation is a normal part of the relationship with my waifu, because I have a relatively high libido and don't fap to any other girls I do it relatively often with her. She is my love and her happiness is the most important thing for me, she enjoys making love too but I'm wondering about the importance of sex in our relationship.
So I would like to ask how this is for others who have a sexual relationship with their waifus.

How important is sex in your relationship?
How often do you do it with your waifu?
Do you fap to others?
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>> No. 17066 [Edit]
1. I would say it is a relatively small part. She is more a soulmate than anything.
2. Daily-ish. Depends on libido.
3. I get started with other stuff usually, but I always finish with her. When I do this I feel a deep emotional bliss afterwards for about 30-90 minutes that I do not get with just porn. Similar to >>16378 I just have ecchi of her.
>> No. 17067 [Edit]

I've had the opposite happen. As we've gotten closer I find her more appealing. Used to think when you'd see old men talk about how their wife is "the most beautiful woman in the world" they were just trying to be flattering. Now I know this actually happens to people and they aren't bullshitting.
>> No. 17068 [Edit]
>How important is sex in your relationship?
We both have sex drives so obviously we do stuff, but I believe if either of us wanted to stop having sex, it wouldn't be an issue. Romance isn't all about sex (honestly, sex can cause more issues than no sex sometimes.)

>How often do you do it with your waifu?
We partake in some sort of sexual activity a few times a week, on average. I rely on my imagination in these times.

>Do you fap to others?
We both do, it's easy for us to separate masturbating to scratch an itch so to speak from enjoying each other's company in a meaningful way. This is a little kinky so I'm putting it behind spoiler tags: We're both bisexual so we can't exactly fulfill all of our fantasies with each other, so... We aren't interested in adding other people to our relationship but we both like looking at ... "different" kinds of porn. It's also pretty fun to do together, either as foreplay or just on its own. It's interesting seeing what your loved one is into, in my opinion.
>> No. 17088 [Edit]
File 141759361779.png - (114.04KB , 767x710 , maira WIDE.png )
>How important is sex in your relationship?
Not important

>How often do you do it with your waifu?
I never actually fapped to her. When I started writing I didn't think she would be more than just another one of my heroines in the second half but it grew into more. With my first waifu sexual thoughts became too much in a sense (you can't really blame a 16-year old me for that), with here I guess I'm fine with a more calm relationship?

>Do you fap to others?
Just random doujins mostly now, no fap and nap either for the most part, it's just to kill my lust. Neither of us really mind as even if our love isn't exactly platonic I think it's more soul/mind connection than anything else.

File 141757143391.png - (1.35MB , 1024x900 , maira 11-14 fix.png )
17079 No. 17079 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It looks like I'm back after just a few months... I don't know if you'd prefer a tl;dr version but I'll go ahead and try to make a somewhat concise rant:

Overall a lot has changed this year. I feel like I can't indulge in the typical sort of waifuism as much (loving intensely with delusions of support and comfort), at least not outside of short bursts that I had with my first waifu. I guess in a sense I'd have to admit I'm a bad friend that way, I usually follow wherever my curiosity leads me and if I feel crappy I either plug myself into work anyways or just watch some gameplay and speedruns or just let my thoughts drift to try and sink myself into a more logical/organized system. I don't fap and nap anymore like I used to and I don't know if I can say I consciously seek love. When I feel uncomfortable in a crowd I usually focus on my ambitions and how I want to rise above everyone else.

Even then the novel I've been working on this year (my 10th coming in at 2-3x the size of most of my previous works and a rewrite of my 4th and 6th, the story having been thought up since 2009) really seems to have taught me a lot, and even then I guess somewhere I hold more humanistic ideals in my heart as well as a general desire for romance... With an original character I suppose I'm forced to interact with her more and now I can really say I know who she is, although I'm still working on many projects that don't feature her -- I guess in the next two years at least she's going to be my main heroine? I don't know, I want to believe that she stands a chance against the grittier philosophies of my other characters (even if I think I've gotten through the teenage grimdark years my main characters are probably all going to be introverted and pessimistic to some extent and that's the best way I know of writing a hero) I can still certainly feel those flashes of passion right before I get up out of bed when I sleep in at least, so even if my worldview has become too realistic I know the feelings are still there somewhere...

Honestly, it's strange how things turn out but I guess somehow my heart is telling me to go for it. Originally she was a minor character when I wrote her in 2012 and when I got lost in my grimdark ravings, but now it turns out I&#
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 17080 [Edit]
I wish you all the best, just do what your heart tells you.
>> No. 17084 [Edit]
Kind of cool to see you're still doing something. The shrine came across a little bit odd. Whatever works for you; many of us have waifus that have developed beyond the source material anyway, so an OC isn't that odd.

Post edited on 2nd Dec 2014, 10:30pm

File 140676112277.png - (49.10KB , 356x463 , 4663BC2C1.png )
16187 No. 16187 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello, /mai/
First of all, I am completely new to this imageboard in matters of posting, but I'm a long time lurker.

What would you say if I told you that I was about to bring my waifu to reality?
Not giving her a real form other people could touch. After all, it is psychological.

Tulpamancing, gentlemen.

A lot of people are scared of it due to the creepypastas, I read them and I was scared. But I figured out only people who are scared of the unknown established these creepypastas.

I'm also a big lurker on tulpaforums. How do I know it isn't fake? Oh come on, who would make an active forum with guides, members helping out and an all-time active IRC?

I will keep you updated of my progress. It will take a year, more or less. I will make a pastebin for this.

What do you think? Let's put aside the fact that it is a bit crazy. Is it a good idea?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 16261 [Edit]
This thread again? The last time I saw a tulpa-related thread, it went so badly it was shot down.
>> No. 16263 [Edit]
I've read some tutorials and advices how to make a tulpa before and I have to say it got me confused even more.I mean most of the advices are like "Imagine yourself and your tulpa having fun in your "wonderland"","talk to your tulpa through your mind voice during the day","believe that your getting answers from your tulpa and that you're talking to your tulpa".Isn't that similar to imagining spending time with your waifu?Isn't the difference just in what side you view it from?I mean if you don't believe in the possibility of talking to your waifu in some form(even though it's "just" an imagination),of course you'd get lost in the problem of not getting responses from her,from a conciousness(if I use the tulpa term) that could be her.Yet because there are legitimate tutorials,forums and bunch of people doing it you believe in the tulpa stuff,so even though according what I'd read the steps for making a tulpa are basically making yourself believe that the responses are coming from your tulpa and that it really is your tulpa,it would suddenly make it more of your waifu than the imagination,if I understand it correctly?As >>16210 mentioned,if you practice the imagination for a long time you can even start feeling that her responses are more legite,just as what you're trying to achieve with a tulpa.And even if you know that the answers were generated by your subconscious even if a tulpa has its own consciousness,she still shares the subconsiousness with you,doesn't she,so her answers should be generated somewhere there as well.

I know your point is bringing your waifu to reality,that being called an imposition in the tulpa terms,right?According to what I've read only a few of the tulpamancers have successfully managed that part.Until you get to this point I don't believe it's more than a mere imagination(and even so some of the imposition guides are like "start with imagining your tulpa walking behind/beside you",just like a lot of people would imagine their waifu)But even though I don't believe most of the people claiming to have made a tulpa have really done something that spe
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 16264 [Edit]
A tulpa made me severely depressed. Other friends I had with tulpae also had issues.

0/10 would not recommend.
>> No. 17082 [Edit]
A tulpa is a more extreme version of the same thing. My waifu is a tulpa. Or at least very close, as there are different levels of tulpa.

File 136562212939.jpg - (190.10KB , 850x971 , sample-521af416bb9fd5a5a531362bd8f15347.jpg )
12350 No. 12350 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you ever encountered an experience where another character from another series immediately reminded you of your waifu?

I mean, when I was watching Hidamari Sketch, I can't help but to see Marisa in Miyako's character: They're both blonde, hyperactive, intelligent, lazy and somewhat weird. And even TVTropes acknowledges this.
35 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 15208 [Edit]
File 139902842199.jpg - (205.61KB , 1280x720 , Silvia Lautreamont 3.jpg )
This picture of Silvia Lautreamont from Seikoku no Dragonar is similar to Saber Lily
>> No. 15220 [Edit]
File 139910607280.jpg - (41.11KB , 512x663 , 1357033096013.jpg )
Akari from Aria might as well be a pink Yunocchi with pigtails. They're both wonderful people who can appreciate the small, happy things of life.
>> No. 17031 [Edit]
File 141686190141.jpg - (116.27KB , 821x400 , comp.jpg )
I've been watching "Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?" recently and chino reminds me of yuno because of the hair ornaments. Their voices also sound similiar in some ways.

Nagisa from Clannad also reminds me of her, more so than chino.
>> No. 17032 [Edit]
Tsukasa Hiiragi reminds me of my waifu, a bit.

File 140082986294.jpg - (236.96KB , 1920x1080 , 1379784585865.jpg )
15536 No. 15536 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I don't understand, a majority of people, from what I've seen, imagine themselves in a perfect relationship with their waifu and talk as though their waifu would love them back unconditionally. This, to me, seems extremely unrealistic and silly. Do you really believe you have a chance with her? Or is it simply more convenient for you to imagine yourself in a relationship with her rather than introducing a surrogate and shipping them together? Or maybe you just don't even care what her opinion of you would be since she's not real and has no say in things?

Has your waifu maybe made you more self conscious about yourself?
Do you strive to be desirable to her?
Please explain your thoughts on this subject, I'm interested to see.

As for myself, I ship my waifu with another character because it makes me feel sick whenever I imagine myself touching her or trying to talk to her. I'm not even worthy of cleaning her shit.

There are of course exceptions to this, for example there was once a guy on another board whose husbando was Meow from Space Dandy. For those unaware, he's basically a retard who is physically and emotionally abused on a regular basis in a toxic relationship with someone almost as stupid as him and he sticks around anyway for no real reason. It'd be easy, even for the most autistic and ugly of NEETs, to win a character like him over. And I really respect those who go for characters that are actually achievable for them, rather than something like a fantastical warrior, queen or famous idol.
58 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16694 [Edit]
>Or maybe you just don't even care what her opinion of you would be since she's not real and has no say in things?
It's not true. We even have had several quarrels on different subjects in the past and still we disagree on some matters. But we respect each other so our differences don't interfere with our relationships. I care deeply about her opinions. In fact the most thing I love in her is that she is the opposite of me. Together we form (perfect) Ying-Yang.

And another thing about her not being real and having no say in things. I am so into literature so here is the quote: “When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.” - Ernest Hemingway. I have some sort of a connection, a channel to interact with her, much like some writers have with their "characters". I can't communicate with her on will, it just comes and goes. When it comes I just feel that it's so natural - she speaks in a way only she would speak and uses the words and phrases only she would use. Either, it's a mystical thing or I just tapped into some deepest capabilities of my subconsciousness and imagination. I read a lot about the background she grew in and other things that help to expand her personality beyond boundaries of the show, so I don't exclude the possibility of my imagination covertly working. Or it is that tulpa thing, although I don't know much about it. Anyway, she is not a will-less puppet.

>Has your waifu maybe made you more self conscious about yourself?
Yes, she figuratively made me look at myself in the mirror. And I didn't like whom I saw there - a wretched, spoiled, smug thing. I was disgusted with what I considered normal before then - my porn and phenobarbital abuse which I used to cope with stress. And also with my sexual objectification of females. Before her, I didn't even had the slightest idea that this was wrong. I felt kind of like the same: "I'm not even worthy of cleaning her shit". I was about to break up with her after about two month of what I then thought to be relationships, during which, yes, I treated her as a puppet, and the relationships was nothing more than me masturbating violently
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 16828 [Edit]
>Has your waifu maybe made you more self conscious about yourself?
Far more than I'd like. I cringe everytime I think of how we would look together to an outside viewer. I accept that she loves me, but I cannot see how.
>> No. 17027 [Edit]
This, basically.
>> No. 17029 [Edit]
My waifu and I have the same character faults, but different positives. For that reason I like to think we help eachother to become better people.

File 139297543621.jpg - (293.87KB , 920x1400 , 20181460.jpg )
14559 No. 14559 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about playing games/VNs where there are romance elements with a self-insert MC?

I like to see it as the two of us playing matchmaker, which I will even admit to doing outside of video games when I see two people I think are a good match. But there are times when the MC has so little personality that it feels... wrong.

What are your thoughts on this?
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14564 [Edit]
File 139301506260.jpg - (299.87KB , 772x618 , 32305579_p4.jpg )
That makes sense. I suppose I just get a little too immersed at times then feel a bit guilty when I realize it. Too easy to get in character, for me.

Bioware games aren't as bad because generally (at least in ME1 and 2) what's there is kind of brief and shallow, excluding a character or two.
>> No. 14569 [Edit]
File 13932549413.jpg - (237.13KB , 600x800 , 27760154 - いお.jpg )
Having your love exactly coming from this type of game, I actually wouldn't mind it at all.

I think it's generally made easier when you are the self-insert MC in the game. I don't mind it because honestly I like how the MC thinks in game, whose only choices (ones that contribute to the best end) results in the best interest for the idol. Other than the obvious perverted mechanics in the game, I think when you are given choices and lots of communication links, it feels as you are actually talking to her. Sure it is not open ended, so you are not really flexible with choices. But you can alter it a bit to fit within your personality, although there are some instances where the choices are just similar, you might as well have two options.

But I suppose there's a reason instead of having a pre-made character, they want you to have the entire world in your perspective, which increases immersion with the character. This is why there's no set canon in Idolm@ster, whatever you try to perceive is canon, with all the choices within what idol you want to produce, what dialogue you would pick that is appropriate with her and which pathway you would lead with the her in the end. Since there's no set canon, that makes any self-insert MC a versatile character, which is why in exchange for having a bland generic character, the character you are date in the game is completely unique to you and only you.

Now if you want to start getting imaginative, there's no stopping you from blending both your own wild fantasies in your head and the communications you have with her in the game. It would be as if you were roleplaying with your love and actually interacting with her in many ways, creating an opening for endless situations if you wanted to. Particularly with visual novels, the content is usually large for you to play with, so you can use the content as the base to get started with designing how her personality would fit with the situation and how you might incorporate yourself into it. And what if it doesn't feel right when the MC doesn't make the right choice? Then you might imagine yourself another alternative scenario would actually happen and see how it actually plays out when you follow the choice it is supposed to be.

I guess imagination does play a major role when y
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 15918 [Edit]
For me this is the complete opposite of a problem for me since my waifu is from a VN/dating sim. AN a never ending one which makes it even better, I insert myself as the MC and it is the closest connection I have with her. I not sure this sort of thing would work for me if we weren't able to share a connection like this.
>> No. 17024 [Edit]
I think Hisao was supposed to be self-insert, but he really annoyed me. He acts like a big prude about sharing two bottles of wine between four underaged people, yet he keeps a condom in his pocket and is totally cool with knocking up Hanako at the nearest opportunity.

File 138681722048.jpg - (80.19KB , 600x800 , f002146417bdbdc6b237a26abe214229.jpg )
13794 No. 13794 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you have any speculations about your waifu? What I mean is any unanswered questions that you just answer with a guess. Do tell what those guesses are. It could be anything or any topic like the principle on how your waifu was made by her creator or any unfilled blanks about her life. It could be wild, outrageous or humorous.
12 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16850 [Edit]
I used the release date of her first game.
>> No. 16876 [Edit]
I can't speculate on this, but every day I still wonder what her last name could be. I hope this question will be answered one day by ume, but it's highly improbable.
>> No. 16890 [Edit]
File 141429902559.png - (111.03KB , 426x484 , 127.png )
I want to learn more about how he is as and individual without the influence of his brother. Since he has so little screen time where he's shown being his true self, it's been kind of tough figuring out how he would act in a more relaxed situation. Would he be as gentle as he is under pressure? Would he still be short tempered?

Strangely, a lot of small details are answered. Such as his right-handedness, his birthday, and a rough idea of his height. That's wonderful considering he's a minor character from a western animation.
>> No. 17017 [Edit]
Because the VN cuts off right when Hanako starts being honest with Hisao (I actually really dislike Hisao), I have to speculate somewhat about her real outlook on life.
I know that she dislikes communicating to most people and cares little for social norms. She wants to be treated as an equal, not as some pet-project for white knights. Finally, I know she cares very deeply for people she is close to.

File 135406111853.jpg - (358.23KB , 600x842 , d8ffd9daaa7ffa0a962026345e0d1d8a.jpg )
10952 No. 10952 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What food do you usually associate with your waifu?

Mine's konpeito, for many reasons. First, Marisa's name is foreign in origin, same thing with the konpeito. Second, her concept as a character is taken from the West and given Japanese cuteness, just like the candy itself, recipe taken from the Portuguese and turned cute by the Japanese. (Although I could be wrong about the "turned cute by the Japanese" part.) And third, because Marisa is strong and tough yet somewhat amiable and well-liked, just like the konpeito, which is basically cute-looking rock candy.
33 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16537 [Edit]
Matsusaka beef. Or any Japanese wagyu type beef steak with heavy marbleization.
>> No. 16587 [Edit]
Tea and mushrooms.
>> No. 16723 [Edit]
File 141243337667.jpg - (121.80KB , 579x819 , Saber_full_379076.jpg )
Because of this picture, I associate Saber Lily with bread even though she would likely eat rice.
>> No. 16927 [Edit]
File 141513647331.jpg - (729.36KB , 886x990 , Ikezawa_Hanako_full_242044.jpg )
Wine and tea.

File 141333180495.jpg - (569.45KB , 692x1024 , Kitaouji_Sakura_full_1676181.jpg )
16798 No. 16798 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What would a society that supported waifu look like? Would you want to live in one?

I've been fantasizing/world building lately about a society that, due to population limits and space scarcity, has en mass moved from 3D love and 2D love/waifu has become almost the norm. Companies support this by creating lovable virtual characters for many types of people and putting on Vocaloid shows/concerts with them. Having a girlfriend would be weirder than having a waifu.

Would it be easier if everyone had a 2D love? Or would the pain be as bad even if it was shared?
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16838 [Edit]
This would be great, if only because of the rapid production of new technologies that could be used to love one's waifu. For some reason, I feel like something (though not quite to this scale) may happen in the future. As in, it may be accepted as a valid kind of relationship by everyone and there would be more people available who share similar experiences. That would be nice.
>> No. 16839 [Edit]
It would be nice not having to hide my sexuality or being mistaken for a closeted homosexual.
Other than that, I couldn't care less.
>> No. 16894 [Edit]
File 141434906460.jpg - (279.33KB , 828x1200 , emi_by_badriel-d52a1db.jpg )

This would be my biggest benefit. Everyone thinks I'm gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) or a pervert or something because I don't date or show any interest in 3D girls. I consider myself a pretty normal person (great job, friends, activities, etc) except for the fact I have a waifu instead of a girlfriend.

Currently the conversation always seems to go:
Person: So, Anon, you have a girlfriend?
Me: Haha, no.
Person: Boyfriend.
Me: No, I'm straight.
Person: Why are you single, Anon? I can hook you up with someone.
Me: No thanks.
Person: Seriously? Why aren't you into girls?
Me: Uh, how about that local sports team...

If 3D love was socially acceptable, it would go:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 16923 [Edit]
I think it would be cool, but to be honest I am not sure how it would work. What about reproduction? Even if there is space scarcity that wouldn't last long. Not that many of us are reproducing anyway, but I am well aware that my love for Hanako isn't contributing to the population.

File 134556483387.jpg - (15.98KB , 268x293 , 1344068958642.jpg )
10143 No. 10143 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I know I'll probably get shit on for this, but has anyone here ever 'broken up' with their waifu? I kind of have a year or so ago. She just stopped being as important to me, I eventually deleted my folder with all of my pictures of her because it was taking up too much space on my hard drive and I sort of just stopped thinking of her.
I no longer feel the emotional attachment I used to whenever I think about her so I guess she isn't really my waifu anymore.
10 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16917 [Edit]
Ok guys, I'm a pretty liberal guy in this regard.
I dont mind if people do the whole waifu thing, neither do I mind if it gets real serious.

But using the terms divorce and break up kinda freak me out.

So , and i don't mean this as an insult or anything of the sort, but why take it so seriously? Whats the appeal to treat it like an actual relationship or summin

>> No. 16918 [Edit]
Because it is an actual relationship. The appeal is probably hard to understand unless you're involved.
>> No. 16921 [Edit]
Because it's real love, people are not joking about it. This is not a meme.

I would say the appeal is pretty simple: You want to be with the person you love.
>> No. 17003 [Edit]
I loved other characters before, but I eventually lost my feelings for them. They ended, but I don't want to dismiss them as "fake", because I'm absolutely sure that I felt love for each of them, even though it was only temporary.

Now, my idea about love is that what's important is how you feel at the present moment. It might be that right now you feel so sure that you'll love her forever, then one day you don't love her anymore. But for me, that doesn't make the love you felt for her in the past any less real.

File 135866696731.png - (176.57KB , 734x1024 , John Lennon.png )
11469 No. 11469 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Waifu confessions thread! I'll start.

I think she looks cutest in her seifuku.
I like Miyuki's character CD roughly equally to my waifu's.
91 posts and 38 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16845 [Edit]
I often find myself wishing my waifu was from a different source material.
I wish she was from a more standard innocent rpg where she would have gotten decent development, rather than simply been used as fapbait in what never was more than an embarassingly deviant nukige after all.

I do worry that this may seem akin to wishing she was someone else, as the world someone lives in definitely makes up a part of them and wishing for her to be away from everything she's ever known is incredibly selfish at best, but as it is, as much as I can't imagine her being in this world, I simply can't stand thinking of her in the setting of her retrospectively horrid source material anymore.
>> No. 16847 [Edit]
-I'm really interested in her hobby, I wasn't until I met her. It makes me want to get into it. It makes me feel closer to her too.

-I probably think she's more depressed/troubled than she really is, so I feel a little guilty for pushing that aspect on her.

-I'm depressed I don't know her stats, not even her real name, just her nickname. I don't let it bother me, but I sure wish I knew.

-I'm actually happy nobody cares about her, and she'll probably be entirely forgotten by next anime season. It makes me feel like she's all mine. I'm not a jealous or envious person at all, but just seeing a lot of bad fanart of a favorite character is really a kick in the balls, so knowing nobody will do that is a good feeling.
>> No. 16851 [Edit]
File 141365028012.jpg - (157.61KB , 800x589 , 45844232.jpg )
I couldn't think of anything but then I read some of this thread and indeed, I don't look at erotic or pornographic images of her. I rarely find myself imagining a sexual relationship with her too, but this is a cute crisis I get from time to time: that of not engaging in animalistic behavior (look at this guy). Then my libido decreases a lot. Still, she is often portrayed in a cool or cute way, so I feel like things work out just fine.

Post edited on 18th Oct 2014, 9:46am
>> No. 16912 [Edit]
File 141496895871.png - (296.63KB , 1000x1008 , 46632511_p0.png )
Her best hairstyle is when her bangs are kind of messy, instead of perfectly straight at her forehead!

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