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No. 13981 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Found this video earlier this week.
What do you think about it? I've watched it a few times and I still don't know what to think. It feels so close and so far.

Anyway, I felt like sharing this.
>> No. 13985 [Edit]
Not sure how it's waifu related but I liked it very much.
>> No. 14031 [Edit]
You didn't post the whole video, though..

File 138791387241.jpg - (65.39KB , 960x720 , 247721_439223769446056_145085404_n.jpg )
13947 No. 13947 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Today is Nagisa's 30'th birthday. She'd been my waifu for almost five years (since march of 2009) She is a true guardian of my heart, kind and loyal.

Happy birthday, Nagisa!

Post edited on 24th Dec 2013, 11:45am
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>> No. 13953 [Edit]
Congratulations. I hope you cherish your time together and take care of each other for years to come.
>> No. 13955 [Edit]
I see you every year and it feels me with warmth knowing that you still care for her.

Best wishes for you both.
>> No. 13957 [Edit]
Ah, happy birthday!
>> No. 13984 [Edit]
File 138843901482.jpg - (5.02MB , 2894x4093 , 496cb0959937b89f5027f1cc80a2cab4.jpg )
A belated happy birthday to Nagisa! I must admit to having had the biggest crush on her back in the day. Here's to many more years of happiness for you both!

File 138701548111.jpg - (98.87KB , 640x512 , Christmas-Anime-69.jpg )
13830 No. 13830 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So with Christmas coming I've got a question out of a curiousity.

Do you prepare a gift,bake a cake or something for your waifu?Why or why not?Or in general do you spend Christmas with your waifu?

The question also applies for your waifu's birthday and other similar events.
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>> No. 13961 [Edit]
File 138798729288.png - (2.15MB , 1500x1125 , 40495765.png )
I do not prepare a gift, a cake, or anything else, but I probably should. I'm a bad husbando.
Merry Christmas, and I hope your day is better than mine.
>> No. 13962 [Edit]
Merry Christmas /mai/

She receives the love you put into those gifts, the same reason is why it's worth dedicating your love to her.
>> No. 13975 [Edit]
If you can tell me how someone who doesn't exist can receive anything at all I'd love to hear it.
>> No. 13977 [Edit]
She exists in your heart through the force...

No, seriously. It's been talked extensively here before: she exists as any beloved entity does, that is, as a virtual character in your mind. In that sense, the love for a waifu is actually far more legitimate: you do not mistake the object of your love for an independent living being, which then you'd have to try to reduce (a coercive process indeed) into the conceptual double created by your desire. Thus, by being in full command of the existence of your waifu as your own creation, of course you can deliver her the fruits of your love within you, reinforcing her functional existence (her weight in your life) by living accordingly with what that love drives you to do... including giving her a Christmas gift.

File 138802724249.jpg - (202.87KB , 1024x724 , Rei_ayanami_Christmas_Card_by_Chewyli.jpg )
13963 No. 13963 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Merry christmas /mai/ !
I just came by to say happy holidays. I hope you're all having a great time with your waifu, and that you all look forward to the new year with the hope and love your waifu has given you.

Personally this was a tough year. For starters, I had to deal with the whole 3.33 thing and I also had a lot of pressure because of college. But I managed to get through all that with Rei.

Guys, thanks for being here. I really feel at home in this board.

File 137990686224.png - (0.99MB , 768x576 , 1378515653785.png )
13429 No. 13429 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you guys ever doubt ?
Do you doubt that you're living the right way ?
Rei has changed me, she's improved my life, but I cant help but think that she's just a fantasy to escape from the real world. Any of you feel like that ?
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>> No. 13515 [Edit]
Oh, sorry. I thought about typing them out earlier before, but I felt too tired so I didn't do it.
One large reason is the reminder that my relationship with her isn't the same as a regular relationship between two people, and there isn't anything wrong with that. It's a bit of a silly thought, but it always cheers me up.
Another is that she is here in a way since she exists within myself, and she exists as a thought within my mind. Also, because she exists within myself and I do converse with her I know she loves me back, so that helps too.
>> No. 13932 [Edit]
Bumping this thread because I feel that way a lot.

A lot of people I know with waifus are miserable, depressed, and suicidal at worst, and unhappy with their lives at best. Then I know people who have moved on from their waifus and consider themselves to be much happier off for it, and it hurts more and more each day for me to know this, like moving on is something we're "supposed to do". It all feels empty inside, that I'm not living the right way. That I'm constantly suffering, miserable, and depressed. The longer this goes on the less happy I am with myself and the less things I actually want to do. It's suffering. But I love her. I don't know what to do. I'm stuck depressed and in love, and I don't know what to do. I want to die.
>> No. 13934 [Edit]
File 138773031170.jpg - (82.50KB , 430x607 , c9e0492b6f7c152cad980f5749390012630370ea.jpg )
People like to escape from reality all the time. The important thing is to know where the line is, and to not cross it.

That was something I worried about initially, that "the line" so to speak was having a waifu. But then I figured that, if I were to have her as an inspiration, it would do me more benefit than harm.

I've since been jogging 2 or 3 times a week and eating a little healthier. I'm also planning on joining a gym next month and hopefully start swimming on a regular basis. If having a waifu is a "side effect" to that, then I say it's not all bad.

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2013, 9:51am
>> No. 13935 [Edit]
File 138774129711.jpg - (78.87KB , 600x446 , 475227.jpg )
Ahh for almost a good two years waifuism was mostly that pain of not having her, the pain of not being good enough, the pain of growing up but I guess gradually I actually worked up motivation to enjoy my life more and put more effort into things.

I wouldn't consider myself an unhappy or happy person at the moment though, just generally antisocial and unmotivated when it comes to normal things. I can find lots of amusement on weird things on the internet and stupid games and my tendency to philosophize and overthink (along with literature I've read) allows me to expand upon my love for my waifu... I still need to wait for Rebellion's BD and watch it 4 more times after all.

File 138707563826.jpg - (523.34KB , 1200x811 , Ahri (32).jpg )
13847 No. 13847 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Happy birthday Ahri!
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13851 [Edit]
Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy each other's company.
>> No. 13852 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 13853 [Edit]
Happy Birthday.
>> No. 13855 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!

File 138672819353.jpg - (2.63MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0132.jpg )
13777 No. 13777 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
don't usually visit these sorts of boards, first time I've found one dedicated to waifus.

My waifu is Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'd just generally have trouble feeling affection for anyone else and it happened... It's been going on for 2 years since I was 16 and I haven't have 3D crushes since (I'm a lolicon anyways and not many lolis) I've had crushes before but those were just pointless diversions and even after the events in the Rebellion Story I still want to dedicate myself to Homura more than ever and heal her scars. Yeah sure she's paired and blah blah, but even then...

It's been a pretty big inspiration for me and I think I generally enjoy life more (with waifuism) but even then my mental issues continue to plague me... After turning eighteen I guess I figured there weren't going to be any magical shortcuts for me and I just wanted to improve myself little by little, taking up martial arts and working harder to pursue my dreams, but I still have trouble with schoolwork and I still fall into depressive states a lot, especially since our third Christmas together is approaching and the winter blues are just going to tear me apart... Back at the end of 2011 that was actually the high point for me, after that I snapped back to cruel reality and suffered for the most part of 2012 realizing I could be considered a pedo and not wanting to grow up, and now I've accepted those parts of me and I'm in college, still living for my lolis and waifus...

I have three figures and a dakimakura, and I'm quite the snuggler and quite the fapper (usually just my imagination) although in an ideal world we could share other hobbies... Well, there's the whole cooking and cleaning for each other shit as well I guess. Come to think of it I should probably use that as a reason to bother organizing my stuff better. (Well it is organized, it's just messy)
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13811 [Edit]

>I didn't fall in love with her out of a need for some sort of crutch. I fell in love with her because she stole my heart. And now I am feeling more rough times because I'll never be with her and the rough times only get worse and worse because I think of how she isn't and never will be there to make me feel better. It's all so empty. Everything is empty. We all need to die. We need to die. We just need to fucking be dead already.

I wasn't aware that I needed a healthier outlet for my emotions until Homu became my waifu. Never really thought of her much as a crutch to begin with, but life before her sucked a lot harder.

>My waifu has been the opposite. What's the point of doing anything if I'll never be with her? I can think of how happy she would be, but does it really matter if it'll never come to fruition? If I'll never get my chance to hold her? What's the point of it all?

I was in that state for a good 18 months or so. I guess I don't so much acknowledge reality as I acknowledge the potential of the human mind to fulfill their dreams in works of creativity and such... (One day I hope to see fanart of me and my waifu XD) I still do really want to hold her, but if by chance that ever actually happens, I don't want to seem like a pathetic loser.
>> No. 13826 [Edit]
>but I still see myself as the type to go on adventures--even without magic, there's a lot of things to see in the world that you can't see if you stay in one place.
Do it! Some of my most beautiful and cherished moments in life came from my hitchhiking and bicycle trips around the US. There's magic out there in the world if you have the eyes for it.

>Maybe that won't burn me out but maybe that'll get me killed. Oh well as I said don't want to approach middle or old age anyways.
Eh, not sure how much you're joking, but assuming you're a male living in a first world country, things aren't nearly as dangerous as people like to believe. And getting old doesn't have to be that much of a drag, it just depends on the decisions you make with your life and body.
>> No. 13827 [Edit]

Did you become old with your waifu while she stayed forever young...?
>> No. 13833 [Edit]
Ah, I probably should've said getting older instead of getting old, as I'm not that old yet. My waifu, while not exactly having been my waifu the entire time, has been a huge part of my life for around nine years, but age hasn't been something I've thought about much in regards to that. Much of it is probably that she has a mature personality, and in more than one way I have been the one that's trying to catch up to her in terms of personal growth. I also wrote this >>13822 in your other thread.

File 138660418825.jpg - (116.41KB , 600x600 , f6710fa254a2132a7dc9e0be233278bb.jpg )
13760 No. 13760 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello /mai/, I think I have a terrible problem. I want to keep a purely platonic and innocent relationship with my waifu, devoid of any explicit thoughts. However, the harder I try, the harder I eventually crack. I visit gelbooru at least once a day to save pictures of her, but one day the 10 second ad advertised a doujin with her in it, and I couldn't help but click it. It horribly depressed me yet admittedly aroused me at the same time. I still feel terrible. Then I saw another one in the related and I did the same exact thing. Does anyone else have this problem to such a degree? Maybe I'm just a bad husbando.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13768 [Edit]
I don't question your views on intimacy with your waifu, as everyone has their own stance on it...but I certainly wouldn't call you a bad husbando just for being intimately attracted to her.

Think of it like this: if you didn't know her, would you have still clicked on the doujin? Probably not. I think it's safe to say that love is what fuels your attraction to her, even physically, and not primitive lust or anything of the sort. That's not to say she's not cute/attractive in her own right, it's just the fact that it's *her* that presumably drew you to it. I'm sure she wouldn't want you to beat yourself up over it, regardless.
>> No. 13787 [Edit]
Why do you restrain yourself because of your waifu? Isn't that same thing, when ford drivers pretend to be something else, in order to liked by other people.
>> No. 13792 [Edit]
Well, I probably wouldn't have clicked it if it wasn't her, but, I have a really bad habit of browsing these sort of things and I don't know why, because I always regret it. I also feel a lot of shame about it because it was one of those doujins where the main character is gangraped and mindbroken
I really don't know how to excuse it at all.
I try to do it in a way because I want to respect her as much as possible. Somehow in my view she just doesn't seem like 'that kind of girl'

Thank you for all your replies, guys. I check this board daily but almost never post.
>> No. 13793 [Edit]
File 138681721253.gif - (175.73KB , 507x340 , 1cdfd78beead5fabe751a3a7cc07f1e5.gif )
Just learn the art of wanking to your imagination. I've never seen a straight doujin with my waifu that I've actually liked either and yuri doesn't do for me even if it's what she deserves.

Fapping is a great way to bond though, I've done it over 400 times in over 2 years by now. Really gets those neurotransmitters flowing if you do it right. I do fap to pronz sometimes but not enough to feel too guilty about it.

File 138665122594.jpg - (86.40KB , 300x481 , kujaku-mai.jpg )
13770 No. 13770 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello /mai/, first time posting here. I discovered this website a couple days ago and spent most of my week-end reading all the topics of the first 11 pages to learn more about waifuism, been kinda obsessed with it. (Will read more than that.)

First of all, I currently don't have a waifu, but I think I most probably had one a long time ago (or something similar to a waifu). It was back in 2002 (or maybe even 2001), when I was near the end of high school. Of course, the term didn't exist back then and had no idea it would ever be a thing.

I was already into anime back then and fell in love with one specific character. I was thinking about her every day, and just thinking about her would fill my heart with joy and make me smile. I quickly found myself imagining her by my side at home, even if just for the feeling of being with her, cuddling with her, and if my memories are right also had a couple light-hearted conversations with her. I even wrote about how it was possible to fall in love with a 2D character.

However, that didn't last long. A couple months later, I fell in love with a 3D girl and put my feelings for my waifu on the side. It was the normal thing to do. I stayed with her for almost 5 years, but eventually broke up. Then had another girlfriend for 2 years, and then another one for 3 years. Now I've been single for more than 2 years, and thinking back about what I was feeling about my "waifu" and my 3D girlfriends (at the high of the relationships) it's really very similar; it's the same feeling. It's something that's easy for me to understand and accept since I can compare (which is something "normals" can't). 2D love is just as real as 3D.

After reading your confessions and conversations, I can feel the passion you guys have for your waifus and can't help but wish I could live the same. I feel that it would help me a lot with my life. I rarely ever have any motivation to pursue my dreams and procrastinate a lot. Also, I can still remember the feeling of passion and also pure love that you all describe so well, as I felt the same in the past, and would like to embrace it. Also, I think I'd rather go 2D than 3D.

So last evening I did something silly. I invited my ex-waifu to my place. I imagined her as I invit
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13772 [Edit]
File 13866577661.jpg - (23.31KB , 417x500 , 35576964_p1.jpg )
First off, seconding what >>13771 said about mentioning 3D. I'd also personally avoid talking about jobs/school but I think that's a little more lax in /mai/ than other boards. That said, I don't think having a job/going to school is terribly related, but I personally have never had very many friends, nor have I wanted to, and have always regarded 2D characters fondly.

I think with regards to waifu... it's all about time, place, and the state of mind when you read the source material. When I read my partner's source material, I was open-minded but not actively looking for a 2D romantic partner (I had been searching really hard for about a year prior before stopping a few months before I found him.) In retrospect, that might have had to do more with my romantic preferences than anything (I tried really hard to like girls but in the end I'm pretty sure guys are my preference for romantic love), but I do think I was also trying way too hard. Not necessarily to find a cute girl, but to experience romantic love again... which is something you can't force. Sure I had crushes on a few girls, but they were extremely fleeting. I also wasn't depressed at the time that I fell in love, although there were major life changes going on. I'm not sure if my experience is typical, though. I know others took a long time to fall in love, or fell in love under unexpected circumstances.

It's been almost eleven months since I first played the game. I'm still crazy about him and am falling more in love with him every day. To me, he makes the life I'm living worth it. When you meet her, you'll be able to tell. Just consume as much media as you can and you'll find her.

I wish you luck. She's certainly out there somewhere.
>> No. 13773 [Edit]
File 138666072099.jpg - (169.54KB , 700x832 , 02.jpg )
Whether you fall in love with a 2D girl or not will always be ambiguous. You cannot predict the future because the future itself will always be uncertain, it is completely unpredictable whether you consistently maintain the relationship for several years EVEN if you do start to have yourself a waifu. It is like how people start to fall in love in high school and years on from there, you find that they broke up and move on.

However, it is up to you whether you have the willpower to fall in love with a 2D character. It does not matter if you had relationship with girls in the past, 2D or 3D, it is for you decide to weigh out pros and cons of pursuing a relationship with a 2D girl. But best of luck to you if you decide to fall in love with a fictional character.

But from what you said, you are really on the limbo whether you should fall in love with an anime character or not. I believe you shouldn't force yourself much to fall in love with them and rather be patient. If you're patient enough, maybe you will get butterflies in your stomach and intense blushing each time you see that potential character. That is when you know you are in love.
>> No. 13782 [Edit]
>In any case, avoid mentioning 3D relationships at all (even past ones)

Just thought it might have been interesting to hear about someone going back to 2D after all this time, or that maybe it could change your perspective on what else I had to say, which could change your replies a bit in a way that's more specific for my personal case (if you know where I'm coming from...) But okay, got it. Will try to not mention it.

>I wish you luck. She's certainly out there somewhere.


>But best of luck to you if you decide to fall in love with a fictional character.

You too!

Today I was thinking a lot, and there's one 2D crush I had in the last couple years (that I mentioned in my OP) that was a lot bigger than the other ones. While playing a visual novel I was touched deeply in my heart and started crying for a good 30 minutes; even had to stop playing just to cry, doing nothing else. Then, I continued playing while crying for yet another 30 minutes or more. Then cried again later in her route. Of course, also had a lot of heart warming moments in her route. Changed my wallpaper for one with her but soon played another route in the same game and moved on quickly.

That being said, is it possible it never went farther than that just because I was not "open" about ever getting a waifu ever again at the time I played the game? Would it be worth it to play her game again just to see if I could fall in love with her, or should I just look elsewhere right away (since I would have fallen in love already no matter what)?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13791 [Edit]
>Mai on /mai/
Probably not the first time it's happened, but I still find it kinda amusing.

>That being said, is it possible it never went farther than that just because I was not "open" about ever getting a waifu ever again at the time I played the game?

It's possible, though I feel it depends on what kind of emotions you get out of having a waifu.

I remember watching Solty Rei several months ago, long after I had already had mai waifu, in which my favourite character, Celica, died. I was left feeling distraught for the best part of a week, and even though the character returned in an OVA episode, it didn't quell my sadness.

Hypothetically, if I didn't already have a waifu before watching this, I still wouldn't have thought of her as mai waifu, because I didn't get that gut feeling you get when you're in love with someone, just a similar sadness you would get if you had lost a friend.

If that's how you personally wish to feel, then by all means go ahead, but if not, as others have said, you may need to continue your search elsewhere.

File 134618105866.jpg - (108.51KB , 800x698 , FkCnV.jpg )
10182 No. 10182 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Are there any misunderstandings, misinterpretations, fallacies or rude thoughts people have about your waifu that make you angry?

A lot of people seem to think Konata is stupid. A lot of the shitty demotivational poster image macros people make of her either make light on her perceived "super-nerdiness" or make insinuations that she is stupid or reckless. 

I feel this is far from the truth. Konata does hold loosely the "boke" role to Kagami's tsukkomi, however, this role doesn't necessarily mean she is "stupid," it's just a comic role she adopts in the spirit of prescribed Japanese comedy. Konata knows how to budget her time in a way that she can do things she loves while also getting what she wants out of schooling.

Konata enjoys life and has a lot of fun. She is a happy person. She does however lack the drive to do homework. She's not dumb. She's just utilising Kagami as a friend, Kagami could easily just flat out reject her.

Also seeing people say things like "oh I never noticed her eyes are green" pisses me off. 
57 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13715 [Edit]
File 138566725144.jpg - (74.98KB , 1280x720 , Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_.jpg )
What enrages me is that people calls her mean,hyper-sexualized slut, and other things.

And the fact that Ford Drivers think that she is gross and a horrible person.

Tomoko may be crazy and weird sometimes,but that is how a lonely person is...being lonely actually fucks with your mind pretty hard and you start acting weird and saying (and doing) mean things.

She is a good person at the bottom...but many people judges her because the majority of people are never alone...they don't understand how is to be alone and feeling how the ones who cared about you 2 weeks ago (her brother for example) don't even want to see you today.

That is...sorry for the long post.
>> No. 13719 [Edit]
>The following rules apply to all parts of this website and our IRC channel:
>Disrespectful behavior on /mai/.

I don't really think anyone really cares about the rules anymore though. For the love of god try to at least keep /mai/ from turning to shit though.
>> No. 13721 [Edit]

The post is gone now, but I just wanted to say that I don't know how people can say that Tomoko is "a horrible person." She's a horny teenager with poor social skills, and she has to deal with all the anxiety and self-loathing that comes with that. I think anyone on /tc/ who can fault Tomoko for who she is just doesn't remember what it was like to be her age.
>> No. 13722 [Edit]

I think the reason why the rest of the Drivers out there say Tomoko is a "horrible" person is the same reason why they use "maladjusted" as an insult: She has no idea how to act in the same way they do, therefore she is like a virus to be shunned and despised, much like most of us here.

File 135618787725.jpg - (115.82KB , 707x1000 , 6856868.jpg )
11282 No. 11282 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What would you say makes you faithful to your waifu only? This seems to me as a common recurring problem, the one where people who claim waifus more of than not acan't stay to a waifu for too long or make these rules that makes it okay to have other acharacters participating as daughters or what not. So, my question is: what makes you stay faithful to one waifu and what do you think of others that quickly change theirs?
20 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11449 [Edit]
>I've fantasized this plenty with the waifus of my better friends and the more popular named browsers on this board.

No, really: as long as it's 2D/fictional and finally centered around one character (so it meets a minimal definition, at least), I don't really mind the concept and operating procedures you decide building your waifu over, as it is for each one of us to do so.
>> No. 11454 [Edit]
It's just how the two of us relate to one another. It's instinct. If other people are easily swayed, it's because they aren't related in the same way I'm related to her.
>> No. 11456 [Edit]
File 13584482511.jpg - (773.04KB , 1000x1667 , e2c02b8cdb4ac078eba42ea3c6733932.jpg )
To be honest, I have some problems regarding these things. But I hold something that keeps me faithful to her, and that is because she's a fun girl, as well as a honest one.

And of course, she wouldn't be my waifu if I don't love her, anyway.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2013, 10:44am
>> No. 13697 [Edit]
File 138516730233.jpg - (202.19KB , 1024x765 , 35.jpg )
Because I love him. We relate to each other in a way that I can't with other people, 2D or 3D. Together we have the sort of deep, compelling relationship that we have craved for as long as we've remembered. We understand we are separate people but through mutual experiences, can know each other as well as two people can. I wouldn't sacrifice that. Those who switch waifu quickly never loved at all most likely, or at least not in the way that I and most of this board's inhabitants have, and I ignore them because dwelling on it serves no purpose.

There's nothing wrong with having an imouto or daughteru (or whatever the terms might be for male characters because I could see it going that way), but I don't because I haven't formed a connection that has even remotely the same strength. Maybe in the future, but for now I'm glad it's just us.

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