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File 140107363971.png - (88.00KB , 680x486 , e45.png )
15613 No. 15613 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is there anyone else out there searching for their waifu?

I visit her occasionally and see other boards where people have improved themselves and gotten pure satisfaction from being devoted to their waifu/husbando. I feel I lack direction in my life and wish I felt so strongly about anything.

I almost felt something like what others describe, but her source material was so terrible (and turned out to be smutty) so it killed any attraction I might have initially felt. And shouldn't it be an immediate thing anyway?

Anyway, yeah... That's my life. Still searching for The One.
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>> No. 15637 [Edit]
Hey, guys, lets just take it easy and realize we all have different outlooks about our waifus.
>> No. 15641 [Edit]
You expect too much from the new /mai/
>> No. 15643 [Edit]
go fuck yourself
>> No. 15645 [Edit]
Lurkers don't speak, they can't speak. The knowledge of wise that you seek is mute.

File 140056235325.png - (144.53KB , 475x579 , 129.png )
15437 No. 15437 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's midnight now and that marks our third anniversary. I feel her and I have grown so much in these 3 years and I'm honestly so happy I found her. I don't even know what to say I'm just so happy we've made it this far.
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>> No. 15445 [Edit]
Happy anniversary! Hanako's a swell girl, I'm glad you're treating her well.
>> No. 15456 [Edit]
Happy anniversary! It's always heartwarming to see things like this. I'm glad you're happy, and I wish you many more anniversaries in the future.
>> No. 15525 [Edit]
Apologies for my lateness, but I'm thrilled to read this. Congratulations to you both!
>> No. 15528 [Edit]
It's 5 years for us in less than an hour.
Belated congratulations to you both.

File 138362290561.jpg - (137.71KB , 1202x1201 , konatapillow2.jpg )
13622 No. 13622 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I haven't seen a solid new canonical appearance of Konata in nearly two years. I can't find any scans of the new chapters and there are rumours that Lucky Star is going to be dropped due to lack of interest.
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>> No. 13743 [Edit]
The source material ended ages ago and the fanbase has mostly dissipated. I've always been fine with the existing official material and drawing my own art. I can't really imagine that not being the case, actually, having a lot of content available would be incredibly bizarre to me. Maybe even kind of unsettling in the case of fanworks.
>> No. 13752 [Edit]
I used to complain about lack of content alot, but now I use my imagination so much that I don't even look for new fanart or content. It's a pretty weird feeling when I think about it
>> No. 14256 [Edit]
At least she is popular and has a lot of art and will keep getting it, be happy for that at least.
My waifu is terribly unknown, has maybe a dozen pieces of fan art i'm not directly responsible for, and her manga is slowly dying.

Pretty sure you drew mine once, but i'm only guessing from the style of the art you posted.
>> No. 15404 [Edit]
This. It's by far one of, if not the best ways to counter the no content waifu epidemic.
Lurkers, do not be discouraged by this poster's admittedly subpar drawing attached; I have no idea where he's been requesting his stuff but if you hit up the right places, you could in theory receive near official artwork quality stuff for free. And at a rate faster than you'd expect if you play your cards right. I sometimes got five drawings a day.

File 140029293759.jpg - (134.81KB , 400x656 , http%3A%2F%2F37_media_tumblr_com%2Fefd111775a8073c.jpg )
15326 No. 15326 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think our waifus hang out with each other? Who do they hang out with?

I imagine Ryuuko getting along well with Kagura.
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>> No. 15352 [Edit]
File 14003628423.jpg - (578.08KB , 1000x1000 , 7ff6d980989cc7e72f18433bd43aab51.jpg )
I'm sure I'd get along with her fine. I've always found her personality and antics to be amusing, even if my waifu would undoubtedly disagree with that sentiment.

I don't think Patchy would make much of an active effort to hang out with anyone else either, being as reclusive and quiet as she is. I think she might still enjoy spending time with those that have a similar mindset/personality to her own though.
>> No. 15389 [Edit]
File 140039432611.jpg - (349.13KB , 1600x1128 , 5ddc095ddb046f6ffa8aa8b19fcc5e61.jpg )
Marisa is a cool and charismatic girl, but Momiji gets beaten by her and all, and the Tengu seems to be very clannish, so who knows. Personally I like her well enough.

Momiji seems the kind that would get along with everyone(as long as you are not Aya) but rarely develop friendships with strangers
>> No. 15412 [Edit]
File 140045721642.jpg - (134.49KB , 600x600 , 11843808.jpg )
Yes, absolutely. She's her best friend after all. Reimu really appreciates her more than she usually shows. I also like her a lot.

About hanging out with non-touhou waifus, i can't really think about anyone specific. I think Reimu can get along quite well with pretty much anyone here.
>> No. 15429 [Edit]
File 140049721153.jpg - (1.92MB , 1400x958 , s - 1193463 - 6+girls _d bat_wings blonde_hair blu.jpg )
>Do you think our waifus hang out with each other? Who do they hang out with?
Mostly other folks from the Scarlet Mansion area. Not really anybody outside Touhou.

>Would you guys and your spouses like that and like her?
I happen to like Marisa. But her, I don't think she's much appreciative of the extra work Marisa gives her.

File 136849842779.jpg - (347.24KB , 800x600 , 1305259227006.jpg )
12624 No. 12624 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The most important day of the year has finally arrived!
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>> No. 15301 [Edit]
oh I share a bday with Saber. Thats cool I guess.

Happy birthday.
>> No. 15302 [Edit]
Whoa... Today is her birthday?!
>> No. 15316 [Edit]
Gone for two days and already I miss a birthday.
A late happy birthday Saber!
>> No. 15317 [Edit]
Late, but happy birthday, Sir Arthur.

File 139928546113.jpg - (206.76KB , 885x1200 , くろとら - 制服ツインテのすーぱー.jpg )
15234 No. 15234 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Today is the 5th of May and I want to say this, Happy Birthday, my little cute and adorable princess! I wish you all the happiness from this day and on, my love!

俺の世界の一番ス-パアイドル水瀬伊織、とても大好き! 永遠に愛してる!
>> No. 15235 [Edit]
Happy birthday Iori!
>> No. 15239 [Edit]
Happy Birthday, idol Iori!
>> No. 15240 [Edit]
Happy birthday!
>> No. 15255 [Edit]
Oops, I'm late. Happy birthday Iori!

File 13992156218.jpg - (575.17KB , 1000x708 , yunobd.jpg )
15226 No. 15226 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
...and the new day that is about to come is very special!
It's Yuno's birthday! Let's all congratulate her!

I love you more than anything in the world, and I always will.
You're always there for me, even though you're not.
I just love you. I love you so much.

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>> No. 15232 [Edit]
Happy (belated?) birthday!
>> No. 15233 [Edit]
File 13992818915.jpg - (99.72KB , 600x800 , birthday.jpg )
I found this on a japanese blog. All these character's birthday is today on the 5th of may.
>> No. 15236 [Edit]
Happy birthday Yuno!
>> No. 15241 [Edit]
Happy birthday!

No. 15187 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I skimmed the catalog and ctrl+fed and found nothing on the matter so I decided to make my own thread.

Do any of you here have a waifu/husbando with little to no dialogue or personality, or perhaps even none in the slightest? I'm talking about characters such as ones that appear in the backgrounds of anime or silent party members in JRPG's, but this can also apply to things like Animal Crossing characters whose dialogue is shared with the hundreds of other villagers in the same personality bracket as them or characters that appear in a single episode of an anime that was barely expanded upon.
How do you make up for their lack of character development, if at all? Do you take it upon yourself to use your imagination to expand the depth of their character?
I have fallen in love, no, become completely obsessed with a character who has five lines of dialogue total in a video game, none of which I would consider character development in the slightest. All I know about this character canonically is that the character likes money. As my fantasies about this character grew more vivid and common, I found myself adding more and more angles and emotion to the character, some good and some bad.
To those of you who are unfamiliar with this type of love, I'd like to hear your objective input about this as well. I can see why someone would consider it to be shallow since one can basically take a character such as this and mold it into their ideal partner. But I don't see a problem with that in the slightest to be honest, I think it's actually the most optimal thing one could do all things considered.

Picture unrelated, I do not wish to share with you who the character I am in love with is.
>> No. 15191 [Edit]
File 139885443623.png - (201.75KB , 240x540 , eecede227a2aaa2fabf5dccc1b9435e925a6fe6a1.png )
I can't say I can fully relate to how you feel, but I understand completely.

There was a thread on here from someone who had Risa Kamizaki from Amagami as their waifu. I know the series pretty well, so I knew about her myself. She had three appearances in two seasons in the anime, and in two of these appearances she wasn't even central to the plot.

For me it was a bit of a reality check. I felt really bad for wishing that mai waifu had more than just cameo appearances in the first nine episodes in her series, or had more fan art, and felt relatively fortunate.

All I can say is to not be deterred by the lack of canon for your waifu. The ability to form it yourself has its upsides.

>I can see why someone would consider it to be shallow since one can basically take a character such as this and mold it into their ideal partner.

There are plenty of people out there who have Hatsune Miku, and the other vocaloid characters as a waifu/husbando, and none of them have a set personality. I don't find it a bad thing, personally.

File 139006585690.jpg - (90.75KB , 347x451 , Lizlet pic 1.jpg )
14223 No. 14223 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I know I might get lionized because of this...

To be honest, there are times I tried to switch waifus as Lizlet only become my waifu after finding that someone I mistook of having same waifu which was Anri Hiiragi from the anime/eroge Happiness! and because for some reason my love for her is no longer working out much and slowly disappear. While I was looking for pictures in Pixiv, I saw a crossover picture which has Anri and another girl that looks like her but dressed in different clothing which in turn was Lizlet and thought she was cute thus after finding out the character and watched the series and read first few chapters of the manga I began to like her and took her as my waifu but recently I thought my love has disappeared and began liking Nodoka Haramura from Saki and Chocolat from Noucome yet for some reason, I'm not that eager on having Nodoka or Chocolat as my waifu while at the same time I just cannot totally forget Lizlet.

Adding too that, I remember having a dream 2-3 years ago, I saw Lizlet across a window but I can only see her back and never turned to look at me. I don't know what is the significance of that dream.

I still love Lizlet and happy to have her as my waifu but there are temptations and fears of losing feelings for her, what should I do?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 15100 [Edit]
File 139831232953.jpg - (2.53MB , 2997x4043 , 68c1d4ca143903601d1d6eddde2a48e4.jpg )
If you really think it's not working out anymore between you and Lizlet, then there is no shame in switching waifus. The most important thing is being happy, so do whatever will make you happy.
>> No. 15102 [Edit]
File 139831647169.jpg - (338.11KB , 501x680 , 1Saber_Lily_full_1262163.jpg )
Then it is settled, my waifu now is Saber Lily
>> No. 15164 [Edit]
File 139871270541.jpg - (680.53KB , 900x1307 , 57b9acea796371b54161ed01ec65f2c5.jpg )
I feel like if I saw another character with less flaws and more strength I wouldn't feel the urge to protect and support her. Or if there was a character that shared more similarities with me (I can honestly say that Nadeko Sengoku or Tomoko Kuroki might be more similar to me than not) that would be just kind of annoying and unsettling, and I wouldn't be able to have my waifu as an ideal. I consider my waifu pretty top-tier as to cuteness and I like her body shape as well... Just curious if you had any particular reasons for switching to Saber Lily.
>> No. 15177 [Edit]
File 139879421082.jpg - (45.95KB , 500x313 , Saber Lily 8.jpg )
Considering that Saber Lily is simply Saber with a different clothing that leans on the more "girlish" side, she has a tragic background (being betrayed) that made her regret her decision that the reason why she become a Heroic Spirit is to change her past.

If you were to see that, it feels that you want to protect her and support her emotionally; sure she is capable on annihilating an enemy such as other Servants but what she needs is emotional protection and support.

The thing about Lizlet is that she is already capable of protecting herself (the manga and anime shows that she has great physical strength despite that she appears to be the opposite) and her only flaw is that she gets intimidated fast (she is the comic-relief in the main cast of Omamori Himari) and unless you attack her true body which is a century-old teacup, she is pretty much invulnerable... well her human manifestation.

Saber Lily on the other hand, like the other servants, can be harmed and even killed without attacking a specific object and I do not like the idea of seeing a 2D girl being hurt and even swimming in their own blood; there are pictures of original Saber being in this condition but seeing Saber Lily in that condition is more heart-breaking.

Though I also did have some sort of attachment towards another girl which is Nodoka Haramura, it was Saber Lily that ultimately got my affection.

File 139132630989.png - (381.01KB , 499x560 , aqua.png )
14422 No. 14422 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you thought about ending waifuism?

This isn't a thread about break-ups or 3D love, it's about losing faith in the concept of loving a 2D character.
34 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 15092 [Edit]
I still feel attached to her and wouldn't trade my experiences for anything, but I'm questioning whether she aided in my recovery or if my recuperation was entirely by my own volition.


>She stopped being a part of my life once I started making progress with it. She's still everything I adore in a fantasy being, and it would be virtually impossible for me to make a similar connection to any other character.

Echoes my feelings perfectly.
>> No. 15093 [Edit]
As pathetic as it sounds, I couldn't leave her even if I wanted to. She's everything I'm ever going to have. I cannot love nor be loved by actual people.
>> No. 15094 [Edit]
same here bro
>> No. 15095 [Edit]
It doesn't sound pathetic to me at all.

File 139790602215.png - (349.83KB , 800x1000 , 9c60bd47fd4905861e7c1197f2854153.png )
15073 No. 15073 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Ich liebe dich, meine sexy Frau!
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 15078 [Edit]
Best wishes to your waifu
>> No. 15081 [Edit]
Happy birthday, I hope you guys have fun today.
>> No. 15082 [Edit]
Happy birthday~
>> No. 15084 [Edit]
Much appreciated, all, thank you. It was a wonderful day!

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