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File 148956160476.png - (390.69KB , 683x591 , waterfox_2017-03-14_23-42-20.png )
20337 No. 20337 [Edit]
Are there any vloggers that discuss waifuism seriously? Why's it always text? I look around YouTube and see nothing but tumblr faggots who either aren't waifuists themselves and are just speculating and having a laugh, or have 6 "waifus" they collect and dump later like trading cards, or are loyal to one waifu but have a very shallow relationship with them and a 3D succubus as their main.
Aren't there any genuine waifuists who document their relationships at length via video? I'd really like to watch.

I started a channel myself because I wanted to be a pioneer and set an example for the tumblr faggots, but my relationship is much too bumpy, I typically have nothing positive to say, it's embarrassing, I cancelled it very quickly.
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>> No. 20338 [Edit]
>it's embarrassing
I think it's safe to say that's the reason you don't see people make serious videos about waifus.
This stuff isn't embarrassing for attention whoring idiots, but for people who take the stuff seriously it can be a nightmare to talk about.
>> No. 20339 [Edit]
I just meant it's embarrassing to think someone who takes waifuism seriously would see my video and hear how fucked up my relationship is and think I'm some tumblr faggot myself. I made eight videos and every single one was nothing but negativity, I guess you could say it's co-dependent. I wish I had positives to talk about but I don't lately and I don't want to have a channel where I'm shitting on my own wife.
>> No. 20341 [Edit]
Maybe if you made other videos you could mention it in passing and just joke about it a little bit.
>> No. 20356 [Edit]
There's not really any point. Anyone who does it will immediately be a target for trolling and there's not all that many who want to listen. Even if you're fine with that there won't be that much to talk about outside of personal anecdotes that probably won't be all that interesting to listen to.
>> No. 20427 [Edit]
As long as you don't sound like a complete autist with a peach inspediment like https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R5838hz1RoM you should be fine IMO
>> No. 20435 [Edit]
The worse ones are the Pony ones, They aren't as common nowadays as they used to be a couple of years ago, but they brought the concept of waifus to a much broader audience, some of them who didn't even watched Anime at all, and had the audacity to call those shitty flash cartoon horses "waifus"!
>> No. 20436 [Edit]
Pony kids have since moved to "tulpas" IIRC

The term waifu being used on a larger scale is jarring; We live in an age of accelerated information and it terrifies me
>> No. 20437 [Edit]
Tulpas have gone out of style.
There must be hundreds of abandoned pony tulpas, angry and wandering the earth unseen.
>> No. 20438 [Edit]
I know one or two who are legit and serious about it with a pony waifu, but the majority were band wagoners. The pony fandom spawned itself out of 4chan so it's no surprise there was some weird anime fandom overlap with the pony fandom.

A lot of the hyper-autistic ones moved on to other fandoms, so that's why you don't see pony spam near as often as say, 5-6 years ago. I think they all moved on to Steven Universe, then FNAF, and now Undertale is currently the big one. I wonder what series will get weird next.
>> No. 20440 [Edit]
File 14921589272.png - (612.13KB , 1276x1208 , ca0bed885bf1ffebd62633a668179fdcfb9134eb8eb3bd7e9c.png )
>Steven Universe

Yet another dumb-ass thing.
>> No. 20441 [Edit]
At least they tried? I guess?
>> No. 20443 [Edit]
Mmm hmmm... so this is cringe
>> No. 20462 [Edit]
>Dumb spic Doesn't get what a waifu is.
>> No. 20463 [Edit]
The problem with general communities like Youtube is that you will have to deal with those who have no real interest in it. It becomes more of a battle ground. In a place like this, you do not because it is set up to be serious from the start (the rules, being a separate site, etc).

Also the popular channels in whatever category are the ones who are going to define what waifus are, and they are most often going to be wrong because they are into something else like collecting Turtles dolls, but decided to cover waifus to make another video.

Would it be good if someone represented it in a good way on youtube? I think the subject is too much rooted in alternative mentality to be embraced and remain serious on general networks. They will only succeed at giving the appearance of being serious, but will lose the deeper stuff in trying to conform to the wider context - the constant influx of normies trying to normalize everything. If it became embraced, what would it mean? I get the sense it becomes more lame. Like the popular idea of Yoga is very far from the real stuff.

The only good I see is if waifuism remains mostly a joke on general networks and with only some serious content to inspire those who have it in their heart to find other dedicated communities.

Also, personally I prefer text over other media. I do not want to get too close to people when the subject is such an intimate one.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2017, 2:16pm
>> No. 20471 [Edit]
These ones are gold:


>> No. 20472 [Edit]
This thread has had me wondering what precisely is so difficult for these people to fathom about the concept? I think that the idea of a waifu is pretty beautiful in its simplicity, far simpler than how they make fun of it with rankings, and keeping up with the 'latest' waifu fad. They can manage that but not comprehend just loving a 2D person?

It's really quite bizarre.
>> No. 20473 [Edit]
>but not comprehend just loving a 2D person?
It challenges their ways of thinking. Those people don't care about anything that doesn't fit inside their own norm and don't want to learn about different lifestyles or ways of thinking.
>> No. 20474 [Edit]
I thought similar, but we do see an increasing acceptance of homosexuals which also fall outside the idea of normal for many, and as I said, the way they perceive a waifu is a more mechanically complex with its rules of the game if you will. If it was merely a matter of us being different, surely they would just make a caricature rather than make these vain attempts to bastardise it.

That's the thing that is most puzzling, they go through all that effort for something that they don't care about. Sure, okay image and social standing could come into it, but if we who take it seriously are seen as creepy losers, then why would any normal want to come within ten miles of being associated with our kind?

So much of it doesn't add up.
>> No. 20475 [Edit]
I believe gender/sex issues are something they're forced to learn about. SJW topics like those are considered politically correct, but things such as waifus, bronies, and furries do not fall under the PC umbrella and I doubt they ever will. Probably because these are more recent trends and people might view them as passing fads, where as homosexuality has been around for as long as humans have been and it's not going anywhere.
>> No. 20478 [Edit]

I don't see how is it that shocking to you, here on this same board people cannot understand some people find non Anime-looking characters attractive and believe them to be joking with you.
>> No. 20479 [Edit]
I wouldn't say shocking. Just confusing. You raise an excellent point though.
>> No. 20480 [Edit]
They probably couldn't comprehend loving a 3d person, either. The people who say "but she's not real" are essentially saying "but there's no benefit from dating her". I'd say that utilitarian madness extends people who actually like 2d, too.

Still, anyone who's into anime but "can't understand" waifuism is just in denial. You can't enjoy anime if you can't get emotionally invested in the characters. If you can get emotionally invested, you can have a crush, and so on. So-called otaku in the west have their priorities backwards, and are interested in appearing cool more than they are interested in what they actually like.
>> No. 20482 [Edit]

Since Anime is not seen as somethign "bad" since the 2010 a lot of people have latched on to it for hipster points, to belong in a comunity, most normal people dont actually like "things" they like to be with other people, to belong in a group and be accepted, this is why they dont like shit that takes them appart from the social scene.


Shamefully alot of "Otaku" seem to severely lack empathy so the opposite actually occurs, they assume everyone are like themselves, same tastes and everything and if not, people with different tastes and opinions are somehow lying or outright wrong in the head, that makes them look like huge hypocrites/elitists.
>> No. 20518 [Edit]

It's always funny when western cartoons make fun of anime despite anime being so superior that manga will replace western comics entirely by the end of the decade, and once TV finally dies, streamed anime will make western cartoons completely irrelevant forever, except possibly for the toddler demographic.
>> No. 20556 [Edit]
>streamed anime will make western cartoons completely irrelevant forever, except possibly for the toddler demographic

You do understand that more something goes mainstream the more it is ruined, right?
>> No. 20562 [Edit]
What's your opinion on this?
>> No. 20563 [Edit]
I like that he very quickly saw the parallels it has to religion. I don't think enough people make that connection, even here.

Other than that, his video is basically one giant assumption that we make ourselves unhappy by the self-imposed restrictions and that we are not doing it out of our own will but to appease the waifu community zeitgeist.
He's an idiot. He debunked his own point with that quote about some feeling empowered by rejecting 3D for your waifu.

However, while the restrictions are great for some, they don't apply to everyone. And those theses he kept bringing up aren't rule books like he was assuming. More assumptions... They even say so in the foreword.

There is a zeitgeist, though, to be sure. As he said, people will shit on you for not loving a certain way. But he's implying that we don't have the willpower to ignore it and do what we want. Who gives a fuck if someone mocks you? He's this big 4chan guy who you'd think would have thick skin, and yet he made a 15 minute video saying "stop cyber-bullying people and bossing people around".

Stopped watching when he defended normies and defined them as "not socially inept".
>> No. 20564 [Edit]
That video is diluted cancer and everything about it production-wise is grating to be subjected to. Content-wise is mostly garbage, but the poster above me already covered that.

I recommend anyone to avoid this video. If you have a waifu it will annoy you for his point of view; if you don't, for the way it's made.
>> No. 20565 [Edit]
I don't give no fuck what some cretin on youtube says. They say stuff that normies will watch and that gives them money
>> No. 20569 [Edit]
The concept of "waifus" has actually been referenced in a couple different anime about otaku. However, they always use the term "yome", rather than "waifu", so I'd wager that "waifu" is Western in origin, even more, they will NEVER use "yome" for a western made character.

The waifu meme is derived from a joke in Azumanga Daioh, but makes no mention of the term coming from the Japanese anime/otaku community, in-universe he was talking about his "real" wife, but it was a play on the english classes they take.

The best we can hope is for someone in the Japanese Otaku community to confirm or unconfirm this.
>> No. 20572 [Edit]
i think you posted in the wrong thread

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