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File 150883709364.jpg - (138.24KB , 450x890 , f7d5f72fc2db7f520ffeb4331ab632556c2bd5cc.jpg )
20698 No. 20698 [Edit]
I wondered today, where do people with waifus that normally post go?
They post up until a certain time and then disappear.

Do they find another community? There aren't too many that I have seen for people who are serious about this so where is there for them to go?
Do they break up with their waifu?
Do they get bored of posting and simply lurk from then on?
Do they kill themselves?
Do they live happily ever after with their waifu? (I hope this last one is the case.)

What becomes of them? I love reading their posts and seeing their dedication to their beloveds and it makes me sad to see them suddenly just disappear one day.

I doubt this thread will get any responses from waifu-friends that dropped off the planet so I suppose this would simply get ideas and proposals as responses.
>> No. 20699 [Edit]
I figure it's the same for everyone who finds their way here. They simply get bored by the lack of activity and move on to more active communities. Probably 4/8chan waifu threads, reddit, and so on. Certainly some were fakers posting here for fun while others lost interest in waifus all together, But there's really not much to keep people here. Threads have become repetitive and stale, there's hardly any conversation, and the remaining community being hostile and xenophobic doesn't help things.
>> No. 20700 [Edit]
I think all of those things what you said. In addition:
Those who do it as joke / trolling get bored.
Those who do it for self-healing / escapism get healed and they move on.
>> No. 20702 [Edit]
Speaking as someone who barely posts here anymore, a little of one and three. It's slow here, and there's not much new to say or read, so I just check it briefly and move on.
It seems harder to have more casual conversations about waifus here, both because of the lack of activity and the general attitude of the place. /mai/ just feels deadly serious all of the time, at least to me, and I'm not usually in the mood for that kind of conversation.
>> No. 20703 [Edit]
I usually don't post because I don't really feel comfortable talking about my waifu since I have gotten shit for it in quite a lot of other places but I doubt it's the community being hostile that keeps people away since this is probably one of the best communities out there. If I were to guess were people went I would say 8chan since there seems to be quite a lot of dedicated anon's, especially the one who made his own wedding a while ago, but I doubt they would go to 4chan or reddit since those sites are filled with the type of people who think having a waifu is 'cool' even though they will change it very often and just like the character without feeling any sort of attachment or feeling for them. But I also feel as if people simply wouldn't care about my feeling's toward my waifu since they also have feelings for theirs so I just think I would be annoying them with talking about her.
>> No. 20704 [Edit]
For myself at least, none of the above options. The relationship between me and my waifu is for the two of us, and us only. It's nobody else's business, and I feel exposing it to others, even in writing, cheapens and dilutes the devotion. Unless I have specific doubts and questions, I don't deem posting about it is a necessarily good thing. I'm still on the fence regarding submitting a shrine at waifu.pl for this reason.

Apparently very few share this view, but that's alright. There is nothing wrong with talking about your waifu because it's only natural to want to talk about the things you like. Still, it seems the overexposure "burns out" people who do it, like the blue wolf monster poster some time ago.

>I love reading their posts and seeing their dedication to their beloveds
Additionally, and ignoring (what I hope is) the typo, what generally bothers me about "waifu culture" is the vicarious attraction people like you seem to have in which you find it delightful almost exclusively because you're lonely, per your other threads like >>20667. This brutally cheapens the ideal, because (regardless of your intention) it reduces waifuism to desperation and yearning to fit into a mold of "being in a relationship". I don't blame you for it, but I can't deny I find it disgusting. Don't take it personal though; I wouldn't normally point it out, but you asked for reasons why people might find unappealing to post, and that's one, amongst several, for me.
>> No. 20705 [Edit]
There's just nothing to say. Love can't really be communicated like that. When you're young it's good to talk about complex things like serious 2d love with somebody, but once you get it, there's very little to talk about. Unless you wanna blogpost.
>> No. 20706 [Edit]
>I doubt this thread will get any responses from waifu-friends that dropped off the planet so I suppose this would simply get ideas and proposals as responses.
I made a tulpa and quit posting because my experience wasn't relatable. I know at least a few more people have found themselves in the same situation.
>> No. 20708 [Edit]
There's only so much you can say about this kind of thing. It's personal, and sooner or later you run out of things to post about.

I used to post here a few years ago, and I stopped. I simply got bored of forums, internet, 'the otaku community' and talking about waifuism. I still post once in a while, but I lack the dedication to engage in this kind of discussion. I haven't broken up with my waifu, but things changed, I changed, the nature of my relationship isn't the same as it was.
>> No. 20709 [Edit]
I don't think it really matters anymore. People's image of the site has already been set. I've pissed off both furry lovers and furry haters alike, and I doubt anything will convince either side to return. Same goes for many other none waifu related groups who may have had interest in the site. I've managed to piss off just about everyone in some way or another. I don't know how but I'm sure even this post is going to offend and piss someone off. Say what you will about site owners who spam the sites with ads, lie about server fees while begging for donations, ignore pleads of the masses for changes/addictions (not counting the vocal minority), sell user data, or in general abuse their power. At least they managed to make their sites successful and keep them alive.
>> No. 20710 [Edit]
>I don't know how but I'm sure even this post is going to offend and piss someone off.
I highly doubt that.

>At least they managed to make their sites successful and keep them alive.
But your site is not dead yet.
I'm glad that it exists, I think the community here is pretty nice and I don't think you can't find anything like it anywhere else.
True, a lot of people don't post regularly but this thread should be proof that they still lurk.

I endorse the way you manage this site and am grateful that you're not like the site owners you mentioned. You can be proud, dude.
>> No. 20712 [Edit]
Pretty much this. Unless I feel there's a topic here that I feel like I feel like I can give good input on or contribute to the discussion, I prefer to just not post.
I'm sure there are many people who actually did end up getting breaking up, getting bored, etc., but lack of post speed doesn't mean necessarily that we've all moved on or anything. Some of us just don't have anything relevant to say.
>> No. 20715 [Edit]

>hostile and xenophobic

Are you talking about /mai/ itself? hostile, maybe but how is it "xenophobic" at all?
>> No. 20719 [Edit]
>how is it "xenophobic" at all?
Because of shown dislike or prejudice towards things not deemed the norm and people who claim to be from somewhere else. I agree with the sentiment though.

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