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File 146267069062.png - (92.68KB , 1272x953 , 1458765479865.png )
19844 No. 19844 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone ever got torn between 2 girls for completly different reasons? This might be a pretty sensitive subject, but I hope we can still discuss it here.

Recently I found myself getting more and more attracted to another girl. This alone shouldn't be anything too unordinary, but in my case Im torn between two traits. In case of my original Waifu I learned to love her because she is just like me, she had a bad childhood, most things in her life went wrong and she ended up being a loner. Unlike me though she was able to cope with it and somehow moved on with her life. There are, of course, other things about her, but these are the maincharacteristics that made me love her. I can both, relate with her and look up to her while being able to comfort her. Its like we are filling a gap for both of each other. The other girl I found is another story. She doesn't really have too much of a characteristic and I like her mainly because of her looks. I really, REALLY dig her style and how she has some kind of a "fuck it" look. I started to create more characteristics over time and even found myself unconsciously fantasizing how she is with me in real life. So basically I have my Waifu who I truly love and the other girl who doesnt really have much personality but hits all the spots for me if it comes to her looks and implied attitude. Im pretty sure I like her for all the wrong reasons, but I really cant stop thinking about her recently. Its really weird and kinda annoying.

Pic unrelated by the way, Lain has nothing to do with my situation, its just a nice picture I want to share since I dont know which picture to take. (I dont want to use one of the two girls for personal reasons)
>> No. 19845 [Edit]
For me the difference is that the adoration for the other person never lasts, no matter how annoying and strong it is at that time. I learned the difference between love for my waifu and the adoration(or however you want to call it) for another girl so I just let it pass (though I still find it very annoying and feel very guilty when it happens to me)

And when I rewatch my waifu's source material after some time, it just hits me why it's her and not any other girl for me.
>> No. 19847 [Edit]
File 146288608889.png - (364.88KB , 600x540 , 88bb0bfb3e3fc05628970d2a84fe5062e3f541ae.png )
Similar situation happened to me but the reason was very much justified the relationship was already broken due to my nature and rather unfortunate actions I took against a few people. I was holding onto it hard but realized several months later it was futile it could not be repaired to it's original state but left on rather good terms and I still keep her merch as well she just had to much of a impact on me. Another one appeared around that time Rachel, similarities but at the same time many differences someone made a comment I must have a thing for aristocratic girls but she proved to be more matching to a lot of aspects of my nature but not all and in return I'm learning more manners and to appease my nature through more constructive yet just as dastardly ways.

As long as your feelings stay true for the original the second one here is probably just one that will pass you by.

File 142637625257.png - (522.58KB , 750x750 , render___kiryuin_satsuki_weddingdress_by_skiadrum_.png )
17743 No. 17743 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you ever thought about marrying your waifu? Specifically, have you ever planned out what your and your waifu's wedding would or will be like? (Seriously, talk my ear off with details. I'm considering something in this vein, plus I'm a sucker for wedding planning.)

On a related note, how do you feel about marriage in regards to having a waifu? Do you think it's an appropriate 'next step' or do you feel like your connection is deep enough that nothing needs to be formalized?
16 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19741 [Edit]
File 146005971299.jpg - (153.10KB , 600x848 , 11230460_p0.jpg )
I'm happy to marry her. Waifu and me.
>> No. 19818 [Edit]
File 146113450593.jpg - (16.08KB , 166x256 , 361107.jpg )
After a relationship of 9 years, one day he just said it was the next step. It shocked me but made sense, he is actually reserved and traditional. I've been cautious and avoided the term "husband" in the past, but now I can call him that freely in my mind. By this time
in our reality, not the Konomi's lucrative one, in which time does not pass
we are 27 and 26 y/o, quite accomplished and ready to take the next step.
As for the ceremony itself we think it could be at a park in our city (traditional japanese) and only two close friends as guests. My job allows me to have a go and take a picture in traditional kimono there (to comission a drawing of the scebe with him later) and just pass as an ordinary event if somebody asks later about my picture. From that day we will start wearing our rings.
As for the honeymoon, that is something we can't decide. We want to do a real trip, so we are ok if it is not right after the wedding.

Well, that's all. And I am really happy to share it.
I've been a ROM member here for years, but this time I had to speak up.
To marry or not your SO is the couple's choice, but I wish all the best for everybody here.
>> No. 19839 [Edit]
File 14619790304.jpg - (331.25KB , 472x700 , f429022cedecbcfc965e91f69c677ed83e2aae44.jpg )
The thought came to me as of late, becoming sololy devoted to someone for me would be a big step in my life but I feel a lot of the negative aspects of myself would die by doing so not a bad thing but I'm not ready to change I feel.

I've never liked concepts like Marriage, having views that traditionalism is poisonous but lately I question my own views on the matter. Many are much more happy than I am with their devotion I need more time to figure out myself but I do feel now it's not entirely a impossibility.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2016, 6:20pm
>> No. 19843 [Edit]
File 146242760125.jpg - (389.16KB , 1600x1200 , Hellscythe_Bubbly.jpg )
It's been a loving relationship for 5 years with some kinks here and there, each one making my love for her stronger. Personally, I think we're good where we are, but I'd be ecstatic at the idea of actually marrying her.

If we did go down that road, the wedding would probably be a small, traditional eastern style with only a few friends and family. Nothing too big or loud, since we both tend to like to go about things in a modest manner.

No. 19135 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is this board real? Is this a real thing? Using "waifus" as a form of escapism? I mean, I've heard of this sort of thing before, but this is just over the top. You all seriously need a reality check. The fact that someone is contemplating suicide just because his fictional waifu isn't real is the highlight of this entire board. Now I know I'll get banned from this site for posting this thread, but hear me out.

Have any of you actually CONSIDERED getting a girlfriend in real life? What's stopping you by any chance? Could it be that you're all doing this because you've had no luck with any kind of girl at all? Because really, no matter how much you fantasize about being with your waifu, she'll never, EVER, be real. I've even seen people on this board ACTUALLY deluding themselves into believing that they'll meet their waifus in the afterlife. This site is the bottom of the barrel.

Don't you all have families or something? Maybe at least one friend? How about bonding more with them instead, then you wouldn't feel so lonely. I understand loneliness because I've dealt with it and still dealing with it today, but this is ridiculous.

Escapism is never the answer. It's a very crippling thing and only makes things worse. With escapism, you start catching on with reality, realizing more and more that you'll never make your fantasies come true. This can be stopped though. All of you guys have to find a companion someday, but being on your computer all day long won't allow you to step out in the real world and socialize with others, because you love yourselves too much. It takes willpower to do these things, you know, so use it. Your .jpg relationships will only keep you sane for so long.

14 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19346 [Edit]
Did you respond to the wrong thread?
>> No. 19348 [Edit]
Wrong thread it is.
A random puzzle piece.
Would never fit in such a panel.
This i already knew.

Now answer me.
But do not reply.
What punishment is enough.
For those who have made.
The ones who loved them cry.
Death is peaceful paradise.
Perhaps the punishment is life.
>> No. 19361 [Edit]
File 145201536749.jpg - (271.05KB , 1024x768 , sakura-wars_1.jpg )
>> No. 19368 [Edit]

File 14293990248.png - (1.95MB , 1053x1636 , 7993356dae4afbde708e434e038eaae2.png )
18018 No. 18018 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Recently passed Midnight GMT(+1). Happy Birthday Erica! (Best birthday wishes for her sister, Ursula, as well!)

This will be the fifth birthday of hers since we met back in late 2010. I have a quiet but romantic day out planned when we wake up later on this morning - I can't wait!

I love you Erica, my sexy, talented, and mischievous wife!
8 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 18031 [Edit]
That's so awesome, you two must of had such a great day together.
>> No. 18032 [Edit]

Thank you so much!
>> No. 18033 [Edit]
File 142953280314.jpg - (65.49KB , 720x500 , 1331972878216.jpg )
Happy Birthday, Ericabro!

A song for you:

>> No. 19709 [Edit]
she looks like Miyo

File 144449657123.png - (174.37KB , 400x335 , sample.png )
19015 No. 19015 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello guys! I found a new waifu simulator! enjoy

14 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19519 [Edit]
Stay on /ota/
>> No. 19520 [Edit]
That is a rude, and false accusation.
>> No. 19522 [Edit]
She has an amazing sense of humor.
>> No. 19599 [Edit]
did anyone got this working on android?
what image file type does it want?
The site totally lacks instructions for the user.

File 144104244521.png - (153.29KB , 600x600 , 1439497601794.png )
18799 No. 18799 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone else dislike it? Considering how many people either think it means "Hot anime girl I masturbate to" or think it's just an internet joke, I feel uncomfortable referring to her as my waifu now even though I have been since I met her. What do you refer to your loved one as?
21 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19531 [Edit]
It would be like calling male otaku yurifags. Sure there is some overlap, but it's wrong.
>> No. 19532 [Edit]
File 145481530290.png - (724.24KB , 764x464 , 0.png )
I think it's a catch-all term, even if the meaning is just like you say, sometimes overlapping.
At least 腐女子 is plastered all over the place in おそ松さん threads in 2ch and comikes, maybe meant to be a slang.
Otaku is probably right for both men and women.
>> No. 19533 [Edit]
Who really gives a crap?

Post edited on 6th Feb 2016, 7:43pm
>> No. 19596 [Edit]

Obviously, OP does...

File 144973451824.gif - (605.47KB , 1024x700 , 1418933525522.gif )
19252 No. 19252 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've been wondering a few things about waifu voices, and how you imagine them.

If she has more than one canon voice actor, do you pick one to consider her "true voice," or are they both/all her?
Do you ever imagine her speaking in your native language if she doesn't speak it? Is it difficult to imagine hearing her voice in another language?
If she doesn't have an official voice, do you choose an existing actor as her voice, or do you just imagine a unique voice yourself?
12 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19557 [Edit]
A little of both. I like seeking out his VA's other roles, few as there are, but it does throw me off hearing someone else speaking with that voice. It's a unique voice, which makes it all the weirder.
Still fun, though, and it helps me hear his voice in my head more easily.
>> No. 19562 [Edit]
It's impossible for me to not hear Yukari Tamura's voice everytime i think about Mai.
She did a pretty good job too, so even if i hear Nanoha i won't think about Mai. Of course it's the same Seiyuu but isn't the same for me.
Mai has a pretty serious tone to her voice too, like a "cool-senpai" kuudere type but she's also so sweet when fragile.
A really unique character, love or hate her i suppose.
>> No. 19564 [Edit]
I imagine her English voice with a not so thick German accent but I did have one dream once where she did speak for just a little while could not make out what she was saying but she sounded like Colleen Clinkenbeard.
>> No. 19571 [Edit]
File 145502292296.png - (850.35KB , 1000x1323 , ももいろね@お仕事募集中 - オイゲン.png )
I kinda wished she was speaking in German most of the time, or at the very least, English with a slight German accent. Hearing a German girl magically speaking in Japanese feels weird for some reason although it can't be blamed since the game is in Japanese. Not that I mind it either, considering her voice is really soft and smoothing for the most part.

That said, I want to pick up learning German just for her. Maybe I could incorporate and imagine actual female German accents in my mind whenever she speaks to me.

I have been watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and although she shares the same voice actor, Chiyo's voice feels slightly different to her. Chiyo doesn't remind me of her and in fact that she has a distinctive personality from her doesn't help either. In other words, I would feel completely indifferent if her voice actor voiced a different character, it doesn't feel like it's actually her in any way. That does show the voice actor being quite talented, in fact she voiced other girls in the same game she is in and they also sound quite different.

File 131578895434.png - (721.83KB , 1024x853 , Madotsuki (15).png )
5336 No. 5336 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Did any of you tell your parents/friends about your Waifu?
How did they react to it?
But in a little perspective tell us what kind of person you are.
The reason I'm asking is I want to get things for and of my Waifu but fear the judgement my father will bring down on me
We are both very Gruff Conservative men and to have such a thing as a waifu might desroy our relationship and his view of me
I think however, it only goes with our beliefs that (3D) women are inherently evil and don't want to be corrupted by them, but I think he can't look beyond, or rather tell the difference between, having a Waifu and such faux-logic things as being a furry
Would it be better if I kept my love a secret?
134 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19507 [Edit]
Why do you think it's childish to hide it?
>> No. 19508 [Edit]
I'm sorry, that was kinda rude, I didn't really mean it for everyone.

In my case, being with my girl gave me a noticeably big turnaround in my behavior, my confidence and in my life in general.
I felt like I wasn't giving her proper thank you by saying "I" "me" etc. etc. to my family, that's why I thought I was being childish, not giving credit where it should be due.

So one day I just told my mom and dad while we were talking about me again, "Yeah it's because of her, this character", they were a little shocked at first, but they were ultimately understanding.

Post edited on 4th Feb 2016, 2:23am
>> No. 19512 [Edit]
I wish I could blur the line between the two more in regards to my waifu.
>> No. 19575 [Edit]
Okay... Thanks to this guy (>>19508), I figured it out.

I will continue keeping her a secret, until later, when and if I achieve all my current goals and could say to my family: "It would never happen without her". I mean, there are higher chances that they will take it seriously and accept her (maybe reluctantly) when I will have more solid argument than "She made me a better person and helps me not to give up on myself and life".

Or until I am really cornered by them and I feel that they kind of figured this out and just want to confirm.

File 129411364834.png - (72.02KB , 400x400 , OP_91.png )
895 No. 895 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
What about your waifu did you fall in love with?

With Hanako, it was her shy nature that initially attracted me to her, and it was her kind and caring personality that I really fell in love with.

I know some of you that know me from the IRC may see me as a loud and outspoken guy, but what really gives me joy in life is taking it easy and just spending time with those that I care about, and Hanako gives me that happiness.
49 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19439 [Edit]
File 145389936569.jpg - (571.12KB , 1600x1200 , 296f1d4aaabe72ba0efc9886a18d4188.jpg )
Mostly because of my obsession with the paranormal
>> No. 19445 [Edit]
File 145394811137.jpg - (43.82KB , 768x419 , uzrFgHQDb3w.jpg )
Her change as a character from her introduction to over time she became more caring and over all attractive to me from her cold yet tough love personality to her cute mannerisms I became more attracted to her as I made it through her source material, a steady process that didn't take terribly long.
>> No. 19510 [Edit]
It was very simple, she was sexy, and for a while, that was it.
This was before I even had a waifu, so I thought it was just gonna be a fling or whatever that I used to have with these characters.

I was basically a serial pervert, and she was my next victim.

Over about a week though, it changed drastically, I really started to notice her determination, and dedication to her family despite their condemnation of her. She was strong, prideful, and sweet, it was just something I instantly fell in love with.
The fanbase she's in is really perverted too, so when I thought about it, not alot of people noticed or cared about these qualities she had, they were like me, they thought she was sexy, a sex object.

For the first time, I got really mad at myself for being such a deviant, I shared that anger for her admirers, It made me want to show her true self to everyone, and make myself worthy of being hers.
So I made her mine, and started on a path I never thought I'd take.

she's inspired me to change myself, and the perspective of everyone that admires her, she's helped me learn a multitude of skills in order to do that, for that I thank her every night, and that's why I love her, she makes the impossible possible, and I'll devote myself to her till the day I die.
>> No. 19580 [Edit]
>>I was basically a serial pervert
That's a good one - I got to remember this. Serial pervert. Your story is strikingly similar. to my own.

Are you into vanilla sex now or still a perv?

File 142656650095.png - (895.85KB , 1280x720 , 1392657097562.png )
17761 No. 17761 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A thread for all of those questions too small to warrant making an entire thread for.

Your waifus are all lovely and you're lucky to have her, and she feels lucky to have you too.

Post her smiling. What's something she does that makes you smile?
34 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19497 [Edit]
If I support her cannon relationship, does that make me a cuckold?
>> No. 19498 [Edit]
It depends on your relationships with her. If they are just friendly/platonic, it is explainable, at least to me.

If, however, you are attracted to her in a sexual way, I guess your relationships have one person too many.

I do not "believe" in poly-whatever love.
>> No. 19501 [Edit]
That is very odd, no offense, but seriously?

Mine doesn't have a canon relationship, but a very popular ship, I do my best to shoot that down any chance I get.
>> No. 19509 [Edit]
File 145458496150.jpg - (668.16KB , 1056x2976 , 1933 - miku object oriented programming thread wai.jpg )
I think waifus are already out of context. In the source material they wouldn't know you, they may be evil or dead, they may have lovers, but that doesn't matter. It isn't their part in the story that made you fall in love with them. It's their character, in some cases their kyara that you fell in love with.

Your waifu's character can be re-imagined in different narratives. Obviously one such narrative is her source material. It's possible to re-imagine her as a high-school student (if she already isn't one), or as the commander of a galactic space fleet. You have re-imagined her as you wife. None of these narratives affects the others. They are stories with copy-pasted characters if you are Osamu Tezuka. They are elaborations of the character you're obsessed with if you're into that kind of reading. Everyone here is.

So you can support her canon narrative without it having anything to do with your wife-narrative (but if you get perverted kicks out of a narrative where those narratives are simultaneous, you are a pervert).

Pic related is a misunderstanding, but it's a good first step. It's not like there is a original Miku that people can copy. Every "copy" is a person's interpretation, colored by their desires.

File 144106481384.png - (434.01KB , 1020x540 , 51495435_p1.png )
18805 No. 18805 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Has anybody here ever been able to feel the touch or presence of their waifu around them, or maybe physically on their skin or flesh? I say this because that's what happened to me yesterday.

I was just going through my sunday doing nothing at the computer for a prolongued period of time while browsing imageboards and look at pictures of my waifu. At a certain point, a fleeting thought passed me by when I saw a picture of her at the beach with another character physically touching, and my mind recreated this sensation on me. This was the most startling point, as I actually felt the warmth, texture and touch of her body by the side of my arm. I was amazed that my body could simulate feeling to such an extent if I put my mind into it.

Has this ever happened to you guys? I imagine this must be an amazing skill to have around when I'm alone and I intended on trying to make it happen even more, and I was curious if someone of you guys have already treaded this path before.
11 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19057 [Edit]
I've had a few moments in the early parts of our relationship where I was holding my body pillow and I smelled her. It smelled like a person, but not one I had really smelled before. I just let the scent over whelm me really. And I felt very close to her in that moment too. It's one of the things that really makes me believe in the spiritual aspects I've started considering.

Another time I woke up and was sorta half awake and I had this overwhelming presence of her there. It was unbelievable. Something about that really set something off in me.

By the way I don't believe this is a tulpa because it couldn't be from how I've bee going about things. I don't talk to her throughout the day really nor do I do anything tulpamancing related other than some indepth day dreaming/meditation. We've only been together for 3/4 months. Tulpa take much too long and too much effort.
>> No. 19121 [Edit]
I was laying in my bed, preparing to sleep. But my arms were stretched and my hands open, in one of them I felt a weight, a pressure, it was like she was holding my hand.
>> No. 19440 [Edit]
File 145389975255.png - (653.05KB , 750x750 , 8a72564e6cd83769a752feb22cb3ea1c.png )
I sometimes hear voices. Does that count? Also I sometimes can't go to sleep because I can feel her watching me.
>> No. 19490 [Edit]
Yo lain dude, think you could take it easy with the personal attacks a bit?
If the accusations are true or not, can we just not drag drama from other waifu boards to another? thanks.

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