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File 14293990248.png - (1.95MB , 1053x1636 , 7993356dae4afbde708e434e038eaae2.png )
18018 No. 18018 [Edit]
Recently passed Midnight GMT(+1). Happy Birthday Erica! (Best birthday wishes for her sister, Ursula, as well!)

This will be the fifth birthday of hers since we met back in late 2010. I have a quiet but romantic day out planned when we wake up later on this morning - I can't wait!

I love you Erica, my sexy, talented, and mischievous wife!
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>> No. 18020 [Edit]
Happy Birthday to to her!

I'm sure you two will have a wonderful day.
>> No. 18022 [Edit]
Happy birthday Erica! May it be a good one, and may the two of you share many more together!
>> No. 18023 [Edit]
Happy Birthday Erica have a great one!
>> No. 18024 [Edit]
File 142940429525.jpg - (530.98KB , 800x971 , 37434231.jpg )
Happy Birthday !! Super cute witch.
>> No. 18025 [Edit]
Happy birthday!

I hope you two have a great evening. I'm sure you have something great planned.
>> No. 18026 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 18028 [Edit]
File 142946976951.jpg - (1.96MB , 3264x2448 , 20150419143159.jpg )
A day out hiking in the woods, far off the beaten track. We had a phenomenal time! Stunning scenery, but not as gorgeous as her!

Erica sends her thanks to everyone!
>> No. 18030 [Edit]
oh you have some really nice taste, I loved all the stuff you brought there. the glass looks really classy.
>> No. 18031 [Edit]
That's so awesome, you two must of had such a great day together.
>> No. 18032 [Edit]

Thank you so much!
>> No. 18033 [Edit]
File 142953280314.jpg - (65.49KB , 720x500 , 1331972878216.jpg )
Happy Birthday, Ericabro!

A song for you:

>> No. 19709 [Edit]
she looks like Miyo
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