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File 169826977533.jpg - (85.11KB , 574x753 , 23434344.jpg )
21889 No. 21889 [Edit]
how do you feel about your waifu not having alot of fan art?
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>> No. 21890 [Edit]
Not to brag but I don't have this problem.
>> No. 21892 [Edit]
File 169834041535.jpg - (109.94KB , 600x842 , 1696902041282226.jpg )
thankfully, she has enough official art for me to be satisfied, but it's still unfortunate...
all the more reason to try and get better at drawing, i suppose
>> No. 21907 [Edit]
I wish my waifu had 90% less fan art. I think most of the (western) ""artists"" that draw my wife are insane. Even if one picture seems okay, the same person might draw her being tortured or depicted in some other very unfortunate way the next day. This and other behavior makes me wish my wife had no fans whatsoever. At least she is treated respectfully in the official art.
>> No. 21962 [Edit]
My waifu has hardly any fanart that I can find, but does have a decent number of doujinshi. I have been collecting as many of those that I can in order fill the void. In a way the lack of attention my waifu has makes my feelings for her feel even more special, so I don't necessarily mind it, though I do wish that there was a least a little bit of fanart as I have to resort to looking at the same pieces of official art every time she crosses my mind. For this reason I have been considering dabbling in AI Art to see if I could create some fanart of my own. Does anybody else with a lesser known waifu have experience with this? Did it end up working well for you?

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