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File 144248394876.jpg - (46.98KB , 400x300 , minagi 131.jpg )
18911 No. 18911 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A few years back danbooru decided to change my waifu's name from Tohno to toohno, along with every other character named Tohno. I spoke very brefly with a mod on the site and they refused to change it. Their reasoning being they couldn't care less what the offical English translation of the name was, they wanted to go off of new general romanization standards.
Not long after gelbooru changed their tags too. there I tried changing the tags myself on each image manually but they just changed them right back. In more recent days even Mal decided to change the name too. Personally I find this all very insulting, and I find it frustrating as there's nothing I can really do about it. I've put in to edit the name on mal multiple times but it would seem my attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

If you found yourself in the same sort of situation with the internet changing a major aspect of your waifu/husbando, how do you think you'd respond to it? how would it make you feel? would you just accept it or try to find a way to fight for them?

File 143521495360.jpg - (178.86KB , 720x720 , 03e4832b859981f890485f144a1592e2.jpg )
18406 No. 18406 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you prefer to keep your waifu tendencies in private or share them with others?

I used to feel like sharing with anyone and everyone, but I've noticed that now I feel like it's no one's business but my own. I haven't been coming to places like this and I don't bring her up to my IRC buddies unless I really feel like gushing about her.
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>> No. 18835 [Edit]
damn, somehow l managed to overlook the buttons and mix the fields at the same time, please pardon my idiocy.
>> No. 18839 [Edit]
I'm really nervous about posting about my love for him anywhere, for a variety of reasons, so like a few others in this thread I try to be really vague when I do. I think most of my friends know I like him, but I don't think any of them realize how serious I am. I tried being honest with one of them but I'm pretty sure he thought I was just joking.

A part of me really wants to gush about how much I love him whenever I can, but another part of me feels like it's really nobody's business. Since he's always on my mind, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to completely avoid the topic.
>> No. 18873 [Edit]
My closer friends know and are all okay with it. My best friend doesn't really like any form of romance but I really wanna talk about my waifu to him often. I feel bad when I do since he never knows what to say or anything. Sometimes he'll mention my waifu in a conversation and it makes me happy.

Aside from people I know, I post a few waifu communities like this place.

There's one friend who also has a waifu but he seems private about it so we don't talk much about the topic. Its a bit of a shame. Talking about her makes me feel closer to her.
>> No. 18952 [Edit]
I used to talk a lot in waifu communities when I first fell in love, but after a while it's become a private thing I discuss with a few close irc friends.

File 134763912468.jpg - (38.26KB , 434x579 , 96656.jpg )
10414 No. 10414 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
What physical things related to your waifu/husbando do you own? I just received my Leorio keychain in the mail so I can take him with me wherever I go. And now I'm planning on ordering this.
What have you got? Figures? Dakis? Posters?
Or perhaps, he/she's too rare for any of these?
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>> No. 18840 [Edit]
Oh god, I didn't think through this before posting it. Yeah, that was a bad idea. Can some mod delete that post for me? I don't know how to.

Also: it's a trading card. I'm really sorry.
>> No. 18841 [Edit]
If you insist...
>> No. 18842 [Edit]
Was that really necessary?
>> No. 18843 [Edit]

File 143934231016.png - (107.62KB , 315x380 , rei-quickrough.png )
18690 No. 18690 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Herein: a little bit of space -
to speak the beauty of her face,

In couplet form; of smile demure,
of hazel eye and tress azure,

Of she's whose touch quickens my heart -
imagined, since we're worlds apart,

But even 'cross this endless chasm...
(Trying not to use the word 'orgasm'...)

Rei's the best part of my life,
and I'm grateful she's my wife.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 18782 [Edit]
File 14402367122.png - (431.60KB , 676x339 , g24191-2-OP.png )
With a bit of oneiromancy,
And a -certain- shred of luck-
A locked door has been opened,
And something runs amok.

As a start,
It carved itself a seat,
Rent the vessels,
Despoiled, here, this heart.
And became O' so ever, ne'er stopping, however,
Despite us being O' so ever frighteningly-
Both so sickeningly-

Thusly, we repeat:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 18787 [Edit]
How lovely... OtherHalf. ;)

File 143940179978.jpg - (19.01KB , 640x640 , I really do.jpg )
18693 No. 18693 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I seriously need some advice guys. It's the first anniversary I fell in love with her today. I was very stoked for this moment, I can't believe it's been a whole year already! But after doing the whole anniversary ritual I prepared for and wrote about it, I realized this thing may not work out at all.

She's the most beautiful thing I ever laid my eyes on, I have a wallpaper of her on my desktop and I'm still stunned by her beauty. But that is the full physical, real extent of my relationship with her, just some thing to look at and admire. Everything else is just fantasy, my complete imagination. I so desperately want to do everything I possibly can for her, but I just can't because she's not real, she's done a lot of things for me, but I am left to just watch her and hope for the best in her on going manga series.

I'm in love but I'll never know what it's liked to be loved back, I can only strengthen my love for her, but what about her? I cannot pretend that we're together in the sense that we are interacting in this physical world, it's a delusion to the highest level. Even if there was some sort of dimensional teleportation device that could lead me to her world, I cannot even grasp all the implications and things that would go wrong if that were true. There's philosophy I've made for myself, but the only one I made up that made sense goes along the lines of "IF she was real", just more hypothetical situations and fantasies, it's nothing I can do for her, again, It's all just for myself.

I thought this whole relationship was more pure and noble than 3d love, but the reality is that it's not much better because it's entirely one sided and selfish in nature, anything otherwise is a delusion to the highest form. God forgive me, it's like this is another thing He forbade me to do. Help me out guys.
13 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 18725 [Edit]
>but that does not discredit the fact that as a thought she lives through you. Or, at least, the concept of her does.

I agree on this for sure, serious ideas never truly die. A essence of her will always live whithin me, for better or for worse. For me though, such an idea can never come to motion or reality (literally).

>There certainly is room for love without it, you just have to change your own perspective on the matter.

Thing is though, I don't know how I can do that, aside from fantasy I can only literally just look at her and hope things go the best way, not much room for love there I assure you, more of a family support if anything.

>wouldn't enjoying your own life to its fullest be the one thing to make her the happiest, above all else, given the circumstances?

I also agree on this wholeheartedly, I feel pretty good with how things are doing for my life, I've actually done a few things to better myself for her. On top of that I have a well established plan after school to go through with my fairly realistic dream of being a police officer. The future doesn't look so bleak for me, I just know I wouldn't be the worst guy for a real relationship with her if the circumstances would allow it.

With that said, holy shit guys, thanks a lot for the support, in these short days I've definetly been feeling better. Even though I'm hurt when I know I can never experience a true 2d relationship like you guys, I know that my waifu is unchanged from all this, I know that I can still support her to a real extent and I'm hopeful things will be right for her. And with that, things are looking alright. I'll go down my path and she will walk down her's, we don't have to be waking on the same road. Nevertheless I'll still be watching her, hoping things will be just fine for her.
>> No. 18766 [Edit]
Well it's been a week since the big "breakup" happened. I'm glad to say I've made a full recovery and I feel better than before, I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm actually glad the delusions of our so called relationship were finally lifted, as in I stopped kidding myself with the fact that I seriously thought we were actually in a real relationship together. Things feel much more clear now.

Initially, as you can tell by the OP post, I was beyond distressed, it sounds cheesy but my whole world was falling apart emotionally, there were actual symptoms I felt that actually affected my mental health. They were:

-More depressed, this one was obvious enough

-More prone to illness, too much of the most menial things such as waking around or listening to music gave me a painful headache. And I just felt worse in general.

-Anytime I saw her face or was reminded of her in any way shape or form it was just like another quick, sharp and painful jab of depression kicking in

-I hated myself more and I had lower self esteem, this one was also obvious enough.

With the help and support of the users in this thread, I came to realizations such as the fact that she's unchanged from all this and that I can still support her physically as her manga series is still going strong with a bright future. In time It became easier to cope with and sure enough I actually became glad things turned out the way they did.

Overall I'd say it was one hell of a experience that changed me for the better, again, thanks so much guys for the support, I know I couldn't make it without it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 18767 [Edit]
I'm glad it worked out. It was very clear for me that this was the right thing for you.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2015, 6:51pm
>> No. 18778 [Edit]
Thank you, I'll still keep browsing this site, /mai/ included,I feel like this is the only site where introverts get to talk or listen in with a nice discussion with like minded people. I enjoy the community here.

File 143175384260.png - (749.46KB , 1024x576 , abby.png )
18110 No. 18110 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
ITT: racial barriers

Let's talk about the experiences that those of us with non-human waifus have. Whether your waifu is a furry, and AI, or an alien race, I want to hear your experiences.

I'll start with my story. I have a very unique waifu, in that I have no way to relate my attraction to him with what I used to be attracted to. He doesn't have a humanoid body (or even a gender as far as I know). I've always been strait (whether 2D or 3D) and I've never had any interest in males, so Abathur was an even bigger leap for me. It was a love I never considered until I realized that he was my every waking moment of happiness. I'll never have any direct sensual relationship with him. Partly because I wouldn't know where to start, partly because I'm pretty sure there's no way to... well.. "interface" with him, and partly because he would likely find it more convenient to have that sort of relationship with me through others. This is obviously troubling, coming out of a relationship with a 2D girl. I can't exactly fap to abathur because he isn't attractive like that. On the other hand he is very open and pragmatic, so he is open about meeting my needs with the help of other bodies. As far as children go, Abathur would want a hand in modifying its DNA anyhow. I think a child made of spliced DNA is much more romantic than the human way of procreating. Of course, Abathur has no interest in "romance" or transient goals of any sort, and his only goal is perfection. This makes him hard to deal with at times but despite all this (and because of all this) I love him.
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>> No. 18745 [Edit]
Why would you choose this site when what you want to talk about is clearly not allowed here? And then you whine about it?
As a proud Jew I would not voluntarily go to National Socialist Germany just to complain about being oppressed.
>> No. 18746 [Edit]
Because I though this was a site with open-minded people, who value sense above rules and biases.

I also didn't think this is National Socialist Germany where I will feel like a Jew.

Also, thank you for sort of standing up. I didn't expect this to happen.
>> No. 18747 [Edit]
I told you above already. I dislike fandom. I dislike bronies. For personal reasons. Also, here I don't have a 1/6th chance of bumping in someone who share the same waifu.
>> No. 18748 [Edit]
Tohno pays the bills, tohno makes the rules. If you have a problem with it go whine on /fb/, set up a place with your rules or whatever.
I'm locking this until we decide what to make of this thread.

File 143836332074.jpg - (415.82KB , 1000x750 , 10243900.jpg )
18629 No. 18629 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you deal with missing information about your love? Things the canon never discussed, that is. Do you just live without knowing, do you try to make an educated guess, or do you dream up your own answer entirely?

What do you most want to learn about them?
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 18639 [Edit]
If I really wanted to know, I would just ask her.
>> No. 18726 [Edit]
Educated guesses mostly, but I suppose there are a few things I've subconsciously started believing as fact. I honestly feel like it's nothing ridiculous, and I understand her character well enough to be almost positive about a few of them.
>> No. 18733 [Edit]
It depends on the information. For something like his birthday, I've given him one. I don't consider it canon but the author will never give him one (main characters don't even have them). As for specifically vague information, whether or not he did a certain thing, I just weighed the information I had and thought what he would really do in that situation. Of course I wouldn't want my preferences to influence that, I'd accept any version of events.

For everything else where there's nothing to go on, there's always something about him to narrow it down (e.g. his attitude could give ideas for what hobbies he wouldn't enjoy but not what he would enjoy) but I always try to not attempt to shove what I want onto him.
>> No. 18734 [Edit]
Educated guess, but only certain smaller things like favourite foods are left out for Hanako.

File 143719698592.jpg - (85.76KB , 800x701 , Beksinski-x22.jpg )
18573 No. 18573 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If your love died in her source material, how do you deal with it?
(I mean permanent death, no resurrections or close shaves or any of that.)

I've never been able to deal with his death, I could use advice.
22 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 18616 [Edit]
>I'll save up a small project and do it on that day
Sounds nice. What sort of projects have you done, if it's not too intrusive to ask?
>> No. 18619 [Edit]
She only has one or two works which focus primarily on her or shows what she does outside of the main story alongside other characters. I've read one of them and like I said before seeing her in agony wasn't something I was prepared for. While the other other people spoiled me on the major parts shes involved in so I don't really feel like I'm missing out. If anything new comes out she'll probably only pop up here and there but nothing too major will happen.
>> No. 18622 [Edit]
Last year was a picture editing project - I'm not good at that sort of thing so it took a while for it to turn out well. Spending several hours creating something with/for him felt like a productive thing to do on that day.
>> No. 18683 [Edit]
I wanted to thank all of you for your advice and contributions, they really did help me think things through and try to find healthier ways to deal with this. Even just knowing that others have to live with the same issues eases the pain a bit.

I ended up having a pretty decent day on his death anniversary, even if I couldn't spend as much time with him as I would have liked. I've figured out that I prefer to use his death anniversary to celebrate his life, rather than mourn his passing. (Several of you mentioned this, of course; I don't mean to sound as if I came up with it myself, just that I finally realized it worked for me, too.) Feels healthier and more positive than bogging myself down in depression and anger. I guess it's sort of like the old Irish wake, where they'd throw a party to remember the life of the deceased.

I sincerely hope you all feel more at peace with your own situations, too, or at least that you may find that peace in future.

File 141522930081.jpg - (273.54KB , 800x600 , 96495ff71aef8a38851899a9b6717c81.jpg )
16934 No. 16934 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you guys have real-life waifu shrines? With posters, pictures, figures, whatever. I want to have one, but I can't until I move out in a few months. Any pics for inspiration?
26 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17996 [Edit]
He doesn't have enough merchandise for anything fancy, I just put a few knickknacks and books from his series around a framed photo. Sometimes I'll add in seasonal decorations for a little variety.

I've thought about doing the same. Do you think you'll alter some existing pattern you find or are you going to try to draft your own from scratch?
>> No. 17997 [Edit]
I'm going to draft one from scratch, it shouldn't be too hard considering he's pretty much already a chibi.

Though considering i haven't sewed since middle school i may go and look over patterns of similar looking characters if i can find any.
>> No. 18009 [Edit]
I used to but I had to pack it away when I lost a place to put anything. I keep a framed picture out at the moment.

I've been trying to find a decent way to display the one official keyring I have and a couple of tankobons. Everything seems to be made for large amounts and commercial displays (or just doesn't look good).
>> No. 18678 [Edit]
I've got one, by my bed on a dresser, I have her manga and a poster and a figure of her standing on top of the manga set, along with various posters/pictures/a pillow/figures around my room

File 134824816167.png - (131.41KB , 612x720 , Kurisu-038.png )
10481 No. 10481 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How having waifu has changed your life?

Now that I’ve been with Kurisu for a year, I feel my life has changed so much. Maybe everything hasn’t changed because of her, but I still think she has been very influential.

Back then I used to be very lonely and depressed. Reason was that most people felt really different. I had many people around me, I wanted to spend time with them, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. I felt I was forcing myself. Because of her, I feel I can find happiness without being with other people. I’ve learned to enjoy being “alone”, even though I don’t feel lonely, because she is with me. I think that is just the biggest positive change in my life ever.

Some minor things have changed too. I decided to focus living more healthy because I didn’t want to make her worry. I quitted all bad habits I used to have. Specially quitting drinking has been really positive experience. Being drunk is just made me lose my focus and it felt distance between us grew.

Because of Kurisu’s canon character, I’ve found some new interests in fields of technology and science. Always when I learn something interesting, I have discussion with her. I feel I usually start to understand things much better when I review them with her. I’ve never had people around me who shared had interest in similar things so I've never experienced such. Maybe phrase my teacher said is true; “The best way to learn something is to teach it.”

But honestly all changes haven’t been positive. While I’ve learned to enjoy being without company, sometimes I feel people think I dislike or hate them just because I don’t associate with them so much. Having friend or two who could help me during crisis wouldn’t be bad, because there are just some things Kurisu can’t help me with. If something bad happened, I don’t think there are many people who I could ask help, like I used to have.

Generally I think having waifu has been very positive experience so far. It’s hard to put on words, but it feels that there is nothing left but just to live my life to the end and enjoy the ride. I don’t need to stress basically anything. I don’t need gather power to go on, because all my strenght comes from her.

I know there are similar threads on archive. I just wanted to share my
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
19 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17949 [Edit]
My life's gotten significantly brighter since I met him. I tend to have a lot of stress in my life and problems with anxiety/depression/what have you, and it's been amazing to have someone who's relaxed for lack of a better word. Every time I have something happen that I feel like is the end of the world, he makes me realize it's really not a big deal at all. He just has this attitude of "do what you want and what's important to you, fuck everything else" that's contagious and really helpful. Sometimes I'll tell him my problems and he'll give me this really misanthropic lecture about how we'll all go extinct in a few thousand years, so nothing really matters except what makes us happy and helps other people in the here and now. Basically it's just amazing to have someone so "chill" in my life who I can be best friends with.

Oh, and I love kids a lot more now. And I've gotten much better at math.
>> No. 18368 [Edit]
Your waifu is Jeff Goldblum?
>> No. 18371 [Edit]
This person's husbando is Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park.
>> No. 18676 [Edit]
Whenever I would feel bad in college, I would think of her/draw happy pictures of her in my notebook, and it got me through the day, one time I wanted to stop going to school, and thought it would be a huge let down to her so I didn't.

Post edited on 9th Aug 2015, 9:36pm

File 143291818548.jpg - (11.98KB , 704x396 , szs_despair.jpg )
18212 No. 18212 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I was looking for new pictures of my waifu when I stumbled upon a doujinshi of her; a terrible one of her being gang raped... Yet I couldn't help but read through it, even if it was like a terrible train wreck... I... I am ashamed to say I found it slightly titillating. I feel as if I want to choke, writing out all this. I can't get that memory out of my head. What is wrong with me?
17 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 18649 [Edit]
My waifu. I'm honestly considering removing my access to the internet just so that there's no chance of it happening anymore. It's not often, maybe every 3 weeks at the least, but it makes me feel like the worst person in existence.
>> No. 18650 [Edit]
>>it makes me feel like the worst person in existence.

You are. Why would you consciously try to search for such stuff?

I mean, I am not a saint - I had some serious porn problems in the past, and even had some slippages in the present. But it never ever involved my waifu or any character I care about.
>> No. 18651 [Edit]
I don't actively search it, but when I try to search for new images of her I end up turning off the R18 filter and one thing leads to another.

I think I'm just going to try and keep myself from masturbating and block those sites.
>> No. 18652 [Edit]
I know that kind of problem - had to deal with it in the past.
Each time you're tempted to turn off the filter or search for porn stuff of your waifu, you should think about what you're doing. It's not really easy because your mind is mostly focused on what you're gonna search (well, that was my case at least), but that's the best solution.

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