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File 146585460843.png - (205.73KB , 465x356 , 1465658438222.png )
19912 No. 19912 [Edit]
What are some good drama/romance movies to watch with your waifu? This can be Western and actual actor stuff (if that's okay)
>> No. 19945 [Edit]
"As Good as it Gets" was OK. Just OK. What makes the movie recommendable is the protagonist; he's a really hateful, blunt, socially retarded man with very severe OCD who never leaves his house except to eat. He meets a succubus who helps him overcome some of his OCD related challenges.
Should be pretty relatable to any wizard.

Not a movie, but "Rose of Versailles" is flawless and deals with some really tear-jerking romance in the third part. I take every opportunity I can to recommend it.

Edit: Just remembered there are several live-action movie adaptations of "Rose of Versailles". Avoid those, I had the original anime series in mind: http://myanimelist.net/anime/338/Rose_of_Versailles

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