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File 167638065539.jpg - (390.85KB , 424x600 , 1443379272872.jpg )
21829 No. 21829 [Edit]
Happy Valentine's day, TC!
And, of course, happy Valentine's day, Kagami!
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>> No. 21830 [Edit]
File 167638418693.jpg - (830.82KB , 1748x2480 , 80ba9eccfffc3b4cc72f950dab71f952.jpg )
Happy Valentine's day anon!
I'll be looking forward to spending mine with Kanako!
>> No. 21831 [Edit]
File 167638643242.jpg - (362.30KB , 1021x1502 , 96253474_p0.jpg )
Happy Valentine's day, fellow anons! I hope you have an enjoyable day with your waifus.
Please forgive me for not posting my waifu, but I prefer not to disclose her identity.
>> No. 21832 [Edit]
Cute kagami! Don't have a waifu myself but I will spend some time thinking of all the characters I appreciate.
>> No. 21956 [Edit]
File 170800210879.png - (708.76KB , 2347x2371 , gelbooru_257170_365b97f7038ff5decc6accb25eb916f6.png )
It's been a year since I made this thread without checking the catalog to see the other valentines thread... whatever, i'll keep using this one. Happy (belated) valentines day tc!! Kagami is mai waifu forever and ever

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