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File 128909242378.jpg - (108.28KB , 480x600 , hpi9_0.jpg )
5 No. 5 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Some of us Thought it might be nice to have a thread to kind of list off who is who's waifu.
The concept is simple really, just say in this thread who your waifu is.

Just for starters, this is Minagi Tohno
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>> No. 20660 [Edit]
that anime was so comfy
>> No. 20661 [Edit]
File 150664127722.jpg - (62.38KB , 900x900 , Misaki.jpg )
Misaki nakahara is my Waifu.
>> No. 20676 [Edit]
File 15080084505.jpg - (123.05KB , 1280x720 , DanMachi_00_11.jpg )
Hestia, without a doubt!! She's the perfect woman......

File 150779345149.jpg - (60.62KB , 685x960 , 1507423354570.jpg )
20667 No. 20667 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Yes, the hot and reactive topic that makes everyone with a waifu angry.

I want to ask this question: Why is using a waifu as a coping mechanism considered wrong? Specifically, why do people with a waifu get angry when someone else uses that as a mechanism to cope? This applies to OC waifus and choosing a waifu.

I am not trying to say that getting mad about it is wrong but instead that maybe it isn't necessary.
If a person uses this to cope, is it even working? You can tell them that what they are doing is wrong but do they care when their attempt to cope does nothing good for them?

Some would call it "licking their own wounds". Is that truly so bad? Plenty of people have all kinds of pain, is there something so wrong with people trying to simply deal with whatever plagues them so they can simply live normally? Especially since they probably don't even tell anyone.

I do understand that it shouldn't be practiced, I just ask why people get mad about it.

Let's try and not de-rail this thread into mindless anger and fury, let's please keep some civil discussion that is on-topic.

Thank you for reading this and for your responses.
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>> No. 20681 [Edit]
If you think about it separately it makes sense. Whether you create or make up a character doesn't nessesarily mean you'll fall in love with them. It can happen though sure, and it has.
>> No. 20682 [Edit]
You really don't seem to get it. There's a reason why I only quoted the "and choosing a waifu" part and not the OC one.

There's no rule of "Consciously choosing or creating a waifu is not allowed." Waifufags are no legislature, they can't come up with rules others have to follow or can break. But you shouldn't be surprised when you see them looking down upon people who do consciously choose or create a waifu. Just look at the people who say they chose their waifu, the majority of them just use the term as a synonym for favourite character and they change their waifu regularly which leads to other people thinking that that's what having a waifu amounts to and so not really taking waifufags seriously or being surprised when they read about them really loving the ficitional character.

Pygmalion didn't consciously create his waifu. He created something ideal, then fell in love with it. Falling in love with his OC seems genuine, however creating something perfect with the goal of it being his waifu does not. Choosing a waifu is deciding to fall in love with something. Which I think almost never ends in true love (I don't deny that it can but in the beginning it definitely is only lying to oneself).
I'm pretty sure even normal people don't think that love is something you can artificially evoke.
>> No. 20683 [Edit]
File 150821590992.jpg - (96.42KB , 800x600 , b65de7ba6003f1d3a645392c8c52ba06.jpg )
Ah, that makes sense. Thank you, I've had that question for a while now.

Thank you all for your answers, I learned from this thread and I'm glad.
>> No. 20684 [Edit]
>There's no rule of "Consciously choosing or creating a waifu is not allowed." Waifufags are no legislature, they can't come up with rules others have to follow or can break
I think I expressed myself pretty shitty at that part. What I meant is that they haven't really created a community with their own rules and you can join them if you follow those rules or something like that (of course smaller communities exist but I wouldn't take those as a general standard)
In my eyes it's just people who made a similar experience, there are no rules. You can't 'join' them, you just are one of them the moment you fall in love with a fictional character. Since that experience is a completely personal one, there are no rights and wrongs as long as your feelings are genuine.

I reacted a bit badly to your mention of rules. Sorry for that.

File 150796020094.jpg - (46.45KB , 582x576 , C-VqfzFUwAE5Nv_.jpg )
20671 No. 20671 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Are there any waifu fags you admire, look up to, or simply like keeping up with them and their relationship with their waifu?
Who might they be?

I like seeing Jabberfag's posts and Tohno's. I admire the dedication they show for their waifu. It's very noble and heartwarming to me to see that.
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>> No. 20675 [Edit]
I really respect that Tohno has drawn some really beautiful drawings of his waifu. I definitely should try to draw Hestia, myself.... used to draw, in the past, but I just have so little energy, nowadays.
>> No. 20677 [Edit]
Hmm, why...?

I feel like I've neglected my waifu, though... I've meant to take photos of my doll as well as draw her, but I haven't really done much of that... I did take some great photos of one of my small Hestia dolls but amazingly, I haven't had the energy to upload them to my Hestia blog. Keep meaning to do it every day but as I have issues with various OCD things, even simple things get to be difficult.
>> No. 20678 [Edit]
File 150801794918.jpg - (58.34KB , 525x800 , 1505441357198 (1).jpg )
You seem to think about her often, and buy figs and things of her. You even made her a cake in the shape of a heart, I think.
>> No. 20679 [Edit]
I did make a heart-shaped cake with her standing by it, yes... also took several nice photos of her during the summer, in a countryside area. It was fun... it was one of my best summers in many years. I definitely should upload those photos. This Christmas I will bake Christmas cookies and buns with her. I even ordered two Santa outfits for her, recently. It will be fun, definitely...! I look forward to it very much.

File 150378228567.jpg - (88.52KB , 850x566 , sample_ded3989f0eddeb31e7447dcd1c309c357f0fc67f.jpg )
20620 No. 20620 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Everywhere I go outside of TC and maybe 8chan it seems like people with waifus aren't exactly real. Whether they ignore the typical rules of having a waifu entirely or change them to suit their personal convenience, they all seem fake. I've even talked to some of them that say their love is true but their actions and choices say otherwise, even their words in some cases.

So this leads to my question, are honest people with waifus a dying breed? With the rise of the (awful) meme, do you think there can even be any more in the future?

Is the practice of having a waifu dead if not nearly?
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>> No. 20662 [Edit]
And I've seen people use wife instead of waifu to fit in, even if it seems like they're not being 100% serious and only have a trophy waifu.

It's better to accept that there's no term for it that won't get appropriated.
>> No. 20663 [Edit]
>It's better to accept that there's no term for it that won't get appropriated.
This is the sad truth. No matter what is used by default, it will end up being misused by hijackers of waifu culture. It's not a personal thing though, it happens to anything that has, is and will be hijacked by normals in their insatiable quest for attention.
>> No. 20664 [Edit]
I've noticed the same thing over the past year or two. The "old guard" are thinning out more and more and many of those who are taking their place fall short of the bar set by their predecessors. Casuals/memers and the seemingly serious but actually pretty phony types you describe have always been around, but nowadays it really feels like they're the majority by far. Especially the latter, from what I've seen - all appears to be on the up and up when you first encounter them, but press even a little and it rapidly becomes clear that they're hardly any better than the "mai fav wifu of the week xD" idiots. It's a weird state of affairs.
>> No. 20666 [Edit]
As someone from the "old guard" I suppose the issue was that my own priorities split from the community, simply as that. It is kinda lonely though.

File 138942825737.jpg - (55.28KB , 430x600 , 180233.jpg )
14124 No. 14124 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
ITT: Songs that remind you of your waifu (PART II)

This time PLEASE just images and comments plus mp3 files or links, no Youtube-embed or the thread will soon become unusable. Thanks.
162 posts and 104 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20507 [Edit]
I've been listening to the Yellow Rose of Texas a lot recently. A lot of songs in the folk genre remind me of her because she loves songs and singing, to the point where I've actually gone and found folk songs from her people and listened to them to get an idea of what she would sing to herself, but I think she'd also enjoy hearing some from my own English-speaking background. Here are a couple of versions that I like, the first is one from the post civil-war era, mixing the original lyrics and the marching song as the rewrite at that time did. Second one was at the top of the charts in 1955 with some changes to the original lyrics again. My waifu is no Texan but it reminds me of her regardless, she is a rose of colour so we're halfway there with some versions.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HgMXpYYUjo - This video does have a slideshow of old photographs, but it's a song so just play it in the background.

>> No. 20538 [Edit]

This is one of my favourite versions but I can't find it on a regular video, and the autogenerated channels are blocked in lots of places. I tried using a youtube mirror but it wasn't working for some reason. I'd post an mp3 of it, but the file is just over 7mb so I can't.

It's a really pretty song though, so I'll post it anyway.
>> No. 20601 [Edit]
File 150177716562.jpg - (136.40KB , 429x600 , ロンギヌスwithチルドレン まとめ (1).jpg )
How have I laboured?
How have I not laboured
To bring her soul to birth,
To give these elements a name and a centre!

She is beautiful as the sunlight, and as fluid.
She has no name, and no place.
How have I laboured to bring her soul into separation;
To give her a name and her being!

Surely you are bound and entwined,
You are mingled with the elements unborn;
I have loved a stream and a shadow.

I beseech you enter your life.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 20665 [Edit]
Me and my waifus song:

Pop rock and boy bands seem to appeal to me when they are about love. I don't care if normalfags think it's gay or not.

File 150486127991.jpg - (31.17KB , 220x352 , 220px-Sailor_Jupter_01.jpg )
20645 No. 20645 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
here is my waifu ive always thought she was amazing
>> No. 20646 [Edit]

File 150423055481.png - (1.02MB , 990x988 , miku 10th heart.png )
20640 No. 20640 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Happy Birthday Miku!
>> No. 20641 [Edit]
File 150423146224.jpg - (735.82KB , 739x837 , 232188f0a19dc2d2c0bd9a6ca433d1055e0742b8.jpg )
>> No. 20642 [Edit]
File 150432146348.jpg - (587.89KB , 1050x1050 , e4935a43bf33b75c823233610fc32e01.jpg )
She isn't my waifu anymore, but I still celebrate her birthday every year. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be alive today. Happy Birthday Miku!

File 150394551667.jpg - (20.93KB , 320x320 , 12539.jpg )
20625 No. 20625 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is the sniperfag that made this http://red.waifu.pl/index.html still around? been looking for them but can't find anything.

File 150361011789.jpg - (228.19KB , 850x601 , sample_cf003317c9e4dfc0819517d4d925c00f93f7bc4a.jpg )
20618 No. 20618 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anon has fallen in love, it's their first day with their newfound feelings for a certain character. If you could give them any kind of advice, what would you tell them?

pic not related
>> No. 20619 [Edit]
Hang on tight. Lots of things are going to try and break you down and tear you apart and all you can do is hold on to her and never let go. Basically trust in yourself and in her that it's right because most places won't be so forthcoming with understanding as around these parts.

File 150322548592.jpg - (37.00KB , 420x506 , Ffjfdaklfs.jpg )
20609 No. 20609 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think waifus are healthy? Do you think they can make a lifestyle unhealthy or stabilize it and make it a healthy one? Do you think having a waifu can get in the way of anything?
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20614 [Edit]
Is that Naru from Love Hina in the OP pic?
>> No. 20615 [Edit]
It's Mashima Kagome from Ground Defense Force Mao-chan but she was made to look like Naru.
>> No. 20616 [Edit]
You really think they're better anywhere else? People are nasty donkey ball sucking pop tarts wherever you go, whatever the time may be. Nothing new with that.

If you're on this website why would you be interested in dating in the first place?

On a side note, second life is a fantastic showcase of people (most entertainingly 3DPD) that once they get old, also get desperate.
>> No. 20617 [Edit]
>If you're on this website why would you be interested in dating in the first place?

>most people don't last long with waifus and eventually the desire for companionship with a real person eats away at even the most serious of waifu devotees.

File 149760712185.png - (619.15KB , 430x583 , 44409432_p1.png )
20539 No. 20539 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If you had the chance to meet the person who designed/created your waifu, what would you do? Would you have something you'd like to ask or say to them?
5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20594 [Edit]
First I would thank him from the bottom of my heart for writing her and then overwhelm him with questions, and oh boy, I do have a lot of them:
*When is her birthday?
*What kind of food does she like?/Does she have a sweet tooth?
How's her relationship with her parents?
*What do you envision her becoming in the future? would she take an academic path, teaching or another one?
Have you thought of writing about her shenanigans back in middle school?
How much does she actually know? Is there something that makes her play dumb or is she being considerate of everyone keeping secrets?
How much more will she grow, and in that vein how tall is she
Favorite music?
Are her parents as extravagant as her?
*How bad of a drunk is she?
Was her final appearance truly what you came up with? She was described a tad bit different in the very first chapter.
*Are there any alternate universes in the story?
If yes, could I take you daughter's hand in marriage?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 20595 [Edit]
File 149967452712.gif - (214.39KB , 674x1005 , 12.gif )
Why are your characters so good but your stories so bad
>> No. 20608 [Edit]
File 150313860163.png - (292.23KB , 580x435 , ac-3.png )
Since the day I came to terms with my love towards Nozomi, I've always disliked her creator. I disliked him for writing such a lovely, kind and cute character and then putting her into such a boring, mediocre, cliched show. I know that since she became my waifu, my Nozomi was no longer bound by the plot of her source material, and I could love her the way she is, disregading any kind of "character developments" that took place at the behest of her author. But when I learnt that in the later chapters of VN he had her cut her long, beautiful hair and I couldn't help but dislike him even more.

It's all in the past now, though. Her creator died last year, and she was pictured on his coffin, along with his other creations. Here she is, 2nd from the right, with her hair uncut. I guess that in death, he undid one of the wrongs he commited towards Nozomi, but I still dont think I'd wish to have met him or spoken to him.
>> No. 20635 [Edit]
Glad to see you're still around.

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