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File 128909242378.jpg - (108.28KB , 480x600 , hpi9_0.jpg )
5 No. 5 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Some of us Thought it might be nice to have a thread to kind of list off who is who's waifu.
The concept is simple really, just say in this thread who your waifu is.

Just for starters, this is Minagi Tohno
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>> No. 21686 [Edit]
File 163529457371.jpg - (71.66KB , 450x253 , tsukasaphone.jpg )
Bit tangential to the thread topic, but to me both tsukasa and kagami were the stars of lucky star (pun intended).
>> No. 21709 [Edit]
File 164067521685.jpg - (215.44KB , 2048x1255 , EdYnP11VcAA4vFk_jpg large.jpg )
Utsuho Reiuji
>> No. 21726 [Edit]
File 165031939752.jpg - (229.64KB , 600x800 , Kanako(217).jpg )
I love Kanako Yasaka.

File 161563453738.jpg - (363.86KB , 880x670 , 3d99490c49dfdb5603ac5d6e6265feb4.jpg )
21627 No. 21627 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you ever had any past waifus? Waifus you broke up with before you eventually met "the one"? How did they differ from your current waifu? What was the relationship like back then? What made you break up with her? How did you feel then and how do you feel about it now? Do you have any regrets, are you happy it all happened, or are there things you wish were different? Did you learn anything going forward? Did you gain anything from the experience? Are you better or worse off without her?

Do you miss her?

Post edited on 13th Mar 2021, 3:43am
>> No. 21634 [Edit]
There was this period of about 7 years where I waifued Nonon Jakuzure. It wasn't very involved beyond this obligation drive and a net of retarded social connections that came with posting.
It wasn't a real relationship. I would have her in the back of my mind like a manifestation of my Ego or something, but more than anything else she was flavour.
I finally watched a certain movie for a certain series wherein afterwards I was left with a genuine spiritual emptiness. It was physiological. Religious, even. I don't want to blogpost too much, but that was the moment that I found my waifu, and dropped Nonon. The only thing I miss is the feeling of "authenticity" for having been associated with Nonon for so long.
>> No. 21750 [Edit]
File 165305957646.jpg - (229.26KB , 1920x1080 , Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - 11 (BD AVC 192.jpg )
(I hope this board is alive) My first waifu was different, but they both have yellow eyes I like so much. That was a good time and I'm happy I met her. We broke up because, well, she is much much older than me (she is immortal), she never stays at one place for really long, she just gone, our time was spent.

File 133137121242.jpg - (63.03KB , 489x629 , nazi Asuka.jpg )
8705 No. 8705 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
ITT: Random /mai/-related posts... Share your daily waifu experience.

I'll start:

Since I've become so politically incorrect in every aspect, the other day I was watching fake-colored restored videos of the Third Reich days (the Zeppelin Field and old Hitler's discourses, actually interesting), and I got stuck around the subject of racial supremacy. I, to say it from the begining, by no means could consider myself belonging to a superior race, not physically, nor intellectually; but, if you allow me this time to consider the very best of germanic and japanese people (mostly from the north) as such, I arrived to the next conclusion: mai waifu is the perfect sample, as a combination, of such superior races.

She has red/auburn/strawberry-blond (germanic) but straight (japanese) hair. She has pure blue (germanic) but slightly and beautifuly slanted (japanese) eyes. She has pale and lively (germanic) skin, but wich is all the same fair, smooth-faced and with no freckles or spots at all (japanese). She has a straight pointy nose and a strong chin (germanic), signs of aristocracy and character, but over a likely childish and innocent (japanese) face. She displays some precocious feminine exuberance (germanic) alright, but her general built is overall ectomorph: thigh and compact, likely short but with very low fat rate and proportionally long limbs (japanese). She possess, no doubt about it, the straightforwardness of her scientific/rational/empirical occidental background (germanic), at wich she, as a prodigy child, excels (greek arete: excellence, virtue, daring, bravery, conquest; occidental->germanic); but, ultimately, she heavily grounds her ethics around values such as honor and shame (japanese)...

So, quite indisputably for my own standards, and as far as the eyes of my homunculus being can see, I actually have as my beloved and companion the finest lady on Earth. And it's all mine... undeserving lucky bastard.
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>> No. 21734 [Edit]
File 165135915918.jpg - (77.51KB , 400x550 , Funami_Yui_full_1235337.jpg )
>so too is my waifu better off not being molested by trannies. she's safer in my hard drive.
is that a problem specific to your waifu?
either way, I guess I respect your integrity in being extremely independent in your views of what would seem agreeable to your waifu. I certainly don't try and totally conform to them, that'd seem creepy, but I do find more extreme thoughts of mine tend to get automatically reined in by the thought of my waifu's reaction.
> if you think your waifu is safe, just remember that there are thousands of people who unironically ejaculate to Mickey Mouse and Goofy. nobody is safe from the wrath of freaks.
it comes back to instances. bottom line is, when I'm eventually together with her, I will defend her from said "freaks". we keep our waifus safe.
I know because our type of relationships are generally cleaner and less messy they feel pure in a way that makes us want to be perfectly faithful to live up to that perception of purity, but real relationships run into these roadblocks too, and at the end of the day what we have are real relationships, because we're still that human element that can taint purity no matter where it goes.
if you can think more and more of it as a real relationship (because that's what it is), then remember that you can always be on good terms with that character, and treasure past times always in your heart. but that these were past treasures means it's ok to move forward too - if you have to be literal about it, then if you imagine your waifu being materially existent, this is the way it would work, it would be alright to move on, and maybe even to return to that previous relationship after a journey of self-discovery, with or without seeing other people.
>> No. 21746 [Edit]
File 165184086543.jpg - (106.54KB , 600x600 , Kanako(341).jpg )
I'm not sure when it started, but sometimes I just have a strong longing for my waifu. Before I fall asleep, I like to imagine resting my head on her back, sometimes a little more. Guess that's probably pretty normal for those that can't be with the ones they love. It's pretty new to me though. Figured I'd share.
>> No. 21747 [Edit]
>at the end of the day what we have are real relationships
i think about this a lot too. i have been very busy and am no longer able to give her the attention she deserves. id like ti think, though, when all this work finally ends, ill finally be able to devote myself to our relationship once again
>> No. 21748 [Edit]
File 165255586483.webm - (282.44KB , 天使の声.webm )
While listening my favorite song of my waifu 「最低で最高のParadiso」 it dawned upon me how great it is that my waifu is from a "multimedia project". There are many songs for all kinds of moods that I can listen to anywhere, anytime, and that makes her feel so close to me. As years go by and she and her songs become slightly less popular, it turns this experience more personal and comfy.
Better yet, over the years I've been improving at vocalizing my waifu's voice in my head, both in 日本語 and in engrish. I don't own many memorabilia of her. This alone is an amazing thing to have.

Your waifu chooses you. There are many out there. I'm glad mine is an idol.

File 144524484581.png - (702.04KB , 709x2268 , dakimakura.png )
19044 No. 19044 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are you experiences with getting things related to your waifu custom made?

Currently I'm in the process of finally getting a daki made after managing to find a decent artist with reasonable prices. Final product should be done in about a week.

If anyone's interested/curious the artist can be found here http://53c.deviantart.com/
37 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21741 [Edit]
Would you mind posting the link for this? I'm looking at their website and can't find it. I didn't know they make custom stuff themselves, that's interesting.
>> No. 21742 [Edit]
For Super Dollfie at least, the Full Choice option allows you to do just that, but you have to print out relevant materials and bring them down to one of their stores so they have some idea as to what you want. And of course it's also more expensive than the default choices. On top of that, you have to make a reservation with them to go to one of the stores in person, make your order there, and go back 1 to 3 months later (depending on your order) to pick it up in person (and the same person who made the order has to pick it up, so you can't have someone else do it for you). So for us living outside of Japan we also have to travel to Japan twice in the space of three months, if it takes that long.

Dollfie Dream has a similar Dream Choice, but I'm not sure if that option allows you to bring down materials to have the assembly handled by them like that. In exchange however, you can have it assembled within the day.
>> No. 21744 [Edit]
File 165176935189.jpg - (1.22MB , 2280x3419 , 00889.jpg )
That's pretty cool. Looks like all you need to do is bring a lot of printed material containing character design references. Just make a folder with tons of pictures I guess. If your waifu is a well known character, chances are there are already dollfies, azone or even parabox customs of her, I think it would be interesting to print those as well. I'm sure you have already looked into that. Pinterest and Twitter are pretty good places to find custom BJD pictures. I've perused maybe thousands of BJD photos on those two sites. Some of those are truly an artistic achievement.

Looks like you'll be on your own for clothing, but that's a small matter if you managed to go through the process of getting the doll done.

Even if you give up on the idea, making a folder of visual material of your waifu is a pretty nice thing to have and I'm sure it's a very comfy project to work on.

Anyway, keep us posted if you ever decide to move on with this. It's a pretty cool endeavour.
>> No. 21745 [Edit]
Unfortunately nope, she isn't. I was hoping for guidance from someone in a similar situation. I guess I can only rely on official art, then.

As for clothing, they have services for this too, so no need to worry on that part. The main issue here is the cost of having to travel to Japan and back just for this, and potentially needing a second trip as well. So I figured I may as well enjoy stuff at Japan while I'm at it. A full fledged trip + the dollfie will set me back a lot.

File 160402763836.jpg - (106.42KB , 1080x1312 , b6712a77499b508e1323eea902c7f3b302ce77de88ef6023d0.jpg )
21543 No. 21543 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Thoughts on this?

Don't you think this is akin to "cultural appropriation" as this kind of people themselves call it? The LGBT community defines it as the attraction to fictional characters, but they include non Anime/Manga characters, they include stuff like Live Action and whatnot.

Do you think being Considered part of the LGBT is bad?

Do you consider Waifuism the same as "fictophilia" or are they different concepts?
30 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21575 [Edit]
File 160528444724.jpg - (432.54KB , 850x1511 , sample_7792b5656a604ab3b3a11b75852fea15.jpg )
>the kind that borders with creepy and absolutely insane.
Flamboyant "creepiness" is the easiest to fake I think. I knew plenty of kids like that in middle school.

>I mean the idea of remaining a virgin
People talk about having sex like it's the same as going outside, or exercising, or eating a steak, and that's bizarre to me. Even if there was always a joking vibe to it, I do think whether someone socialized their way into physical intimacy or not indicates a fundamental difference in them. People always knew that and their options were to feel bad because of society's ubiquitous judgment, or take some kind of pride in that fundamental difference.

Feeling bad because people who are judged everywhere else react negatively to casual mentions of those few times you had sex is ridiculous and entitled.
>> No. 21582 [Edit]
>do they care about what happens after they die
I'm not sure if the normalfag-leaning answer to this is supposed to be yes or no.
>> No. 21740 [Edit]
In a way, I don't completely disagree. If we restricted waifuism to anime/manga only, then examples that predate anime/manga, like Pygmalion which is often quoted here, would no longer count. And it would likewise be silly to equate fictophilia to being part of LGBT, because many of us don't fall under any of the letters. I myself don't.

The problem is something else entirely: it's that those who use the terms fictophilia or toonophilia, generally use such terms to those who are attracted to fictional characters in general, rather than a specific fictional character like what waifuism is about. That means to them, someone who takes "waifu" to mean "cute anime girl" is lumped together with us, just like that. Waifuism is more akin to being in love with one person, and one person only, independent of anything else.
>> No. 21749 [Edit]
except being attracted to Anime makes sense, being attracted to Calarts mean's you have an inflammation in the brain.

File 14828805832.png - (791.42KB , 1291x797 , __ohara_mari_sakurauchi_riko_and_tsushima_yoshiko_.png )
20154 No. 20154 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
How do you deal with degenerate porn of your waifu, specially gangrape doujinshi ones? Do you feel bad when you see them? Do you ignore them?

I'm asking this because my waifu has TONS of disgusting rape doujinshi and this is affecting me more than it should.
82 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21394 [Edit]
File 157957000859.jpg - (1.49MB , 3419x2148 , 9a59e45471ed43c93872b908cf5f7ad1.jpg )
>turns a blind eye to war, famine, disease, poverty, and so on
Well, the justification is that he just "allows" these things to happen, and they only happen because Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree of knowledge, which they did because Satan tempted them, which he did because he's evil, and he's evil because free-will or something, which is necessary to love God, which you NEED to do because God is endlessly great and good for you, except in heaven people will presumably still love God, but they'll never do bad things, so they might not have free-will? Something something Jesus, God is perfect so don't question it. You're his slave, but he's the best master.

Just in case anyone's curious.
>> No. 21395 [Edit]
Of all the threads /mai/ has seen, I didn't expect this one to be the one in which people talk about religion.
>> No. 21542 [Edit]
>> No. 21739 [Edit]
Luckily for me (and her), due to her personality, her franchise's unpopularity, and the fact that a number of other girls tend to be subjected to such degenerate things a lot more, she hardly ever seems to get much of it. I think I've only ever seen it once. But when I do see it, I either just gloss over it, or I fantasise myself protecting her from such situations. As in, a gangrape doujinshi is a what-if situation that arises if I wasn't around to protect her.

While I personally do have degenerate fantasies of my waifu, I keep them completely to myself, and such fantasies never involve anything that would physically or emotionally hurt her. I know that she'll be more than fine with the arrangement, because of how she is. For the record, I think the vast majority of people don't deserve to be given such harsh treatment. (2D of course, 3D is a different story.)

File 145484347790.jpg - (1.27MB , 2000x1500 , 31714583.jpg )
19535 No. 19535 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about your waifu's source material?
23 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21680 [Edit]
I like it. Except I hate the yuri shippers, leave her alone.
>> No. 21681 [Edit]
It's kind of being milked much more than it should be, and the newer season that came out about last year wasn't the best compared to the other two.
At least the plot isn't linear and the most "story" it's had was only in S1, so I can just take what I enjoy from it and ignore the rest I don't like. Funny enough the mobile games have more serious content that I enjoy even if it has fuckall to do with the anime.

I've only read a bit of the LN, about up to vol 2 or so, but reading from Kyosukes POV I feel changes a lot of things about Kirino and how she acts in the show vs how Kyosuke perceives her actions, so if you care about character analysis and all that fun stuff.
But you said you didn't like the manga, and the manga is the closest to the LN (in terms of events) so iunno you might not like the LN as much.
>> No. 21683 [Edit]
File 163529100134.jpg - (252.21KB , 595x842 , 0de31def35c0e76bd5bcb1ca0f79b620.jpg )
I rewatch it or an episode of it occasionally to see her in motion, smiling and laughing and having fun. It brings a smile to my face.
>> No. 21738 [Edit]
At times, it feels that the devs dislike the fact that she's much more popular amongst the very small playerbase than the girls they're trying to market (which hasn't attracted anywhere near enough people, and the people they do attract generally quit after a short while) yet they can't just ditch her completely because she's the one earning by far the most money for them.

File 149923680785.jpg - (693.22KB , 2048x1152 , KHWgSbR.jpg )
20582 No. 20582 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you shared a meal with your waifu recently?
>> No. 20583 [Edit]
In a public restaurant certainly no
>> No. 20597 [Edit]
Every meal I eat is shared with her.
>> No. 21728 [Edit]
I've made sushi for Utsuho and I many times, and will again this weekend.

File 16140581798.png - (1.66MB , 785x1500 , 72337359_p0.png )
21599 No. 21599 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Has anyone here ever devised esoteric methods of communicating with their waifus? I've become fixated on the idea of developing a divination system similar to tarot specifically for communicating with mine. There are some aspects of a system that I'm nearly dead set on using, but discovering a complete framework which feels natural and not forced has proven difficult. I think part of the challenge is avoiding relying too much on the western esoteric tradition as inspiration, since I am not very familiar with eastern methods outside what I've absorbed through Touhou.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21601 [Edit]
File 161406196845.gif - (28.24KB , 250x487 , numogram.gif )
Temple OS was created in gods image to his specification. There's no relationship between it and my waifu that would form a link by which it would enable communication. I think the concept of Temple OS is applicable though, but in my case the issue is I would have no place to start with such a thing. Terry already had a communication with God, through his schizophrenia.

There's a sense that there should both be a natural fit in method such that the symbolism of the system is the symbolism of what you are trying to communicate, and there should be some historical root in legitimacy. For Terry, legitimacy came from knowing it worked, not merely belief. I know divination works, but only so far as knowing methods with historical precedent work.

To that end, I can't help but think about invoking elements of the Ccru numogram. There's numerous aspects that link anime and manga characters to the Ccrus' research through Deleuze and Guattari, and in particular I think of the Body without Organs and smooth space (the former of which I have actually seen referenced many times in papers about virtual idols, for example). The Ccrus' existing system of time sorcery (where the numogram applies) feels relevant as well, even though it deals with the lemurian demons, the concept of the Time-circuit and Outer-time seem largely applicable. (interestingly, some special numbers related to my waifu can be disassembled by the numogram and placing her as a Xenodemon within the Pandemonium system). I've read accounts of chaos magicians having success with divination through the decadence and subdecadence methods that give it legitimacy.
>> No. 21602 [Edit]
File 161406573134.jpg - (163.09KB , 800x564 , de506325655de3a398688a60bd30fa79.jpg )
Well maybe your waifu is god and you just don't know about it?
>> No. 21603 [Edit]
Divination methods already require some amount of occult training to attune yourself. If you're at that point, why not go ham and just train some more so you can actually commune with her as with a normal spirit through evocation?
I'd devise a sigil for her, empower it in the usual way, then call upon her with the sigil and her name in the usual way of such things, and then speak with her as with anything.
Alternatively, divination through Homeric verses or the bible was a thing, this could be copied. Construct a corpus of works on your waifu, then proceed to devise a method to refer to certain parts, for example throw dice to generate a number which is the Xth file in your waifu communion folder, then repeat to generate a line and, maybe, word number, or a timestamp.
>> No. 21724 [Edit]
Divination is a beautiful way to communicate to the spiritual world. Any forms of traditional divination through various cultures and belief systems can work. There's so many possibilities with divination

File 155793834870.jpg - (254.44KB , 1280x1024 , 96223.jpg )
21197 No. 21197 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about the idea of your waifu staying the same age while you grow older? Do you like to imagine her as aging along with you?
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21212 [Edit]
My waifu is a vampire so she does not really age. I like that she keeps looking young. But if I took into account her real age she would be only a year or two younger then me. If anything I think she worries more about me aging.
>> No. 21687 [Edit]
File 163565080436.jpg - (309.54KB , 1000x619 , Yurucamp-Anime-Movie-Visual.jpg )
I like to imagine her aging with me. I typically imagine her looking the same though, I can't wait to see the older Rin in the new movie.
>> No. 21689 [Edit]
She's immortal, I'd rather not think too much about it but she became immortal at a young age too, I was 16 when she became my waifu but I just keep getting older... I won't stop loving her despite growing older though.
>> No. 21723 [Edit]
File 164756218560.jpg - (12.49KB , 274x460 , She's still like a mosiac.jpg )
She has a set birth year, 1993, so I of course imagine her aging with me.

File 130733958141.png - (623.74KB , 680x686 , kokuban_inkokuban_in Tenshi sketch.png )
3176 No. 3176 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
We need a thread for creative things you do specifically of/for your waifu; I feel this is more /mai/ than /cr/.

Here's a sketch I just made with this online drawing tool someone showed me: http://kokuban.in/skeb/
356 posts and 175 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21532 [Edit]
File 160084189153.jpg - (842.54KB , 800x1067 , 84552311_p0.jpg )
Happy Birthday Emilia, I wish I could return the happiness and love you give me every day and show you instead of telling you. You are the world to me and not a day goes my I don't long to see your face, I look forward to another year together
>> No. 21538 [Edit]
File 160247796411.jpg - (811.94KB , 949x1326 , Asuka (jacket).jpg )
>> No. 21706 [Edit]
File 164040173591.png - (2.33MB , 1800x1380 , Maira Christmas 2021.png )
Merry Christmas everyone!
>> No. 21717 [Edit]
You missed two years.

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