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File 154062570527.png - (553.46KB , 546x913 , 48977549_p0.png )
21029 No. 21029 [Edit]
How long did it take you to find your waifu? Was it before or after you knew of the concept of a waifu, what a waifu is? And how long after you first knew of her, first met her, did it take for you to realise that she was your special one, your waifu?

I'm asking because it took me over a decade after I learned of the concept. While I somewhat knew what it entailed, being the indecisive type, and seeing that there were so many cute girls out there in the 2D world, I didn't think I would ever be able to find any one of them so much more attractive than the others that I would feel compelled to truly love her enough to declare in my mind that, yes, this girl is my waifu.

All that changed when I started playing her game last year, but even then it wasn't right away. She was intiially "merely" one of my top three girls from the game, at first impression, and even after much deliberation I didn't even pick her as my "starter" card (that went to another of my top three). However, as time passed, as I watched all the girls' in-game episodes, I was increasingly drawn to her in particular. Soon, she became my "best girl", but still not to the level of being my waifu yet. But after over a year of playing, including ranking for her during events, one day I had this epiphany that at some point earlier on, her status had transcended "best girl" and changed to "my waifu". Now I truly know and understand I love her, and I want to love her forever. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I don't want this to end. I may have taken over a decade to find her, and another year or so to be attracted to her enough to be certain that she was indeed my waifu, but my journey has ended at last. Now a new chapter begins.

P.S. I apologise for my somewhat awkward and roundabout phrasing of words. I've gotten other people irritated by my poor choice of words too many times because I'm still unfamiliar with the many landmines I've unknowingly stepped on, so I'm just trying to cover my ass as best as I can. And probably failing anyway.
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>> No. 21038 [Edit]
File 154281168663.jpg - (260.87KB , 626x886 , rmhpy2.jpg )
took me round e 5 months or so, while i did know the concept of wwaifu i was a faggot and had several "wafius". only after a few motnhs i realized all the other girls are trash, and is started to apriciate my waifu.
>> No. 21046 [Edit]
File 154402307745.png - (807.65KB , 1092x1000 , Eugen from my first fall event (tk8).png )
I had known about the waifu concept for close to a decade before I fell in love with Prinz, which happened some years after I had seen her. Before I took special notice of her, she was just one of my favorite shipgirls to get off to, a fact which fills me with regret now. And then it took a few months after I started to see her in a special light for me to recognize that I was in love. I was deathly scared that I would fall out of love with her initially, but now that I'm a few months in and definitely past the honey moon phase, that possibility doesn't cause me anxiety like it used to. She continues to be the light in my life.
>> No. 21050 [Edit]
File 154534135187.png - (51.28KB , 416x152 , 39.png )
>> No. 21186 [Edit]
File 155634671875.jpg - (223.30KB , 700x989 , 1540128068590.jpg )
I'm still looking, FeelsFuckingBad.
For a while I thought it was Katarina because of how adorable she was. But be it because I re-read the manga's 15 or so chapters upwards of 5 times. Or because the author fucked the story up in the LN. I lost interest. Hell, before that I loved Lucy from Fairy Tail (was like 15), but S1 finished airing ages ago and S2 seems meh at best.

Currently going to try the Tohou games and see if I like them or not. Going off of the hardcore fans I know, there's a chance I'll find someone. Otherwise I'll just keep looking. Kinda annoying that I haven't found one yet though with over 120+ days of anime and manga consumed.
>> No. 21187 [Edit]
Have you tried idols?
>> No. 21189 [Edit]
People like you really puzzle me. Why do you want a waifu? What do you expect? There's nothing particularly great about it and I doubt actively looking for one will lead to finding your waifu. I've never heard of anyone meeting their waifu through actively seeking one nor anyone who intended to have a waifu before finding her.
>> No. 21190 [Edit]
Yes, generally, if you just want to find a girl to fawn over and get invested in, without minding some mild creepiness along the way, idol culture - 2D or 3D - is probably the way to go.
>> No. 21191 [Edit]
I have to agree that intentionally trying to find a 2D beloved isn't a good idea. All you'll likely find is a girl that you'll keep telling yourself you love only to one day get tired of trying to convince yourself. My experience has been that the feelings of pure romantic love are not such that they can be artificially induced.
>> No. 21201 [Edit]
I was probably aware of the concept for about four years before committing to mine. After I initially found her, it took me about six months to truly recognize that she was more to me than a character I particularly liked. It was a weight off my shoulders in many ways, and, several years later, I remain a happier and more confident person. I love her very much.

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