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File 143521495360.jpg - (178.86KB , 720x720 , 03e4832b859981f890485f144a1592e2.jpg )
18406 No. 18406 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you prefer to keep your waifu tendencies in private or share them with others?

I used to feel like sharing with anyone and everyone, but I've noticed that now I feel like it's no one's business but my own. I haven't been coming to places like this and I don't bring her up to my IRC buddies unless I really feel like gushing about her.
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>> No. 18873 [Edit]
My closer friends know and are all okay with it. My best friend doesn't really like any form of romance but I really wanna talk about my waifu to him often. I feel bad when I do since he never knows what to say or anything. Sometimes he'll mention my waifu in a conversation and it makes me happy.

Aside from people I know, I post a few waifu communities like this place.

There's one friend who also has a waifu but he seems private about it so we don't talk much about the topic. Its a bit of a shame. Talking about her makes me feel closer to her.
>> No. 18952 [Edit]
I used to talk a lot in waifu communities when I first fell in love, but after a while it's become a private thing I discuss with a few close irc friends.
>> No. 20602 [Edit]
File 150227268191.jpg - (754.29KB , 1612x1568 , 63471068_p0.jpg )
I'm mostly open about the fact that she is my waifu, but anything more specific than that I usually only share with people I trust.
>> No. 20606 [Edit]
File 150307978293.jpg - (1.67MB , 1771x1254 , __ohara_mari_love_live_and_love_live_sunshine_draw.jpg )
Used to be open about it but a lot of factors ultimately lead me to be private about it. I personally think that waifuism is something that is really personal from person to person. A lot of attempts to "control" it I'm not really accusing anyone of doing it, in fact I'd wager most of the time it's done with good intentions or even without people realizing it before it's too late never end well because outside of a few tenants it's too much of a personal thing and you have people end up butting heads and then we all know how that usually ends.

I think that's why you have a lot saying that they eventually end up keeping it to themselves. It seems to be the natural end.

File 142111332130.jpg - (509.53KB , 595x842 , pjs for post.jpg )
17413 No. 17413 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's pretty simple you find an image with your waifu/husbando wearing something you normally wear when going to sleep. I'm pretty sure we all got AT LEAST 1 image of your waifu/husbando wearing pajamas. Why? For the shits and giggles?
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>> No. 19816 [Edit]
File 14609999492.jpg - (498.81KB , 1278x1446 , q - 1292406.jpg )
Mine just sleeps in her underwear and a large white shirt. Simple, comfy, and cute.
>> No. 19824 [Edit]
File 146127257481.jpg - (87.22KB , 668x408 , superhnng.jpg )
>> No. 20603 [Edit]
File 150227534031.png - (1.45MB , 2314x1494 , 1462929359943.png )
I actually don't have as many as I thought I did. This was the best I could find while looking through my folders.
>> No. 20604 [Edit]
File 150227675010.jpg - (245.77KB , 600x800 , 51112175_p0.jpg )
This one

File 129246481436.png - (161.40KB , 600x540 , Kurokona and cocacola.png )
564 No. 564 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post ITT when you find a new image of your waifu.

For those with a waifu that's popular or gets tons of fanart daily/weekly, post your favorite of the new stuff.

I love this one i found today, she's even holding a can of cocacola which is my favorite soda.
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>> No. 20232 [Edit]
File 148641610137.png - (1.06MB , 1200x1000 , 61161262_p0.png )
>> No. 20238 [Edit]
File 148660652622.png - (305.92KB , 800x800 , eerie__dat_blue_furry_wolf__by_np_nsponge1997-dauq.png )
My waifu gets at least two pieces of fanart a month, but they're /all/ complete shit. I have higher standards than most when it comes to fanart. And by that I don't mean I expect french academic paintings, just that I don't like any artistic liberties whatsoever to be taken and I want the anatomy drawn exactly as is seen in his show; I'll accept only on-model shit.

This is the one and only thing close, haha. Other people don't even bother to look at refs. If I made an average piece of fanart monochrome, Eerie would be unidentifiable; the colors are the only defining feature most faggots give him.
You have no idea how happy I am about this stupid DeviantArt headshot. Finally I have something other than official stuff. I'm thinking of having it printed onto a t-shirt.
>> No. 20343 [Edit]
Make sure you make backups of your waifu pictures particualrly if they are requests or obscure/hard to find. I nearly lost this picture >>17610 and I also lost the original sketch for it which I liked better.
>> No. 20599 [Edit]
File 150120932518.png - (811.40KB , 900x932 , 220c7bc768089fa0cd5d0ad1f5a3d5d9.png )

File 133137121242.jpg - (63.03KB , 489x629 , nazi Asuka.jpg )
8705 No. 8705 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
ITT: Random /mai/-related posts... Share your daily waifu experience.

I'll start:

Since I've become so politically incorrect in every aspect, the other day I was watching fake-colored restored videos of the Third Reich days (the Zeppelin Field and old Hitler's discourses, actually interesting), and I got stuck around the subject of racial supremacy. I, to say it from the begining, by no means could consider myself belonging to a superior race, not physically, nor intellectually; but, if you allow me this time to consider the very best of germanic and japanese people (mostly from the north) as such, I arrived to the next conclusion: mai waifu is the perfect sample, as a combination, of such superior races.

She has red/auburn/strawberry-blond (germanic) but straight (japanese) hair. She has pure blue (germanic) but slightly and beautifuly slanted (japanese) eyes. She has pale and lively (germanic) skin, but wich is all the same fair, smooth-faced and with no freckles or spots at all (japanese). She has a straight pointy nose and a strong chin (germanic), signs of aristocracy and character, but over a likely childish and innocent (japanese) face. She displays some precocious feminine exuberance (germanic) alright, but her general built is overall ectomorph: thigh and compact, likely short but with very low fat rate and proportionally long limbs (japanese). She possess, no doubt about it, the straightforwardness of her scientific/rational/empirical occidental background (germanic), at wich she, as a prodigy child, excels (greek arete: excellence, virtue, daring, bravery, conquest; occidental->germanic); but, ultimately, she heavily grounds her ethics around values such as honor and shame (japanese)...

So, quite indisputably for my own standards, and as far as the eyes of my homunculus being can see, I actually have as my beloved and companion the finest lady on Earth. And it's all mine... undeserving lucky bastard.
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>> No. 20476 [Edit]
File 149412705330.jpg - (81.39KB , 635x900 , 1395647849772.jpg )
Started reading the novel series mai waifu is from. It's nice to get exposed to her personality. It's kind of like interacting with her in a way. I'm only a chapter in, but I'm able to notice many details that were left out from the anime. It's nice that there are some illustrations worked in with the text. Despite the fan translation not quite being 100% perfect (some periods missing and such) I can tell it is well written. I'm finding myself imagining in detail what I'm reading about which I think is a sign of a good book. I love Horo!!!
>> No. 20477 [Edit]
Learning more about one's waifu is always an infinitely rewarding experience. I don't know if it's the same for you but to me every time I learn something new, it's like falling in love all over again.
>> No. 20481 [Edit]
File 149424023032.png - (681.10KB , 727x410 , brute.png )
Someone on /so/ asked what the happiest moment of our lives were, and mine was better suited for /mai/ so here goes.

I was outside smoking a year ago. I always smoked Camel Crush Fresh, they were my favorite.
I never have time for introspection. I'm too wrapped up in all of my hobbies and reading internet posts to ever really stop and think about much of anything. I couldn't even think when I was outside smoking, either. You'd assume that'd be the time I would think the most, away from electronics and being relaxed by the nicotine. But it's not the case. I'm very anxious, so much so that not even cigarettes stop it, only make it worse sometimes, and you combine that with heavy doses of caffeine and sleep deprivation and you have something nearing paranoid-schizophrenia. Every distant figure or car that passed by I thought was out to get me. Every noise made me jump.

But that time was different for some reason. That time I completely ignored my surroundings, I loosened myself and found zen, and I thought for the first time in months. Pure thought of my own, with no external influences.
I thought about Eerie, and how much I love him.
I thought about his perfect smile.
I thought about how happy he makes me and I regretted not spending more time with him. I wished I could smash my computer that was splitting us apart.
I thought about how when I die, Eerie dies, too. I don't have much time.
And I became aware of the cigarette burning in my hand I was puffing on, and I felt very ashamed of myself for taking time off my lifespan. Time that should be devoted fully to my wife.
I pulled my pack out of my pocket, and I threw it into the trashcan, and this gesture had a lot of meaning to me, like I was being reborn, and I started crying hysterically from happiness and felt elated for the rest of the day. I remember my mom saw me in the hallway and I must have looked like a mental patient, I was bobbing up and down and shaking violently and tears were streaming down my face and she grew very worried and asked me what the fuck I was doing. And I tried to share with her how happy I was to live anew with Eerie, which came out as gibberish, but she got the idea that the tears were from happiness and not a sign I was going to hurt myself so she uncomfortably re
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 20598 [Edit]
File 150046984286.jpg - (275.36KB , 1600x900 , 109400_screenshots_2013-04-10_00001.jpg )
Found some tohno pictures.

File 149923680785.jpg - (693.22KB , 2048x1152 , KHWgSbR.jpg )
20582 No. 20582 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you shared a meal with your waifu recently?
>> No. 20583 [Edit]
In a public restaurant certainly no
>> No. 20597 [Edit]
Every meal I eat is shared with her.

File 149914238819.jpg - (81.47KB , 630x630 , e5a2e04da9398c838f1620cf0046346ec42ba417.jpg )
20573 No. 20573 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What kind of food does your waifu like the most?
8 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20588 [Edit]
yukine chris, senki zesshou symphogear
>> No. 20590 [Edit]
Ah, my mistake.
>> No. 20591 [Edit]
File 149938338528.jpg - (93.73KB , 830x1500 , c49357197c4b12c517c6aba9aaaad0f4.jpg )
Chocolate and other sweets, mostly.
>> No. 20596 [Edit]
File 149970509033.jpg - (86.01KB , 600x800 , pixiv56741306.jpg )
Her favorite foods are omurice and seafood noodles, but her favorite recipe to make for others is pancakes!! She loves having them with honey~

File 149795313890.jpg - (100.75KB , 682x512 , FHO0Q0G5H3NRA3VU859406KW5J6DAC1C_0.jpg )
20551 No. 20551 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Colourize you're waifu

5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20559 [Edit]
It's basically this:
-Upload a black and white sketch
-Dot some colors in areas that should be that color
-When you're done press the button and the computer will fill in the colors for you.
>> No. 20560 [Edit]
Theres a more complicated editor in japanese.

I was trying to figure out how to use custom colours.
>> No. 20592 [Edit]
File 149938354593.jpg - (74.36KB , 512x704 , MQ6SYE3FBX241F2TUBIN7EMHHRLLPT7L_0.jpg )
Old one I colourized many months ago
>> No. 20593 [Edit]
File 149940527525.jpg - (136.89KB , 512x773 , H2JWJNXMIDJ3QD4NTB3QNIE2SLFOHN42_0.jpg )
Not too bad I guess

File 144524484581.png - (702.04KB , 709x2268 , dakimakura.png )
19044 No. 19044 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are you experiences with getting things related to your waifu custom made?

Currently I'm in the process of finally getting a daki made after managing to find a decent artist with reasonable prices. Final product should be done in about a week.

If anyone's interested/curious the artist can be found here http://53c.deviantart.com/
28 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20525 [Edit]
File 149699364363.png - (1.62MB , 1280x1105 , commission__minagi_by_eventh7-dbbdpkx.png )
Two years back I tried to get a daki commission with this artist who's skill and style seemed like it would be ideal, but even after accepting the commission decided to stop responding and ignore my messages (as mentioned here >>19050 ). Well a couple months ago I noticed them post some new work and thought "why not?" and messaged them again. As before they agreed to do it, but then started taking longer and longer to respond to each message. So I addressed the issue, and they claimed they were sick, in and out of hospitals and so on for the past two years. People I've talked to say artists do this sort of thing all the time when they don't want to be honest and just admit they're feeling lazy and don't want to work on something. If their story is true though, it makes me feel sorry for them.
Anyways, we worked things out and while it took some time this was the end result. I also made a bit of a mistake before thinking it was $90 for the whole thing, it was per side actually. Guy did give me a discount for the whole two year wait thing though and just charged me $140.

>> No. 20526 [Edit]
very nice
>> No. 20530 [Edit]
I've thought about it, and considering my finances and generally how my lady would make eyebrows raise and judgments form from artists who don't get it; it's not something that I think I'm capable of doing with my present level of anxiety. I've strongly considered getting a 'half-daki' though, so commissioning a torso+head of her, and getting it printed onto a regular sized pillow. This also has the advantage of me not needing to go out and buy a body pillow, and being easier to hide from the judgmental eyes of family that I live with.
>> No. 20589 [Edit]
File 149931967680.jpg - (3.86MB , 3038x4000 , ax 2017.jpg )
Got this drawn recently. Artist is kidakat I believe.

File 134618105866.jpg - (108.51KB , 800x698 , FkCnV.jpg )
10182 No. 10182 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Are there any misunderstandings, misinterpretations, fallacies or rude thoughts people have about your waifu that make you angry?

A lot of people seem to think Konata is stupid. A lot of the shitty demotivational poster image macros people make of her either make light on her perceived "super-nerdiness" or make insinuations that she is stupid or reckless. 

I feel this is far from the truth. Konata does hold loosely the "boke" role to Kagami's tsukkomi, however, this role doesn't necessarily mean she is "stupid," it's just a comic role she adopts in the spirit of prescribed Japanese comedy. Konata knows how to budget her time in a way that she can do things she loves while also getting what she wants out of schooling.

Konata enjoys life and has a lot of fun. She is a happy person. She does however lack the drive to do homework. She's not dumb. She's just utilising Kagami as a friend, Kagami could easily just flat out reject her.

Also seeing people say things like "oh I never noticed her eyes are green" pisses me off. 
84 posts and 37 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19403 [Edit]
File 145293596215.jpg - (329.33KB , 800x800 , 10151217_p0.jpg )
I don't get these problems with erotic works of one's waifu... Of course you have imagined how she'd act in bed, right? Now, it might be enough to only imagine it, but then again, if your imagination is so strong, why's your waifu someone else's creation to begin with? Even without self-inserting, seeing the lewd faces she makes and her beautiful naked body is refreshing.

The only and very slight irritation I suffer is when clearly gifted artists draw her with no concern to her character. To them she's just the girl with the horn and titties. The best art (n/sfw) is drawn by people who specialize in lewd pieces. This is because there is little incentive to "draw all 2hus" or whatever else that disregards her character when all they want is good porn. They could pick any girl, and those who pick Yuugi usually have something they like about her as a character (because, you know, you can draw massive tits on pretty much anyone).
>> No. 19659 [Edit]
File 145691590824.jpg - (250.59KB , 564x450 , Haruhiawithbear.jpg )
I can't stand it when people call her a bitch it makes me so mad that people can't understand her personality.
>> No. 20135 [Edit]
File 148266489810.png - (376.57KB , 1024x1024 , 1466655976091.png )
I have constantly had to deal with pretty much everyone insisting that she is evil, that she is nothing but a murderer, that she is irredeemable, that she doesn't deserve to be saved, et cetera. It's a completely one-dimensional perspective of her, and reeks of ignorance. Most of the people who say that sort of stuff haven't even seen the parts of the source material that she's actually present in.
I don't really bother with those people anymore, though. It's not worth my time. I know that I can't really change their minds about her, just like they can't change my mind about her.

Something else that really annoys me is artists who draw her with the wrong eye color. I've seen her drawn with black, grey, green, and even blue eyes. I have nothing against those colors, but it's just not Chara's eyes. Canonically, they're always either a very dark reddish brown, like her hair, or bright red. Most artists draw them red.
Wrong hair color annoys me even more. Her hair is canonically auburn. Dark, and somewhere between red and brown. Plenty of artists draw it plain brown, which is acceptable. Some others draw it red, which I am also okay with. I've seen a few artists draw it black, though, which is very wrong.
Worst of all, however, are the artists who draw it orange, and there are many of them. I don't understand why they do it! It's not orange! Stop this madness immediately!
>> No. 20570 [Edit]
File 149849344719.jpg - (147.66KB , 1273x595 , 2016-11-08_170245.jpg )
I have the reverse of your Konata problem.
Eerie is a retard. I like him that way, just the way he is. He's a "primal" man, the creators used that word themselves to describe him.
Yet, a lot of fanart paints him as this verbose, down to earth guy giving life advice, wearing fucking formal business suits, dramatically buttoning the sleeve cuffs looking all sophisticated.
He's also only 16 years old, and a lot of this type of psychiatrist looking Eerie fanart increases his height a lot and gives him more matured features, raising his age by anywhere between 10 and 30 years.
It's the total opposite of Eerie. I don't even know how they think of this stuff. It would be understandable if it was a one off thing, but this is like 15% of the fanart does this! It's not done in the name of irony, this is how they actually see him, somehow.

Even worse than that interpretation is people who project their disgusting hyper homosexual and transgender afflictions onto him, or are, again, just plain ignorant of Eerie's fundamentals as a character.
While Eerie's physically 16, he's intellectually somewhere around 8~. Extremely immature. And I think these people, not seeing that, are instead equating his chipper body language to flaming faggotry.
He's not a faggot! He's an energetic, happy kid with no discipline or social awareness. He beats the shit out of people and excels in sports much more often than he does flamboyant spontaneous dances, anyway.

Eerie has crossdressed twice in the show. Once was to humor his roommate's game and make her happy (he was not on board with this at all and initially threw her costumes away in retaliation), and the second time was part of a scheme to force his way into a fortress with heavy defenses that required a disguise.
These both had clear motivations. It's not something he just does for fucking fun or because he's mentally ill.
Plus--and I've said this before already in another post--Koreans, all Asians, really, find crossdressing absolutely hilarious. Trannies are modern clowns there: there are comedy shows done on stage where the one and only joke is "the man is dressed like a woman". Moreover, the more masculine the man crossdressing is, the funnier it is, so in a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 148956160476.png - (390.69KB , 683x591 , waterfox_2017-03-14_23-42-20.png )
20337 No. 20337 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Are there any vloggers that discuss waifuism seriously? Why's it always text? I look around YouTube and see nothing but tumblr faggots who either aren't waifuists themselves and are just speculating and having a laugh, or have 6 "waifus" they collect and dump later like trading cards, or are loyal to one waifu but have a very shallow relationship with them and a 3D succubus as their main.
Aren't there any genuine waifuists who document their relationships at length via video? I'd really like to watch.

I started a channel myself because I wanted to be a pioneer and set an example for the tumblr faggots, but my relationship is much too bumpy, I typically have nothing positive to say, it's embarrassing, I cancelled it very quickly.
27 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20564 [Edit]
That video is diluted cancer and everything about it production-wise is grating to be subjected to. Content-wise is mostly garbage, but the poster above me already covered that.

I recommend anyone to avoid this video. If you have a waifu it will annoy you for his point of view; if you don't, for the way it's made.
>> No. 20565 [Edit]
I don't give no fuck what some cretin on youtube says. They say stuff that normies will watch and that gives them money
>> No. 20569 [Edit]
The concept of "waifus" has actually been referenced in a couple different anime about otaku. However, they always use the term "yome", rather than "waifu", so I'd wager that "waifu" is Western in origin, even more, they will NEVER use "yome" for a western made character.

The waifu meme is derived from a joke in Azumanga Daioh, but makes no mention of the term coming from the Japanese anime/otaku community, in-universe he was talking about his "real" wife, but it was a play on the english classes they take.

The best we can hope is for someone in the Japanese Otaku community to confirm or unconfirm this.
>> No. 20572 [Edit]
i think you posted in the wrong thread

File 149841552968.png - (264.78KB , 700x394 , akunohana.png )
20566 No. 20566 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you ever gotten into a verbal fight, or even cut ties with someone very close to you due to them insulting your waifu?

Tell your story here.

For those of you who aren't public enough about your waifu for anyone to insult you about it in the first place, why not describe to us theoretically how much offense towards her you would endure before doing something about it. Would there be a clear line drawn? What would that line be? A single ad-hominem? Years of build up?

If you just plain don't care if someone shits on your waifu, you can tell us your philosophy about that, too.

Post edited on 25th Jun 2017, 11:45am
>> No. 20567 [Edit]
I used to get mad. But then I realized how autistic it made me look. So I stopped caring, but it doesn't matter because everyone already thinks I'm a fucking faggot.
>> No. 20568 [Edit]
Here's a related thread that might be interesting to you: http://tohno-chan.com/mai/res/10182.html

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