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File 161563453738.jpg - (363.86KB , 880x670 , 3d99490c49dfdb5603ac5d6e6265feb4.jpg )
21627 No. 21627 [Edit]
Have you ever had any past waifus? Waifus you broke up with before you eventually met "the one"? How did they differ from your current waifu? What was the relationship like back then? What made you break up with her? How did you feel then and how do you feel about it now? Do you have any regrets, are you happy it all happened, or are there things you wish were different? Did you learn anything going forward? Did you gain anything from the experience? Are you better or worse off without her?

Do you miss her?

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>> No. 21634 [Edit]
There was this period of about 7 years where I waifued Nonon Jakuzure. It wasn't very involved beyond this obligation drive and a net of retarded social connections that came with posting.
It wasn't a real relationship. I would have her in the back of my mind like a manifestation of my Ego or something, but more than anything else she was flavour.
I finally watched a certain movie for a certain series wherein afterwards I was left with a genuine spiritual emptiness. It was physiological. Religious, even. I don't want to blogpost too much, but that was the moment that I found my waifu, and dropped Nonon. The only thing I miss is the feeling of "authenticity" for having been associated with Nonon for so long.
>> No. 21750 [Edit]
File 165305957646.jpg - (229.26KB , 1920x1080 , Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - 11 (BD AVC 192.jpg )
(I hope this board is alive) My first waifu was different, but they both have yellow eyes I like so much. That was a good time and I'm happy I met her. We broke up because, well, she is much much older than me (she is immortal), she never stays at one place for really long, she just gone, our time was spent.
>> No. 21753 [Edit]
yeah, this board's still alive. I'm sad to hear that - but it's important that both go their own way in a relationship, because a real relationship is when those two ways, by chance, follow the same path.
>> No. 21754 [Edit]
I really love yellow eyes too, they're my favorite of all time. My waifu has yellow eyes as well, and I always make all my customizable characters in games have yellow eyes.
I've never seen someone else who likes them as well, so I wanted to tell you heh. You're cool.

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