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File 161563453738.jpg - (363.86KB , 880x670 , 3d99490c49dfdb5603ac5d6e6265feb4.jpg )
21627 No. 21627 [Edit]
Have you ever had any past waifus? Waifus you broke up with before you eventually met "the one"? How did they differ from your current waifu? What was the relationship like back then? What made you break up with her? How did you feel then and how do you feel about it now? Do you have any regrets, are you happy it all happened, or are there things you wish were different? Did you learn anything going forward? Did you gain anything from the experience? Are you better or worse off without her?

Do you miss her?

Post edited on 13th Mar 2021, 3:43am
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>> No. 21634 [Edit]
There was this period of about 7 years where I waifued Nonon Jakuzure. It wasn't very involved beyond this obligation drive and a net of retarded social connections that came with posting.
It wasn't a real relationship. I would have her in the back of my mind like a manifestation of my Ego or something, but more than anything else she was flavour.
I finally watched a certain movie for a certain series wherein afterwards I was left with a genuine spiritual emptiness. It was physiological. Religious, even. I don't want to blogpost too much, but that was the moment that I found my waifu, and dropped Nonon. The only thing I miss is the feeling of "authenticity" for having been associated with Nonon for so long.
>> No. 21750 [Edit]
File 165305957646.jpg - (229.26KB , 1920x1080 , Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - 11 (BD AVC 192.jpg )
(I hope this board is alive) My first waifu was different, but they both have yellow eyes I like so much. That was a good time and I'm happy I met her. We broke up because, well, she is much much older than me (she is immortal), she never stays at one place for really long, she just gone, our time was spent.
>> No. 21753 [Edit]
yeah, this board's still alive. I'm sad to hear that - but it's important that both go their own way in a relationship, because a real relationship is when those two ways, by chance, follow the same path.
>> No. 21754 [Edit]
I really love yellow eyes too, they're my favorite of all time. My waifu has yellow eyes as well, and I always make all my customizable characters in games have yellow eyes.
I've never seen someone else who likes them as well, so I wanted to tell you heh. You're cool.
>> No. 21756 [Edit]
File 165701851424.png - (201.22KB , 386x906 , 1657014468517.png )
For the entirety of eleventh grade and a little while before, I really liked Madoka. Went pretty far. I remember closing my eyes while walking outside, imagining her walking with me, and the sad but funny part is that I teared up when I opened my eyes back up once, lol. I thought about her pretty much all day, every day. Got me through school, which is cool, still have my notebook somewhere with a bunch of embarrassing stuff written down. I also had this thing where I had to say out loud that I love her and she loves me every couple or so minutes, or I just didn't feel right for some reason. The feeling is what I'd compare to, imagine seeing a crooked picture and being so annoyed that you can't help but fix it, no matter what. It'd dwell within you if you didn't straighten that picture. Oh and, yeah, even while I was outside. And in class.
I'd figured that I'd love her and do this for the rest of my life, but, one day, I just simply got bored. Don't know why. Maybe I burned myself out on her? I mean, I avatared with her on every board I went to, thought about her so much, looked at her a lot, and I did this for pretty long. Maybe some things that happened were a factor. But I don't know, I just don't feel that same affection as I used to when I look and think about her, now. I'm still totally okay with her, but it'd just be forcing myself rather than having fun if I committed myself, now. So, yeah, just bored. I feel unloyal because of that.
>> No. 21757 [Edit]
File 16570811009.jpg - (85.13KB , 200x200 , Win2K.jpg )
Not exactly what I'd consider a waifu or ex-waifu, but 2k-tan was the nearest thing to that before my current waifu. It was mostly just finding the character design a bit appealing back when I was still new to.. all of this. What can I say, there's just something about megane and blue bobcuts that I like. The smart and responsible personality type that got attached to the character didn't hurt. Nothing really came of it though, at most I bought a cheap little figure of the character to keep with my pc. I can't really call it a breakup since there wasn't much to break up from. Less waifu and more just really liking a character for a time. A friendo rather than a waifu, if you will.
>> No. 21806 [Edit]
I only had two waifus, and both of their relationships ended in heartbreak. Eden from MGQ was the first waifu I fell in love with; I'm not sure why, but it just happened. Unfortunately, she was from a porn game, and my insecurity about her having sex scenes began to take a mental toll on me, so I fell out of love with her. The second one was from Sekai Oni. Her name was Lukyon. She was almost perfect, but my obsession with her virginity ruined my love for her. It started with me simply asking Okabe whether Lukyon was a virgin or not. He replied with a big NO. This caused me to have a mental breakdown over than.
>> No. 21807 [Edit]
I'm not proud to admit this since she's from a shitty western multiplayer game, but my first and only "waifu" was Nami from League of Legends. I thought she was really cute and really liked her gameplay, so I was semi-dedicated to maining her for while after she was initially released. I ended up losing interest in playing her in lieu of other characters at some point, but she still held a special place in my heart even after that. Eventually I stopped playing LoL completely and gradually just stopped caring about her. I began to understand how legitimately terrible her game was after spending enough time away from it, so I ultimately got soured on her by extension, since I associate her with a pretty negative period of my youth. I know there are people that have waifus from properties they otherwise dislike, so I doubt I was ever really that serious about her to begin with, hence why I say "waifu" in quotations. I don't think I was/am particularly serious about waifuism in general either, since I've never really made any effort to find a new once since her, which might be ironic given what site I'm posting this on. She is still something that I look back on somewhat fondly every once in a while, despite being from something that I now detest, and I do kind of miss having a character to associate with myself.
>> No. 21899 [Edit]
File 170111371338.jpg - (95.79KB , 992x1035 , 195558.jpg )
I feel empty without her. The reason I broke was because of my own stupidity: I asked the creator of the manga if she was virgin, and he replied no, but when I asked him again why she was not virgin, he replied yes. This deeply hurts my feelings for her. I just can't look at her the same way, and I can't stop thinking about this. I just want to turn back time and prevent myself from asking him. I fucking hate myself every day for this. I feel like no matter what, I will never find the one because I feel like she was the one. My heart longs for me to return to her, but I just can't. I really take purityfagging too far, and I don't think that will change. But I really want to go back to her because I feel like no other girl will have the same feelings as her. I feel like maybe, if I ask him again, he will say yes. I am also thinking of using the ladder experiment to help me get the answer I desire. I just want to fix my mistakes and be with her again.
>> No. 21900 [Edit]
Are you the same anon?
>> No. 21901 [Edit]
File 170119414327.jpg - (45.41KB , 399x427 , Cute.jpg )
>> No. 21902 [Edit]
File 170138771011.jpg - (52.78KB , 592x458 , Hahahahaha.jpg )
I really don't know what to do at this point. I feel like no other anime girl will ever touch my heart, like she is truly special. I feel like I tainted her, and I want her to become untainted again. I just wish I never asked in the first place, but it's too late. The only way to change it is by asking the manga artist again. His first answer was no, but I asked him why she was not a virgin. He replied yes, and I think I should ask him again. Do you think I should ask him again?
>> No. 21903 [Edit]
No, you shouldn't. Don't be a nuisance. Find something else to take interest in.
>> No. 21904 [Edit]
you'd only hate yourself more later if you did.
>> No. 21905 [Edit]
File 170144517168.jpg - (1.05MB , 2207x2437 , 20231127_192413.jpg )
You are kind of off right, but I did ask him a second this time. Instead of English in Japanese, the big problem was that it was not very understandable, and well, he simply said, Just what?

I definitely think if I asked him, he would probably just straight up block me, but I really can't shake the feeling of regret. I just can't, but I'm sure if I want to get hurt again,
Yeah, I really need to stop thinking about this mistake almost every day. It's something that makes me hate myself.
>> No. 21906 [Edit]
I looked up the character, Lukyon, and she's like a Chesire cat demon, than may or may not be actually real, and she's covered in bruises and burn marks from her boss beating her up. Under what circumstances, would she lose her virginity? It seems kind of absurd to me, and maybe the author feels the same way.
>> No. 21908 [Edit]
it possible than seshio raped her similar to how azuma got raped by her uncle
>> No. 21909 [Edit]
but it is highly unlikely that Seshio raped her.
>> No. 21910 [Edit]
But then why did he say no?
>> No. 21911 [Edit]
File 170162274311.png - (192.35KB , 974x821 , 1664984567876.png )
My best guess was that he was having a bad day or that he didn't understand.

But I really can't get his answer out of my head. I feel like his answer has forever ruined my perception of Lukyon, and the only way to fix it is by asking him again. However, I probably will get a far worse answer; I really can't decide what I will eventually have to do.

Also, sorry for making this threat about all the problems; I should have made a separate one.
>> No. 21912 [Edit]
Even if he gave you a different answer than the first time, you'd still have a nagging suspicion he "lied" to appease you. In canon, she's dead anyway, so you already changed something about her in your head.
>> No. 21913 [Edit]
File 170204978261.jpg - (195.28KB , 711x690 , 20231127_191317.jpg )
I guess you are sort of off right, but I would rather have him appease me than live with his preconceived answer than he told me.

I am not sure; I have to think very deeply about what I am going through. Thanks for your help, guys.

Also, I think this conversation went a bit far.
>> No. 21920 [Edit]
File 170326097650.png - (10.50KB , 549x513 , there is still hope for her.png )
For this Christmas, I just hope my wish for her to be pure becomes true.
>> No. 21931 [Edit]
My first waifu was Reimu Hakurei and i sorta miss her?
>> No. 21935 [Edit]
File 170406115346.jpg - (293.87KB , 2048x1530 , 20231217_161001.jpg )
happy new year guys
>> No. 21936 [Edit]
File 170406645255.gif - (3.85MB , 2800x1700 , 868885b1fb35afcc5248f12e7517f3fa.gif )
Happy new years!

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