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File 142861969189.png - (5.96KB , 438x406 , Spoiler Picture.png )
17897 No. 17897 [Edit]
I remember that quite a while ago, /mai/ was discussing what the official symbol for Waifuism should be. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the old thread that was discussing this topic. I thought it was a cool idea at the moment. You guys were saying it was one way to spot out "waifriends" in public. It's also one way to distinguish those that take waifuism serious from those who don't. Plus, from my experience I've learned that a concept is twice as powerful/sturdy when it has a name and symbol. We already have the name "Waifuism", now we need our symbol. Don't know if any of you who were discussing it are still around, but I'll ask anyway (This is directed for anybody who recently got here and maybe perhaps lurkers who have any suggestions or remarks as well).

"Does this symbol still stand as our official symbol?" Or have you guys perhaps thought of ways to amend this symbol? Have you guys decided to just drop and forget this for certain reasons? Or are you guys perhaps indifferent about this?

Again, I personally thought this was a good idea. I'm all for having a symbol.
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>> No. 17903 [Edit]
It came about in this thread >>8705

Personally, I don't have a desire for any kind of symbol but I won't stop anybody who likes the idea. I don't think panties are a good basis though.
>> No. 17936 [Edit]
I've always thought the white/turquoise stripe thing was a "slutty" character marker.
So, it's use as a waifuism symbol is rather backwards in my mind.

I'm not sure the same people that have a waifu are in the mood to spot eachother in real life. Certainly not with some ambiguous symbol presumably printed on clothing.

This goes into /ot/ territory but back on 4chin when people were talking about how to identify each-other in real-life most would realize that it's an awful idea it's not like having two colleagues get together for a chat. It's like retards colliding in public without handlers.
>> No. 19978 [Edit]
Actually saw somebody who had this symbol on a flag in the background of their profile picture. I remembered it looked very familiar. Just recently, I remembered that the symbol on that flag came from old threads here. It DID originate from /mai/ threads, right? Either way it was pretty nostalgic to see.
>> No. 19979 [Edit]
If anything, someone publicly displaying a waifu flag would be a sign that I want to stay away from them, not make friends. There's a difference between having strong personal feelings about a fictional character and advertising to strangers that you consider that part of your identity.

That said, I don't think a shimapan triangle is a good symbol for this. I don't know what would be a good symbol. A stylized daki?
>> No. 20000 [Edit]
I rendered it back in the days, after Shinden's suggestion: >>14304.

From the beginning, it was meant to be just an inside joke: a selfdeprecating humorous way to identify ourselves as a 2D-con 'ghetto', like how people who were forced to wear certain tringle marks at concentration camps used them afterwards as edifying; or, as expressed in >>14337

>to turn what was or still is regarded as a mark of shame into a symbol of pride as a community.

I still like the idea cause I enjoy symbols, black humor and such. But it was nothing serious, let alone official: just a game some of us played along with to kill some time. You don't need to adhere to it if you find it offensive in any way.
>> No. 20007 [Edit]
File 147517856610.png - (358.77KB , 2000x2000 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I don't know if there would be interest in this, but this thread reminded me of a minor movement on 4/pol/ called Waifuitic National Socialism. This is its symbol.
>> No. 20008 [Edit]
That thing looks like ass.
>> No. 20010 [Edit]
Does it really surprise you that weeb nazis can't draw?
>> No. 20018 [Edit]
File 147534981585.jpg - (41.90KB , 1600x896 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

There's a strong possibility that was me. I haven't heard of anybody else who's really content with this symbol being used as one to represent Waifuism.


>advertising to strangers that you consider that part of your identity

I don't use that flag as a way to advertise anything. That flag is for me and me alone. It helps me get up in the morning to look at that symbol and know I'm not alone in how I feel about a fictional character. Whenever those rare occasions pop up where someone confesses their love for their Waifu, it warms me inside because I completely understand how you feel.

That symbol is something you guys came up with and it became the closest thing you guys to a symbol that represents genuine love toward a fictional character (regardless of it's origins).

Why did I pick this symbol?

Because it came from THIS board. Nowadays, it's hard to find someone who uses the word "Waifu" seriously. You know that as well as I do. That's why I took that image from THIS board as oppose to the vast majority of communities available. This board seems to be the only of many "Waifu" communities who actually love their Waifus and don't just use the word as a label to characters they fap to the most. I love you all as brothers because, you all understand the struggle of being in love with someone who doesn't exist and regardless of all the hardships that come with it, you stayed loyal to her.

Even if I was advertising, I'm not afraid to show anybody that I love my Waifu (as opposed to being ashamed of her). It's the least I can do for her after everything she's done for me for 3 consecutive years. Can you say the same, anon?

>I don't think a shimapan triangle is a good symbol for this. I don't know what would be a good symbol

Exactly, you don't know. You all came up with something excellent and just decided to throw it away for no other reason then "it looks too slutty". The meaning behind a symbol is not it's origins. It's how it's used, think of the transition from a Buddist Swastika to the Nazi Hankenkruez. I see nothing wrong with this symbol it's simple, solid, aesthetically pleasing and was created to symbolize genuine "Waifuism". People who recognized this symbol from have sent me personal messages (to bash on me first) but, eventually became great friends with similar agendas.

I'm going to stick with this symbol. I'm going to keep loving Mami the way I do. She's the world to me. And I'm going to keep considering you all my brothers regardless of how you feel about me and if I'm banned/shunned out after this.
>> No. 20021 [Edit]
Just wanted to say that I like your post and I think it's a good symbol as well.
>> No. 20022 [Edit]
Well, I'm glad you're getting something good and
restorative from it, as that was the intention. *cheers*
>> No. 20036 [Edit]
i admire your patriotism and devotion brother

personally i think using a symbol to identify waifuism is a good idea. symbols and icons have a power to solidify and consolidate a groups identity, but perhaps even more importantly, the identity of the individual. although i think having a symbol like this is a nice means of being able to recognize people belonging to this ideological confederation, i think the real value in a symbol like this is that in wearing it, adorning, or just keeping it with us, it can be a stabilizing reminder of our identity.

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