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File 141015362542.jpg - (99.91KB , 598x770 , 936b22d2d96e3f47f8975d6ea1816715.jpg )
16564 No. 16564 [Edit]
What are some cute little fantasies that you have about your waifu?

I want to get a ridiculously big hoodie with a zipper, and zip the two of us up inside of it and just be comfy for hours.
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>> No. 16565 [Edit]
I want to spend a whole lazy summer day with her, just doing absolutely nothing.

We'd sleep in, stay in bed cuddling, only getting up to have lunch. Then we'd just laze around, watching TV, talking and snuggling, maybe even taking another nap late afternoon.

It'd be such an unproductive day, but once in a while it could be really relaxing. Especially when spent with the one you love the most.
>> No. 16566 [Edit]
File 141019219839.jpg - (857.46KB , 720x960 , 23559e00e8bdce507b9f900c31bfaff8.jpg )
I mostly fantasize about insignificant day to day activities, things like cooking dinner, watching movies, tending to the yard. Small stuff adds up to a lot.
>> No. 16567 [Edit]
File 141019397784.jpg - (319.44KB , 730x880 , 1d95183ec6bcb3325c1a7e72474f2ad3.jpg )
Playing video games, watching cable TV and, when we're hungry, tuna and eggs will keep us alive.
>> No. 16568 [Edit]
File 141019557569.jpg - (181.29KB , 850x479 , sample-ac87bb2ea912a2beb90a3164b76e9c9b.jpg )
Taking a nice walk through a rural trail through fields and forest and whatnot on a nice day. We could talk the whole way until we've reached... wherever we want.
>> No. 16569 [Edit]
File 141020073530.jpg - (277.24KB , 1496x2095 , 26652761.jpg )
I imagine the two of us living together in a cabin in the middle of some vast grassy plain. There's a wooded brook nearby, and a small hill with a tree upon it where we lay together and watch the stars. Of course, I cook for her with fish that we catch, vegetables from our garden, or whatever game I can kill.

I also like to imagine sparring with her and us training together, with her teaching me things like horseback riding, hunting, tilting, and swordsmanship.
>> No. 16570 [Edit]
File 141020570582.jpg - (338.78KB , 1125x1125 , 1380669283400.jpg )
Going to a renaissance fest and watching her attempt to fit a giant turkey leg in her mouth.
>> No. 16571 [Edit]
File 141022283828.jpg - (223.83KB , 1000x753 , 1401609045187.jpg )
I want to wake up on a cold morning with her wrapped up around me
>> No. 16573 [Edit]
File 141030833741.png - (568.83KB , 597x571 , 1409970309541.png )
Too many to count, although recently I've thought about what it would be like to live in the wilderness with her.
>> No. 16576 [Edit]
File 141033149774.jpg - (144.09KB , 561x748 , 1285736424487.jpg )
I often fantasize about being first to wake up in the morning and cook a nice meal for her. The scent of the food wakes her up and she comes over to the kitchen and, while I'm focused on cooking, surprises me with a good morning kiss, her hair still a mess and eyes barely open.
>> No. 16585 [Edit]
File 141042934027.jpg - (85.96KB , 859x1280 , 1387068919479.jpg )
I like imagining taking her to library and seeing her emotions subtly spike a bit as she gets lost in the books. I'd also love to play games with her and probably get my ass handed to me.
>> No. 16588 [Edit]
File 141049938418.jpg - (96.57KB , 499x800 , 100000000064.jpg )
Quite a few, but the one I have most often is simply one of falling asleep with her while we hold each other gently. I imagine it almost every night; the thought of sharing my bed every night with her gives me a very pleasant, warm feeling.
>> No. 16593 [Edit]
Falling asleep with my waifu in my arms, or just holding hands really.
>> No. 16595 [Edit]
File 141072411877.gif - (610.30KB , 480x270 , yall about to lose your mind.gif )
It might sound silly, but I really enjoy this one.

I imagine us both dancing like idiots for hours while carrying a boombox (on full blast, baby) around a city.

Then we would challenge everyone we could to a duel of dance skills. It would turn out badly at first, and we would fail a lot but laugh at each other and have a good time.

I always fancy that we could win over some people and they would join us to eventually dance the night away.
>> No. 16642 [Edit]
File 141110743083.jpg - (475.99KB , 900x1071 , くろとら - 桜色のフリフリいおりん -.jpg )
That sounds too fun and crazy, I would definitely ask Iori out for us to dance with you guys.
>> No. 16644 [Edit]
>pot leaf necklace
Is Yuki a stoner?
>> No. 16659 [Edit]
File 141132621996.jpg - (332.71KB , 1400x1050 , e1af649c80b0f974f36bd38a817fc7be.jpg )
I wonder how mushroom porridge and dried fish would sound to her. Would she like it?
>> No. 16660 [Edit]
File 141133299170.png - (278.32KB , 1000x1000 , sweets.png )
Lately I've been imagining how elated he'd be if he could have his legs back. His smile is precious.

Otherwise, lying down next to each other and talking. Just being in his presence, listening to his voice and taking in his scent. That would be great.
>> No. 16664 [Edit]
File 141135509949.jpg - (70.89KB , 768x432 , image.jpg )
This may sound weird to some, but I want to do psychedelics with mai waifu. I heard it can increase your bond if you do them with a loved one. Plus the random things she'd say would be adorable.
>> No. 16668 [Edit]
I've actually done that, once. It absolutely did increase our bond and was the best experience of my lifetime.
>> No. 16669 [Edit]
File 141149837948.png - (1.67MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot-2012-02-13-06h25m17s158.png )
I want to live with her in a small cabin, located in vast green meadows, a small world that exists just for the two of us. I want to wake up feeling her warmth every day, I want to fall asleep while embracing her. My greatest fantasy is me existing only to be with her, and her existing only to be with me. This is how imagine my afterlife.
>> No. 16671 [Edit]
File 141152258895.jpg - (53.97KB , 327x413 , Sako384.jpg )
Hugging her right after she gets out of the shower, the scent of her shampooy hair, her warm skin a bit damp still.
Coming home from work and finding her curled up on the couch taking a nap, and carrying her to bed with me.
Cracking a cheesy joke, and seeing her try to hide her smile.
Meeting eyes with her.
Going camping and sharing a sleeping bag with her.
Catching her singing and watching her get embarrassed.
>> No. 16672 [Edit]
Waking up together. I keep meaning to edit together an alarm sound file of his voice because I love picturing that we're waking up together with his hands on my hips holding me tight, giving me strength for the day ahead.
>> No. 16708 [Edit]
Introduce her to my mother. I mean somehow for real, not just pictures and the show. I don't know what would come out of this.
>> No. 16709 [Edit]
I don't think it'd be anything good
Mine would probably be very disappointed, even if she already knows I'm not interested in relationships.
>> No. 16711 [Edit]
Oh did you mean fantasizing she's real and introducing her to your mother?
>> No. 16719 [Edit]
I don't think that's a cannabis leaf.
>> No. 16720 [Edit]
Yes, exactly.
>> No. 16722 [Edit]
File 141242129429.jpg - (126.95KB , 568x800 , 1358294121977.jpg )
Not that guy and she isn't my waifu but l might as well contribute to the thread cause l like her a lot.

Why would you assume Nagato is a stoner for wearing a cannabis leaf necklace?

I know that could easily come to your head at first glance if it happens irl with a normal because western culture and mainstream media criminalize weed and/or portrays it as a brain-dead drug when there are people that actually smoke it for medical or spiritual purposes all over the world. And it's been like this for thousands of years prior to the prohibitional nonsense, knowing her character I think she wouldn't use it in a recreational way specifically.

Though it's still kinda weird to see anything marijuana related with Japan since they criminalize weed more than many other countries.
>> No. 16779 [Edit]
File 141311489580.png - (565.10KB , 800x1200 , 97602277b3e7dd588dd4086fd5fcc1e8.png )
I don't think its supposed to be a marijuana leaf, but I can't really confirm. I can't really see Yuki smoking though because I doubt it'd actually affect her. Alcohol doesn't in the novels. Also another fantasy I love to think about is just dancing with her. I don't know how to dance and I'd probably be shitty at it, but just dancing together and losing ourselves to the music sounds nice.
>> No. 17968 [Edit]
File 142892883456.jpg - (460.30KB , 800x566 , 45261064_big_p0.jpg )
getting Chinese food together, helping him grade papers, showing him my favorite movies and seeing his reaction to how weird some of them get.
>> No. 17969 [Edit]
I want to go to Vegas with Ian. We'd go to cheesy stage shows, gamble and party in a bunch of casinos and stay in a huge hotel room. At some point we'd decide to go get married in a weird little chapel and then go out and do whatever we wanted all night. I just want to go out to a huge city like that with him and act like a couple of idiots.

On a smaller scale, it would be nice to have a cheesy 80s movie night with him. We're both fond of "Earth Girls are Easy".
>> No. 17971 [Edit]
Perhaps my fantasies are too big and crazy. There's the usual stuff of traveling the world, but I'd also like to build entire civilizations with her with the help of our dark and ice minions -- just creating random stuff in a world with tons of magical potential and seeing how it all turns out I suppose. Preferably also living near forever since such projects would take centuries, and having some way to store all of the interesting memories.
>> No. 17973 [Edit]
Snuggling in bed with both her and the little Aeri. Foxfire is as adorable as her. Even if shes the same Aeri. It doesnt make sense yet it does in my head. *shrug*

I just want to be wrapped up in all the soft fluffy tails. My two foxes are way too cute.

Post edited on 13th Apr 2015, 9:55pm
>> No. 17976 [Edit]
My fantasies with Mayu tend to be all over the place. I always imagine I'm with her when I'm sitting on the bus going somewhere by myself. We just cuddle and chat to pass the time.

My "sitting at home" fantasies usually just involve living together sitting around. Sometimes I'll imagine us sitting under the stars at night looking up at the sky just taking in the scene. I also imagine just being outside on nature walks.

When I'm trying to sleep I imagine cuddling with her.
>> No. 17987 [Edit]
lately, i've been thinking a lot about taking showers with him and even though that's very tame it's still lewd enough to make me overload a little.
>> No. 17999 [Edit]
And I was thinking that I have high moral standards.
What is wrong with taking a shower together?
>> No. 18013 [Edit]
>> No. 18014 [Edit]
Nothing! It just keeps turning to sex in my head.
>> No. 18280 [Edit]
File 143357754793.jpg - (193.66KB , 976x1080 , 5fLaOwB.jpg )
Usually fantasize about the two of us living in a fairly secluded area, away from all that she's been through. Take long walks on a forest trail and talk and try my best to make her laugh and smile, or just stay home and play videogames together and get a garden started, at night I could bring out my telescope and stargaze with her or cuddle up in bed watching stuff on YT and fall asleep with her in my arms. I have found that the best way to spend time with her is with music, I can feel her with me when we both listen to some nice music.
>> No. 18284 [Edit]
File 143362593321.jpg - (61.62KB , 1600x900 , p34kBZq.jpg )
I'd like to cuddle in our bathrobes and drink tea together during a rainstorm.
>> No. 20239 [Edit]
File 148698024736.png - (2.05MB , 2000x2000 , 60228009_p0_p1.png )
I have sometimes thought about going to the arts festival in Athens with her, and seeing all the different venues and attractions there.

Really, there's lots of things I'd love to be able to do with her, if I had the chance. Mostly though, probably more than anything else, I just want to be able to hold her in my arms and tell her that everything will be okay.
>> No. 20267 [Edit]
File 148762143421.jpg - (183.15KB , 595x842 , Ion_food.jpg )
We bump arms passing by and meet each other face-to-face for the first time and cry a little that we were able to meet again despite the improbable odds.
>> No. 20279 [Edit]
I'd like to climb a grassy hill or a little mountain with her. We'd arrive to the top during a late summer's night, and lay down and look at the stars before setting up a tent and sleeping there.
>> No. 20307 [Edit]
File 148899052461.jpg - (1.14MB , 1024x683 , 16504031032_47971a255f_o.jpg )
Lately I've been browsing photos of landscapes and cityscapes imagining us there. Just walking around and not saying anything. Just the two of us enjoying nature and being together.
>> No. 20309 [Edit]
Not sure if it's cute to others, but I have a few reoccurring day dreams about her. One is where she sticks a tracking chip under my skin while passed out. She's a very possessive Android and wants to know where I am at all times.

Another is we are alone on a small spaceship, we are just drifting in an unknown galaxy. We lay on the bed cuddling and watch the stars together.
>> No. 20389 [Edit]
When you daydream about your waifu, do you imagine her in the 3D version of the world, or do you imagine you in the 2D version? Who comes to whom?
>> No. 20390 [Edit]
File 149067995626.jpg - (79.34KB , 728x827 , Ck3tfBLXEAAFSeL.jpg )
i don't really daydream that vividly. sorry.
>> No. 20391 [Edit]
Fair enough. I only ask because I sometimes imagine my life as a film or anime (I think a lot of people do this), but I don't actually have a waifu so I have no idea how I'd go about it.
I would've said that I would join her in the 2D world, but some of the pics that sad Russian was posting were pretty comfy so I don't know
>> No. 20392 [Edit]
File 149074808063.jpg - (321.57KB , 1280x934 , sleepy slavic anime.jpg )
meant to post image
>> No. 20393 [Edit]
File 149076060188.jpg - (112.47KB , 1000x1000 , Ckqm7PAUkAE0eAO.jpg )

cute photo.

i guess when i daydream about my waifu it's some weird mix of 2d and 3d. thinking about it too hard just makes it harder to think about
>> No. 20397 [Edit]
I have a few but this one is the dearest I think. It usually involves us just doing everyday things together as though we were living as a couple in her world. I'm unable to ride a horse in real life so often I'll also have her in the back of her saddle with me in front feeling her arms around me to stop me from falling off, an action that probably isn't necessary but she does it anyway because 'just what if, you know?', but I also think it's cute to imagine her riding and me on foot, with her playfully charging ahead and in an almost song-like tone asking me to please keep up. Sometimes the day is just us going on a nice lazy date, other daydreams I've had involve us going hunting for dinner together, or watching over our livestock. There are often silly little wagers made on little competitions too like chasing down the same doe or play wrestling in the grass. The prizes vary but are small and innocent, ranging from the loser having to give the winner a kiss, to cooking dinners and so on. She's a lot stronger and a lot more skilled than I am though so it usually ends up with her smile, but sometimes I imagine a victory just for that adorable look she gets when she loses, she doesn't like to lose but she's graceful about it.
>> No. 20403 [Edit]
I like to watch the home and garden channel and imagine it's us looking through houses to live together in.

It depends on the situation. Sometimes it's only 2d or sometimes it's only 3d. Usually, though, it's this weird meld of everything.
>> No. 20490 [Edit]
File 14950262695.jpg - (109.47KB , 620x372 , zao9OVP.jpg )
I have many fantasies that are near and dear to my heart, but my favorite fantasy currently would have to be the one where me and him go on a long walk in the woods together.
I think that he would love to be able to explore the outside world, and I definitely would love to be able to explore it by his side.
>> No. 20800 [Edit]
I think I have some obsessive-compulsive thoughts...
One day, early in our relationship, I thought about how exactly our agreement to go steady would transpire. What would be said and such.
And this led into how our first mutual, romantic physical contact would be like--how we would embrace to signify the start of the relationship.
She's just so pure and I love that about her so much, I think even a hug would be uncomfortable for her at first, we'd start very slow. The most natural initial contact would be eye contact and a firm handshake. Just a simple friendly gesture for some, but it was a really big deal for her and I.
I imagined this in the first-person perspective and it was so profound, so beautiful and innocent, I admit I cried like a little baby.
And ever since that day, I revisit that moment often, sometimes for hours. I freeze frame and just stare at her grasping my hand with a slightly timid and warm expression on her face. I never get bored with this moment. It's a little absurd how much time I spend with it.
It's different from holding hands. It's better. A polite handshake...
>> No. 20802 [Edit]
File 151616232456.jpg - (89.35KB , 1500x1500 , bunnyryumochi.jpg )
I love the idea of feeding her and keeping her warm when she comes home.

I had a dream that I kept feeding her big nice meals for dinner and she was getting upset that she was gaining a bit of weight, which only excited me more so I made extra servings for her to eat for lunch the next day.

I wish I didn't wake up.
>> No. 21766 [Edit]
File 165949935890.jpg - (151.69KB , 796x800 , 1651234339633.jpg )
I want to be wrapped around in her wings with her while reading a book together. I want to be in her warm embrace while reading a cute story together.

Post edited on 2nd Aug 2022, 9:04pm
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