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File 150796020094.jpg - (46.45KB , 582x576 , C-VqfzFUwAE5Nv_.jpg )
20671 No. 20671 [Edit]
Are there any waifu fags you admire, look up to, or simply like keeping up with them and their relationship with their waifu?
Who might they be?

I like seeing Jabberfag's posts and Tohno's. I admire the dedication they show for their waifu. It's very noble and heartwarming to me to see that.
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>> No. 20672 [Edit]
A certain Humboldt penguin. Faithful till the end.
>> No. 20673 [Edit]
Tohno and Hestia.
>> No. 20675 [Edit]
I really respect that Tohno has drawn some really beautiful drawings of his waifu. I definitely should try to draw Hestia, myself.... used to draw, in the past, but I just have so little energy, nowadays.
>> No. 20677 [Edit]
Hmm, why...?

I feel like I've neglected my waifu, though... I've meant to take photos of my doll as well as draw her, but I haven't really done much of that... I did take some great photos of one of my small Hestia dolls but amazingly, I haven't had the energy to upload them to my Hestia blog. Keep meaning to do it every day but as I have issues with various OCD things, even simple things get to be difficult.
>> No. 20678 [Edit]
File 150801794918.jpg - (58.34KB , 525x800 , 1505441357198 (1).jpg )
You seem to think about her often, and buy figs and things of her. You even made her a cake in the shape of a heart, I think.
>> No. 20679 [Edit]
I did make a heart-shaped cake with her standing by it, yes... also took several nice photos of her during the summer, in a countryside area. It was fun... it was one of my best summers in many years. I definitely should upload those photos. This Christmas I will bake Christmas cookies and buns with her. I even ordered two Santa outfits for her, recently. It will be fun, definitely...! I look forward to it very much.
>> No. 20694 [Edit]
Tohno. There were a few others I admired in the past before they moved on from their waifu.
>> No. 20713 [Edit]
The people who have stayed with their waifu for over 10 years, that's amazing.

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