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File 150796020094.jpg - (46.45KB , 582x576 , C-VqfzFUwAE5Nv_.jpg )
20671 No. 20671 [Edit]
Are there any waifu fags you admire, look up to, or simply like keeping up with them and their relationship with their waifu?
Who might they be?

I like seeing Jabberfag's posts and Tohno's. I admire the dedication they show for their waifu. It's very noble and heartwarming to me to see that.
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>> No. 20672 [Edit]
A certain Humboldt penguin. Faithful till the end.
>> No. 20673 [Edit]
Tohno and Hestia.
>> No. 20675 [Edit]
I really respect that Tohno has drawn some really beautiful drawings of his waifu. I definitely should try to draw Hestia, myself.... used to draw, in the past, but I just have so little energy, nowadays.
>> No. 20677 [Edit]
Hmm, why...?

I feel like I've neglected my waifu, though... I've meant to take photos of my doll as well as draw her, but I haven't really done much of that... I did take some great photos of one of my small Hestia dolls but amazingly, I haven't had the energy to upload them to my Hestia blog. Keep meaning to do it every day but as I have issues with various OCD things, even simple things get to be difficult.
>> No. 20678 [Edit]
File 150801794918.jpg - (58.34KB , 525x800 , 1505441357198 (1).jpg )
You seem to think about her often, and buy figs and things of her. You even made her a cake in the shape of a heart, I think.
>> No. 20679 [Edit]
I did make a heart-shaped cake with her standing by it, yes... also took several nice photos of her during the summer, in a countryside area. It was fun... it was one of my best summers in many years. I definitely should upload those photos. This Christmas I will bake Christmas cookies and buns with her. I even ordered two Santa outfits for her, recently. It will be fun, definitely...! I look forward to it very much.
>> No. 20694 [Edit]
Tohno. There were a few others I admired in the past before they moved on from their waifu.
>> No. 20713 [Edit]
The people who have stayed with their waifu for over 10 years, that's amazing.
>> No. 20893 [Edit]
there was a Yuno waifuist that went by !YUNOcchiS2, that posted actively around 2014 and 2015, whenever he posted about his waifu he seemed so full of genuine love and adoration for his waifu, it was and still is really beautiful to me. To me he was someone who truly loved his waifu, but I have no idea where he is now. hes posted here but mostly on /a/ and /c/ I think. If you're out there Yuno friend, I hope you're doing well and in good health, I want to say thank you.
>> No. 20894 [Edit]
That guy was stalked and harassed by a mentally disturbed person who frequented this site. Pretty sure that kept the person away from here.
>> No. 20895 [Edit]
do you have any idea where I could find him?
>> No. 20896 [Edit]
Sorry, no clue.
>> No. 20897 [Edit]
if anyone has info or some way I can contact !YUNOcchiS2, that'd be great, I'd like to talk to him
>> No. 20898 [Edit]
File 15218788598.png - (18.46KB , 112x101 , Screenshot_2018-02-12-17-41-07.png )
I like Yasuo, he likes Kanako too and gave me his extensive collection of pictures. He was much more dedicated than I was. He stopped posting now. I wonder where he went. I kinda miss seeing his posts. I'm scared I drove him off by using some of his pictures.

I also like the guy who likes Asuka and collects moths/draws on beige paper. I think he's been on Tohno-chan since the beginning and still comes here.
>> No. 20899 [Edit]
He's dead, Jim.
>> No. 20900 [Edit]
From what I remember he changed his name after something happened and his waifu was someone else, haven't heard anything of him in over a year.
>> No. 20901 [Edit]
is it strange for me to care so much about this random trip waifuist? maybe it is, however I feel like hes a big reason why I even started respecting waifuism. seeing how passionate he was about his waifu and how happy she made him really showed me that love can exist in different ways and that I ought to broaden my horizons. I was then able to accept my own feelings for my waifu and eventually commit to her. its a bit silly actually, ive never responded to his posts but just read them, but they always left a really positive feeling in me, I felt a bond with them if that makes sense I could sympathize with the emotions he felt for a character. losing contact with him completely like this feels like an old friend completely disappearing and you have no way to call or contact them. I guess I am strange for feeling this emotional, but its ultimately how I feel whenever any waifuist I remember just vanishes

He might be gone or he might even just be an anon now, but Yunofriend if you're out there and reading this, thank you for sharing your love and your positivity, I wouldnt have been able to accept my love for my waifu and gone this far in such a positive direction without you.
>> No. 20905 [Edit]
File 152207606555.jpg - (1.22MB , 2592x1728 , 2018-03-22_06-46-33.jpg )
I mostly respect those who are together with their waifu for many years and still love her.
Those people who dedicate their life to a single person even though this person doesn't exist.
That doesn't mean that I don't respect people that change their waifu or only had their waifu for a short while. Love is love, it's not like you could control it. (Or should control it if you could)

I feel similar.
It wasn't him who taught me what waifuism is but he was one of the first ones I remember talking with.
I met a lot of nice people in those years. Many of them disappeared.
Some of them lost interest in the community some had problems with different things, some of them changed their waifu, some of them just stopped having a waifu. Some stayed after they changed their waifu others disappeared or changed their name without anyone knowing.

I do wish to know what happened to all of them, including cchi, but I accept it when they don't want me or anyone else to know it.
I hope that they are all fine and happy with their lives.
Many of them might have gone through some shit that let them only the choice to disappear without a trace or without leaving a message.
>> No. 20907 [Edit]
The human is alive, but !Yunocchi is dead. Don't disturb his slumber, remember him as the great guy that he was.
>> No. 20908 [Edit]
What was so special about that guy anyways? Not that I don't remember the times he has posted fondly myself mind you.
He wasn't with his waifu for particularly long and I know tons of other waifufags that are at least as loving as he was for the time.
>> No. 20909 [Edit]
he left his waifu? and here people are sucking his dick. says a lot about the community. people that abandon their waifus should be banned, not praised.
>> No. 20910 [Edit]
I don't disagree with you per se, but I can understand disbanding under certain circumstances. If my waifu got a canonical boyfriend (or worse) in the manga, I wouldn't be able to stay together with her.
>> No. 20913 [Edit]
That's only a theory of why he left disappeared.

The fact that there are people out there like you doesn't leave any option other than disappearing.

When you don't love your waifu any more do you have to keep lying to yourself because having another waifu is not an option?

I know more than one person that changed their waifu and I'm not talking about people with a seasonal waifu, I'm talking about people that take it serious.
Just keeping your waifu for a long time doesn't make you a good person and neither does changing your waifu a bad person.
>> No. 20917 [Edit]
I wasn't sure how long he was with his waifu, but in the time he was with her and posted about her, it impacted me. I think that counts for something. I'll admit I never knew who he really was, I just saw what I saw from his posts, but he seemed like a person who loved his waifu a lot and I respected that. I've read things that say hes a heathen and should be cast out, I've also read that hes a nice guy so at the end of the day Im not sure what to believe.
>> No. 20959 [Edit]
File 152725356932.jpg - (253.24KB , 1837x922 , The tragedy of YUNOcchiS2.jpg )
He was only with her for 2 years (see top image from /a/ archive). I wasn't around for the drama that I'm told happened on this board and 8ch /mai/ so I won't speculate on that, but I did watch him lose his shit on 4chan /c/ and start attacking other Yunobros for not "respecting" his supposed "exclusive rights" to posting Yuno. (as described in black images from /c/ archive) A couple of Hidamari threads were deleted because of it. Not long after that he deleted his Twitter and almost all of yunocchi.waifu.pl and yunocchi.net (just a redirect to the waifu.pl site). Supposedly some drama happened on some Discord and a #widebros IRC channel but there's no hard evidence of that.

Everyone goes a little overboard with their very first love. I imagine it's even more painful when that love is 2D and you don't even get the closure of a rejection so you can move on. Supposedly he also had mental health issues which is hardly surprising. I don't think waifuism is what any of us dreamed of having as kids but more like the final knot we tie and try to hold on to when we've reached the end of our rope.

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