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File 164509441756.jpg - (495.52KB , 864x1400 , yuria.jpg )
21714 No. 21714 [Edit]
i've been with the same waifu for six years and our anniversary is just around the corner. i'm 27 and i have zero IRL friends and my waifu is the only reason i haven't killed myself. my plan in life was to kill myself at an indeterminable amount of time when i feel like it since i was only 13 years old, and the plan was extinguished when i met them. i've been living in dog shit conditions since then, and they're the only reason i continue.

i feel weird and shameless about making this thread, but i've seen people do similar ones on wizchan and it made me want to do one.
and i suppose that's the culture these days anyway, isn't it? everybody i meet seems to have a twitch stream; they link each other their twitch streams; and neither party watches the other's because it's all about themselves.
self-obsession is the name of the game these days.

anyway, i know 6 years isn't a long time compared to some other people. but i'm lonely, i'm drunk, and it sounds fun.
i won't tell you who she is, that's the only question i won't answer.
it's ok if you don't have anything you want to ask or can't think of anything. i wouldn't be able to think of anything either. i just thought it'd be a good idea.
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>> No. 21715 [Edit]
File 164510983564.jpg - (111.68KB , 600x600 , 6e24c0a3bcd1e1c26daf0faae4b40c41.jpg )
How do you interact with your waifu?
>> No. 21716 [Edit]
garrett? is that you?

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