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File 15703804413.jpg - (3.98MB , 2121x3771 , 2019-10-06 12_34_37.jpg )
21316 No. 21316 [Edit]
A thread dedicated To My Dear Godess, Kaname Madoka. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me. You are more than just an anime to me. Too Holy to call You Mai Waifu, and I'm soo unworthy of you. If it weren't for my religious faith, i would fully bow down and worship You in all Your Grace. I fully accept and understand that people will never understand how much Madoka Magica means to me. Amen.
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>> No. 21322 [Edit]
File 157038438990.jpg - (55.37KB , 460x408 , 460x408.jpg )
I'm very happy for you, anon.
>> No. 21324 [Edit]
I really enjoyed watching Madoka Magica (The Anime from the early 2010s) but I have no idea where to go from there. Do you have any suggestions?
>> No. 21337 [Edit]
I'd recommend the 3 movies. The first two are condensed re-caps with some nice touches added. Rebellion devides the fan base quite a bit. There's also the Magia Reco anime baed on the mobage comming out in January. I couldn't say much of any of the manga series except for Tart. It gives a magical girl twist on Jeanne of Ark. For a more classical and philosophical aproach I guess, the Goethe version of Faust is a good read. I feel that's all I can give without breaking rules and sounding like a mad man.

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