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File 162322663841.png - (148.35KB , 500x685 , 0584294845.png )
21641 No. 21641 [Edit]
how's the cosplay of your waifu coming along, anon? since it represents her form and your form being merged together as one, it is the most intimate thing you can do with her while you are in separate worlds. and don't give me any of that "my body's not right for it" nonsense, if you really love her you can make it work
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>> No. 21642 [Edit]
another great thing about cosplaying your waifu is that its completely in line with the topic of this board
>> No. 21643 [Edit]
File 162322754019.jpg - (106.31KB , 672x994 , 3f6df4e0d0c239a69ea32bf89fc8f0fc.jpg )
why would I ruin her form by giving her a body of an ugly creature that is a three-dimensional human?
>> No. 21644 [Edit]
My body's not right for it. It is possible for me to put on a costume of my waifu, of course - but I don't look like an Asian high school girl. At most, it would end up looking like a caricature of hers.
>> No. 21645 [Edit]
you CAN be beautiful anon
besides the symbolism of the action is more important than the aesthetics
if you really don't want to the only other way I can think of that you could achieve the same level of symbolic physical/spiritual unity with her while separated is to find another waifufag of your waifu who's cosplaying her, and have sex with them

>> No. 21646 [Edit]
File 162322952335.png - (1.19MB , 1280x720 , yoru.png )
>find another waifufag of your waifu who's cosplaying her, and have sex with them
How about no.
>> No. 21647 [Edit]
No. No, I can't. I'm tall as a plank. And male.
>> No. 21648 [Edit]
File 162325537441.jpg - (538.92KB , 2362x2835 , 53cd4805c055d09a09a32fa22c919480.jpg )
Thanks for the entertainment.
>> No. 21649 [Edit]
I like her sense of fashion, it's elegant and pretty in a casual down to earth way that suits her perfectly.
I'm not her, and she isn't me. I'm not into drag, and I feel like it might be a mockery of her to try it. Whenever I see guys drag as a character knowing full well they aren't pulling it off at all, it comes across like they're only doing it for the attention and because it's funny, not out of any sense of passion for the character.
>> No. 21650 [Edit]
I don't think that's entirely true. A lot of people do such things in private. A lot of people who can't pull it off, or don't look like their character, try to make up for it in confidence and costume quality. I don't think everyone is just doing a mockery - some just try hard to work with what they have.
>> No. 21651 [Edit]
File 162328305267.jpg - (420.52KB , 1274x1700 , c6c1bb8cde030331f895ca83c7c4af3c.jpg )
>she isn't me
So you wouldn't enjoy seeing her dress up like you?
>> No. 21652 [Edit]
For those who do it in private, and only share it with those close to them sure. But I meant more along the lines of the people who do it at conventions and such.

Not at all, I'm not into tomboys.
>> No. 21653 [Edit]
I will not cross dress, also I believe this is a troll thread
>> No. 21655 [Edit]
File 16236126381.png - (216.74KB , 567x567 , ae95d95ccb7d1d98048576f7cf5dc29b.png )
>I will not cross dress
this must change
>> No. 21656 [Edit]
this is the worst thing about it, Cartoons are the antithesis of Waifus.
>> No. 21657 [Edit]
I remember that time I wore clothes similar to my husbando's. Not exactly the same, and not exactly cosplay. But I did it because I wanted to bring him physically closer to me. I felt a certain sense of euphoria, a certain kind of rush. And I hugged myself and closed my eyes (because of the clothes it felt very soft and warm), and lied on my bed like that for a while.

Anyway, I was planning to make an actual cosplay and wear it to a con, but I don't think it'll be possible anytime soon.
>> No. 21664 [Edit]
it is not a troll thread.
>> No. 21676 [Edit]
I've cosplayed my husbando in his younger form. I only have platonic feelings for his teenage self, and during this pandemic I bought a cosplay of his adult self who I'm in love with.

I actually feel kind of shy about it. But I will one day because I went through the trouble of ordering it anyway

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