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File 142637625257.png - (522.58KB , 750x750 , render___kiryuin_satsuki_weddingdress_by_skiadrum_.png )
17743 No. 17743 [Edit]
Have you ever thought about marrying your waifu? Specifically, have you ever planned out what your and your waifu's wedding would or will be like? (Seriously, talk my ear off with details. I'm considering something in this vein, plus I'm a sucker for wedding planning.)

On a related note, how do you feel about marriage in regards to having a waifu? Do you think it's an appropriate 'next step' or do you feel like your connection is deep enough that nothing needs to be formalized?
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>> No. 17744 [Edit]
It's really silly, but yes, I have. More like one of those "what if/when we meet" fantasies than anything, and an excuse to think about how pretty she'd look on a white dress.

I really face (civil) marriage as nothing more than a civil contract to make things manageable in the event a relationship fails, so it's all useless on a relationship like this.
There's also religious marriage, but that makes even less sense for someone without a religion.
>> No. 17752 [Edit]
I always wonder why you never see waifufags (other than very few) who legally marry their waifu (or at least simulate that)
>> No. 17754 [Edit]
I guess this is because if you legally marry a cartoon character you will be in the news because such things are rare and will attract a lot of attention, which will ruin the rest of your life (like you don't have enough troubles being in relationship with incorporeal creature).

There were not any gay marriages in early 2000s, though I guess it was legally possible in a few places, give it time and in 50 or so years the waifu marriage will be the norm. And I guess the main reason why some people in Japan do this, is just to boast about their lifestyle.

It is also because many people who have waifus despise social norms and view marriage as one of such norms.

I am in fact a married man, and I am kind of proud that I took such serious step in my relationships. Though we both made this decision mainly because we wanted to have fun with our ceremony and stuff. We had a nice heathen hand fasting on a budget, with only 20 or so of our closest friends.

How it is reflected in my every day life? I wear a fancy 1k$+ ring on a chain around my neck and on my finger when there are no people around who know me (for obvious reasons).
>> No. 17755 [Edit]
That is very true, I didn't think of that. I guess marriage means getting at least one witness and some sort of legal wed-der which one make it hard to keep it a secret.

If you don't mind me asking, do you mean you are married to a 3D really? Or did you have a ceremony with your waifu?
>> No. 17756 [Edit]
I would not be there if I had a 3D, right?

I described how it all went in my head cannon, or I would rather call it my fictional biography.
I may sound like I have a 3D wife, because I try to take my relationships very seriously as if they were 100% "real" (but what is real, anyway?).
>> No. 17757 [Edit]
File 142648647948.png - (797.19KB , 528x678 , park.png )
I've thought about it a bit, but I think that marriage is still a little ways off for us. It feels like something we should do once we're fully independent.
>> No. 17875 [Edit]
File 142836616367.jpg - (51.42KB , 492x522 , tumblr_mknrx6DkEk1qhd7cio1_500.jpg )
It might be nice someday, but we're taking it a little slow in this department. I love Ian to death, but he doesn't exactly have the best track record with marriages.
>> No. 17876 [Edit]
File 142837251886.jpg - (219.50KB , 682x961 , Nozomi_smile_sr406.jpg )
I already consider myself married to her. I don't know exactly when it happened.
>> No. 18007 [Edit]
File 142924317397.jpg - (128.88KB , 696x910 , bride.jpg )
Not in a legal sense, but I do fully plan to formally propose to her when that's possible. While not necessary in the sense that we're already basically husband and wife, I think we'd both like the ceremony.

And I'd like to see her in a wedding dress in person.

And take off her wedding dress that night.
>> No. 18029 [Edit]
File 142947082960.jpg - (633.87KB , 1024x1432 , Wedding_dress_07.jpg )
For all intents and purposes I do consider us to be married! We call each other husband and wife respectively, even if not technically accurate, it's endearing and cute. A formal marriage would be rather sweet to have, at least on a symbolic level, but it's something that we can do without. Everlasting pure love is already there, after all!

Wedding planning is more her area though, going into details about my silly daydreams is just bound to get embarrassing.
>> No. 18045 [Edit]
File 143024139289.jpg - (186.50KB , 467x700 , Saber Lily 77.jpg )
Hmm, I haven't thought about it... :/
>> No. 18051 [Edit]
File 143059446536.jpg - (1.81MB , 1280x1872 , marriage_to_nadia.jpg )
To do the proper marriage that she deserves would be impossible, considering the circumstances. However, I still consider her my wife and I love her as such.
>> No. 18084 [Edit]
File 143119016076.jpg - (228.55KB , 425x600 , 36301886_m.jpg )
I have daydreamt about this a lot.

I'm assuming she's somehow appeared in the waking world for these; if I could be just a bit of a groomzilla* here, I would want it to be a Skies-Of-Arcadia-themed ceremony on a beach somewhere (Seychelles, if budget permits), and it would really be awesome to have the bride arrive by dirigible...

Or eloping and exchanging vows while parachuting in tandem with something a little more traditional (which might be an easier sell).

(really, though, seeing as how I would get to be with Rei here in our universe and I'd be ending the day with one more wife than I started it with, I could be convinced to suffer through just about any pageantry you could name...)

Hey, it'd be my special day, too, and it would be something I feel I have had to wait an eternity for...
>> No. 18195 [Edit]
God, all the time.

We'd probably have a really small, private ceremony, overlooking a lake or something. Not too many people, just a few close friends. Our honeymoon would probably be in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a good gaming system so we can play games together and cuddle on the couch.

I had a "trial phase" sorta with my waifu before even calling her that, going on casual dates and such, but as soon as I committed to her, I considered her my wife (and still do).
>> No. 19710 [Edit]
File 145853403290.jpg - (1.05MB , 3500x4093 , Kotobuki_Tsumugi_full_1128843.jpg )
I'd like to marry with her
>> No. 19734 [Edit]
no. dies canonically. can't.
>> No. 19741 [Edit]
File 146005971299.jpg - (153.10KB , 600x848 , 11230460_p0.jpg )
I'm happy to marry her. Waifu and me.
>> No. 19818 [Edit]
File 146113450593.jpg - (16.08KB , 166x256 , 361107.jpg )
After a relationship of 9 years, one day he just said it was the next step. It shocked me but made sense, he is actually reserved and traditional. I've been cautious and avoided the term "husband" in the past, but now I can call him that freely in my mind. By this time
in our reality, not the Konomi's lucrative one, in which time does not pass
we are 27 and 26 y/o, quite accomplished and ready to take the next step.
As for the ceremony itself we think it could be at a park in our city (traditional japanese) and only two close friends as guests. My job allows me to have a go and take a picture in traditional kimono there (to comission a drawing of the scebe with him later) and just pass as an ordinary event if somebody asks later about my picture. From that day we will start wearing our rings.
As for the honeymoon, that is something we can't decide. We want to do a real trip, so we are ok if it is not right after the wedding.

Well, that's all. And I am really happy to share it.
I've been a ROM member here for years, but this time I had to speak up.
To marry or not your SO is the couple's choice, but I wish all the best for everybody here.
>> No. 19839 [Edit]
File 14619790304.jpg - (331.25KB , 472x700 , f429022cedecbcfc965e91f69c677ed83e2aae44.jpg )
The thought came to me as of late, becoming sololy devoted to someone for me would be a big step in my life but I feel a lot of the negative aspects of myself would die by doing so not a bad thing but I'm not ready to change I feel.

I've never liked concepts like Marriage, having views that traditionalism is poisonous but lately I question my own views on the matter. Many are much more happy than I am with their devotion I need more time to figure out myself but I do feel now it's not entirely a impossibility.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2016, 6:20pm
>> No. 19843 [Edit]
File 146242760125.jpg - (389.16KB , 1600x1200 , Hellscythe_Bubbly.jpg )
It's been a loving relationship for 5 years with some kinks here and there, each one making my love for her stronger. Personally, I think we're good where we are, but I'd be ecstatic at the idea of actually marrying her.

If we did go down that road, the wedding would probably be a small, traditional eastern style with only a few friends and family. Nothing too big or loud, since we both tend to like to go about things in a modest manner.
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