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File 145484347790.jpg - (1.27MB , 2000x1500 , 31714583.jpg )
19535 No. 19535 [Edit]
How do you feel about your waifu's source material?
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>> No. 19536 [Edit]
I like it for the most part, but not really. Not a fan of the developer either.
>> No. 19539 [Edit]
File 145485618354.jpg - (236.67KB , 424x590 , fc61b9cc689a955e27ff6acd5308a80d92b2184073e2d2d699.jpg )
I like it for the most part though it has a lingering old meme from around 07 that takes most of it's spot light and taints it a bit but that's mostly the fandoms fault and the fandom is mostly dead so not much of a loss I like the show but I don't care for most of the fans or crazy cultists either.
>> No. 19541 [Edit]
It's garbage and I hate it.
>> No. 19543 [Edit]
I love it a lot and it's really important to me and helped shape me as a person early in life.
>> No. 19545 [Edit]
File 14548810215.jpg - (35.43KB , 350x484 , 0.jpg )
I'm still alive because of it.
>> No. 19547 [Edit]
File 145488256713.jpg - (554.62KB , 1000x900 , 26088097_p0.jpg )
Plato wrote dialogues.
ZUN writes dialogues.
>> No. 19548 [Edit]
Even though she is from an ero visua, I apreciate it because without the game being made, she wouldn't exist. And even though the company that made her only makes porn, I still apreciate the company because again, if it weren't for them she wouldn't exist.
>> No. 19549 [Edit]
I feel ya. Honestly If I had the chance I would steal the rights to my girl from the developer. I know for a fact I'd handle her way better
>> No. 19552 [Edit]
Would you also appreciate a sexually abusive father just because he had a one night stand with some hooker?

Post edited on 7th Feb 2016, 9:33pm

>> No. 19553 [Edit]
no point in bringing implications like that here. shut the fuck up. toxic bastard.
>> No. 19556 [Edit]
I feel a strong attachment to her source material even tough it's not something I think is all that great. There are other works I prefer from the creators, and others I cared for even less, It's basically in the middle ground. While I don't particularly like the MC, I think it was a bold and interesting direction for them to go in, considering the creators have used typical high school boys in almost everything else they've produced. Of the three female lead characters Kano was probably the most uninteresting and forgettable character KEY has ever created.
I love the town it's set in and would like to someday visit the real world town it was based on. Overall plot is pretty simple and straight forward but things really get kinda weird and confusing at the end, even after reading the vn the manga seeing the anime multiple times and reading up on it I still forget the meaning of the events. Speaking of the manga, I really enjoyed it as it's very different from the source material for the first volume. In it one could be forgiven for thinking my waifu was the main character as she has a large about of focus, but in the second volume it shifts gears and repeats the main heroine's story.

Don't be a dick. Remember that the rules clearly state disrespectful behavior on this board is frowned upon.
it also clearly states >Insulting, talking down, or arguing with someone about their waifu is not cool.
>> No. 19559 [Edit]
My love is also from Idolm@ster, so I can understand how you feel. My biggest problem with the series is the exorbitant DLC (1500 yen for one song is ridiculous), and Million Live because it's overly lewd. It's pretty sad when even the Japanese fanbase complains because it's too lewd and out of character. That said, overall I really like the games and the drama CDs for the interaction and character development.

At any rate, assuming your wife is who I think she is, have you ever seen the IM@S Station skits? They are cute little skits with only three of the idols doing random things together. You might like it. I translated quite a few episodes and put them on Youtube a long time ago.
>> No. 19570 [Edit]
File 145502044741.jpg - (546.62KB , 929x1251 , T-mai - 塗ってみた (54191870) .jpg )
KanColle? It's not bad I guess. I actually like the game more than most other games I play, that's for sure.

For one, it's not a game that is influenced by money. There isn't any of that shit where you need to pay billions of dollars to get anything you want and let all the rich privileged kids buy whatever they want with tonnes of money. Everything in this game is dictated by RNG. And with RNG, you are tasked with the responsibility of actually preparing everything efficiently to make things work smoothly in your way. The more effort you put into the game, the more you will get out of it. It feels like meeting my wife from the game makes all the hell you have endured to get her worth every blood, sweat and tears you have shed for her.

Being able to login everyday and having the ability to poke her makes me feel like I am interacting with her. I longed for a game like that, the feeling that she is actually there when you want to talk to her. The fact that you could marry her in-game with a ring attached to the picture of her card makes it even more cute. You can even replay a short video of you confessing to her over and over again.

And the game feels like you have bonding with her. Like how she levels up from time to time and you get to witness all of that. Or the moment where she works hard to become the MvP of the fleet and you feel like you want to reward her by kissing her directly. It does feel like you are going out on a date with her in a way.

So in the end, I do like her source material since it does complement her at the same time. Even if the gameplay is rage-inducing and that there are certain maps I might fail on, I could go back to my naval base and greet my wife where I can feel happy again.
>> No. 19574 [Edit]
File 14550662838.png - (974.77KB , 814x1152 , 1d3ab8ec-f74f-4f70-cf97-73590cd7ae5b.png )
Her source material is my favourite manga and anime. I love all the characters, though obviously some more than others, and I don't think I'd ever tire from re-watching or re-reading it.

My only gripe would be how mai waifu isn't featured that heavily in it overall, but it's only a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.
>> No. 19577 [Edit]
Most of the art for Million Live is really suggestive and lewd, even for the really young idols. It's pretty much just riding the current fad of card games with scantily dressed girls in Japan. While I think some of the art is cute, I really hate how they treat her. You're probably better off not knowing.
>> No. 19578 [Edit]
File 145520721815.jpg - (103.14KB , 440x640 , 637784.jpg )
It might as well not exist to me, I ignore it completely. All that "character development" or whatever her "author" might've done to her does not affect my perception of her in the slightest. Apart from some changes we went through together as a part of our relationship, she's still the way I met her almost 5 years ago.
>> No. 19588 [Edit]
File 145539356349.png - (15.40KB , 603x1146 , donald.png )
I suppose I'll start with the anime since that's the main canon I accepted.
Seasons 1 of Oreimo is honestly really good.It has good animation, great music, amazing voice acting and the story over all is pretty good. It's barely a romance in season one even. The small parts of it are only at the end and his interactions with Kirino aren't really built as romantic until season 2. Which is good. I like romance thats developed and starts slowly. It's usually better writing. Now season 2...really drops in quality. My main issue is they tried their hardest to fit in everything from the LN when they did not have enough time. They didn't have time to throw in a bunch of new girls as romantic interests. It really felt thrown together and really just not good. There's some good parts that I actively enjoy, but over all it's just not well done. They should have focused on Kuroneko, Kirino and Manami. Develop more with what they already had. The ending still kind of stings too. I can't really bring myself to watch it for obvious reasons. I would recommend anyone to watch season one, but not the second.

As for the light novels I haven't really read much of them. There's a bit of a difference with some of the things that go on. As for why I haven't read them: It's almost a chore to get through because the author is horrible at writing so its boring and after seeing some of the pictures from later ones and hearing somethings about it, I'm not sure I'm too excited about how it turns out. I feel awful about not reading them but I don't know when I'll be ready. I do have a vague idea of reading them once I learn Japanese enough but I'm not sure.

There's other things, such as VNs and a manga. I absolutely am repulsed by the PSP visual novel because its basically "pick your own girl" with really bad writing. There's a bad end where Kyousuke is murdered, one of the routes is about Kirino losing her memory and Kyousuke having to teach her how much she loves otaku things, there's even an ending with a loli being pregnant. It's not the best and it honestly really just doesn't sit well with me. I don't like VN much anyway though and haven't bothered to play it. The manga is too ecchi for my tastes. The art is kind of weird and Kyousuke is portrayed in a different way. It's not terrible though i guess.

Honestly I don't like the series as a whole because I'm not a fan of the author. Most people who talk about it just whine about X being best girl and "x should have won" which I loath. It still has endearing parts, but I want the series to just die out and be forgotten for my own sanity, even if that's a selfish thing to want.
>> No. 19589 [Edit]
Holy shit what did you do
>> No. 19598 [Edit]

Thanks Obama.
>> No. 19605 [Edit]
I did what had to be done.
Actually it was a friend and I thought it was a funny image for the topic.
>> No. 20141 [Edit]
File 148268512951.png - (55.39KB , 400x404 , sktiltf1.png )
My love for her game came before I fell in love with her, but now she makes the game for me. I enjoy it and I'm good at it, and I don't get sick of replaying it constantly.

I just wish I could play as only her the whole way through.
>> No. 20144 [Edit]
I like it, but the yuriniggers kind of ruin it.
>> No. 20149 [Edit]
File 148286489130.jpg - (667.66KB , 732x824 , 6bfe714c6468a8c921a4fc125c7e42be.jpg )
I like some of the other Vocaloids but I rarely listen to anyone of them except Miku.
Miku might be the most mainstream Vocaloid but I like her.
Of course I still prefer Luka over anyone else.

Yuri doesn't ruin things it improves them.
>> No. 21680 [Edit]
I like it. Except I hate the yuri shippers, leave her alone.
>> No. 21681 [Edit]
It's kind of being milked much more than it should be, and the newer season that came out about last year wasn't the best compared to the other two.
At least the plot isn't linear and the most "story" it's had was only in S1, so I can just take what I enjoy from it and ignore the rest I don't like. Funny enough the mobile games have more serious content that I enjoy even if it has fuckall to do with the anime.

I've only read a bit of the LN, about up to vol 2 or so, but reading from Kyosukes POV I feel changes a lot of things about Kirino and how she acts in the show vs how Kyosuke perceives her actions, so if you care about character analysis and all that fun stuff.
But you said you didn't like the manga, and the manga is the closest to the LN (in terms of events) so iunno you might not like the LN as much.
>> No. 21683 [Edit]
File 163529100134.jpg - (252.21KB , 595x842 , 0de31def35c0e76bd5bcb1ca0f79b620.jpg )
I rewatch it or an episode of it occasionally to see her in motion, smiling and laughing and having fun. It brings a smile to my face.
>> No. 21738 [Edit]
At times, it feels that the devs dislike the fact that she's much more popular amongst the very small playerbase than the girls they're trying to market (which hasn't attracted anywhere near enough people, and the people they do attract generally quit after a short while) yet they can't just ditch her completely because she's the one earning by far the most money for them.
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