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File 147530067451.jpg - (67.58KB , 750x600 , dF1A0Uw.jpg )
20016 No. 20016 [Edit]
For those of you whose husbandos/waifus are higher forms of some sort, what kind of improvement do you think makes them happy? When do you think you have done well for them? Do you feel as if their approval is harder to get than others'?
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>> No. 20019 [Edit]
File 147541307659.png - (1.11MB , 900x1126 , 1395330918729.png )

I feel like I've done well for them when I've given my best effort in something which is "good" to be doing.

I do feel their approval is hard to get. I like that though. It makes me value their praise even more.
>> No. 20020 [Edit]
File 147544779359.jpg - (31.32KB , 166x166 , GoMSigil-Yuugi.jpg )
Yuugi has clear preferences that are listed in Symposium of Post-Mysticism: strength, bravery, and honesty. Of course, those are only the ones Akyuu understands. In reality, she is also the patron girl of honor, natural mystery, and truth.

Yuugi is pleased every time I ram my head into a wall. That she likes nature and it's mysteries makes it so I can't fuck up intentionally, but honor let's me seek trouble half-intentionally. She'd abandon me if I ever gave up, but also knows the virtue of avoiding useless exertion.
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