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I baked a chicken thigh. I rubbed a mix of hoisin sauce/lime juice/hot sauce/sake in to it before baking. I served it over rice...

Beginning Art

This will be a thread for beginners to post their pictures and have people who are more experienced give them advice on how to ...

No Subject

does anyone else here ever like to draw realistic noses on anime girls?

No Subject

A thread to post your drawings. I don't see one.

Uploading your stuff

For those of you who upload the things you make, where do you like to upload them? Aside from here, of course....


Made any videos? Post them here!

Character design general

Submit anything and everything related to your original characters here whether it be ideas, advice, rough sketches, final draw...

Tohno-house 4koma(s)

After a long time of being a lazy bum I finally finished the first Tohno-house comic. You can make some as well if you like and...

No Subject

Testing recording / uploading / stuff

Post the last image you made

Please accept my apology for posting 3D. I'm sure that most of the people here will recognize the image as being inoffensi...

What are your favorite tools/programs?

For traditional drawfags, what do you like to use most? Charcoal, acrylic paint, simple pencil? For digital drawfags, what prog...

Strange Lain

The next movie.

No Subject

Anyone here code anything lately? or want to work on any projects together?

No Subject

Есть сердце видео ♥ https://schastlivymveseloblog.blogspot.ru/2016/11/blog-post_37.html...

Vidja development

I bought gamemaker for a couple of bucks during the humble bundle thing. Finally got around to using it and it's been pret...

"Welcome to Tohno-chan Prison"

the sign clearly read. It was hard to believe though, that I'd be living in hell for the rest of my life that is. Some cal...

Your mind

Draw your thought process, what you imagine your inner mind's workings would look like.

Youtube embed

Late night funs

Counterpoint and canons.

No Subject

I used to make music, and lately I've been finding it on old backup DVDs. So, I've been uploading it. Check it out if...

No Subject

http://pochi.x.fc2.com/k_kisekae2.html Moeblob creator thread Make yourself, make your waifu, make a little girl, make yourself...

No Subject

I was wondering if anyone wanted to code a wiki / wiki-like with me. I can get by with Python, LISP, and HTML+CSS. Just recentl...

Lets make a story!

Simply post the next part of the story. Once upon a time...

No Subject

If you could direct S2 what would be like?

No Subject

My last work https://youtu.be/TsVFJ2JSfj4?list=PLsOOtD1hOoQM1bgMlVfTQnthoyblonKEG...

No Subject

DIY stands for Do It Yourself; anyone into it? There's loads of dedicated wikis and forums on the subject, so I want to re...

No Subject

Been churning out chiptunes lately. https://soundcloud.com/azurefluxPost edited on 9th Oct 2014, 12:04pm...

No Subject

Reminder to enter the Neptunia MS Paint contest!

No Subject

Some of us figured we'd give a group grid drawing thing a try, you know, like, everyone draws a block, that sort of thing....

"Brohno" is a synonym for "NEET" which is a synonym fo

There's no thread for it, so I figure post any little thing you wrote here, if you want to share it with the class. Don�...

No Subject

If you want to write, but have motivational problems, I've thought of a game we can play. All who want to participate shou...

Tales From the Tohno-chan

>7:29 AM, Friday Winter is approaching. I awoke this morning with a chill that penetrated all the way down to my bones. I ha...

No Subject

I have created a text based computer game that some of you may be interested in. Though the storyline is open to interpretation...

request thread - everyone welcome

There's no universal request thread, just ones made by individual artists years ago. So I decided to make one myself. I�...


Do any of you have any painters that you like? I want to get into painting, and I just discovered this guy named Joseph Mallord...

I Created A Band

I just created a Vaporwave band, called "Clockmaster Anderson and the Sexy Boiz". http://clockmasterandersonandthesex...

No Subject

I want to be creative and draw something, but... I don't know what to draw. I always end up choosing something way too har...

No Subject

http://www.rinmarugames.com/game/?game_id=305 Make yourself, make your waifu, make yourself as a girl, rate other people's...

No Subject

I've been recording some covers lately. I don't really think that I'm the best singer, but I would like to think...

I Made A Game: Mutos

http://www.mediafire.com/download/bcd2or7obd3z665/Mutos.rar I hope you like it. It requires RPGMaker 2003. Tell me what you thi...

No Subject

OK i wanted to edit OP to read like this "hi, can someone take these four frames and make them into a looping gif for me? ...


Does anyone here run their own website? I have one I'm really proud of, http://4x13.net/...

No Subject

I've finally finished my album! It's up for free on Bandcamp, anthonypaige.bandcamp.com It's certainly been a st...

Pixel Art

So I did a thing for one of my various attempts at making a computer game. Do you guys like it? The one on the far right is a m...

Anyone want to make a vn with me?

I have premise I like and I like the way it's begun but I keep getting stuck with the writing and I think it's time I...

No Subject

Animators report in Here's a walk cycle of mai waifu I'm making in my free time. The feet suck, but I'm happy wi...

Mech Design (or: Chicks Dig Giant Robots)

So I was thinking of posting this in the beginner art thread, but since that seems more geared toward anatomy and such at this ...

No Subject

How many of you are trying to write a story for a VN, manga/comic book, novel, etc.? I'm interested in the type of stories...

making remixes the easy way

http://the.wubmachine.com/ Automatically makes dubstep remixes of whatever you upload, no talent required....

No Subject

Ten little tohno-chans chatting online; One's internet cut out and then there were nine. Nine little tohno-chans questioni...

Personal film projects

We dislike 3D here, which I usually interpret as 3D depicted in a sexual or self-inflating nature (a la "camwhores" a...

No Subject

I'm taking requests, I'll draw whatever you want me to draw.

No Subject

Are there any brohnos who know about making music? I feel like I want to, but I don't know anything about it. I wouldn...

No Subject

Since I didn't find any other suitable board, I am going to use this one to ask some things about learning musical instrum...

No Subject

Just felt like uploading some resources. Post what you got.

A little bit of fiction, pic unrelated

No one told her it would be like this. Painful, messy and exhausting. Hurts at first, when the tip plunges in. Feels cold. She ...

No Subject

Not sure if I should have posted this in /mt/, Anyway, can anyone provide me with names or links of good books on electric guit...


Your homework assignment today class is to create modern Pictograms. Using simple shapes, Pictograms can depict practically any...

Vector Thread

Anyone here makes vector art? I am learning to making vector art from anime related characters. This is my 4th vector I've...

No Subject

Hello, I'm working on a few projects but I would like to get in some practice in between. I would like to draw for you. I ...

No Subject

So I was surfing the web like usual and I came across an interesting article about 'Pixel Art'. http://www.dinofarmga...

No Subject

pic is unrelated. I'm starting a Light Novel and I'm looking for someone to draw the front cover once I get the first...

No Subject

I'm in a bit of a mental bind guys. I'm trying to get into drawing again, and there are certain styles that I have al...

No Subject

Guys I took a photo of myself and then painted myself as a girl over it. Clear smooth skin, round breasts, a petite body, nice ...

Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000 Role Playing)

"Welcome Cell-61. I will keep this report short. We received a request from Neona recently. They found an unidentified obj...

No Subject

Draw something/someone using this template.

No Subject

In this thread, draw yourself as a girl.

/diy mame cab/

I finally decided to build my own MAME cab. It only took me three years to muster up the strength to actually do it. There are ...


crush me you fucking black trench whore razor lips spit black trench gore stay away from me i wrote this out in pain sick of si...

No Subject

Let's see what you can do with this.

No Subject

Hello, I'm making a card game. It's a TCG-like game. I started development about 3 weeks ago and I'm looking for...

Describe yourself as a girl

Basically this is the alternative 'draw yourself as a girl' thread for people who can't draw. Just describe in a...

No Subject

ITT parental disappointment How could your children disappoint you? I found this template yesterday when I looked through my pi...

No Subject

Hello, /cr/. I'm interested in writing a VN, but it's overwhelming. I'm in the planning stages, planning heroine...

No Subject

Fill the silhouette with the first thing you imagine

No Subject

I can't get the hand right. Any advice?

No Subject

TC Flockdraw featuring un_freed, Tohno, Ayu Ayu, Reversetrap

No Subject

Have you ever wanted to write a work of fiction? If so, what would it be about? What medium, what genre, give us a synopsis of ...

Typical brohno room

So I'm getting started on 3DCG and I made an otaku room. Please give me critics and suggestions on what should I include/c...

Weekly MS paint thread

How to participate: Draw something in MSpaint, or any other limited graphics program with a mouse, then post your shitty art al...

No Subject

Since writing is creative too, post any brilliant posts or copypastas you've created here. It's funny what my mind ca...

No Subject

You have witnessed the CUTEST... most KAWAII thing in the world. It cannot be expressed merely by a :3 face... not even a :...

No Subject

Question for photoshoppers. Is it possible to edit .gif files and still keep the motion image it has? Cause i'd really lov...

No Subject

Anyone else get depressed when thinking about how manga and the like are made. All I can ever do is think of things I like to d...

Custom MtG card/MtG card alternate art thread

Well, since quite a handful of brohnos play MtG or have some knowledge of MtG, it's time for a custom MtG card/set thread....

No Subject



Do we have any Vocaloid users in here? Care to trade tips or upload songs or something? Do you have any advice for how to mess ...

Flash guide

Thought I'd make a guide on how to make simple flash loops. This is how I've been making them but if there are better...

No Subject

Some of you may recognizance from the style what this resembles. Yes, I'm gonna make gordon freemon's crowbar right n...

No Subject

What are some tips for learning to use a tablet? I recently bought a Bamboo tablet(Not the Bamboo Fun), and it feels as though ...

No Subject

Can I just get your opinion on which of these flash files has better walking animation and which looks better in general. Thank...

No Subject

So if any of you have seen /a/'s draw threads, people request something, a drawfag makes it. Well this picture I made they...


now that we can make our own desktop pets, we need to make our own desktop pets. http://plus4chan.org/boards/coc/res/31992.html...

Stuff you did on the previosu board

Stuff I made on the previous board. Go ahead and post your own stuff if you want too.

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