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File 131212658776.png - (227.98KB , 1221x1063 , 24-small.png )
1386 No. 1386 [Edit]
Anyone here makes vector art?

I am learning to making vector art from anime related characters. This is my 4th vector I've ever made and I think it is decent for beginner. I think I still dont fully understand how programm works and for some reason some parts pixelate.

Tips? Comments? Everything is appreciated. Post your own works.
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>> No. 1387 [Edit]
File 131214265544.png - (462.13KB , 1280x800 , Moka vector wallpaper.png )
I haven't done it in years, but it's not hard, just time-consuming. What program are you using?
>> No. 1389 [Edit]
hey gisacle, do you use msn?
>> No. 1390 [Edit]
Instant messengers annoy me. I might be on IRC more when school is done, however.
>> No. 1454 [Edit]
File 131414062075.png - (90.52KB , 1440x900 , bebopwp01.png )
Threw this together about a year ago for whatever reason, but I haven't really been interested to do any others since then.

(Edit: The thumbnail got fucked, but I guess it still expands normally)

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2011, 4:07pm
>> No. 1483 [Edit]
What are vectors?
>> No. 1484 [Edit]
File 131537669496.jpg - (615.50KB , 2560x1600 , Konachan_com%20-%20110445%20blonde_hair%20blue_eye.jpg )
in a word, traces.
Basicly, people use drawing programs to trace over low resolution images they like.
This is commonly done with screen caps from anime.
The idea is to produce a much higher resolution and over all cleaner image.

The image I posted for example is a vector of the image here http://tohno-chan.com/an/res/4742.html#5002

Post edited on 6th Sep 2011, 11:27pm
>> No. 1485 [Edit]
Vectors are saved in a special file format (.svg). They store the information of lines and shapes and such can be scaled to about any size without loss of quality.
>> No. 1486 [Edit]
vectors are elements ("things") that belong to an axiomatically defined Vector Space (srsly, google it. you basically need a Sum between vectors functioning as Abelian Group, and a Dot Product to define a Norm for your vectors and be able to make scalar rigid transformations; wich actually give name to the kind of "vectors" you were asking for, as the images that satisfy the property stated in >>1485).

Post edited on 7th Sep 2011, 7:35am
>> No. 1512 [Edit]
also .ai files.
This is true, but really now, how often do people share such files?
>> No. 1524 [Edit]
So what's the recommended program for making vector art?
>> No. 1525 [Edit]
I like inkscape.
>> No. 1603 [Edit]
File 131804990635.jpg - (543.98KB , 1050x1050 , asagi shii (hisago) Tenshi.jpg )
I may as well post what I'm working on. I'm vectoring this image to hopefully use in a life-size cardboard cutout.
>> No. 1604 [Edit]
File 131804997959.png - (84.02KB , 1100x995 , Tenshi cutout.png )
I just finished the line-art. Took me all damn day, but that takes up the majority of the time.
>> No. 1605 [Edit]
File 131805011752.png - (34.55KB , 1100x995 , Tenshi silhouette.png )
Here's a silhouette just because it looks cool.
>> No. 1606 [Edit]
You may have thought this yourself already, but you could turn this into something in the style of Bad Apple (animation, I mean; maybe a .gif).
>> No. 1607 [Edit]
Hell no I couldn't. I noticed it looked like that, but if I wanted to animate it, this is the exact wrong approach.
>> No. 1617 [Edit]
File 131854208010.jpg - (202.88KB , 1100x995 , Tenshi line art 2.jpg )
Finally finished adjusting the line weight; I've never put that much effort into this step, so it took way longer than expected.

The sword is gone because it didn't actually have any lines, just blocks of color.
>> No. 1630 [Edit]
Is there any book on the subject which is a standard for absolute beginners to start drawing directly with vector graphics?
I've been messing with the Bézier pen for some time, but the fact that I don't know shit about using a pencil or anatomy makes my shapes quite grotesque, and a pain in the ass to model.
>> No. 1633 [Edit]
I don't get what you're asking. Do you just want to know how to draw?
>> No. 1638 [Edit]
Yup, but I want to start straight away with vector graphics. I just want to know if there's some good material for that specific purpose.
>> No. 1639 [Edit]
If you can't draw at all there's no way you can draw vector images. Anyone can trace someone else's work, but if you want to make original pieces, pick up a pencil.
>> No. 1718 [Edit]
I'm going to disagree with this. I haven't done much vectoring but its very different from drawing.
so don't be discouraged, try your hand at an original vector creation!

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