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File 145835587890.jpg - (477.01KB , 868x1200 , 80956bc437cf03b482f0444da256fcbd.jpg )
2637 No. 2637 [Edit]
Simply post the next part of the story.

Once upon a time...
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>> No. 2638 [Edit]
A person made a thread on a practically dead image board and no one responded to it.
>> No. 2639 [Edit]
File 14584686127.png - (515.59KB , 487x505 , 0.png )
An apprentice wizard got problems with his PC and managed to fix it but then...
>> No. 2640 [Edit]
it broke again after responding to OP as if it wasn't meant to be.
>> No. 2641 [Edit]
Meanwhile, in Gensokyo,
>> No. 2642 [Edit]
Everyone died, the end.
>> No. 2643 [Edit]
These were the last words in the book patchouli knowledge just finished reading.
>> No. 2644 [Edit]
Before she died, as the book was a prognostic tome.
>> No. 2645 [Edit]
Reimu suddenly woke up from her bad dream full of wizards, broken computers, death, and internet trolls. someone outside was knocking on her door.
>> No. 2646 [Edit]
It was the personification of Death himself, informing her that everyone was dead before taking her soul as well.
>> No. 2647 [Edit]
Or so it tried to, It was at this point Reimu realized it was Marisa in a costume playing a prank on her.
>> No. 2648 [Edit]
At which point Marisa pulled out a handgun and shot Reimu dead, before pulling the gun on herself. That was the last of them, Gensokyo could finally be free of all anime.
>> No. 2649 [Edit]
As if able to sense the scoop, Aya soon arrived on scene to take pics and report on the event. She had trouble understanding what happend.
>> No. 2650 [Edit]
Meanwhile at Captain N's house
>> No. 2651 [Edit]
Kevin Keene Just finished murdering every member of the N-Team, raping their bodies, and eating what remained.
>> No. 2652 [Edit]
As he rose from consuming the carcass of Princess Lana, he looked straight ahead with his glaring, burning eyes, and uttered merely three words, "Touhou is shit." He inhaled deeply before ripping his jacket off, shouting at the top of his lungs "SHIIIIIT!"
>> No. 2654 [Edit]
Little did Kevin know that from far away someone was watching from behind binoculars. After seeing what just happened this person said to themselves "wow, what an douchbag..." and left.
>> No. 2656 [Edit]
Meanwhile, in Gensokyo Aya was trying to figure out what happened to Reimu and Marisa.
>> No. 2657 [Edit]
And then she died.

Meanwhile at Obama's house
>> No. 2658 [Edit]
the big O himself thought about a new law against shitty writing with phrases like "meanwhile (at)..."
>> No. 2659 [Edit]
But then he died and his death was reported as an act of terrorism

Meanwhile at Obama's house
>> No. 2660 [Edit]
A mysterious letter was found on his desk that read ">>2642 is a faggot".
>> No. 2661 [Edit]
The peculiar message confused Obama's army of guards and robots. They gave the letter to the head of the Illuminati. "I think I understand," Ron Paul said, "Obama's last wish must be for >>2642 to become the new president. So be it. I, Head Master Illuminati Ron Paul, declare >>2642 to be the new president of the United States of Free Market."

Ron Paul then turned to >>2642 and said "Well Mr. POTUS, what do you have to say now that you're the new leader of the the entire planet Earth?"
In which >>2642 simply responded "Touhou is shit."

Meanwhile at Obama's house
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