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File 164994419587.jpg - (103.00KB , 850x478 , sample_22416236c858e1aa01b6883c9e737810.jpg )
3252 No. 3252 [Edit]
Can someone helm me creating my own imageboard on my phone only ( I don't have any pc) please people I beg you
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>> No. 3253 [Edit]
Step 1. find a library with computers or an internet cafe.
>> No. 3254 [Edit]
there's a library in my town. What's next?
>> No. 3255 [Edit]
If you have to ask and don't even have the right resources I don't think you're ready at all
>> No. 3256 [Edit]
help me
>> No. 3257 [Edit]
pick one, and read their documentation
>> No. 3258 [Edit]
File 164995775420.jpg - (344.04KB , 900x1273 , 1649874443250.jpg )
My recommendation

If it makes you feel better, Tohno doesn't know shit about web dev or his technical stack either. I just got banned because I triggered some word filter he put years ago and doesn't know how to remove.
>> No. 3259 [Edit]
Sorry about that. I removed your ban.
>> No. 3272 [Edit]
I already have the boards name. now I must make a imageboard
>> No. 3296 [Edit]
If you can't spell the word "help", what hope do you have of programing an imageboard?
>> No. 3297 [Edit]
They never said anything about programming it from scratch. It definitely doesn't take much to use someone else's software.
>> No. 3298 [Edit]
Doesn't mater, if you don't have anything but a phone, why the hell are you trying to make a website?
>> No. 3300 [Edit]
I'm not op... Try to be a little polite.
>> No. 3301 [Edit]
> if you don't have anything but a phone
That's a terrible attitude. Your phone is more powerful that what they had in the 90s, and you can easily use it for general purpose programming. Even if it's not rooted, use termux or something which provides things like gcc and python compiled against ndk, or on ios use ish. Even if you disallow native apps entirely, you have the entire browser at your disposal, and you can use webasm within that to do something meaningful.
>> No. 3302 [Edit]
>Your phone is more powerful that what they had in the 90s
Yes, but in other ways, it's worse than something from the 90s. As a platform, and hardware-wise.
>you can easily use it for general purpose programming
Assuming you have a compatible keyboard.
>> No. 3304 [Edit]
Computers in the 90s had keyboards, real ones. They also had screens larger than your hand. So you could actually see what you're doing. Your device processing power means absolutely dick.
The only thing terrible here is the stuff being made by people who have no business making it.
You're talking about someone who clearly has little experience using imageboards and likely the internet itself, what experience they do have is using crappy mobile versions of every website they visit. They wouldn't know how to make a proper website because they've never seen one. They're too lazy to proof read their posts and fix spelling and/or grammar errors, They're unwilling to do their own research, They don't have the most basic tools or materials for the job. They're also likely unwilling to pay for a server if they're unwilling to fork out $60 for an old used laptop. what they do have is a tiny screen and a fake keyboard on a handicapped operating system. Their priorities are backwards to say the least. Before making their own site, they should do as the old saying goes and lurk more. Build experience, learn how things work, and for god's sake get a real keyboard at the very least.

This is the equivalent of someone who just bought a hammer begging construction workers to help him build a house. It would be funny if it wasn't so insulting. OP strolls in here acting like creating a imageboard/forum is as simple as running an app on his phone and my attitude is terrible? I'm being polite here compared to the average imageboard user, which he likely has never had the pleasure of dealing with and would rip his ass a new one with some creative language for posting something like this.
>> No. 3305 [Edit]
>Computers in the 90s had keyboards, real ones.
You can plug in a USB keyboard to your phone (with the appropriate usb to micro-usb adapter I guess). Or use a bluetooth keyboard.

>They also had screens larger than your hand. So you could actually see what you're doing
Fair, but this isn't a limiting factor. With how large phones are these days (and their resolution) you can still manage to work on things. I'm not saying developing on a phone is going to be a comfortable experience, but it can be done if you're willing to put in the effort to find creative workarounds.

The rest I do agree with, and if one is going to do software dev he should at least learn how to google rather than asking people for help.
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