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File 161317786933.jpg - (236.20KB , 776x505 , c11fcd270e16c262757a45186e74b583.jpg )
3150 No. 3150 [Edit]
I made a board game called Lucifer's Pastime. It's like chess, but you can choose what kind of pieces you use and your starting position. The pieces are based on monster girls. There's other mechanics and details that make the game unique, like being able to put new pieces onto the board during the game through resource management. I wanted to make something which has the visual appeal and flexibility of cards, and the complex strategy of something like chess, so the piece types are described using cards which the users pick and display to each other. I've never seen something like this done before.

All of the visuals are placeholders and what I have so far is pretty rough looking. It would be nice to commission an artist to make original art and card designs, but I don't have the funds for that. Ideally this would be a computer game since having figurines to represent the pieces in real life would be kind of impractical, but I don't have the programming knowledge to make that happen either.

There's probably unbalanced parts of the game, but I have no idea about that. Also don't know if anybody would even be interested in this. Any comments, opinions and suggestions are appreciated.
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>> No. 3151 [Edit]
File Lucifers_Pastime_Manual.zip - (1.37MB , Lucifers Pastime Manual.zip )

Here is the manual
>> No. 3152 [Edit]
File 161322495820.png - (77.81KB , 328x445 , wh.png )
What are the beige hexagons here? They are labeled with beginning zone color but you also say:
>During their subsequent turns, a player can either summon a piece anywhere on the board
>> No. 3153 [Edit]
The beige hexagons are the same color as the board, so they're neutral. The beginning zone is more orange. Those beige hexagons and the starting cell are on the card just to make it more clear how the hexagons relate to one another. Starting cells are unrelated to summoning conditions.

If that's confusing, should I explain it more clearly in the manual? I guess I should change the beginning zone color.

Post edited on 13th Feb 2021, 7:00am
>> No. 3154 [Edit]
File 161322879180.png - (43.75KB , 328x445 , wh2.png )
Oh right that makes sense, yeah changing the beginning zone color would fix it.

Post edited on 13th Feb 2021, 7:08am
>> No. 3155 [Edit]
File Lucifers_Pastime_Manual.zip - (1.37MB , Lucifers Pastime Manual.zip )

Updated manual. (This file also doesn't have awful compression).
>> No. 3156 [Edit]
There's an online hexmap editor with a collaborative function that I think we can abuse if you want to playtest this manually with me.
Or just playtesting in general: https://hextml.playest.net , but what I meant to say is that I'm willing to play and uh just check the link and if you want someone else to play tell me and maybe we can coincide. Jesus christ

Post edited on 13th Feb 2021, 9:54am
>> No. 3157 [Edit]
It looks complicated, but after I learn it, sure. Will post an email later.

Post edited on 13th Feb 2021, 10:00am
>> No. 3158 [Edit]
You know forget it, I thought I could do it but I'm already getting nervous. Social anxiety I think, shouldn't be too surprising in an imageboard I guess. Sorry if I wasted your time and good luck! Looks like it could be fun.
>> No. 3159 [Edit]
File 161324244375.jpg - (258.53KB , 848x1200 , 1613219032772.jpg )
You didn't waste my time. I didn't know anything about an online hex editor before you mentioned it. Thanks for that and the well wishes.
>> No. 3164 [Edit]
File Lucifers_Pastime_Manual2.pdf - (2.06MB , Lucifers Pastime Manual2.pdf )

Made an updated version of the manual with a few new pieces and a new section explaining how movement works in detail.

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