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File 165518288236.png - (3.87MB , 3808x940 , comp6.png )
3322 No. 3322 [Edit]
I don't want to keep flooding the /navi/ thread, so I'll post updates here from now on. Crushed some bugs, and added some features, including rate limiting(ended up only needing the stdlib for that).

I added a feature I'm slightly unsure about since it's pretty unconventional. CSS allows you to define the maximum height and width an image can occupy based on the viewport. I decided to use this to limit how large a thumbnail can expand. I think this improves the user experience, since you'll never scroll to look at an image piece by piece, or open it in a new tab.

I'm a little worried it'll mislead people into thinking images are lower res than they really are . The file info does include the real image dimensions though. Pic is a comparison of my behavior compared to tc's.


Post edited on 13th Jun 2022, 10:10pm
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>> No. 3341 [Edit]
File 16554060588.png - (175.51KB , 1056x896 , update.png )
I've implemented the reply to feature. Also a file size and character limit.

Next, I'm going to add support for a configuration file, which I'll use the TOML format for cause I've heard good things about it. The location will be hardcoded to /ect/ogai.toml since that's kind of standard. This will let the base path of the imageboard be chosen by the user more easily.

After that, I'll finally get started on multiple-thread support.
>> No. 3342 [Edit]
So what will your imageboard be about? What is the main audience? It's always nice to see new chans coming to life.
>> No. 3343 [Edit]
File 165542332882.png - (198.58KB , 500x500 , saya.png )
The theme is Saya no Uta(hence why the engine is called Ogai). It's hard to pin down the audience(I'm not sure they even exist), but for the most part I'd like it to be like tc with more of a technology and creativity focus.

I don't have a waifu myself, so I don't plan for that to be part of it, and I don't want there to be as many restrictions on 2d adult content. Posting loli anywhere will be fine. Made this thread a while ago http://tohno-chan.com/ot/res/32344.html

Ideally, people who have a personality more similar to mine would come, but I'm kind of doubtful that will happen. If nothing else, maybe what I'm making will suit someone's needs better than anything currently available.
>> No. 3344 [Edit]
>It's hard to pin down the audience(I'm not sure they even exist), but for the most part I'd like it to be like tc with more of a technology and creativity focus.
What I fear is that usually unless new imageboards have a very specific niche not served by existing ones, activity on one usually will cannibalize the others. As much as I'd like to say that it isn't a zero-sum game, people don't usually bother cross-posting threads, so any thread made on one is at the expense of the other, and so on.
>> No. 3345 [Edit]
You're right. However, while I don't have a very specific niche in mind, I do feel tc is missing something. Few posts are related to what users make. Part of that is probably because not many people here make things. Maybe the people needed just aren't anywhere in the "image board space", but I'd like to imagine threads being made about long-term projects. "Productive" hobbies rather than just consumption hobbies. Somewhere people could bounce ideas around and give advice, and in other fields besides programming too.

Relaxed restrictions on what images people can post also interests me.
>> No. 3346 [Edit]
I'd like that - I've enjoyed reading about your process of working on the imageboard, so a board centered around tech projects would be up my alley. Although I suppose there's a fine line between having that turn into what's essentially a blog. TC has /cr/ but that's not really active, so there's a chance to get a foodhold there.

I don't have an opinion on the relaxed image restrictions other than that TC's no 3D rule is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Relaxing that to ecchi as well shouldn't really make a difference in my opinion since post content is first and foremost, while the images are merely dessert.
>> No. 3348 [Edit]
I just want to say I've been silently following your progress as well and I'm even a very, very minuscule part of the process since you used my maneki neko gif to do some testing, which made me smile. Whatever the theme of your ib I'll try to post in there as well. If you keep it well moderated and free from spam and trash, you'll likely find an audience.

>TC's no 3D rule is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Yes, I can't agree enough, it's brilliant.
>> No. 3349 [Edit]
Thanks. Your gif is nice. Try making some like that with cute girls.
>> No. 3350 [Edit]
File 165573252299.png - (8.33KB , 288x96 , trio.png )
I tend to go with Japanese/Chinese myth/folklore creatures and lighthearted Buddhist stuff but I'll try to make a few cute girls too. Anyway, that's offtopic, please keep us posted on your progress.
>> No. 3351 [Edit]
File 165602958536.png - (122.90KB , 1263x1433 , multi thread update.png )
Made quite a bit of progress on multiple threads. Pic doesn't show it, but they reorder based on which was last posted in.

Post edited on 23rd Jun 2022, 5:20pm
>> No. 3352 [Edit]
>Few posts are related to what users make.
I've been trying to get into making midi music (and stuff for some older sound chips) over the past few years. I sorta wanted to post something on Tohno at some point, but I haven't really gotten anything I'm satisfied with yet. Maybe I'll post something on your new board if you get things up and running, but I've never played Saya no Uta.
>> No. 3353 [Edit]
The creation process itself is interesting enough to post about I think. Not just final products.
>I've never played Saya no Uta
Do yourself a favor and experience it.
>> No. 3354 [Edit]
>The creation process itself is interesting enough to post about I think. Not just final products.
I guess you're right, but I'm kind of apprehensive towards posting something that might not ever get finished, since I have hundreds of midi files in my folder but nothing that could really be called a complete song. I have been making a bit more headway recently, and I've even finished a few midi arrangements of some existing game music, so maybe I'll end up changing my mind.
>Do yourself a favor and experience it.
I want to try actually reading VNs for a change but it feels like I can never get around to it. I will try to read Saya, though.
>> No. 3355 [Edit]
File 165664402927.png - (440.79KB , 1263x638 , catalog progress.png )
Added a catalog.
>> No. 3356 [Edit]
Neat. Although I'm curious, does anyone use the catalog on TC? It doesn't seem useful on boards with little thread turnover since once you've gone through the board once, you already know which posts are there. I've only used it a few times for searching, but even then I'd prefer a dedicated full-text index so the replies could be searched as well.
>> No. 3357 [Edit]
I use it whenever a thread I want to reply to isn't on the front page, or to look at older threads in general(often whenever I'm on lainchan). I've decided not to add multiple pages. Instead, after the first ten updated threads, everything else will accessible only through the catalog.

I might look into a simple, exact text search engine later on.
>> No. 3358 [Edit]
Sqlite does full text search as well (FTS3/FTS4 is the the term to google). So you don't have to do anything special, just add an extra index.
>> No. 3359 [Edit]
So I'd have to make "virtual tables" that contain another copy of every post, and if there's ever any down-time I'd have to remake these tables?

That doesn't sound very efficient or desirable, and I would consider using a separate module something special. Keep in mind, I'm not familiar with any of this.
>> No. 3360 [Edit]
Note here that the "virtual" in virtual table is purely implementation difference, it behaves like any other sqlite table. So you have several options here:

* You could do as you suggested as maintain a separate copy of posts in a separate FTS table, but as you said this is undesirable since it requires more logic to manage replicated state

- Note that this is not as wasteful as it seems, because FTS4 supports external content references, so the virtual table only really stores the index rather than the text itself. You still have to do state management though, as stated in the fts4 doc - "in order to keep an FTS in sync with an external content table, any UPDATE or DELETE operations must be applied first to the FTS table, and then to the external content table"

Note sure what you mean by needing to re-make tables during downtime though. Just that any operation performed on the main table will also need to be performed on the shadow table.

* You can just have only the fts4 virtual table and use it as your main post table itself. You can exclude columns from the index (e.g. binary blob data) using the notindexed option. I'm not sure if this has any performance impact, you could test it out and verify.

Both seem like OK options to me, depending on how your schema currently looks like. It's also pretty easy to drop-in so you could defer this until later.
>> No. 3361 [Edit]
>Note sure what you mean by needing to re-make tables during downtime though
These tables aren't stored in permanent storage, but ram memory if I understand correctly, or maybe a temporary file. That means, if the program ever terminates for whatever reason, these tables would need to be remade.

If they only contain references though, I guess that's not a huge deal. I'll think about it.
>> No. 3362 [Edit]
No, as far as I understand they are proper tables. They're only "virtual" in that their on-disk format isn't necessarily the usual sqlite format. (If that didn't make sense, consider that for instance you can also map a csv file as a "virtual table", and then all sql operations will be materialized onto that csv file.)

Please link otherwise if I've misunderstood myself.. I've used FTS3 for a very simple dictionary lookup program before, and the FTS index it seemed to persist fine between terminations.

Post edited on 4th Jul 2022, 9:40pm

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