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File 130651147665.jpg - (104.72KB , 500x886 , 06fe750c43afec10c8f48efe7123333c.jpg )
1207 No. 1207 [Edit]
Basically this is the alternative 'draw yourself as a girl' thread for people who can't draw. Just describe in as much detail as you can, what you think you would be like, or how you would like to be like, if you were a girl. You could even be a little girl if you wanted to. And if you're a girl already, just describe the girl you wish you were. And if it all works out maybe we might even have a pleasant short story involving all the girls doing girly things and having fun together.

What would be your personality? What would you wear? What is your favourite cake that you like to eat at the cake shop which you spend most of your time looking at cakes in? Do you wear a fancy hat? Do you get distracted by big white dogs running around in the park? Do you like to listen to classical music in your home library while wearing a frilly dress? Or maybe you're a mature onee-sama, a well-developed long haired beauty which all the other girls in the all-girl's Catholic school swoon over?
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>> No. 1209 [Edit]
I'd probably be exactly the same but with boobs.
>> No. 1211 [Edit]
If I was a boy I'd probably be less anxious and go outside, even.

Fucking pigs.
>> No. 1212 [Edit]
I'd probably look like Haruhi and act like Kaguya
>> No. 1227 [Edit]
It's more of list, but

Loli, black thighhighs and short black skirt (just think grade-a zettai ryouiki), white lace-trimmmed pantsu, shoulder-length blue hair (somewhat lighter then shizune, but darker than tohno), suiseiseki-style heterochromia, one fang (right side)

Might add a little more later.
>> No. 1330 [Edit]
File 13097133573.jpg - (99.58KB , 756x772 , 1309709826383.jpg )
I'm sure I'd be exactly the same.
Personality and who you are is something that builds up from social contact, experiences, etc.

Ever since I can remember I was not allowed to leave the house to go outside whenever I was home. So for me it's always either be in the school building or in my room. I moved a whole lot so my only friends have been over the internet, and those have been the people that have influenced me to be who I am today, since my family members rarely talked to me and left me to myself mostly.

So from that I can conclude that I'd be exactly, or very damn close to being exactly the same as I am now.

I'd be an emaciated pale girl with long unbrushed brown hair. I'd spend all day laying in bed sleeping, or in bed schliking (I think that's how it spelled) to shota, reverse-traps, and cunt boys (mirrored all my fetishes). I'd wear some kind of hat when going outside to flatten out the hair and look like less of a mess when going out to lectures. I'd wear whatever I could find in the morning, so that could be anything from really baggy pants held up by a belt or tight fitting jeans. I don't know much about shirts, I guess I'd just wear regular shirts? Don't think I'd be the kind to wear dresses. On the upside I'm a very clean person and always smell nice, so I'm sure that'd transfer great over to female form.
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