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File 140106346536.jpg - (286.33KB , 708x501 , 1373569720689.jpg )
2348 No. 2348 [Edit]
There's no universal request thread, just ones made by individual artists years ago. So I decided to make one myself. I've been trying to draw lately but am always lacking any ideas.
Post things you'd like to see drawn, anything at all. I'll try to draw everything I think is within my skill level and hopefully other artists will join in as well.
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>> No. 2349 [Edit]
This board is so slow that it is pretty silly that artist's made their own exclusive draw threads rather than a universal one.
I really enjoy drawing cats myself and will attempt any cat related requests.
>> No. 2350 [Edit]
File 140106502025.jpg - (531.50KB , 1719x1300 , 20130611125714.jpg )
I'm not sure if my request is fit for this kind of thread, but I guess I'll kick it off regardless. I'd really like if you could draw Onodera Haru from Nisekoi(the girl on the left of this image) on a typical summer scenery, possibly eating ice cream on one of those common ice cream shops from the japanese mountainside towns. She'd be dressed in summer clothings and sweating due to the heat. I thank you in advance.
>> No. 2351 [Edit]
File 140116859899.jpg - (924.38KB , 3000x1600 , BBC.jpg )
Would anyone please draw Nakoruru for me? Draw her however you like, I'd enjoy anything. I'd especially like any artwork depicting her smirking like a smug, condescending bitch, but I'd prefer seeing what you can come up with.
>> No. 2355 [Edit]
I really wanna see Chaika from Hitsugi no Chaika and Grave from Gungrave swap their coffins/weapons.
>> No. 2356 [Edit]
Another idea: Chaika Fighting Mugi but only using their eyebrows. With Kenshiro overseeing the fight.
>> No. 2358 [Edit]
Does anyone have an image of Miku's axillas?
>> No. 2365 [Edit]
are you guys still active here? can you draw a little girl holding an umbrella in the rain kneeling or squatting down to feed a stray cat? it must be cute.
any other subjects, settings, themes, styles and other points of composition beyond this are left open - e.g. minimalist stick figures are fine as long as they are cute!
>> No. 2377 [Edit]
File 140602054799.png - (810.60KB , 900x1200 , rain and a cat.png )
Not sure if you still want this, and I'm not >>2348 or >>2349 but it was a cute idea and I couldn't resist. I hope it's okay quality for you.
>> No. 2380 [Edit]
That's neat, nice work.
I'm the one who claimed I'd do any cat related requests, but since posting that I got burned out and then my tablet broke.
You're 20x better at drawing than me anyway. Glad to see something in this thread getting done.
>> No. 2385 [Edit]
Thanks, man. It really sucks that your tablet is on the fritz.
It's been 2 months since this thread opened and it just seemed sad that nothing was happening.
>> No. 2391 [Edit]
very cute, thanks for sharing!
>> No. 3404 [Edit]
File 166715880858.png - (1.24MB , 1000x1417 , X.png )
anyone can turn this to minimalist ?
>> No. 3405 [Edit]
I'd be really curious to know what would happen if you feed this to diffusion network with the conditioning prompt being to make it minimal. If anyone has it running, can they try it?
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