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File 13166196363.gif - (1.79MB , 400x224 , 1316574705038.gif )
1522 No. 1522 [Edit]
pic is unrelated. I'm starting a Light Novel and I'm looking for someone to draw the front cover once I get the first few chapters out. I've got the basic premise done and I figure that there has to be a artist who would love to do some OC on here. I'm on irc all the time so if you are interested, talk to me up there. I'll go ahead and post the basic outline as well:

Setting: Lagash in Ancient Sumeria, 2500BCE.

4 priestesses in training in ancient Sumeria are working on their first ritual when things go better than they anticipated. They were trying to summon a fertility spirit but got a Djinn instead. The Djinn gives each of them powers to match their desires and strengths but informs them they are now the spiritual protectors of Sumeria. The Djinn then vanishes and things evolve from there.
>> No. 1546 [Edit]
Djinn are from Arabic Mythology pal... not sure what they have to do with Sumerian Mythology.
>> No. 1549 [Edit]
I'm currently using it as an interchangeable word while in the planning stages. I haven't decided what type of spirit and djinn encompasses one very specific type. I have already decided to change it and the creature that they will meet will probably be a manticore.

Post edited on 26th Sep 2011, 7:58am
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