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File 136184266881.png - (807.20KB , 3300x2550 , walking tank thing mech thing.png )
2079 No. 2079 [Edit]
So I was thinking of posting this in the beginner art thread, but since that seems more geared toward anatomy and such at this point, I thought I'd make a separate one dedicated to mechanical drawings/design.

Anyone got any love for the art of all things mechanical? Giant mecha? Midsize mecha? Robot girls? Androids? Whatever.

Post em if you've ever attempted this kind of stuff.

Offer some insight or tips if possible.

Appreciate if you just got plain old metal fever.

Unfortunately, after a few days of slaving over a hot laptop, this is all I can offer for now, as I am but a lowly beginner of an artist. The feet ended up a little deformed, but I kinda liked the overall design.

Not sure how great this thread'll go over, but what the hell, why not.
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>> No. 2081 [Edit]
File 13619410458.png - (3.03KB , 350x250 , 1361240780.png )
I used to draw Gundams a lot when I was younger. Sad thing was they all sucked because I had no concept of perspective. Now that I have a rough understanding of how 3d shapes should work maybe I'll try again drawing them again sometime.
>> No. 2084 [Edit]
I did too, but my problem was more figuring out the inner frame and how mechanical joints work to form something semi-plausibly mobile and flexible.

This might sound stupid, but I think building model kits may have indirectly helped with that just a little bit.
>> No. 2085 [Edit]
>This might sound stupid, but I think building model kits may have indirectly helped with that just a little bit.
I bet it did. My skills improved slightly after having one to pose around.
I remember Toys-R-Us used to sell gundam kits in the early 2000's. Any good places to get them now? or must I contend with the collectors prices on amazon?
>> No. 2086 [Edit]

When you take shipping cost into account though, amazon is really not that bad a choice for this. Depends on the rarity or demand of what you're looking for.

But yeah, most model kits are generally a lot cheaper/easier to find relative to animu figs and PVCs and shit.
>> No. 2087 [Edit]
File 136205736031.png - (702.67KB , 900x1694 , It's a Gundam! (downsized).png )
Also, I doodled this fairly quick for shits and giggles since you mentioned the idea.
>> No. 2088 [Edit]
I used to draw crudely drawn mechs. I mean, they weren't meant to be mechs, but with the shapes that I kept adding to the shapes already drawn on the paper, it ended up becoming a mech, just not good or the traditional kind of mech.
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