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File 137732533993.jpg - (87.83KB , 1280x720 , 57ad40f8741afe8bbf7e918c63639bf4.jpg )
2219 No. 2219 [Edit]
I've been recording some covers lately. I don't really think that I'm the best singer, but I would like to think that I'm not awful, and singing songs that I like feels good. I'll link the account I'm using to upload these below, if anyone wants to check a few out.


Sadly, the only thing I have to record with is my phone, which skips and pops horribly, so the recordings might sound more than a little sloppy.
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>> No. 2220 [Edit]
I don't know any of the originals of the songs you sang so I can't compare, but you sing pretty well in my opinion.
>> No. 2221 [Edit]
File 13773977101.jpg - (461.59KB , 896x716 , 02d6347556d0dcfd7af91b40095fa311.jpg )
I just listened through a few of them, you're better than I expected.
4,5/5 would listen to original songs too if you ever release any
>> No. 2222 [Edit]
Not bad at all. I was a bit disappointed your Fuwa Fuwa Time and Hare Hare Yukai uploads were instrumental, but oh well. You have a nice and balanced medium baritone voice, and while it's pleasant enough now it probably wouldn't take you long to develop into a versatile and expressive vocalist. I'd say get an audio interface and a ldc mic and go for it!
>> No. 2223 [Edit]
I'm horrendous at pronunciation of Japanese, so I kind of had to make those instrumental.

>> No. 2224 [Edit]
Nice voice, the expression was just right
>> No. 2234 [Edit]
I've just uploaded a bunch of stuff that I've had in a backlog of sorts. I think the best are Anytime, Teenage Dream, and the instrumental No More Mr. Nice Guy.
>> No. 2250 [Edit]
Somewhat embarrassingly, I was sure Teenage Dream was going to be the Katy Perry song, which I thought was going to contrast awesomely with Waiting 'Round to Die. I most enjoyed the Memphis Blues cover, but there are some serious plosive issues with the recording.
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